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Novarossi Mephisto .21 nitro engine

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Novarossi have introduced the new Mephisto .21 nitro engine. The Mephisto features a 4 ports design to supply a linear power output and to keep fuel consumption low. The new crankshaft with a larger bore intake to increase the mixture flow and has a special shape to optimise gas-flows in the engine and it comes with DLC coating to improve durability. The new R4/18 conrod is redesigned and made with a special aluminum alloy that allows it to have a high resistance while maintaining the lightness and performance of the previous R4/17. The carburettor features three tuning needles giving a better idle and improves the ability of the engine to return to low rpm after throttling. The new head is redesigned to improve the flow of air and thus increase cooling and ensuring an optimal center of gravity. The engine is available with rear high quality ceramic or steel rear balls bearing.

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Ultimate M3X & M3R engine combos

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Following with the previous news about the M3X engine, Modelix Racing have introduced the Ultimate engine combos with the M3X and M3R engines. The combo includes a M3X or M3R engine, the Ultimate EFRA 2141 pipe with a manifold ‘Masterfix’, a Compak clutch with aluminium shoes and 1mm springs, 13T vented clutch bell with Ultimate bearings and an air filter with pre-oiled foam.

Ultimate M-3X nitro engine

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Modelix Racing have introduced the new Ultimate M-3X 3.5cc nitro engine. This is the 3 port .21 Off-Road Ultimate M3R Competition Engine. Like the M3T, it’s a 3-port O.S based engine, with the same configuration and power than its predecessor. Unlike the M3T, the M3X incorporate the following parts:

  • High precision steel rear bearing made in Japan.
  • Balanced crankshaft with tungsten weight and silicone filling.

The M3X, like the M3T, is a square stroke, specifically designed for maximum power, performance and tuneability. With this engine you will have a great and super smooth linear power from low to high R.P.M.Produced with the guaranteed OS quality, the M3X is a cheaper option with the same power and performance than its predecessor, the M3T.

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O.S. Speed B21 Ty II nitro engine

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To commemorate Ty Tessmann winning at the 2018 ROAR NATS and to keep up with growing demand from users, O.S. have decided to release the SPEED B21 Ty Tessmann Edition. The Ty II is based on B2101 with a special 5.8mm carb restrictor, which is his favorite. The engine features also a low- profile head of Ty’s original design, with a new shape and double height vertical fins compare to the latest B2102. The O.S. Speed B21 Ty II nitro engine will be available in October and wille come in combo set including a 90mm long manifold with the T-2090SC or separately in a limited quantity of only 300 engines.

REDS Racing WR7 Diamond 2.0 nitro engine

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REDS Racing have introduced the new WR7 Diamond 2.0 nitro engine. The WR7 is a 7 special porting extreme power engine based on WR7 Diamond edition. The engine comes with the same sleeve and piston, crankshaft, crankase, etc. as the first generation of WR7 in order to keep its power characteristics unchanged. REDS have improved the previous version with:

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VSB02 3.5cc nitro engine

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Rody Roem’s World Champion Products have introduced the new VSB02 3.5cc nitro engine. Based on the VSB01, the VSB02 features an unique and specific 5-port design which provide a faster climbing in rpm but still keeping its easy driving, a modified inner crankcase, a specific combustion chamber, an updated cooling-head and also an exclusif balanced bi-turbo crankshaft with DLC treatment all over the shaft offering more power and less fuel consumption.

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RC Concept MC5 World nitro engine

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RC Concept have introduced the new MC5 World nitro engine. To celebrate the 2018 IFMAR Nitro Buggy World Championship in Australia, the MC5 World features a new AVID front ceramic bearing providing better sealing, more precise guiding of the crankshaft improving the efficiency of the engine, less wear for the piston/sleeve and also for the front bearing, an even quicker acceleration response and mileage improved by almost 30 seconds. Delivered with the RC Concept precise carburator for easier tuning, the MC5 is now ready for the World, always the same price.

FX Engines K302 engine & pipe combo

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FX have announced that the K302 nitro engine now available in combo with the EFRA 2131 muffler and Medium manifold. The K302 engine provides linear power with lower consumption and features a ceramic bearing, a Diamond coated crankshaft and also a low cooling head. The combo comes with a Medium manifold.