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O.S. 1/8 buggy 4-shoe clutch system

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O.S. Engines have introduced the new 4-shoe clutch system for 1/8 Nitro Buggy. Designed for O.S. engines, it provides smooth power delivery, is easy to tune, and lasts a very long time. The 4-shoe clutch system comes as set with three different sets of springs marked for easy identification, two set of different aluminium clutch shoes also marked to differentiate them easily, shim, washers, bearings, flywheel, flywheel nut and a 13T clutch bell. The 4-shoe clutch system will be available in October.

SWORKz Tornado 13T vented clutch bell


SWORKz have added to their range of SWORKz Competition (SWC) the new Tornado 13T hi-performance lightened clutch bell. Made from high-quality steel, it comes hard coated to extra durability. The vented design with the special 5 openings is not only 25% lighter than normal one but also allows lower temperatures and cleaner clutch shoe engagement for a longer life of both bell and clutch shoes. 

VP-PRO vented clutch bells


VP-PRO have introduced the new 13T and 14T vented clutch bells. The clutch bells are made of high-quality steel and the special surface treatment allows the teeth to last longer compared to standard clutch bells. The special vented design guarantees good heat dissipation. The bell uses a 5x10x4mm front and rear bearing.

REDS announce updated Durabell clutch bells

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REDS Racing have introduced an updated version of the Durabell clutch bell with a new special silver surface treatment which increases surface quality and wear resistance. The new long wear clutch bell is made of high quality steel and the special coating treatment allows the teeth to last longer than any other standard clutch bell on the market, transferring power from the clutch to the center spur gear and the rest of the drivetrain with consistency and reliability. A special vented design also guarantees lower temperatures and more clean shoes engagement for a longer life of both bell and clutch shoes. Durabell is available in 13 and 14 teeth version only and it is suitable for Kyosho, Mugen, Losi, Tekno, JQ, XRAY, Team Associated, HB Racing and Serpent.

Beta 4 Shoe aluminium 34mm clutch system

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Nemo Racing have introduced the new 4 shoe aluminium 34mm clutch system. The design and materials utilised in this new clutch make for a very durable clutch whilst also offering the best traction levels and lowest fuel consumption on all surfaces. The clutch uses a more convention spring design for ease of assembly and reliability compared to others on the market, but the spring is a through shoe design, meaning less filing of clutch shoes and more racing.

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REDS introduce new clutch retainer & bell bearing

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REDS Racing have introduced their new clutch retainer to install REDS Durabell and Tetra clutch system on Losi and Tekno vehicles. It allows to capture the bearing and clutch bell to keep everything in place, even in the event of bearing failure. REDS retainer is made of special alloy steel to increase durability. Furthermore, the italian brand have introduced a new clutch bell bearing 5x13x4 mm heavy duty metal shielded made in Japan.

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6MIK Optima 13T & 14T vented clutch bells

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6MIK have introduced new Optima 13T and 14T clutch bells for 1/8 buggy. The clutch bells are made of hard treated steel for maximum reliability and high precision tooth cutting for optimum performance. The inner diameter of the bell is 26.5mm and it uses a 5x10x4mm bearings. The clutch bell features a vented design for added heat dissipation compared to closed bell clutches. The Optima clutch bells are a perfect fit for the Optima CS400 clutch system and also for most clutches on the market.

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Alpha Plus 4-shoe clutch set

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Alpha Plus have introduced the new 4-shoe clutch set. The 4-shoe clutch set was designed to provide a faster set up and maintenance, a better durability and long-life usage. The clutch shoes are made with a special aluminum alloy material. This aluminum provides a perfect friction coefficient between the clutch bell and clutch which brings powerful, long-life and abrasion resistance even in low speed and when in medium to high speed. 

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