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Klinik RC wireless transmitter battery charger system

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Klinik RC have introduced a new wireless transmitter battery charger system designed for popular radios such as the Sanwa M17, the Ko Propo Esprit IV and Futaba using 2s LiPo battery. The set consist of a charging station, a powerful transmitter battery pack and wireless receiver unit with micro chip processors for safe, reliable and true balance charging. Measuring less than 1mm thick over most of the surface, the compact charging coil ensures it will fit very easily inside any battery compartment. The plug and play device features a usb charge port, featured on most chargers and power supplies and a standard JST-XH balance plug for 2S LiPo battery.

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RC Discharger iCharger Duo & Dual X6 regenerative discharger

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RC Discharger have introduced the iCharger Duo & Dual X6 regenerative discharger, now available in a European version. The regenerative discharger shared the same features as the US version such as discharging and/or charging two batteries at the same time at 40A with a iCharger Duo and also recover the energy from the discharge to re-use it during the charge. The European version comes with a LiPo charging and a storage bag.

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Hitec RDX1 Mini AC charger

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Hitec have added to their RDX1 charger line the new AC input, micro processor RDX1 Mini charger. The sleekly-designed, compact AC charger packs 65 watts of power into a fraction of the size of most chargers to meet your battery management requirements. It is compatible with a full range of the most popular battery types, including the new generation LiHV and the device is capable of up to 6A of charge current and 2 amps of discharging current. It comes with a power cord and 2 pin T-Type charging cable.

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Spektrum S1500 DC Smart charger

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Spektrum have introduced the new S1500 DC 500W DC Smart charger. Compact enough to carry in a pocket or field bag, the S1500 easily goes with you to the field, track, or any place where you need to charge your LiPo and NiMH batteries. The S1500 charger’s improved, extra-precise scroll wheel interface simplifies setup. When used with Spektrum Smart LiPo batteries having IC3 or IC5 connectors, the S1500 also uploads specific parameters and health data from the battery’s integrated memory chip and displays it on the bright LCD screen for review, giving you the information you need to evaluate your packs and make the best charging decisions. The S1500 charger has a USB port, a software update port, plus a safety timer and protection against heat, reverse polarity, short circuit, over-current, and low input voltage.

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Twister RC D2 charger metallochrome wave wraps

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Twister RC have introduced new metallochrome wave wraps for the ISDT D2 charger. The metallochrome wraps, associeted with nice patterns and matching colors will allow you to customize your D2 charger to stand out in your pit area. Available in three designs, the metallochrome wraps match to Twister RC stickers available for starter box and radio.

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VSR Products Thor wireless charge system

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VSR Products have introduced a new universal wireless charging system for RC called Thor. Project Thor was developed over weeks of experimenting and testing, the charging system is built around an universal base that can charge anything that is wirelessly compatible, even phones. For the meantime Thor is only suitable for Sanwa M12/S/RS, M17, MT44 and Futaba 7PX but VSR Products offer to manufacture a base for any other radio by giving the measurements they need to get your radio set up with wireless charging. Thor features LEDs that light up the sides of the dock will always be on.

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Xtreme Racing iCharger X8 carbon fibre stand

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Xtreme Racing have introduced new carbon fibre charger stand for the popular iCharger X8. The stand is designed to hold most ichargers at an angle for better viewing and allow more air flow around the charger. Most server style power supplies (90mm x 40mm) will also fit below it to take up less room on in your pit space. The carbon fibre stand comes with two side plates, a charger plate and two aluminum spacers with fasteners.

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AVID voltage checker & white 2S charge lead cable


AVID have introduced a new voltage checker and added a white 2S charge lead to their range of colored charge lead cables. First up is the voltage checker, allowing to check the voltage of 1S to 6S LiPo batteries features an easy-to-read LCD display. The device is also reverse connection protected and comes pre-soldered with 4mm and 5mm bullet connectors. Next up is the white 2S charge lead cable. Designed to charge 2S batteries, it is 63.5mm longer than the charge leads so they can easily be plugged into any charger design. The white 2S charge lead cable comes pre-soldered with gold-plated 4mm to 5mm bullet connectors and with XH 3pin balance plug.

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