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Clutch News

T-Work’s lightweight vented clutch bells

See: T-Work’s Products

T-Work’s have introduced four new lightweight vented clutch bells for 1/8th Off-road vehicles. Available in standard and long variant, the clutch bell is made from high quality steel and features a special coating for wear while the special vented design helps to lower clutch temperatures. The lightweight Off-road vented clutch bells are available in 13 and 14 teeth version.

6MIK Optima aluminium clutch shoes & springs

See: 6MIK

6MIK have added new aluminium clutch shoes and springs to their Optima range of products. Designed to be used with the popular Optima 4-shoe clutch, the shoes are precision machined from red anodised high-quality aluminum to provide a clutch shoe that is stable at high temperatures, offers consistent wear and increased clutch performance. The set of four clutch shoes comes with four 0.9, 1.0, and 1.1 springs so you can mix and match spring rates as needed to tune the engagement to suit your engine, track conditions and personal preferences. The Optima clutch shoes set is ideal for high horsepower engines and specially designed for high grip track conditions.

VP Pro clutch assembly tool


VP Pro have introduced a new clutch assembly tool. Designed to make fitting and removal of 4-shoe clutch, the tool is light and reliable, and easy to use. The centre of the tool suits the SG axis, which could be stably fixed at the clutch. The clutch assembly tool works with the most popular brands of 4-shoe clutch.

XRAY Tech Tips: 4-shoe clutch

See: XRAY (YouTube)

XRAY have released a new Tech Tips video where Ty Tessmann shows how to build the 4-shoe clutch.

Watch the video

XRAY XB8 Medium & Hard aluminium clutch shoe sets


XRAY have introduced two new sets of aluminium clutch shoes for the XB8, XT8, and GTX8. Machined from high-quality aluminium, each shoe weighs 1g. The medium clutch shoes have more slippage, later engagement and provide more rev to the engine while the hard clutch shoes have latest engagement and provides the highest amount of rev to the engine, making them ideal for higher traction conditions. Both the medium and hard clutch shoes are available in set of four.

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XRAY XB8 & XT8 aluminium high torque flywheel


XRAY have introduced a new aluminium high torque flywheel for all XB8 and XT8. Made from tough Swiss 7075 T6 aluminium, the lightweight 3-shoe flywheel comes hard-coated for extra durability. The highly-polished, smooth flyweight pins are factory-pressed, an integrated cover prevents dirt from entering the engine bearing and knurled outer edge for easy starting on starter box. Strategically lightened compared to the standard flywheel, it reduces rotating weight without sacrificing strength or durability and helps to increase acceleration and improves throttle feeling.

Reds Racing V3.0 Tetra clutch

See: REDS Racing

Reds Racing have introduced the new Tetra clutch system for 1/8th Nitro Buggies and Truggies. The V3.0 clutch system features a new dust-proof flywheel which has been improved compared to its previous version to protect the engine front bearing from dirt even on high dust conditions. Furthermore, Reds have improved shoes and springs to optimize fuel consumption and performance. Shoes and springs can be used on our previous clutch versions. Reds have developed 2 different models of the V3.0 Clutch and both are available with 32 and 34 diameter to make it suitable for different car models.

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ProTek 34mm 4-shoe clutch sets

See: ProTek R/C

ProTek RC have introduced two sets of 4mm 4-shoe clutch for Nitro buggy and Truggy. Developed in collaboration with ProTek team drivers, this premium level clutch features a 34mm aluminum 4 shoe flywheel with removable steel pins so you can replace them when needed. A complete set of four 1.0, and four 0.9 springs are included, so you can mix and match spring rates as needed to tune the engagement to suit your engine, track conditions and personal preferences. This clutch also includes four 7075 aluminum shoes or two 7075 aluminum shoes and two carbon shoes, as well as the clutch nut and flywheel collet, creating an all inclusive high performance clutch system. Plus, a full selection of replacement parts are available, so you can keep your maintenance program on schedule with the parts you need in your pit bag.

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