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Alpha teases with new Dragon II

Alpha Engine Teaser

Alpha has released a teaser of their newest creation today, dubbed the ‘Dragon II’. Word is that this new engine features an all-new carburetor, designed for easier, and more consistent tuning and idle. In addition the new engine is said to have improved overall power and speed, and is wrapped in fresh new packaging as well. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Source: Alpha

JBRacing takes Alpha to Israel

Alpha Israel Distributor

Alpha Engines has just announced their newest distributor, continuing to take the Alpha product line around the globe! JBRacing has officially been appointed the exclusive Israel distributor for Alpha Plus products in 2015. For more details visit JBRacing online HERE.

REDS Racing Limited ‘Green’ editions


Italy’s REDS Racing engines have taken the 1/8 Offroad market by storm in recent years, with team drivers of the highest calibre, think Cody King, Elliott Boots etc. They’ve re-forged their partnership with JQ Racing by offering a limited edition green cooling head version of the R7 and R5T engines.

Only available via the JQ Racing shop: European JQ Racing shop | N.American JQ Racing shop

i-9qNMvVL-2480x1656 i-kGnCsGj-2480x1656 i-pgV7ZLq-2480x1656 i-5jPwRzH-2480x1656

New Samurai 321B/2060 Pipe combo

Samurai Combo Neo

ProTek R/C has paired two nitro racing juggernauts, combining the powerful 321B “Samurai” engine with the super-popular 2060 tuned pipe. ProTek R/C’s polished chrome 2060 off-road pipe is designed with a wider, shorter body making it ideal for high RPM performance and big track optimization. When combined, the Samurai and 2060 are a potent package providing unparalleled power delivery and excellent fuel mileage. Order the Samurai/2060 combo today, save $30 and qualify for free shipping* during the month of October.

Exclusive: Inside The O.S. Speed B2101


Guess what just arrived at my doorstep?  Oh nothing much, unless you (like me) think the newly crowned IFMAR 1/8-buggy World Champion engine is a big deal.  It’s the OS Speed B2101 .21 engine, used by Hot Bodies’ Ty Tessmann to decimate the competition and win the IFMAR title just a few weeks ago in Italy.

You can check out our exclusive interview with OS’s Hirose San, directly from the IFMAR Worlds pits, right there:

NeoBuggy’s Worlds Pit News: OS Speed B2101

Since the press release hit the interwebz in mid September, forums have been ablaze with talk about O.S.’s new buggy engine.  Here is some information we know now, having yet to test it–though you can believe we WILL test it ASAP here in Southern California.

OSB2101 - 02DSC_0112  DSC_0111

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Babas’ RC Concepts company


A firm favourite in the pitlane and for his unique stlye of fun and banter, Sebastien Chaffardon – better known to most as ‘Babas‘, Yannick Aigoin’s mechanic has launched his own company ‘RC Concept‘ – with the Worlds barely even a week old, Babas posted a sneak preview of the company’s ambitious first product; an Italian produced .21 offroad engine.

Babas tells us that the engine parts are crafted and built by one of the most reputable engine builders in the business then hand assembled in France. We can expect the engine to be available towards the end of October this year and more products to follow from the new French outfit, including electric items such as batteries, chargers as well as various tools to start out with.

See RC Concept

REDS Racing new carb at the Worlds


Italian engine firm REDS Racing have come on leaps & bounds in recent years with the likes of Elliott Boots & Cody King running the mini powerhouses, Mario Rossi & son Marco run the business together and have been present all week at the Worlds supporting team drivers as well as non-team racers.

New from the Worlds this past week is a new carb which features a differently positioned top end needle, rather than pointing diagonally upwards, it is now horizontally positioned much lower down.

Master engine tuner Mario said the revised location allows for significantly improved top end as well as a more stable idle and overall engine tune. The new top end needle is also now ‘in line’ with the low end needle – although on opposite sides of the carb, Rossi says this makes for more precise tuning.

AT4_9442 AT4_9449 AT4_9445 AT4_9447

The new carb will be available next month in October on its own as well as bolted on the REDS R7 engine in limited quantities.

Worlds Pit News: OS Speed B2101


OS have swooped on these Worlds with a brand new engine, the B2101 which features a square bore & stroke, the engine itself has a slightly smaller displacement than normal (3.46cc compared with the standard 3.49cc) however, we caught up with OS representative Hirose San who said that 8 of their drivers are running the new engine which is in fact ALL new: Crankcase, crankshaft, sleeve, carb, piston… pretty much everything except the conrod is brand new.

OS driver Ty Tessmann may have been hitting he headlines with his double TQ but all drivers report the engine being much more controllable, a reduction of wheelspin in the bottom-mid range of the engine and working very well indeed on this high traction Naxos track. Both Tessmann and former World Champion Mark Pavidis have tested the new engine previously hence OS’ confidence in debuting it here in Sicily.

Displacement 3.46cc (0.211 cu. inch), Bore 16.40 mm (0.646 inch), Stroke 16.40 mm (0.646 inch), Practical rpm range 4,000 – 42,000 rpm, Max power 2.65 PS/34,000 rpm 2.61 HP/34,000 rpm, Weight 352 g (12.42 oz)

AT4_8911 AT4_8919b AT4_8915 EUR_2010

TESTED: ProTek R/C Samurai 321B .21 Engine

Samurai Testing

By: Stephen Bess

A few months of testing has proven the ProTek Samurai 321B engine (first seen here: NeoBuggy’s Samurai First Look) to be a seasoned, and successful warrior.  As promised, this is the follow up, semi-long term report after over 2-gallons of fuel and multiple race outings here in Southern California.

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PICCO boosts new Boost 3TZ engine

Picco 3tz

PICCO is proud to announce their newest engine to their offroad Boost series lineup. The new PICCO Boost .21 3TZ engine is a 3 port competition racing engine that is equipped with a 14mm silicone filled crankshaft, large 60mm cooling head, new crankcase design allows more clearance for different flywheels, super strong “knife edged” aerodynamic connecting rod, lightened piston CNC machined from high percentage silicone alloy billet, and high quality “Swiss” made bearings.

PICCO says, “The PICCO Boost 3TZ has great torque and top speed with a very usable and controllable powerband. Its strong yet smooth bottom end make the 3TZ is suitable for both buggy and truggy racing applications. It provides great fuel economy, easy stable tuning and PICCO’s legendary quality.”

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