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HMX BLE Bluetooth iOS dongle

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HMX Technology have introduced the new BLE Bluetooth dongle for HMX speed controllers using iOS mobile devices. The BLE Bluetooth dongle is required to connect the HMX ESC and use the HMX Mobile App to setup the parameters which you regularly use and to fine-tune the throttle and brake feeling, speed, acceleration and so on. The BLE Bluetooth dongle is available separatly or in combo with the Team Orion HMX10 ESC.

Dash ultra high speed 30mm ESC fan

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Coming from Arrowmax is their new Dash 30mm Ultra High Speed ESC cooling fan. The fan unit is housed in Arrowmax’s signature Black Golden CNC machined aluminium case for high durability and professional looks. The winding coil and control board of the fan unit are both specially designed to provide ultra strong cooling effect. The fan comes with standard ESC plug, 4 golden color mounting screws are also included.

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REDS Racing TX2 1/10 ESC

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REDS Racing have introduced the new TX2 1/10 brushless speed controller. It runs on 2S LiPo batteries and has a built-in BEC with 6.0V/7.4V voltage output. The TX2 comes with external power capacitors to maintain a compact design, a reliable external power switch and high-speed cooling fan. With high grade and low resistance components utilized throughout, the TX2 takes 1/10 scale competition racing to a new level. Power, control and reliability remain the foundation of this ESC. Built with a custom high-efficiency aluminum heatsink housing and full programming, the TX2 provides the tools for the win.

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Dash AI Pro brushless speed controller

Arrowmax have introduced the new Dash AI Pro brushless speed controller. The ESC features an electrolytic two-step heatsink case improving heat dissipation and 32 bits micro-controllers MCU’s. Other features include a high-voltage 30mm turbo fan, adjustable 6V to 7.4V high-voltage BEC system as well as A B C interchange for dialed custom wire Configuration.

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Reedy Blackbox 850R 1/8 Competition ESC

Team Associated have introduced the highly anticipated Reedy Blackbox 850R Competition ESC for 1/8 E-buggy.Track-tested and competition proven, Reedy’s Blackbox 850R is a versatile and powerful ESC capable of winning at the highest levels of competition. A wide range of precision adjustability, excellent throttle and brake feel, and durable high-quality hardware make the Blackbox 850R perfectly suited for 1/8 Buggy and Truggy applications.

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LRP releases Flow X v3.3 software update

LRP have released the new Flow X v3.3 software developed especially for IFMAR Offroad World championship 2017 in China. The software update incorporates many fine improvements to make it even better on clay surfaces. On the outside not many differences are obvious except for added torque feel values, but on the inside some vital parts of the software have received an upgrade and are internally re-adjusted. This will result in improved driving feel, smoother throttle response and also reduced operating temperatures.

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KO Propo Advantage Capacitor C

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KO Propo have introduced the Advantage Capacitor C for an ESC for a brushless motor. This capacitor suppresses the decline of power in the latter half of a running time, allowing improved average lap in race and leading to a shortening of total time. The characteristic of this capacitor suppresses excessive rise of torque for a modified motor. To ensure that you can use the Advantage Capacitor C, please check the “Capacitor for Brush-less motor Chart” here.

Ultimate Racing introduce new 1/8 electric products

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Following with previous news about the new Ultimate Racing range of LiPo batteries, Modelix Racing have added new products to their growing range of Ultimate Racing electric products. First up are the MZ8 Pro 6P 1/8 competition brushless motors. This new range of 1900 and 2100KV Racing Motors with Neodymium high power magnets, optimized stator designs, dual racing bearings, and high performance cooling are the perfect match for any track.

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