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REDS 721 Scuderia Gen2 nitro engine

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REDS Racing have introduced the new 721 S Scuderia Gen2 3.5cc nitro engine. Due to the success of 721 Scuderia Gen1 engine in recent competitions REDS have decided to maintain the main features unchanged and improve the carburetor with new materials to increase reliability. Furthermore, the new carb features a new double grab screw joint link to facilitate positioning and fitting with the servo link. To satisfy all customers requests the Italian company have decided to release the new Scuderia Gen2 in 2 different color combinations (red or black) to match engines with any bodyshell.

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REDS 721 Scuderia Gen2 engine coming soon

See: REDS Racing

Coming soon from REDS Racing is the forthcoming 721 Scuderia Gen2 engine. 721 Scuderia Gen2 will be available in two different colors, black and red to match your paint scheme. Detailed images and information about the engine should become available very soon.

Alpha Dragon IV ‘injector’ backplate

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Alpha Plus Engines have introduced the new ‘injector’ backplate. Designed to be use with the Dragon III, IV, GT, and GT-R range of engines, the backplate helps the fuel flow from the crankcase to the combustion chamber by pulsing fuel through the backplate in a more effective way. The result is a much quicker return to idle as well as an improvement of fuel efficiency.

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Alpha ‘fuel efficient’ 7.5mm carburetor

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Alpha Plus Engines have introduced a new ‘fuel efficient’ 7.5mm carburetor for the Dragon III, IV, GT, GT-R range of engines. Developed to offer extended run time and even smoother throttle control, it features a 7.5mm bore size.

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Ultimate Racing M3X V2.0 Ceramic nitro engine

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Modelix Racing have introduced the new Ultimate Racing M3X V2.0 Ceramic 3.5cc 3-port nitro off-road engine. Like its predecessor M3X, the V2.0 is made by the prestigious Japanese O.S. Engines brand and it’s based on their square stroke Speed B21 Ty Tessmann II edition engine. Like the M3X, the M3X V2.0 it’s been specifically designed for maximum power, performance and tune ability. With this engine you will have a great and super smooth linear power from low to high R.P.M. The carburetor, crankcase and crankshaft have been developed to improve fuel consumption.

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Maxima Mx B4R Euro Edition nitro engine coming soon

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Coming soon from Maxima is the new Mx B4R Euro Edition nitro engine. Sporting some European symbols on his cooling head, the B4R Euro Edition engine keeps all high-quality standards and it will be hand-modified to provide top notch performance. The power plant will be produced in limited quantity.

Ielasi Tuned Hummer Evo nitro engine

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Italian company Ielasi Tuned have introduced the new Hummer Evo 3.5cc nitro engine for Nitro Buggy and Truggy. The all-new Hummer Evo engine is features a new crankcase and it is equipped with a 5-port sleeve providing an optimised power curve effective in all grip conditions and also a low fuel consumption making it a great choose for hobby drivers as well as expert racers.

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Picco P3X nitro engine

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Italian company Picco have introduced the new Picco P3X 3.5cc 3-port nitro off-road engine. In 2019, PICCO released the Blast : this was one of the biggest step’s in Picco’s production. This engine uses a new vacuum moulded crankcase and an updated CNC machined piston sleeve. The quality and the durability has been increased by far and it is incredible how the Blast engines performed, with consistent tune, setup and long life. That was good to see all these happy faces and that is true to say we never seen such a level of quality, whatever the brand. Step by step, people get more confidence in the Blast and we saw more blue heads in the pit lane !

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