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WIN a ProTek R/C ‘Samurai’ Engine!

AMain Giveaway

Now is your chance to win a ProTek R/C 321B Samurai engine! News of the Samurai engine is spreading, and the response so far has been overwhelming. Keen observers noticed the engine’s handpicked components, dubbing the Samurai a “custom-spec’d Japanese-made mill”—exactly what it is. Now that the Samurai is here, ProTek is giving you an opportunity to win one.

To enter to win the ProTek R/C 321B Samurai engine, simply follow the link below and fill out the form with your name and email—it’s that easy! One participant will be randomly chosen on Aug. 31 and announced on Monday, Sept. 1 at 6:00 p.m. PST on the AMain.com Facebook page!


First Look Exclusive: ProTek Samurai


First Look Exclusive By Stephen Bess:

Known as military nobility in Japan’s rich history, samurai were renowned for their fighting skills and their eponymous battle swords that are now displayed over the mantle of every aging hipster in America. ProTek RC, a division of A-Main Hobbies, sent word to the industry just last week that they had a Samurai of their own in the form of a .21 nitro engine. Set for release in mid-August, this engine’s release has already caused quite a stir on social media. I received a test sample and decided to crack it open to check out what makes this Samurai tick.

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ProTek’s new nitro engine warrior

protek engine

ProTek R/C has joined the nitro race with their all-new 321B “Samurai” Off-Road 3-Port engine! The “Samurai” is ready to lead you into battle – a samurai, by definition, is a noble, powerful warrior willing to serve his master – with a short-stroke, turbo head, rear ceramic bearing and legendary, easy-to-tune carburetor, it’s easy to see why the ProTek racing engine bears the Samurai moniker! The Samurai sips fuel without sacrificing horsepower thanks to elliptical carburetor restrictors that are included. The handcrafted powerhouse has been built meticulously by a world-renown Japanese engine manufacturer, to the specs of A Main’s top pro drivers. The Samurai delivers a versatile package like no other – excellent fuel mileage, predictable, crisp throttle-response and uber-consistent carburetor settings are all traits every racer needs to stand atop the podium – to be crowned the master of his class.

samurai02 samurai04 samurai03 samurai01

Alpha’s ‘blue’ Lutz edition engine


After a highly successful ROAR nationals campaign, Ryan Lutz has celebrated in tandem with engine sponsor Alpha by announcing the release of a special ‘blue head’ edition of his popular Alpha Lutz W.E. engine.

“You say Pink isn’t your thing in racing? Well I have taken my other primary race color, Metallic Blue and am giving everyone the opportunity now to run the awesome Alpha Lutz W.E. Engine! For a limited time, (Until end of June) I am having a 10% off PRE-ORDER special on a Limited Run of Blue headed Alpha Lutz W.E. Engines ordered from www.LutzRC.com

Use coupon code BLUE10 at checkout to receive 10% off the engine purchase price. Remember this is a pre-order and engines should be available before August 1st.

Novarossi launch ‘REX’ engine line


Novarossi have reintroduced the blue-headed ‘REX’ line, complimenting the existing main Novarossi line as well as the ‘TOP’ line, famously used by Serpent racer Mike Truhe. The engine line up includes both on and offroad engines suitable for a variety of applications.

“Good quality block utilizing the best parts available to ensure reliable high-horsepower performance. REX immediately conveys solidity and robustness owing to its typical style”

See Novarrosi REX

The Racing Experience 2014 Guide

The Racing Experience 2014 Guide

Racing Experience have introduced a fantastic buying guide which assists you while choosing your perfect engine after taking into account your model and driving style. Click here for additional information.

New M814 from Ultimate Engines


Ultimate Engines have announced the release of their new M814 engine which is based on their successful M8 yet boasts several improvements. The cooling head has been redesigned to remove weight which in turn lowers the centre of gravity. The surface cooling area has also been increased with the CNC machined cooling head also modified to improve access while adjusting the idle. Besides this, the mounting points of the crankcase have also been modified to avoid rubbing the rear centre shaft. Find out more here.

Reds R7 Evoke Limited Edition engine


With a prestigious win perfectly timed this weekend in the hands of team driver Cody King at the Psycho Nitro Blast, REDS’ R7 Evoke Limited Edition engine couldn’t be announced at a better time.

The new R7 Evoke engine is equipped with the best technology to further improve fuel consumption, performance and reliability,

The R7 Evoke is limited to only 300 pieces worldwide.

Features & characteristics:
•Suitable for low grip tracks.
•Suitable for narrow tracks.
•Specific torque for high driveability and smooth power delivery.
•Low fuel consumption.
• Innovative design.

R7E-3 R7E-2

Click for technical specs

Reds ’2014 spec’ R5 engine updates


REDS Racing have announced the release of their updated ’2014 spec’ R5 line, designed and engineered by Mario Rossi. R5T Team Edition and R5 Racer 2014 update consists of: a new high sealing and high reliability front ball bearing, a new crankcase with wider fins close to the exhaust for a better cooling, a new wider combustion chamber and cooling head.

Innovation, high quality and great performance is our motto!

R5T Team Edition tuned by M.Rossi is one of the most advanced engines in 1/8 Buggy category. Itprovides smooth torque, high power and the best runtime.

R5 Racer tuned by M.Rossi is a revolutionary product at reasonable price. It provides high torque, high power and good runtime. It is used in both 1/8 Buggy and Truck.

reds-rlineupdate2 reds2 reds1 reds-r5tteamedition1

Read more about the new R5 update

New OS 21XZ-B VII engine


As competition-level buggy engines go, the 21XZ-B VII is a super value! By making it lighter, lower and cooling running, it exceeds the expectations of even pro racers — delivering power comparable to the Speed Spec II at a lower price. 1/8 scale drivers looking for a performance advantage will find it with the 21XZ-B VII powerhouse!

  • Shares the same piston, liner and con rod as the Speed version
  • Lightening holes in the cylinder head reduce overall weight
  • Other enhancements include a lower CG and improved cooling
  • A 22B2 single needle carb makes tuning a breeze
  • Silicone filled crankshaft with tungsten counter weights

osmg2053ae01g-lg osmg2053ai01m-lg osmg2053ai03m-lg osmg2053ai05m-lg
See OS 21XZ-B VII Specifications