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Fuel News

Byron Originals, Inc. announces discontinuation of the Byron Fuels brand

See: Byron Fuels

Byron Originals, Inc., an Iowa-based manufacturer, is making the difficult announcement that the company will be ending production and discontinuing their Byron Fuels brand after 32 years of operation in the RC fuels industry. Over the last decade, demand for RC nitro fuel has significantly declined due to industry and consumer-related factors. Production will officially end in late May, and the brand will be retired when the remaining product inventory is sold.

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Aigoin Racing appointed as Runner Time distributor in France

See: Aigoin Racing

Aigoin Racing have announced that they had been appointed as Runner Time distributor in France. Yannick Aigoin’s company added to his catalog the popular Italian fuel as well as products such as After run oil, bearing oil, air filter oil and cleaning gum. Aigoin Racing will also provide support and service for all customers at all major off-road races in the country. 

X-Factory UK Alpha Fire Power – Pro blend nitro fuel

See: X-Factory UK

X-Factory UK have introduced their new range of nitro fuel, the Alpha Fire Power – Pro Blend. Made exclusively for the Watford-based distributor in the UK in conjunction with Alpha Plus, the Pro blend fuel offers the Ultimate Pro Blend fuel for the most serious racers. The X-Factory UK team have gone through countless hours of testing different fuels with many different formulas until they settled on this specially formulated Synthetic/Castor oil blend. The input of their top team drivers has given them the ability to provide a fuel that is perfect for the highest level of nitro off road racing and suitable for all engine brands/types.

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Modelix Racing Nitrolux 25% nitro fuel Race Edition

See: Modelix Racing

Modelix Racing have introduced the new Nitrolux 25% nitro fuel Race Edition. The Race Edition formula is an evolution of the well-known Energy formula that is helping many international drivers to achieve great results at the most demanding international RC events. The Race Edition formula adds new oil formulas specially developed by the Modelix Racing R&D team. The result is a more efficient fuel for high competition that provides more power, better performance and engine stability, as well as a lower fuel consumption compared to the Energy formula. The 16 percent nitro fuel comes in 5L cans.

RC Pro Fuels Lutz Blend 30% RC Race Gas

See: RC Pro Fuels

RC Pro Fuels have introduced the Lutz Blend 30% RC Race Gas. Developed in partnership with VP racing fuels and blended to Ryan Lutz exacting specifications, Lutz Blend is an RC Pro proprietary blend designed to find the perfect balance between performance, component life and run time. Extensive testing by Ryan in both race and practice environments has proven that RC Pro Race gas’ unique blend of the highest quality methanol, caster oil and synthetic oil available in racing today satisfies the demanding requirements of Ryan, and of course, is only available in Pink.

RC-Project aluminum fuel line plugs

See: RC-Project

Italian company RC-Project have introduced new aluminium fuel line plugs. The plugs are CNC machined from Ergal 7075-T6 bars and feature fins facilitating installation and removal of the fuel tubing. The plugs inserted in the fuel tubing eliminate fuel leakage and the possibility of external elements intrusion. The aluminium fuel line plugs come as pair.

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XTR Racing Shoot Fuel

See: XTR Racing S.L

Spanish company XTR Racing have introduced new brand called Shoot Fuel. This fuel has been developed after years of experience in the sector and months of testing of the XTR drivers, in which they have been added the best raw materials in the market for their production. Shoot Fuel offer optimal care of our engines in winter as well as summer, an optimization of the power and durability in their deposits. Shoot Fuel is available for Off-Road and On-Road. If you are interested in distribute Shoot Fuel please contact XTR here.

Energy Fuel by RC Concept

See: Rc Concept

RC Concept have introduced their new fuel called Energy Fuel. Developed for over a year, the Energy Fuel has been tested in laboratory and approved on the track by the drivers. The Energy Fuel is « made in France » following the high quality criteria of RC Concept products.

Nowadays, more and more engine issues are due to some bad quality fuel. With the Energy fuel you will use the best components, with pure ingredients, giving you the best fuel you could offer to your engine. Our tests prove you will get more runtime (around 30sec), more power, more stability and you engine will last longer.

Available in 25% Nitro on 5L cans.