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REDS 721 S Scuderia Anniversario edition engine coming soon

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REDS Racing have released a teaser image of the forthcoming 721 S Scuderia ‘Anniversario’ edition nitro engine. No information about the new limited edition engine have leaked in the wake but detailed images and information about the power plant should become available very soon.

O.S. Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition 2 nitro engine

Source: RC magazine (Facebook)

During the All Japan Hobby Show in Japan, O.S.Engines have unveiled the new O.S. Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition 2 nitro engine. No information about the Edition 2 is available but and information about the features and improvement should become available very soon.

Maxima B4S & B4R nitro engines coming soon

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Maxima have released a photo of the forthcoming B4S nitro engine. Soon available with a low profile heatsink (B4S) or standard heatsink (B4R), the engine is based on the latest O.S. Speed engine, a guarantee of quality. The engine is matched and comes with Factory tuned parts and pre-run to increase the overall performance. The B4S/R engine will provide more power and yet offers more runtime. Both engines are available for pre-order and you can add a special back plate with your name engraved.

REDS Racing S Line 721 Corsa engine

See: REDS Racing

REDS Racing have introduced the new S Line 721 Corsa nitro engine. The 721 Corsa engine is a 3.5cc 7 ports engine based on S Line 721 Scuderia engine. REDS’s main objective was to release a new engine similar to 721 Scuderia at a reasonable price. Both engines feature high reliability, tuning stability and great fuel mileage. REDS Racing’s new generation engines are produced with different materials, from different suppliers and with new technologies. All assembled in-house. S line engines feature new materials for piston, sleeve and crankcase in order to optimize thermal expansion and improve power.

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ProTek RC Samurai S03 & R03 nitro engines

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ProTek RC have added two new Samurai engines in their range in the form of the S03 and R03 engines. The Samurai S03 nitro engine is the perfect weapon for 1/8 scale buggy when the run-time is critical. The Samurai S03 delivers a lethal blow with its high mileage 22D “High Efficiency” carburetor and long stroke configuration. Combine this with a 3-Port sleeve, turbo head button, 9 fin cooling head and rear ceramic bearing, and the S03 offers smooth power band, performance and proven reliability.

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Ultimate Racing M4R V2.0 nitro engine

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Modelix Racing have introduced the new Ultimate Racing M4R V2.0 nitro engine. The M4R V2.0 is a 4-port engine with tuned crankshaft and great and linear power at both low and high R.P.M. It boasts the most advanced technology and a top-level human capital that team up to further improve fuel mileage, overall performance and reliability. The main changes from the previous version is that the V2.0 comes with a new cooling head design as well as the last evolution of carburettor which is even easier to tune and more stable at different RPM than the previous version.

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6MIK Optima Tigre nitro engine coming soon

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Our friends at 6MIK have sent us a teaser of their new Optima nitro engine called Tigre. The Tigre is added to the Optima engine range which already includes the SLR 5 and it sports a unique look compared to the other engine on the market. The first thing that is visible is the specific cooling head, which is not very high but has thick cooling fins to improve cooling efficiency as well as handling. It is expected that the engine base could be from Team Orion or Performa engines. The black coating with golden details will surely turn heads in the pit and on the track!

TBR 6.0 Silver & Black Edition engines

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TBR have introduced the new engines TBR 6.0 Silver and Black Edition engines. Evolved from the 5.0 engines, the Team Bianchi Racing 6.0 engines offer improved engine performance and fuel efficiency.

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