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Picco EFRA 2099 Performance pipe set

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Picco have introduced the new EFRA 2099 Performance pipe set. Specifically designed for Blast engines, the set comes with an updated long-type manifold featuring a new shape. It ensures a perfect junction with the Blast case and provides a power curve more linear from the lowest RPM.

SWORKz spring steel pipe clamp

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SWORKz have introduced new spring steel pipe clamp. Machined from high-quality spring steel, the pipe clamp features a shape that matches the shape of the pipe end to provide a secure lock and keep the exhaust pipe in place. The pipe clamp fits on almost every vehicles.

Racing Experience EFRA 2135 ‘Hard Black’ pipe sets

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Racing Experience have introduced the new EFRA 2135 ‘Hard Black’ pipe sets. Manufactured by Hipex, the super-strong pipe comes with a hard-anodised surface treatment easy to clean and offering great performance with both O.S and also Picco based engines. The exhaust is available in two complete setw including silicone gaskets and mounting springs with O.S. or Picco manifold.

FX K301 & EFRA 2131 pipe combo


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FX have introduced the K301 nitro engine now available in combo with the EFRA 2131 muffler and Short-Medium manifold. The K301 engine provides maximum bottom end power and featues a ceramic rear ball-bearing and Diamond coated crankshaft.

REDS Racing EFRA 2143 X-One ‘Smooth’ exhaust

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REDS Racing have added the new EFRA 2143 X-One ‘Smooth’ exhaust to their range of innovative pipe-manifold all-in-one system called X-One. With the new X-One layout there is no need of using or replacing springs or gaskets for a better reliability and tuning stability.The EFRA 2143 X-One exhaust is now available in ‘Smooth’ version welded to L manifold. The combo provides high torque and top speed.

Flash Point EFRA 2146 tuned exhaust system

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Flash Point R/C have introduced their EFRA 2146 Tuned exhaust system. Designed and developed for O.S. based nitro off-road engines, it comes with a durable chrome finish and durable, forward facing welded pressure nipple. This exhaust system provides great throttle response and lots of mid to top-end power. The complete exhaust system includes EFFRA 2146 pipe, FP50 manifold, exhaust gaskets, and springs.

T-Work’s exhaust stop collars

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T-Work’s have introduced new stop collars for exhaust. Machined from high quality aluminium, the collars come black anodised and engraved with T-Work’s logo. The collars settle on exhaust hanger and ensure the mounting is secured.

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REDS Racing X-ONE exhaust system

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REDS Racing have introduced an innovative pipe-manifold all-in-one system called X-ONE. The pipe comes welded to the manifold to improve performance and fuel consumption. With the new X-ONE layout there is no need of using or replacing springs or gaskets for a better reliability and tuning stability. REDS have developed two different models of the X-ONE 2104 pipe:

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