Exhaust News

RUDDOG R2090 & R2100 tuned exhaust pipe sets

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RUDDOG Distribution have introduced their all-new R2090 and R2100 tuned exhaust pipe sets for 1/8th off-road applications. The R2090 EFRA2089 exhaust was designed to increase bottom end torque, making it ideal for smaller, more technical tracks, when needing to clear jumps or for somewhat heavier off-road truggies. It comes including a 75mm manifold, high-quality silicone gaskets and mounting springs.

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Hipex EFRA 2135 EVO3 exhaust pipe

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Hipex have introduced the new EFRA 2135 EVO3 exhaust pipe for 1/8th off-road vehicles. The EFRA 2135 EVO3 pipe is of a 3-chamber design and features a different position of pressure intake allowing an optimised fuel consumption.

T-Work’s .21 exhaust gaskets

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T-Work’s have introduced new xhaust gaskets for .21 engines. The exhaust gaskets are made from high-quality material designed to be durable at high temperatures. The exhaust gaskets can be used at the rear of the engine but also to seal the connection between the pipe and the manifold. The .21 exhaust gaskets are available in set of two and six pieces.

Ultimate Racing EFRA 2141 & 2142 Fast-Lock exhaust systems

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Modelix Racing have introduced new version of the Ultimate Racing EFRA 2141 and EFRA 2142 Super Strong Fast-Lock exhaust systems. Both high-quality aluminium pipes incorporate the Fast-Lock system and the location of the pressure tap has been modified for better performance. The EFRA 2141 pipe provides a precise and linear throttle response in the low to mid RPM range with a great top end speed. This pipe set will provide great power to your engine up to the high RPM range to produce a great and easy to drive power curve. All these characteristics will provide great torque for those very demanding tracks with sharp corners and hard to clear jumps.

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Mugen Seiki Europe EFRA 2160 exhaust set

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Mugen Seiki Europe have introduced the new EFRA 2160 exhaust set for Nitro Buggies and Truggies. The MSE EFRA 2160 pipe provides impressive power performance along with a good runtime for long race distances. Developed by World Champion Robert Batlle, this new exhaust system works on every race track, under any conditions and is suitable for all common nitro engines. The set comes including the EFRA 2160 exhaust, manifold exhaust, exhaust gasket, and springs.

Picco EFRA 2099 Performance pipe set

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Picco have introduced the new EFRA 2099 Performance pipe set. Specifically designed for Blast engines, the set comes with an updated long-type manifold featuring a new shape. It ensures a perfect junction with the Blast case and provides a power curve more linear from the lowest RPM.

SWORKz spring steel pipe clamp

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SWORKz have introduced new spring steel pipe clamp. Machined from high-quality spring steel, the pipe clamp features a shape that matches the shape of the pipe end to provide a secure lock and keep the exhaust pipe in place. The pipe clamp fits on almost every vehicles.

Racing Experience EFRA 2135 ‘Hard Black’ pipe sets

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Racing Experience have introduced the new EFRA 2135 ‘Hard Black’ pipe sets. Manufactured by Hipex, the super-strong pipe comes with a hard-anodised surface treatment easy to clean and offering great performance with both O.S and also Picco based engines. The exhaust is available in two complete setw including silicone gaskets and mounting springs with O.S. or Picco manifold.