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SPOWER S6 Pro Tuned .21 engine


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MW RC Cars have introduced the SPower S6 Pro Tuned .21 engine. Manufactured by Picco in italy, the SPower S6 Pro Tuned .21 comes with a multi exhaust system to ensure top of the line performance throughout the engine’s upper RPM band. With a 5 port design the engine performs exceptionally well at the bottom end – a characteristic crucial to handle today’s track designs with short sharp blasts followed by jumps.This balance of power and drivability give you what’s needed for fast and consistent lap times. Combine all this with it’s super stable tuning, excellent fuel mileage and SPower’s legendary quality this makes it the total package in a Pro level buggy or truggy engine. The SPower S6 Pro Tuned .21 has a new 14mm balanced and silicone filled crankshaft to improve overall performance, a larger more efficient cooling head, new crankcase design allows more clearance for different flywheels, super strong “knife edged” aerodynamic connecting rod, lightened piston CNC machined from high percentage silicone alloy billet, and a “Swiss” made rear bearing tops off the list of all the high end features.

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Bullitt announce B-221 engine


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Bullitt engines have introduced the new update to the world renowned B-220 engine, the B-221. The engineers in Japan have once again shown why they are the envy of the RC engine world, upgrading what was already the bench mark. Expect to see more bottom and mid power, super smooth linear output curve and finally a large economy increase. Available for preorder today, delivery end of December.

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Elliott Boots talks about Reds Worlds Edition package


Want to know everything about the Reds Worlds Edition package? Elliott Boots reveals all its secrets in video.

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Teamsaxo glow plug igniter


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Teamsaxo have released a new high output glow plug igniter for use with all gas powered engines. Made from high quality stainless steel and anodized aluminium in black with TS logo in classic blue and black, it features a 5000mAh 1.2v Cell, providing long lasting power for reliable starting thanks to an advanced technology to ensure the precision. The Teamsaxo glow plug igniter comes with an overnight charger to fully charge your igniter and it is available now.

FX Short-Medium manifold


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FX have introduced the new short-medium radius manifold for all pipes. There are different types of FX manifolds, each designed for particular track conditions and for particular engines. These recommended manifolds will help optimize performance for the majority of track conditions. However, some specific track conditions or fine tuning of engine settings may require changes to the manifold (as desired). For maximum performance and reliability, use only original FX manifolds.

Picco V1 Team DLC CER nitro engine


Picco have introduced the V1 Team DLC CER is the brand new top performance off road engine in our products line. The engine features a new crankcase, designed to be stiffer so that the absence of torsion allows for more stable performances at any temperature and prevents any RPM loss.

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MCD Racing Zenoah G320 alloy insulator


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MCD Racing have introduced new alloy insulator designed for the new Zenoah G320 engine. This alloy insulator prevents the flexing problem of the existing composite insulator when overheated. A unique property of the new tuning part includes the two composite bushings which helps a total isolation.

Picco releases E1 Engine


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Picco Micromotori have announced the release of the new E1 Engine. This engine comes ready to suit pull start or Bump start Models : the pull start is assembled on the engine and the bump start backplate is in the box. This is an exclusive and smart feature.The Picco E1 is made in Italy in the same factory which produce the high performance Picco engines, using the same technologies and material. The engine is using a standard kind of pipeset, as the stinger is same size and streight (no angle).