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REDS WRX Corsa Lunga long stroke nitro engine

REDS Racing have introduced the new WRX Corsa Lunga 3.5cc nitro engine. This long stroke extreme torque engine follow the REDS philosophy of product innovation, high quality, high performance and reliability. The WRX has been designed to develop an incredible wide RPM range of usable torque thanks to an Extra Long Stroke geometry 16×17.3 mm, 5 scavenger ports and a single exhaust port cylinder sleeve and works with the crankcase to deliver more low-to middle-range torque with less fuel consumption.

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Picco introduces the “Racing Pack”

Picco Micromotori have launched the promotion called “Racing Pack”. In order to prepare for the next season, the italian brand conceived a special offer combo that includes some spare parts into the engine package. The standard offer includes, at the engine cost only, an extra piston, rod, wrist pin, rear ceramic and front steel bearing, although the offer may vary according to the country of purchase as per special requests from some of the distributors. This will allow the final user to double the life of their engines by doing a complete overhaul with the included parts. The Racing Packs are available in limited quantities and their distribution is starting in these days, and the engines are characterised by the engraving “Plus” on the cooling head. The offer is active on both the R1 Team DLC and V1 Team DLC engines and is available in limited quantities.

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REDS “torque monster” nitro engine

REDS Racing have released a teaser image of their forthcoming nitro engine with the words: “torque monster”. As usual no official details are available yet but if we look carefully the marking on the cooling head we read Corsa Lungo or long stroke in english. We expect all details and images became available very shortly.

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REDS Expands their manifold range

REDS Racing have expanded their manifold range by adding a new Long manifold to the current Medium, Short and Extra Short manifolds. Each manifold has been designed for different track conditions and to optimize performance.

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MCD Racing RR5 engine heat sink

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MCD Racing have introduced new engine heat sink for the RR5 buggy. The heat sink is machined from a block of 7075 aluminium. The heat sink decreases the temperature of the spark plug by around 10°C when the external temperature is 35°C+. The decrease in temperature on the spark plug substantially effects the performance of the engine. Only long thread NGK CRE8 or NGK CR8EIX Iridium spark plugs are compatible with this heat sink.

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Ultimate Racing M3R nitro engine

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Modelix Racing have added the new M3R nitro engine to the Ultimate Racing range of engines. The M3R, like the M3S, is a long stroke, high torque and extreme power engine with low fuel consumption. Unlike the M3S, the M3R incorporate the following parts: high precision steel rear bearing made in Japan, balanced crankshaft with tungsten weight and silicone filling and 6.5mm plastic venturi. Also made by the prestigious Japanese O.S. brand, the M3R is a cheaper option with the same power and performance than its predecessor.

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FX K501R Racer Edition nitro engine

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FX Royal Racing Engines have introduced their new FX K501R  Racer Edition nitro engine. This high-performance 1/8 off-road engine features 5 ports, silicone-filled crankshaft, premium Japanese front and ceramic German rear bearing. The K501R is an extremely reliable and powerful engine suitable for any race track and racing conditions.

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REDS WR7 Diamond High Efficiency LTD engine

REDS Racing have added the new WR7 Diamond High Efficiency LTD engine to their range of HE engines which already has the WR5. The WR7 Diamond HE LTD has been provided with the same features as REDS WR7 engine and it also features a low fuel consumption system and smooth power band for high driveability. REDS have been developing a new solution to reduce fuel consumption for years and to give their customers the possibility to drive a smooth power band which features low fuel consumption. The WR7 Diamond engine LTD, the standard version is always available.

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