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FX K501R & EFRA 2131 pipe combo

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FX have introduced the K501R nitro engine now available in combo with the EFRA 2131 exhaust and Short-Medium manifold. The K501R Racer edition engine features a 5-port sleeve, silicone-filled crankshaft, premium Japanese front and ceramic German rear bearing. The K501R is an extremely reliable and powerful engine suitable for any race track and racing conditions.

FX K301 & EFRA 2131 pipe combo


See: FX Royal Racing Engines

FX have introduced the K301 nitro engine now available in combo with the EFRA 2131 muffler and Short-Medium manifold. The K301 engine provides maximum bottom end power and featues a ceramic rear ball-bearing and Diamond coated crankshaft.

S-Power S7 EVO II LPF Tuned .21 Engine


SWORKz have introduced the new S-Power S7 EVO II LPF Tuned 3.5cc nitro engine. The S-Power S7 EVO II LPF comes with a low-profile cooling head that offers a larger cooling surface and also lower the overall centre of gravity and weight. The power plant features a 3-port to provide better power delivery and lower fuel consumption, a balanced and DLC coated crankshaft, a black coated crankcase and carburetor, a high quality rear ceramic ball bearing and a three needle carburetor easy to tune and 10% more efficient than before. S-Power engines are tested and carefully selected to give you maximum performance and run time.  

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Flash Point R/C FP01 nitro engine

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Flash Point R/C have introduced the new FP01 nitro engine. The FP01 uses a long stroke design that provides great power with an exceptional low to mid-range torque ideal for buggy and truck applications and great fuel consumption. The power plant is available in the following configurations:

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REDS Power vs Efficiency packs

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REDS Racing have introduced the new Power Pack and Efficiency Pack. Both packs come in a combo box signed by Mario Rossi. The Power Pack comes with WRX Corsa Lunga engine, the all new 2104 X-One smooth pipe and 7, 7.5, 8 mm venturis while the Efficiency Pack comes with WR5 engine or WR5 High Efficiency engine, the all new 2104 X-One smooth pipe and 6.5, 7, 7.5 mm venturis.

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SWORKz LPF-7 nitro engine coming soon


Coming soon from SWORKz is the limited edition LPF-7 nitro engine. Based on the sucessful S7 EVO II nitro engine, an O.S. Spec II with a Spec III carburetor, the LPF-7 features a low-profile cooling head with more cooling surface than the standard LPF head. Only 66 LPF-7 nitro engine will be available worldwide in mid-April.

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Novarossi Mantra 3.5cc engine

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Novarossi have introduced a new version of the Mantra 3.5cc engine now available with a rear ceramic bearing. This square stroke (16.42mm x 16.42mm) engine features a 4-port design, a 14mm shaft and new piston/cylinder configuration. It provides an elastic and linear power feel, and more torque in medium/high rpm with really low fuel consumption.

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MW Off Road V1 Team Edition nitro engine

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MW RC Cars have introduced the new MW Off Road V1 Team Edition nitro engine. Sharing the same built quality of the Picco V1 Team engine, the MW features a 3-port providing a smoother power band. The MW comes with a balanced, silicone-filled crankshaft to optimise the mixture flow, a new carburettor with double bottom-end adjustment and also with a lightened and laser engraved cooling head.

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