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REDS Racing WR7 Diamond 2.0 nitro engine

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REDS Racing have introduced the new WR7 Diamond 2.0 nitro engine. The WR7 is a 7 special porting extreme power engine based on WR7 Diamond edition. The engine comes with the same sleeve and piston, crankshaft, crankase, etc. as the first generation of WR7 in order to keep its power characteristics unchanged. REDS have improved the previous version with:

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VSB02 3.5cc nitro engine

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Rody Roem’s World Champion Products have introduced the new VSB02 3.5cc nitro engine. Based on the VSB01, the VSB02 features an unique and specific 5-port design which provide a faster climbing in rpm but still keeping its easy driving, a modified inner crankcase, a specific combustion chamber, an updated cooling-head and also an exclusif balanced bi-turbo crankshaft with DLC treatment all over the shaft offering more power and less fuel consumption.

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RC Concept MC5 World nitro engine

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RC Concept have introduced the new MC5 World nitro engine. To celebrate the 2018 IFMAR Nitro Buggy World Championship in Australia, the MC5 World features a new AVID front ceramic bearing providing better sealing, more precise guiding of the crankshaft improving the efficiency of the engine, less wear for the piston/sleeve and also for the front bearing, an even quicker acceleration response and mileage improved by almost 30 seconds. Delivered with the RC Concept precise carburator for easier tuning, the MC5 is now ready for the World, always the same price.

FX Engines K302 engine & pipe combo

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FX have announced that the K302 nitro engine now available in combo with the EFRA 2131 muffler and Medium manifold. The K302 engine provides linear power with lower consumption and features a ceramic bearing, a Diamond coated crankshaft and also a low cooling head. The combo comes with a Medium manifold.

FX K501R & EFRA 2131 pipe combo

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FX have introduced the K501R nitro engine now available in combo with the EFRA 2131 exhaust and Short-Medium manifold. The K501R Racer edition engine features a 5-port sleeve, silicone-filled crankshaft, premium Japanese front and ceramic German rear bearing. The K501R is an extremely reliable and powerful engine suitable for any race track and racing conditions.

FX K301 & EFRA 2131 pipe combo


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FX have introduced the K301 nitro engine now available in combo with the EFRA 2131 muffler and Short-Medium manifold. The K301 engine provides maximum bottom end power and featues a ceramic rear ball-bearing and Diamond coated crankshaft.

S-Power S7 EVO II LPF Tuned .21 Engine


SWORKz have introduced the new S-Power S7 EVO II LPF Tuned 3.5cc nitro engine. The S-Power S7 EVO II LPF comes with a low-profile cooling head that offers a larger cooling surface and also lower the overall centre of gravity and weight. The power plant features a 3-port to provide better power delivery and lower fuel consumption, a balanced and DLC coated crankshaft, a black coated crankcase and carburetor, a high quality rear ceramic ball bearing and a three needle carburetor easy to tune and 10% more efficient than before. S-Power engines are tested and carefully selected to give you maximum performance and run time.  

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Flash Point R/C FP01 nitro engine

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Flash Point R/C have introduced the new FP01 nitro engine. The FP01 uses a long stroke design that provides great power with an exceptional low to mid-range torque ideal for buggy and truck applications and great fuel consumption. The power plant is available in the following configurations:

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