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Picco V1 EC Batlle Limited Edition engine

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Picco have introduced the new Picco V1 EC Batlle Limited Edition engine. Winning a European Championship means paying attention to every little detail. Picco shows its knowledge and ability by winning the 2017 EC after dominating qualifying. For this race, Picco made some small changes on the regular V1 Team engine to match with the track requirement. To celebrate this tittle, Picco is offering a replica of the Robert Battle winning engine set including updated pipe set.

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Optima O.S. rear engine cover

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6mik have introduced new Optima’s rear engine cover for the O.S. 21 XZ, B2101 and B2102 engines. Thanks to exclusiv internal channels, the rear cover will increased engine efficiency by feeding optimaly lateral ports. The fuel mixture is actually less melt by the conrod movement. Following the track conditions, the torque can be increased about 20% and the refuel about 30 seconds. Also allows faster idle stage return. The rear engine cover comes in red anodised aluminium.

HB Racing D817T Pro Combo

HB Racing have introduced the D817T Pro Combo including the D817T 1/8 nitro competition off-road truggy plus the addition of a CRF 7 port .21 engine and tuned exhaust. The D817T starts with a tough 7075 aircraft aluminum chassis that black anodized. It’s symmetri- cal for better balance and more consistent jumping and cornering. And it’s strategically machined to decrease weight and balance the flex characteristics. A one-piece CNC engine mount holds the engine in place on the 7075 alloy chassis. A complete competition 3-shoe clutch is included, along with sintered brake pads and double ground brake discs for fade free braking and consistent brake feel. Fully adjustable brake/throttle linkage is standard, as well as a racing fuel tank with stone clunk, and a lightweight foam air filter. A convenient covered electronics box allows easy removal for cleaning and mainte- nance, and easy access to servos.

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REDS Racing WR5 Black Diamond LTD engines

REDS Racing have introduced the new WR5 Black Diamond LTD engines. The Limited Edition WR5 Black Diamond engine is a 5 ports with special features based on the famous R5T Team Edition engine that has been a staple in the REDS lineup for 6 years. With the WR5 Black Diamond, REDS offer two different philosophies: Torque Vs High Efficiency. The WR5 Black Diamond LTD features the classic well known REDS 5 ports high torque power band whereas the WR5 HE High Efficiency features low fuel consumption system and smooth power band for high driveability.

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REDS tease new engine

REDS Racing have released a teaser image of their forthcoming engine. No detailed information are available yet but we understood that the engine is based on the R5T with a new a black coated crankcase. Stay tuned for more details coming soon…

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Novarossi Karma Limited Edition engine

Novarossi have introduced their new Karma Limited Edition nitro off-road engine. this square stroke engine features a sleeve with four transfer ports to supply a linear power output and to keep fuel consumption low. The combustion chamber is supported by an O-Ring which is placed between the combustion chamber and the crankcase to reduce the vibrations of the combustion chamber. The carburettor is made from plastic and have a sliding throttle valve (reverse type).

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T-Work’s crankshaft extension set

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T-Work’s have introduced a crankshaft extension set. The crankshaft extension set come with an aluminium crankshaft extension hard coated, four washers and a golden screw. The crankshaft extension allows to bridge the gap between the end of the crankshaft and the clutch bell when the crankshaft is too short. The washers are used to limit the clearance between the crankshaft extension and the clutch bell.

O.S. 21XR-B Version II nitro engine

O.S. have introduced their new 21XR-B Version II nitro engine. The long stroke power plant has been totally re-designed. It’s even more reliable, and the new 21J3-I carb is easy to tune. The aluminum cooling head ensures steady power even under harsh conditions. And when you’re ready to move up to top competition, you can get up to speed with the 21XR-B Version II. This engine is upgradeable with high-performance O.S. Speed parts to increase its capability in competing at the highest levels. The 21XR-B Version II is dependable, low-maintenance engine whose parts are available for updating the outer and inner heads, crankcase, crankshaft and more.

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