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Engines News

Kanai unearths 15 year-old ‘low profile’ cooling head prototype


Perhaps in a thinly-veiled ‘I was there first’ response to this morning’s rather ‘high profile’ release of OS’ new ‘low profile’ B2102 engine, Yuichi Kanai posted his own take of the low profile design, albeit 15 years ago when he was World Champion with RB.

Despite getting it made and anodized his signature green colour, Kanai revealed it remained only in prototype form, never taking it any stage further, which we thank him for as it’s not exactly going to make the cover of Vogue magazine anytime soon…

See Kanai’s Facebook

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O.S. unveil new ‘Low Profile’ B2102 engine

Originally spotted on Facebook from the Tokyo Hobby Show was this brand new development from O.S. Engines under their high performance ‘O.S. Speed’ brand.

The new B2102 engine boasts a very striking ‘low profile’ cooling head – going against the grain of convention which traditionally feature much taller alu cooling heads to take advantage of air flow to regulate the engine temperature.

O.S. tell us the engine also has a new carburettor which improves fuel mileage; “Ten-minute driving per fuel tank is not privilege of throttle sensitive top drivers any longer but for everybody now.”

“The new low-profile cooling head makes buggy’s centre of gravity much lower (-17 mm), which improves car handling drastically without sacrificing cooling performance.  Car handling at corner is improved a lot.  New experience.”

The engine will be available to the public from December 2016, no less than the carburetor, crankshaft, crankcase, inner head, outer head all newly developed parts.

Continue reading below for a quick analysis of the new head and why the engine is only 5 grams lighter than the B2101 and 7g lighter than the XZ-B Spec II.

Specs & more photos here

Rody Roem returns: announces Victosport VSB01 Engine


Rody Roem, a name some of our younger readers may not be too familiar with, however a quick history lesson – universally known as one of the best ‘engine men’ in his day, leading his company RB Products to several World Championships, has teamed up with O.S. Engines of Japan to announce his first Offroad engine, under the brand VICTOSPORT.

Loosely based on the rather brilliant OS 21XZ-B engine, Rody tells us the main differences aren’t only a different badge and cooling head but include –

The use of my own made combustion chamber and my own newly designed Bi-Turbo crankshaft. Together with a specific timing this engine puts out a linear power and competitive fuel consumption.

Intended for ‘experienced’ users in high competition, the VSB01 engine is a 3 port long stroke with 14mm Bi-Turbo crankshaft, balanced, lightened and silicone paste,’Rody’.


See more Specs & photos

Maxima release first Mx B4 engine teaser image


See: Maxima Mx Europa

Maxima have released a teaser image of the successor of Mx B2R engine, the Mx B4. This engine is based on the new O.S Speed 21XZ-B Spec III and shares his power characteristics between the Spec II and the B2101. Overall it´s easier to access the right power band and the runtime remains very optimized as all Mx Engines, and more than an “standard” engine. The Maxima Mx B4 engine will be ready for the IFMAR Worlds in Las Vegas.

REDS Race Ready by Elliott Boots

REDS Race Ready by Elliott Boots

REDS have introduced the REDS Race Ready engines by Elliott Boots. These engines are the first of their kind which allow you to be able to race engines that have been broken in and race ready tuned by 2x time European Champion Elliott Boots. The break in and final tuning will be made directly on the car using the best quality fuel to ensure performance and reliability. All you will have to do is assemble clutch and exhaust and mount engine to the car. Once the engine is mounted you will be able to compete in race conditions from the get go. No breaking in procedure is necessary with these engines.

Website: REDS

Continue reading here

RC Concept MC3R engine

RC Concept MC3R engine1

See: RC Concept

Following the success of the MC5R, RC Concept have announced the release of the MC3R with similar innovations. The MC5R is having a large worldwide success and RC Concept wanted to offer a more accessible engine in term of power but also pricing. Thus the MC3R powerband is much smoother than the MC5R and the fuel consumption is better.

Click for Specifications & features

New OS Speed B2101 Las Vegas Edition – Available to Pre Order

O.S. Speed B2101 Las Vegas Limited Edition

O.S. Engines have introduced the Speed B2101 Las Vegas Edition, a limited-run version of the IFMAR Worlds-winning icon. This unique version of 1/8 scale racing’s most iconic power plant sports five stars and stripes on its cylinder head each one representing an O.S. IFMAR Worlds victory. In addition to the distinctive design, the Speed B2101 Las Vegas Edition features the same trophy-taking performance, predictable handling and stability as the original, which has been trusted by champions all over the world. Like all O.S. engines, the Speed B2101 Las Vegas Edition is designed and manufactured with the highest-quality materials, matched by the industry’s premier standards.

Supplies are extremely limited. Grab yours now, before it disappears!

Website: O.S. Engines

FX releases K3 DC engine


See: FX

FX presents the all-new K3 engine that was engineered and designed to provide a more linear power delivery, with higher top-end RPM compared to the K5 engine. The best performance is ensured using the new FX 2131 muffler, which was specifically designed for the K3 engine. The K3 is a premium, high-performance 1/8 off-road engine designed for high-competition racing. Features include: 3 ports, silicone-filled diamond-coated crankshaft, premium Japanese front bearing, and ceramic German rear bearing. The K3 is an extremely reliable and powerful engine suitable for any race track and racing conditions.

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