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Reds R7 Evoke Limited Edition engine


With a prestigious win perfectly timed this weekend in the hands of team driver Cody King at the Psycho Nitro Blast, REDS’ R7 Evoke Limited Edition engine couldn’t be announced at a better time.

The new R7 Evoke engine is equipped with the best technology to further improve fuel consumption, performance and reliability,

The R7 Evoke is limited to only 300 pieces worldwide.

Features & characteristics:
•Suitable for low grip tracks.
•Suitable for narrow tracks.
•Specific torque for high driveability and smooth power delivery.
•Low fuel consumption.
• Innovative design.

R7E-3 R7E-2

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Reds ’2014 spec’ R5 engine updates


REDS Racing have announced the release of their updated ’2014 spec’ R5 line, designed and engineered by Mario Rossi. R5T Team Edition and R5 Racer 2014 update consists of: a new high sealing and high reliability front ball bearing, a new crankcase with wider fins close to the exhaust for a better cooling, a new wider combustion chamber and cooling head.

Innovation, high quality and great performance is our motto!

R5T Team Edition tuned by M.Rossi is one of the most advanced engines in 1/8 Buggy category. Itprovides smooth torque, high power and the best runtime.

R5 Racer tuned by M.Rossi is a revolutionary product at reasonable price. It provides high torque, high power and good runtime. It is used in both 1/8 Buggy and Truck.

reds-rlineupdate2 reds2 reds1 reds-r5tteamedition1

Read more about the new R5 update

New OS 21XZ-B VII engine


As competition-level buggy engines go, the 21XZ-B VII is a super value! By making it lighter, lower and cooling running, it exceeds the expectations of even pro racers — delivering power comparable to the Speed Spec II at a lower price. 1/8 scale drivers looking for a performance advantage will find it with the 21XZ-B VII powerhouse!

  • Shares the same piston, liner and con rod as the Speed version
  • Lightening holes in the cylinder head reduce overall weight
  • Other enhancements include a lower CG and improved cooling
  • A 22B2 single needle carb makes tuning a breeze
  • Silicone filled crankshaft with tungsten counter weights

osmg2053ae01g-lg osmg2053ai01m-lg osmg2053ai03m-lg osmg2053ai05m-lg
See OS 21XZ-B VII Specifications

Introducing the Bianchi TBR 3.0

Introducing the Bianchi TBR 3.0

Italian engine manufacture, Bianchi have confirmed that the latest evolution of their offroad Bianchi TBR range is now available. Full details can be found below. 

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New RB Products BXR Buggy Engines

New RB Products Buggy Engines

RB Products have officially announced the release of their new range of BXR buggy engines which consists of the BXR LS5, BXR SLS3, BXR SLS5 and LSDI5. Full details for each can be found below.

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RB’s 2014 ‘BXR’ engine line up


In addition to fresh tyres & a new fuel, RB Products’ team boss Eric Aita gave us a glimpse at the 2014 ‘BXR engine’ competition range – still called ‘BXR’ but now featuring a total of four different versions of the BXR, sharing the same cooling head, but distinguishable via their crankcase engraving. One of the neat new details is engine’s right side mount, slightly filed down to make life a bit easier for installation close to center driveshafts.

First up is the 5 port longstroke BXR engine featuring 14.5mm crankshaft technology, known as the all rounder engine that’ll pretty much work anywhere. Next is the Super longstroke (SLS) 3 port engine which has the awesome low end torque that a 3port delivers, ideal for tracks which are tight & twisty. Next is the Super long stroke 5 port which shares the same philosophy as the 3 port super longstroke engine but offers a higher top speed and improved power in the medium to top end. Last of all is the Super longstroke Direct Intake 5 port, the big daddy of them all, this engine is suited for huge tracks with high grip and difficult hot conditions – an example being Pattaya. Designed and built to cope with the most brutal unforgiving conditions along with the ideal engine for truggy.

Stay tuned next week for the full presentation of the 2014 RB BXR range.

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The CRF Concept explained

Former 1/8th and 1/10th World Champion and Team Orion CRF Project Manager Adrien Bertin explains the patented CRF engine concept.

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New Maxima O.S. 21 Buggy Engine

New Maxima O.S. 21 Buggy Engine

Based on the popular O.S. Speed 21ZX-B Spec. II. Maxima have announced the release of their new Maxima O.S. 21 buggy engine! Modified by their engineers in Thailand the new engine features increased mileage and performance, with the complete spec available below.

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Novarossi announces 2014 Engines

Novarossi release 2014 Engines

Novarossi continues improving their line of high performance engines with the release of their new 2014 range. With a total of 8 engines announced by the Italian company, off-road racers have the choice between their new VIR-TUS.21, Clio P5 Tuned and Plus.28-7/PS.

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New Novarossi Live Range Engines

New Novarossi Live Range Engines

Novarossi have finally released details of their Live Range engine series which includes several new off-road engines. NeoBuggy readers will be particularly interested in their new Bloody .21 4-port and three different variations of the Loco .21 3-port which includes the standard, rotostart and recoil versions as these are their latest off-road releases. Additional details and specification can be found below.

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