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Protek Samurai engine break-in tips


After the ‘First look’ at Protek RC’s foray into the nitro engine market back in July, interest in the Japanese (cough OS) made ‘Samurai’ engine has been pretty intense; the AMain.com-backed powerplant springing up in more and more buggys both at home and further afield.

Quick as ever to offer support, AMain.com’s Marty Korn has helpfully posted a detailed and very helpful break in guide for the engine which we think any novices or beginners or even more experienced hands might find useful!

Read the Break in guide here!

RB release ‘Rally V2′ Engine


RB are already looking forward to winter and have released the ‘Rally V2′ engine, aimed at the Rally Game market (1/8th buggys with track tyres, popular in southern Europe).

The new Xtrem Rally receives a 7 ports sleeve with MES and 2 extra lubrification holes, a Machining hard & light piston and a new turbo/balanced 14.5mm crankshaft with silicon paste, giving even more power to this engine. The new Rally receive a new black coated crankcase too.

Available alone #01014-RALLYV2 or as a combo #E01014-RALLYV2 delivered with 2092 in-line pipe/manifold set.

RALLYV2_presentation RALLYV2_presentation2 RALLYV2_presentation3 RALLYV2_presentation5

OS Speed B2101 engine announced


OS continue to advance and innovate, announcing their latest powerplant – the OS Speed B2101 which features a square bore & stroke, the engine itself has a slightly smaller displacement than normal (3.46cc compared with the standard 3.49cc) however, OS’s frontman Junichi Shimazaki said that the engine was found to be much more controllable, a reduction of wheelspin in the bottom-mid range of the engine.

OS have said that they will continue producing the hugely popular Speed 21XZ-B Spec II, the engine of choice for countless racers round the world, not least Atsushi Hara who takes to the track this weekend at the Italian Job Race in Italy, preparing for the Worlds next week. Expect the B2101 to be available in October, sold alone or as a combo with the OS T-2060SC tuned pipe.

Displacement 3.46cc (0.211 cu. inch), Bore 16.40 mm (0.646 inch), Stroke 16.40 mm (0.646 inch), Practical rpm range 4,000 – 42,000 rpm, Max power 2.65 PS/34,000 rpm 2.61 HP/34,000 rpm, Weight 352 g (12.42 oz)

RB ‘ROCKET’ limited edition engine


After selling out of all their various versions of BLAST engines, RB have been quick to act introducing a Limited Edition engine named ‘The ROCKET’. Made in Europe to the highest specs and ready to blast off (see what we did there?!) the .21 Offroad engine is a long stroke 7 port with 14.55mm turbo, lightened balanced crankshaft, lightweight piston and competition conrod and turbo combustion chamber.

The engine is available now in limited quantities as Part #01014-ROCKET or as a combo #E01014-ROCKET with the EFRA 2097 In-Line pipe/manifold set.

ROCKET_presentation2 ROCKET_presentation3 ROCKET_presentation5 ROCKET1024


Orion CRF RS Review: On the track


After an unpredictable European spring and summer finding the perfect conditions to test an engine has been anything but easy. With much assistance from the iPhone’s weather app we found a perfect day, borrowed an Inferno MP9, and headed to the track. Twenty six degrees celsius and a clear sky: perfect conditions; a cooler temperature would be too kind to our engine, whilst everything above the 24-25° means a fair challenge for any powerplant.

“It’s a powerful mill with Championship-winning pedigree that instantly reacts to skillful inputs.”

After installing the Orion CRF RS ABI engine in the car (thanks to TeamOrionShop.com), we started with the break-in by performing a ‘Japanese style’ procedure for the first 5 tanks with our Runner Time fuel.

RIC_3328 copiaRIC_3373 copia RIC_3384 copia RIC_3377 copia

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WIN a ProTek R/C ‘Samurai’ Engine!

AMain Giveaway

Now is your chance to win a ProTek R/C 321B Samurai engine! News of the Samurai engine is spreading, and the response so far has been overwhelming. Keen observers noticed the engine’s handpicked components, dubbing the Samurai a “custom-spec’d Japanese-made mill”—exactly what it is. Now that the Samurai is here, ProTek is giving you an opportunity to win one.

To enter to win the ProTek R/C 321B Samurai engine, simply follow the link below and fill out the form with your name and email—it’s that easy! One participant will be randomly chosen on Aug. 31 and announced on Monday, Sept. 1 at 6:00 p.m. PST on the AMain.com Facebook page!


First Look Exclusive: ProTek Samurai


First Look Exclusive By Stephen Bess:

Known as military nobility in Japan’s rich history, samurai were renowned for their fighting skills and their eponymous battle swords that are now displayed over the mantle of every aging hipster in America. ProTek RC, a division of A-Main Hobbies, sent word to the industry just last week that they had a Samurai of their own in the form of a .21 nitro engine. Set for release in mid-August, this engine’s release has already caused quite a stir on social media. I received a test sample and decided to crack it open to check out what makes this Samurai tick.

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ProTek’s new nitro engine warrior

protek engine

ProTek R/C has joined the nitro race with their all-new 321B “Samurai” Off-Road 3-Port engine! The “Samurai” is ready to lead you into battle – a samurai, by definition, is a noble, powerful warrior willing to serve his master – with a short-stroke, turbo head, rear ceramic bearing and legendary, easy-to-tune carburetor, it’s easy to see why the ProTek racing engine bears the Samurai moniker! The Samurai sips fuel without sacrificing horsepower thanks to elliptical carburetor restrictors that are included. The handcrafted powerhouse has been built meticulously by a world-renown Japanese engine manufacturer, to the specs of A Main’s top pro drivers. The Samurai delivers a versatile package like no other – excellent fuel mileage, predictable, crisp throttle-response and uber-consistent carburetor settings are all traits every racer needs to stand atop the podium – to be crowned the master of his class.

samurai02 samurai04 samurai03 samurai01

Alpha’s ‘blue’ Lutz edition engine


After a highly successful ROAR nationals campaign, Ryan Lutz has celebrated in tandem with engine sponsor Alpha by announcing the release of a special ‘blue head’ edition of his popular Alpha Lutz W.E. engine.

“You say Pink isn’t your thing in racing? Well I have taken my other primary race color, Metallic Blue and am giving everyone the opportunity now to run the awesome Alpha Lutz W.E. Engine! For a limited time, (Until end of June) I am having a 10% off PRE-ORDER special on a Limited Run of Blue headed Alpha Lutz W.E. Engines ordered from www.LutzRC.com

Use coupon code BLUE10 at checkout to receive 10% off the engine purchase price. Remember this is a pre-order and engines should be available before August 1st.

Novarossi launch ‘REX’ engine line


Novarossi have reintroduced the blue-headed ‘REX’ line, complimenting the existing main Novarossi line as well as the ‘TOP’ line, famously used by Serpent racer Mike Truhe. The engine line up includes both on and offroad engines suitable for a variety of applications.

“Good quality block utilizing the best parts available to ensure reliable high-horsepower performance. REX immediately conveys solidity and robustness owing to its typical style”

See Novarrosi REX