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ESC News

Dash Ai V2 LCD program card

See: Dash

Dash have introduced the V2 version of their programming card for the Ai brushless speed controllers. The device uses an upgraded hardware and software to makes ESC programming easy and quick without the need for a PC.

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Tekin RS Gen3 & RS Gen3 Spec 1/10 speed controllers

See: Tekin

Tekin have added the new RS Gen3 and RS Gen3 Spec to their range of 1/10 speed controllers. The RS Gen3 brings a suite of enhanced features including better power handling and improved tuning features that give you unmatched adjustability. Maintain superior control in all situations with state-of-the-art components, award-winning performance and proven reliability. Standard features include an updated HD solder post design for easy soldering, a High Voltage BEC and HotWire compatibility for extensive tuning. Next generation components put more power at your disposal and new firmware make the RS Gen3 the smoothest, best-driving RS ever.

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Reedy Blackbox 1000Z+ Pro sensored brushless ESC

See: Team Associated 

Team Associated have introduced the new Reedy 1000Z+ Pro censored brushless competition speed controller. Reedy’s Blackbox 1000Z+ Pro is a simple to use, yet powerful ESC with versatile features that make it suitable for both Modified and Spec class racers. Excellent throttle and brake feel, a wide range of adjustability, and robust hardware make the Blackbox 1000Z+ Pro an excellent choice for a variety of racing applications.

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Performa Racing P1 HMX 1/8 Power combo

See: Performa Racing

Performa Racing have introduced the new P1 HMX 1/8 Power combo for E-buggy and E-truggy. Nitro racing is popular because it’s simple, racers chose a 3 Port, 5 Port or 7 Port engine depending on the track, tune the needles to have good carburation, and drive. That’s all. Performa has now adapted that simplicity to electric racing. Controllers and motors used recently in 1/8 racing have hundreds (even thousands) of complex settings. While trying to understand and adjust the complex settings, many racers get lost and end up with tuning that is below optimal performance. The new Performa HMX Controller/Motor Combos deliver simplified settings using the Nitro concept, you select from 3 different pre-defined settings based on the track condition. No need to have a complex program box or a computer. The 3 settings have been tuned by our engineering team together with our World Champion Drivers to deliver maximum performance and simplicity. You can change the settings by simply pressing a button on the switch. For racers that want to dig deeper and fine tune the settings, we will offer Performa PC software that will allow you to change the parameters, within guidelines that ensure you don’t get lost and keep you in the optimal performance range.

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R1 Wurks LCG Digital-3 brushless speed controller

See: R1 Wurks Brusless Motor Lab

Coming from R1 Wurks Motor lab is the LCG Digital-3 2S/1S brushless speed controller. Developed using the most advanced Microchip processor and a robust proprietary software, the LCG Digital-3 delivers the most technologically advanced features to date. Development of the LCG Digital-3 was focused on ultra smooth power delivery needed for modified racing as well as supreme power efficiency for our class leading line of Stock Motors. The controller offers the most advanced throttle and brake features to suit a wide range of driving styles. The unit features an A.C.L.C. (Advanced Component Level Cooling) system. This design allows individual encapsulated low resistance Mosfets (inner & outer components) to transfer heat directly to the upper heatsink. The system also comes equipped with an all new blinky mode (zero timing) for spec racing, using an advanced commutation algorithm called Cool Power to keep the motor cool and deliver powerful, yet ultra smooth acceleration.

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Tekin RSX Pro 1/10 speed controller

See: Tekin

Tekin have introduced the new RSX Pro speed controller for 1/10 vehicles. Using only the best available components and materials, this ESC gives you maximum power with precise control and reliability. With a highly efficient aluminum heat sink housing and an entire array of adjustable features, you have the ability to fine-tune the RSX Pro’s 210amps massive power for the win.
Included with the RSX PRO is a detachable fan shroud system for maximum cooling in extreme racing conditions. Data logging, a High Voltage HD internal BEC and optional 3rd channel drag brake adjustment come standard as well as access to Team driver setups.

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Muchmore Fleta M8 V2 brushless ESC

See: Muchmore Racing

Muchmore Racing have introduced the new Fleta M8 V2 brushless speed controller for 1/8 Buggy and Truggy. The 6S LiPo-compatible ESC is usable with up to 6-pole brushless motors and comes with a all-black aluminium case with a cooling fan and features a 6V/7.2V programable setup switchable Max 8A BEC system. The Fleta M8 V2 brushless ESC measures 50.1x47x37.2mm and weights 156g including fan and wires.

REDS Racing Z8 1/8 speed controller

See: REDS Racing

Coming soon from REDS Racing is the new 1/8 scale brushless speed controller. The new Z8 is the result of years of testing and development in both off-road and on-road together with REDS Racing team drivers.

Power, control, high quality components and reliability are the foundation of Z8 ESC.

The Z8 1/8 speed controller is available in pre-order with or without the LCD programm box.

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