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O.S. Speed B2101 Las Vegas Edition


To celebrate the company’s 80th anniversary O.S. Engines have unveiled a limited version of the IFMAR Worlds-winning engine, the Speed B2101 Las Vegas Edition. This unique version of 1/8 racing engine sports five stars and stripes on its cylinder head, each one representing an O.S. IFMAR Worlds victory. In addition to the distinctive design, the Speed B2101 Las Vegas Edition features the same trophy-taking performance, predictable handling and stability as the original, which has been trusted by champions all over the world. Like all O.S. engines, the Speed B2101 Las Vegas Edition is designed and manufactured with the highest-quality materials, matched by the industry’s premier standards. Supplies are extremely limited.

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Team Corally ETOR 5+2t racing engine

Team Corally ETOR 5-2t racing engine

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After unveiling the ETOR .21 3t racing engine Team Corally just introduced the new ETOR 5+2t racing engine. While the 3-port engine is equipped with a red cylinder head, the 5+2-version features a titanium coloured cooling top.

In order to obtain the maximum engine power, TEAM CORALLY offers two different reso tuned pipes fort he ETOR engines: the Standard-Pipe generates a linear power deployment, while the Turbo-Pipe generates a more thrustful power expansion. Both reso tuned pipes are EFRA-homologated.

The engine is available at  slightly higher price to 200 € while both versions of the reso tuned pipes.

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Werks B6 PRO ll & WERKS B5 PRO ll engines


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Werks Racing have introduced two new engines, the WERKS B6 PRO ll and the WERKS B5 PRO ll. The engineers at Werks Racing have taken both proven engines and gone back to the drawing board to make it even better! First up is the B5-Pro II that provides stump pulling power with an aggressive bottom end and strong mid and top end making it ideal for truggy racing or buggy drivers that prefer a high power engine with a lot of bottom end. Taking all of the best features of the B5-Pro and adding even more the new B5-Pro II features:

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Team Corally ETOR 3t Racing engine

C-40000_3qtr-front R

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Team Corally goes Nitro and introduced the new ETOR .21 3t Racing engine. For more then 25 years, Team Corally is known all over the world for their innovations and engineering of high-end racing products. Nitro powered racing is popular and we at Team Corally decided to develop a range of high performance nitro products. The Team Corally engines are engineered following the latest racing trends and making sure that drivers get the power, run-time and reliability they need to be successful. Developing a good but affordable engine takes a lot of time. We at Team Corally partnered with one of worlds leading engine manufacturers to build this new range of Team Corally off-road racing engines.

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REDS Racing R5R V3.0 combo

REDS Racing R5R V3.0 combo1

REDS Racing introduces the all-new R5R V3.0 combo which includes the powerful R5R Racer 3.0 engine, REDS 2104 pipe combined with S manifold, 6.5 and 7.0 mm venturi, engine dust caps and super-popular REDS Quattro clutch system. The R5R V3.0 Combo comes in two versions, with or without REDS Quattro clutch system.

Website: REDS

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TBR 4.0 Buggy Spec engine revealed


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Italian company, Team Bianchi Racing has introduced their new engine, the TBR 4.0 Buggy Spec. The TBR 4.0 is the evolution of the TBR 3.0 and in this new version TBR has revised phases and the carburetor in order to obtain a better delivery throughout the range of use. The engine is provided with a metal or ceramic rear engine bearings. In addition to the style TBR performance it is also concerned and that’s why the engine with the same specifications is available in 5 different editions: Black Edition, Azure Edition, Red Edition, Green Edition and Gold Edition so every driver can match its color edition that best suits him.

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O.S. Speed 21XZ-B spec. III engine announced


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O.S. have released some info about the successor of the O.S. Speed 21XZ-B spec.II, the new Speed 21XZ-B spec. III at the Shizuoka hobby show. The Speed 21XZ-B spec. III features a newly designed crankcase and piston and cylinder and its displacement still remains at 3.49 cc (and not as 3.46cc like the Speed B2101). The engine head is 5mm lower than spec.II for lower gravity. Last improvement, the 3-port exhaust makes air flow effective after combustion. It will be available alone or as a combo with the T-2060SC (EFRA2042) tuned pipe. Shipment start in August.

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REDS Gen2 venturi

Reds venturi v2


REDS Racing have released a new set of venturi for the 3.5cc off-road engines. The off-road Gen2 venturi guarantees improved fuel mileage and higher torque. The innovative design improves carburetor fluid dynamics for a even better tuning stability. The Gen2 venturi is available in 6.0, 6.5, 7.0  and the brand new 7.5 mm diameters.

RC Concept MC5R nitro engine

RC Concept MC5R nitro engine 2

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RC Concept have introduced the new MC5R nitro engine. After 5 months of testing with the team drivers, Reno Savoya and Lee martin the french company designed the ultimate engine for all demanding drivers with reliability and performance in mind when RC Concept have developed this engine. The results are more runtime, more reliability, and more power. Reno Savoya used the MC5R and ended 6th at the recent IFMAR Worlds Warm Up in Las Vegas.

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Sonic announce SB.21-5T engine


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Sonic Nitro Engines have announced the release of their latest engine, the Sonic SB.21-5T competition off-road engine. All components of the SB.21-5T have been made from the finest materials to ensure high durability and reliability. Equipped with a 5 ports sleeve and a CNC machined flat piston, the engine provides great power over the entire RPM range while having a very efficient fuel consumption which can be crucial in the finals. The 14mm turbo crankshaft is equipped with two high density weights to improve the overall balancing and filled with a silicone insert to reduce the inertia and improve the fuel flow. The special back plate, the optimized crankcase and the “knife edged” aerodynamic connecting rod help even more to reduce turbulence inside the engine. A special super lightweight cooling head ensures best heat dispersion to keep the engine temperature at a moderate level. High quality Swiss ball bearings, a dust protected front bearing, a modern composite valve carburetor and venturis in 6.5mm, 7.0mm and 8.0mm made of aluminium complete this new high competition engine.

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