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6MIK launches Optima SLR5 engine

6mik optima SLR5

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As we had already announced here, French manufacturer 6mik has just introduced his new Optima SLR5 engine. After several months of development in total secrecy, 6mik drivers and developers guided by their leader Sebastien Leonard worked on the development of a 1/8 high-performance off-road engine for the most demanding pilots, the SLR 5 engine!

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New 6mik Optima engine?


During the second round of the French championship this past weekend, the 6MIK team were spotted running an Optima engine based on Team Orion rather than REDS. The choice of this change can have several causes: Having its own engine that will evolve according to the wishes and testing done by the team or take distance with Reds whose 6mik was the first distributor in France but also chooses one more French distributor, FDL to ensure the distribution. To be continued…

O.S. announce Limited ‘Gold Edition’ 21XZ-B spec II engine

OSS21XZB specII_goldedition

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O.S. Engines of Japan will be releasing a VERY limited run of only 100 Gold Edition engines to celebrate the company’s 80th anniversary, expect huge demand for this one of a kind engine and pitlane bragging rights if you get one!

Available from June 2016

#1217B  O.S.SPEED 21 XZ-B spec.II  Gold edition combo set with T-2060SC (EFRA 2042, made in Japan) | #1217C  O.S.SPEED 21XZ-B spec.II  Gold edition without muffler

Novarossi Drake Special Edition .21 engine

Adam Drake Special Edition 5 Off 4

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Novarossi Direct USA introduces the Adam Drake Special Edition 5 Off .21 engine. The Drake Special Edition is derived from the Novarossi Clio P5 which it takes almost all components except a larger crankshaft (14,5mm vs 14mm) and a black cooling head with a specific and customized labeling in the name of Adam Drake. The Novarossi Drake Special Edition is only available at Novarossi Direct USA here.

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Werks announce B7 Kortz Engine


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After a few days of rumours, Werks have gone public with the news of their .21 B7 Kortz Edition – Werks Racing’s newest addition to it’s “Team Line” of engines. A special engine to celebrate the 10+ years that RC Pro Jeremy Kortz has been competing with Werks Engines! Designed from the ground up to represent the ultimate .21 off-road buggy racing engine incorporating all of the best features and machining possible!

The B7 Kortz Edition starts off with our proven case design that features additional stiffening ribs around the sleeve area to help better control expansion due to heat. We have significantly modified the top of the case to reduce mass and developed a new recessed cooling head design that completely envelopes the top section of the engine case. This new design not only greatly reduces the overall height and CG of the engine but also significantly improves cooling!

A new long stroke 7 port design offers tremendous torque with exceptional top end with what is to date the smoothest, most linear power band of any engine that we have ever made! This super linear power band is ideal for buggy racing and allows you to easily modulate throttle inputs!

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New Werks in the works ?


Whilst the dust will have settled long ago on The Dirt Nitro Challenge back in February, we did note that a certain Jeremy Kortz – quite the legend in 1/8 Offroad having featured in no less than 4 1/8 Buggy IFMAR Worlds finals (only 3 drivers have more… Reckward, Pavidis & Batlle) was running a shiny (yet plain) new cooling head on top of his Werks powerplant.

There were a few hints as to something new under the hood, but nothing confirmed at that stage however strong rumours have surfaced once more that Werks may have a new motor in the near future. Watch this space.

Triton L3 .21 off-road engine

Triton L3 .21 engine top rc

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Triton is proud to announce the newest addition to its engine line, the Triton L3 .21 off-road engine. The L3 gives racers an option of a high quality Italian racing engine at a very reasonable cost. The the L3 is a 3 port racing engine that has a great balance of usable power and is very easy to drive. It is an xlnt buggy engine but also has more than enough power for truggy applications as well. The L3 like the other Triton engines is designed in the USA and made in Italy using only the finest material available. For more information please visit www.tritonrc.com.

Triton L3 .21 engine RC

New Picco Team Spec 2016 TB engine

Picco Team Spec B 20162

Picco has introduced the new evolution of the Team Spec engine, the 2016 TB version. The new  Team Spec 2016 TB engine has got an updated and upsized cooling head for more efficiency as well as cool looking and a new 2016 laser engraving as well as a new updated front bearing for better durability.

The Picco team spec TB is still as strong and durable as the original Team Spec :

  • 5 ports long stroke construction with strong bottom end power
  • Bulletproof construction with swiss made ceramic bearing
  • Easy setting and amazing idle

This engine has already shows its performances by powering the Marco Barrufolo TQ cars @ the Padova Nitro world Cup.

Picco Team Spec B 20161

REDS R5T Team Edition V4.0

REDS R5T Team Edition V4.0 neo

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After the launch of REDS R7 Evoke V3.0, REDS Racing are pleased to announce the release of the new R5T Team Edition V4.0 Tuned by M.Rossi. The New REDS R5TTE V4.0 is the perfect synthesis of innovation and technology and excels in high bite conditions and tracks that require that little extra on the bottom end of the powerband.

The engine is loaded with new features for 2016. REDS has introduced new sealing on both engines to help keep dirt away from the redesigned internals, a new lightweight combustion chamber, lightweight crankcase and redesigned crankshaft create a lower working center of gravity. REDS has also added a new GEN2 venturi for improved mileage and tunability.

The R5T Team Edition represents our highest performance 3.5 cc off-road engine. It boasts state-of-the-art technology to further improve fuel mileage, performance and reliability.  Click here to see all details.

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REDS R7 Evoke V3.0 Factory Tuned

REDS R7 Evoke Factory Tuned neo

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REDS Racing is pleased to announce the release of the new R7 Evoke V3.0 Tuned by M.Rossi. Like the previous lineup the R7 Evoke is specially aimed at the use on low grip and narrow circuits where the smoother torque curve of the engine can give an advantage. The R7 Evoke represents our latest high performance 21 off-road engine. The engine is designed with improved fuel efficiency, performance and reliability in mind. The Evoke is 100% Made in Italy.

The engine is loaded with new features for 2016. REDS has introduced new sealing on the engine to help keep dirt away from the redesigned internals. A new lightweight combustion chamber, lightweight crankcase, and redesigned crankshaft create a lower working center of gravity. REDS has also added a new GEN2 venturi for improved mileage and tunability.  Clic here to see all details.

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