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Triton RC releases new .21 engine line

Triton RC Engines

U.S. engine company, Triton RC, is pleased to announce the release of their new engine line comprised of the L4 Pro Spec and L5 Pro Spec .21 offroad racing engines. The new range of Triton’s Italian made premium racing engines claimed to provide incredible power, fuel economy, and ease of tuning using proprietary specs not found in any other brand.

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For more details see TritonRC.com.

REDS new R5R Racer V2.0 engine


The new R5R Racer V2.0 has been provided with Mario Rossi’s new invention, the new HCX Carburetor, like the whole REDS Racing off-road range. The engine is designed with improved fuel efficiency, performance and reliability in mind and is suitable for both buggy and truggy. The new engine is one of the most advanced and innovative products on the market. Equipped with the best technology to improve reliability and guarantee the best performance on all terrains. R5R Racer tuned by M.Rossi guarantees the same performance as a Pro engine at reasonable price.

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RB releases new BXR LS5 V2 engine

RB Engine2

The new BXR LS5 V2 engine is the LS5 PLUS engine’s newest brother. This high level offroad engine uses the Long Stroke technology, and features a 5 port design with MES a 14.5mm lightened and steel main bearing (as opposed to the ceramic bearing of the PLUS). The new BXR LS5 carburetor features an extra spraybar, designed to provide a better idle and easier adjustment. The cooling head is re-designed to keep a low center of gravity, but still large enough to sufficiently cool the engine.

DSC_0032 (2) full (1) DSC_0033 (1) DSC_0034 (1)

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Desoto Racing teams up with PICCO


PICCO has announced today the full line-up of PICCO engines will be making their way to America via their new partnership with Desoto Racing. Desoto Racing has been appointed the American distributor, and will also play a role in development, marketing, and the PICCO race team across North America. The cooperation will include the company working closely with Joaquin Desoto and Paolo Morganti to provide the American racers the best possible products and support for 2015 and beyond.

Source: PICCO

RB ‘Super Long Stroke’ BXR SLS5 V2


After having released their new Long Stroke competition offroad engine (BXR LS5PLUS), RB is happy to introduce the new offroad competition engine with the Super Long Stroke technology, the BXR SLS5 V2. The new BXR SLS5 V2 engine is a Super Long Stroke and 5 port engine. This version V2 receives a complete new sleeve with complete new intake port timing and lateral intake port orientation to increase the torque and to have the best end power.

full (1) DSC_0032 DSC_0033 DSC_0034

After several tests on different condition’s, the new carburetor is using a double adjustment with an extra spraybar, giving a better idle and is very easy to adjust. This new Super Long Stroke V2 engine provides a very linear acceleration which is appreciated when the track is slippery or bumpy where you need smooth acceleration, but with good torque.

Tyler Vik chooses FX Engines

FB Baner joins FX - predloha

FX is happy to announce that Tyler Vik decided to use the FX engines in the 2015 racing season. Tyler Vik is an US professional top off-road driver and in 2015 will use the FX engine at all regional, national and international races.

Tyler says, ”Despite FX Engines was a brand new in the market, I didn’t hesitate to give them a try, and now I know I made the correct choice. The speed and reliability never let me down during last year and as such I decided to stay with the engine I have full trust in – the FX engine. “

Source: FX

RB’s new BXR LS5 PLUS engine

RB Engine

RB Products has introduced their 2015 engine range, and among the new engines is the BXR LS5 PLUS. This high-end offroad engine uses long-stroke technology, 5 port design, 14.5mm crankshaft, ceramic main bearing, and more. The new BXR LS5 carburetor features an extra spraybar, designed to provide a better idle and easier adjustment. The cooling head is re-designed to keep a low center of gravity, but still large enough to sufficiently cool the engine.

DSC_0033 DSC_0034 full DSC_0032 (1)

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Bullitt announce B-220 engine


Bullitt engines are proud to announce the release of our latest motor, the B-220.
Following on from the outstanding success of the B-218 and B-219, the new B-220 is a further evolution of the concept and takes the performance on to another level. Extensive work throughout 2014 to make improvements in all the key areas has resulted in an engine that gives more run-time and faster lap times. Increased drivability and efficiency, while not sacrificing the raw power that made the B-219 stand out from the opposition and such a favourite with the drivers. The fantastic 21J carburettor is retained, meaning the B-220 is as easy to tune as its predecessors, and good for the sportsman and pro drivers alike.

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FX officially releases K5 DC engine

v_full release 01

FX presents the new high-competition 1/8 offroad racing engine K5 DC. The new K5 engine is based on the ultra-successful 5K engine and brings all the refinements and improvements based on the experiences collected from the previous racing seasons resulting into European vice-Champion title.

v_full release 02

The new K5 features new sealed combustion chamber with larger surface for improved heat transition to the engine head, new redesigned lightweight engine head with improved cooling, new carburetor with new needles which help to improve easier carburetor setting and ensures more linear power of the engine and plenty of other refinements of smallest details based on improved manufacturing processes.


Limited Edition Tessmann O.S. Speed


Ty Tessmann tore up the track at the 2014 IFMAR 1/8 Scale Off-Road World Championships running an O.S. Speed Tuned B2101 engine tailored to his winning specs. Now O.S. makes that same setup available to other drivers — in the Ty Tessmann Limited Edition Speed Tuned B2101.

The Limited Edition B2101 features the same tuned pipe, manifold and carb restrictor used by Ty to win the 2014 IFMAR Championships. Its T-2090SC pipe is paired with an M2002SC manifold whose added length increases torque in the low to middle range. The 5.8mm restrictor — not available on any other O.S. engine — matches what O.S. supplied to Ty for extending run time in competition.

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