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Novarossi teams up with O’Donnell


In a surprise announcement, Novarossi has announced they are teaming up with 30+ year engine and R/C guru Steve O’Donnell. Most famous for his championship winning fuel in the early 2000′s, O’Donnell has played a part in everything from fuel and engines, to designing a full car of his own (ran by Jared Tebo at the 2008 IFMAR 1/8 World Championships). Read more…

First look at the Alpha Dragon II

Alpha Dragon II

Alpha Plus has released the first clear images showing off the new Dragon II engine today. The engine features a lightened cooling head, freshened look, and the Alpha ‘Dynamic Equilibrium Crankshaft’. Designed for increased power, fuel mileage, and reliability, the new Dragon II is in transit to distributors worldwide.

_MG_0102 _MG_0104 _MG_0106 _MG_0120

Source: Alpha Plus

Long Term Update: OS Speed B2101


3+ gallons of testing, racing and wear means our equipment actually looks used, not brand new – particularly the OS 2090 pipe.

By Stephen Bess

Welp, I’ve tested the OS B2101 about as thoroughly as I possibly can at this point, and I’ve managed to squeeze nearly a dozen races (with practice, qualifying and mains included) into my testing for the B2101 Speed engine.  After each weekly race, I followed the same maintenance routine – remove the engine/pipe, clean and prep the clutch, disassemble and clean the head, backplate and piston/sleeve.  Carbon buildup on the button and piston head are lightly removed with 0000 steel wool, and everything is then thanked for running properly, cleaned and reassembled.  Yes, I whisper sweet nothings to my engines to keep them happy.  You don’t?

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Cody King renews REDS relationship

King Neo

REDS Racing is proud to announce the re-signing of Cody King for the 2015-2016 racing seasons. This will be Cody’s 3rd and 4th consecutive year with REDS Racing team. Cody says, “I’m really happy and excited to continue with Reds racing through 2016 and beyond. The engines have been excellent and our progress working together with Mario and Marco has exceeded my expectations. The next two years will be great!”

Source: REDS

Distributors await ‘Dragon II’ arrival

Dragon @@

Alpha Plus has announced today that the new Dragon II engines have officially begun their journey to distributors worldwide. The new engine features the ‘Dynamic Equilibrium Design’ formulated by Alpha, along with a list of World Championship features. Stay tuned for more details, and the official arrival of the Dragon II near you!

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RC Concept’s new 1/8 engine line


Last week we featured a teaser image of new French company ‘RC Concept’s new engine, finally frontman Sebastien Chaffardon (better known to many as Yannick Aigoin’s charismatic mechanic BaBas) has revealed all – immediately commanding attention is the engine’s cooling head – a different design to the norm.

The new cooling head shape and ‘concept’ was developed after many hours of research, design and field-testing, the vertical vanes at the top allowing for superior cooling – ‘the flow of air escaping easier with vertical fins of the cooling head when compared with standard horizontal vanes all the way. According to the company this helps to avoid temperature variations, especially in hotter conditions.

RC Concept will initially offer two long-stroke engines, the 3-port MC3 and 5-port MC5, both available with or without ceramic bearings (see table below). All variations include silicone paste-filled crankshafts and should be available soon Now!


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New engines are born in France

RC Concept

We have received word of an all-new engine getting set to launch out of France in the coming days. The company, known as ‘RC Concept’, is preparing to unveil their lineup of competition nitro engines. As you can see, they have provided us with nothing more than a blurry teaser of what to expect. Little is known about the RC Concept company or its engines at this time, but from the looks of things nitro engines aren’t the only new item in the works.

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Stay tuned as more is uncovered within the coming weeks as RC Concept reveals their creations.


Alpha teases with new Dragon II

Alpha Engine Teaser

Alpha has released a teaser of their newest creation today, dubbed the ‘Dragon II’. Word is that this new engine features an all-new carburetor, designed for easier, and more consistent tuning and idle. In addition the new engine is said to have improved overall power and speed, and is wrapped in fresh new packaging as well. Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

Source: Alpha

JBRacing takes Alpha to Israel

Alpha Israel Distributor

Alpha Engines has just announced their newest distributor, continuing to take the Alpha product line around the globe! JBRacing has officially been appointed the exclusive Israel distributor for Alpha Plus products in 2015. For more details visit JBRacing online HERE.

REDS Racing Limited ‘Green’ editions


Italy’s REDS Racing engines have taken the 1/8 Offroad market by storm in recent years, with team drivers of the highest calibre, think Cody King, Elliott Boots etc. They’ve re-forged their partnership with JQ Racing by offering a limited edition green cooling head version of the R7 and R5T engines.

Only available via the JQ Racing shop: European JQ Racing shop | N.American JQ Racing shop

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