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FX officially releases K5 DC engine

v_full release 01

FX presents the new high-competition 1/8 offroad racing engine K5 DC. The new K5 engine is based on the ultra-successful 5K engine and brings all the refinements and improvements based on the experiences collected from the previous racing seasons resulting into European vice-Champion title.

v_full release 02

The new K5 features new sealed combustion chamber with larger surface for improved heat transition to the engine head, new redesigned lightweight engine head with improved cooling, new carburetor with new needles which help to improve easier carburetor setting and ensures more linear power of the engine and plenty of other refinements of smallest details based on improved manufacturing processes.


Limited Edition Tessmann O.S. Speed


Ty Tessmann tore up the track at the 2014 IFMAR 1/8 Scale Off-Road World Championships running an O.S. Speed Tuned B2101 engine tailored to his winning specs. Now O.S. makes that same setup available to other drivers — in the Ty Tessmann Limited Edition Speed Tuned B2101.

The Limited Edition B2101 features the same tuned pipe, manifold and carb restrictor used by Ty to win the 2014 IFMAR Championships. Its T-2090SC pipe is paired with an M2002SC manifold whose added length increases torque in the low to middle range. The 5.8mm restrictor — not available on any other O.S. engine — matches what O.S. supplied to Ty for extending run time in competition.

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FX announces new K5DC engine

v_fx k5 dc_new_v5 full release

Great news for all FX offroad fans, the new K5 engine is based on the ultra-successful 5K and brings all the refinements and improvements. The new K5 comes in DC version which means it has diamond coated crankshaft and ceramic bearing and will be available as a separate engine or in a great value combo with muffler & manifold. Official release with all the specifications of the new FX K5 DC will be available soon.

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RB teases with new engine range

RB Engine

RB is always working to evolve their product line, and today they have shared a blurry teaser of just one of their latest projects. A fresh lineup of engines is in the works for 2015, and while little is known at this time about the new engines, RB says, “RB is working hard on the latest engines technology to give drivers the best performance and reliability.The new line will be the champions line! You will see it very soon…”

Triton RC and PICCO part ways

Picco Triton Split

Triton RC will no longer distribute the PICCO brand in the U.S . Instead they will now bring their own engine line to the market.

Triton RC/ RcRenew owner, Lance Heidmann, has worked closely with PICCO the last 3 years not only as the U.S. distributor, but also helping them develop new off road engines for the brand. Going way beyond the duties of a distributor, it only made sense to both PICCO and Triton to make this move.

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REDS delivers R7 EVOKE V2.0 engine

REDS Evoke 2

REDS Racing is always developing high performance, low fuel consumption and innovative products. Their latest engine developed is the new R7 Evoke V2.0, specially aimed at the use on low grip and narrow circuits where the special torque curve of the engine can give an advantage.

unnamed (6) unnamed (5) unnamed (4) unnamed (3)

The engine is designed with improved fuel efficiency, performance and reliability in mind. It is derived from the well-known R7 Evoke V1.0 and used by most of REDS Team drivers such as Cody King, Elliott Boots, Alex Zanchettin, Joseph Quagraine, Jerome Aigoin, Cole Ogden and others.

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New FX B5 nitro engine

fx b5 dc_new_hi-res

The new B5 engine is based on the ultra-successful 5K and brings all the refinements and improvements. The new B5 comes in DC version which means it has diamond coated crankshaft and ceramic bearing and will be available as a separate engine or in a great value combo with muffler & manifold.

Based on the experience from the mass production and from the collected feedback from customers using the engines all around the world in various track conditions we have continued our work and transfered all the latest knowledge and feedback into the all-new B5.

With the recent announcement that Martin Bayer has joined our R&D team I am more than confident that we will push the development further and as such will ensure the customers to have always some of the best performing and most reliable engines…the FX engine.“

Losi RTR Petrol/Gasoline 8ight Buggy

TLR04000 Image 02

The Losi® 8IGHT™ 4WD petrol (Gasoline for our N.American friends) buggy puts podium proven buggy excitement at your fingertips with the reliability of petrol power and much more. Thanks to an impressive Dynamite® .31 ci petrol engine, you can now experience all the 8IGHT has to offer now with unprecedented convenience.

As the first petrol powered buggy of its kind, the 8IGHT will run longer and require less maintenance compared to its Nitro fuel powered competitors. This version of the 8IGHT buggy comes with the same ROAR National Championship winning driving characteristics that sent it to the podium for a superior driving experience right out of the box.

TLR04000 Image 05 TLR04000 Image 01 TLR04000 Image 03 TLR04000 Image 04

To better accompany the upgraded power and national championship driving characteristics the Losi 8IGHT buggy also comes with AVC™ (Active Vehicle Control™) Technology. Using AVC, you’ll be able to drive faster with more control and get the most out of the ridiculous power and precision the 8IGHT gas buggy packs. This outstanding RTR package includes a Losi starter box for hassle-free reliable starting whenever you want to scratch your itch for ballistic petrol buggy action. Join the petrol revolution today.

New Novarossi ‘Mito’ 2015 engines


Just in time for the toy fair in Nuremberg, Novarossi have announced new 2015 engine releases under the ‘Nova’ line, the two .21 Offroad engines are based on the VIR-TUS design principle with offset carburettor technology first since in 2014.

The shifted carburetor grants a better mixture flow inside through the crankcase’s intake. This gives the engine an improved fuel efficiency and a better power curve.

The ‘Mito’ is available in two extra long stroke versions – the Mito 4 (port) & Mito 7 (port), both also available with ceramic front and rear bearings, both feature the latest bearings which “reduces the inertia of the rotating masses and increases the engine’s scavenging. These novelties give an increased throttle response and a higher top speed.”

mito4 features mito 7 features

Novarossi teams up with O’Donnell


In a surprise announcement, Novarossi has announced they are teaming up with 30+ year engine and R/C guru Steve O’Donnell. Most famous for his championship winning fuel in the early 2000′s, O’Donnell has played a part in everything from fuel and engines, to designing a full car of his own (ran by Jared Tebo at the 2008 IFMAR 1/8 World Championships). Read more…