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Picco P3X DLC 3-port nitro engine

See: Kyosho Europe

Picco have introduced the new P3X DLC 3-port nitro off-road engine. Based on the popular Blast engine, the power plant is updated DLC-coated crankshaft for improved durability. The engine uses a new vacuum moulded crankcase and an updated CNC machined piston sleeve. The quality and the durability has been increased, the P3X also featuring consistent tune, setup and long life. In order to get the best reliability, the rear bearing is ceramic, together with the high quality front blue Japanese bearing. The new vacuum injected crankcase is very strong and robust, it is fitted with a CNC machined back plate, including extra scoop for even more performance.

RUDDOG RNX21.3 3.5cc Nitro engine

See: Ruddog Distribution

Ruddog Distribution have introduced their first high-performance nitro off-road engine called RNX21.3. The high-quality 3.5cc competition engine features as specially developed crankcase for exceptional performance and great fuel economy with a rear ceramic main bearing and a DLC-coated and Tungsten-balanced crankshaft ensuring very high power output and reliable performance. The engine is of a 3+1 port long-stroke design for high yet controllable torque especially in the lower RPM ranges, making it ideal especially for smaller or technical tracks. Other features include a 22D carburetor for smooth throttle response and high fuel economy while an O-ring equipped combustion camber insert keeps dust away from the delicate parts of the engine. The engine is rounded out by a gold-colour cooling head whose standard height allows to run the engine leaner, extracting ever greater milleage from the engine.

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Tekin 21sR .21 Nitro buggy engine

See: Tekin

Tekin have introduced the new 21sR .21 Nitro buggy engine. Manufactured in Japan, the long stroke 21sR provides an incredibly smooth powerband and exceptional fuel delivery. The N3 3-needle carb setup and rad red engine cooling head are included. Tekin undergo a precise and controlled oil bath break-in process and we guarantee performance right out of the box. The 21sR .21 Nitro engine will be available on June 31st.

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Maxima Mx B4R Euro ‘Evolution Edition’ nitro engine

Source: Maxima Mx Europa (Facebook)

Maxima have introduced the new Mx B4R Euro ‘Evolution Edition’ nitro engine. The engine, easily recognizable with the cooling head decorated with some well known European symbols comes now with a low friction backplate. The backplate is designed to minimize internal friction and overall engine wear. As usual all parts have been selected, treated and CNC-machined to provide the ultimate performance. The backplate is also available separately as option with the possibility to engrave it.

RUDDOG 1/8th Nitro Off-road starter box

See: Ruddog Distribution

RUDDOG Distribution have introduced the new 1/8th Nitro Off-road starter box offering a universal design for all 1/8 Off-road needs. Housed in a sturdy, black-coated aluminium case the heavy-duty starter box is powered by two 775-size motors with the durable belt-driven starter wheel allowing for an easy and convenient start of both run-in and also brand-new nitro engines. The starter box was developed for the use with two 2S LiPo battery packs and it comes pre-wired with T-type connectors. Highly adjustable stopper cones allows to adapt the starter box to pretty much every 1/8 scale off-road chassis. Laser-etched RUDDOG logos and a handle with glow igniter holder round out the package.

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RUDDOG P3 Turbo glow plug

See: Ruddog Distribution

RUDDOG Distribution have introduced a new P3 Turbo glow plug. The P3 Turbo glow plug in Ultra Hot specification is made by the leading manufacturer for model car engines based in Japan. The high-quality Turbo-style glow plug offers exceptional low to middle-range power and quicker response to throttle inputs, allowing for quicker spool up and also more stable idling. The glow plug is available as single item or 12-piece set.

REDS 721 Scuderia Gen2 nitro engine

See: REDS Racing

REDS Racing have introduced the new 721 S Scuderia Gen2 3.5cc nitro engine. Due to the success of 721 Scuderia Gen1 engine in recent competitions REDS have decided to maintain the main features unchanged and improve the carburetor with new materials to increase reliability. Furthermore, the new carb features a new double grab screw joint link to facilitate positioning and fitting with the servo link. To satisfy all customers requests the Italian company have decided to release the new Scuderia Gen2 in 2 different color combinations (red or black) to match engines with any bodyshell.

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REDS 721 Scuderia Gen2 engine coming soon

See: REDS Racing

Coming soon from REDS Racing is the forthcoming 721 Scuderia Gen2 engine. 721 Scuderia Gen2 will be available in two different colors, black and red to match your paint scheme. Detailed images and information about the engine should become available very soon.