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Novarossi Mantra 3.5cc engine

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Novarossi have introduced a new version of the Mantra 3.5cc engine now available with a rear ceramic bearing. This square stroke (16.42mm x 16.42mm) engine features a 4-port design, a 14mm shaft and new piston/cylinder configuration. It provides an elastic and linear power feel, and more torque in medium/high rpm with really low fuel consumption.

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MW Off Road V1 Team Edition nitro engine

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MW RC Cars have introduced the new MW Off Road V1 Team Edition nitro engine. Sharing the same built quality of the Picco V1 Team engine, the MW features a 3-port providing a smoother power band. The MW comes with a balanced, silicone-filled crankshaft to optimise the mixture flow, a new carburettor with double bottom-end adjustment and also with a lightened and laser engraved cooling head.

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Alpha Plus Dragon IV nitro engine

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Alpha Plus have introduced the new Dragon IV nitro engine. based on the Dragon III, the Dragon IV is a 3-port engine which features an improved DEC crankcase, ceramic bearings, new piston/sleeve, a hard coated piston pin and new cooling head. The DEC crankcase reduces engine vibration, provides less wear and offers good lubricity. Also it provides a greater fuel efficiency and increases the engine power.

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SWORKz S-Power LPF “low profile” cooling head

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SWORKz have introduced the LPF “low profile” cooling head for the S-Power S7 EVO II series, OS Speed Spec II/III and B2102 engines. The height of the heatsink is 24mm lower and the weight 10g lighter than the standard version. The LPF cooling head provides better balance especially during jumps and in high speed corners and make the car more stable. Despite his height, the cooling head thanks to a large diameter heat sink keeps the engine at a stable temperature.

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Picco V1-3518 .21 Team DLC Ceramic nitro engine

Italian company Picco have introduced the new V1-3518 Team DLC Ceramic nitro engine. The V1-3518 is an updated version of the European Champion engine. Based on the very same engine that won the title last year in Sweden, the 3518 includes all the features of its predecessor with a new cooling head color scheme.

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Teaser: MW RC Cars V1 engine coming soon

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European SWORKz distributors MW RC Cars have released a teaser image of their forthcoming nitro engine. The “V1” on the cooling head does not really leave any doubt, it is clearly a engine from Picco. For now no information allows us to say whether the engine will be identical to the Picco V1 engine or it will feature specific changes from MW RC Cars. Stay tuned!

Ninja JX21-B04 Limited Edition nitro engine

Mugen Seiki have introduced a Limited Edition of their Ninja JX21-B04 nitro buggy engine. Compared to the JX21-B04 engine, the JX21-B04 Limited Edition comes pre–run-in meaning minimal preparation time to get them track-ready. The Ninja JX21-B04 engine is available in very limited quantity with two combo sets including the EFRA 2042 or the EFRA 2089 mufflers and manifolds.

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REDS WRX Corsa Lunga long stroke nitro engine

REDS Racing have introduced the new WRX Corsa Lunga 3.5cc nitro engine. This long stroke extreme torque engine follow the REDS philosophy of product innovation, high quality, high performance and reliability. The WRX has been designed to develop an incredible wide RPM range of usable torque thanks to an Extra Long Stroke geometry 16×17.3 mm, 5 scavenger ports and a single exhaust port cylinder sleeve and works with the crankcase to deliver more low-to middle-range torque with less fuel consumption.

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