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RC Discharger 40Amps resistor bank for iCharger Duo

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American brand RC Discharger have introduced his first product in the form of a 40Amps resistor bank and a stand for charger and power supply (in option) for the iCharger Duo. The resistor bank can discharge LiPos from 1S to 10S without heat up thanks to its box enclosure. Ready and easy to use, it sports a clean and neat design with short wires. The resistor bank also save room, time and optimize space with our charger stand. Available now, it comes in 6 colors and has a 90 day warranty.

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SkyRC B6 Nano micro charger

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SkyRC have introduced the new B6 Nano micro charger. The compact device measures 76x85x37mm, weights only 130g and allows to charge 1S to 6S LiPo/LiFe/Lilon/LiHV batteries and 1 to 15S NiMH/NiCd packs with a maximum of 15A. The B6 Nano micro charger features an internal Bluetooth module conferring the ability to be controlled by an intuitive Android & iOS application. Also the B6 nano adopts touch button, advantages of which are sturdy and durable, quick-responsive and easy operative.

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Yokomo one-touch AC quick chargers

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Yokomo have introduced two quick chargers in the form of the one-touch AC LiPo 3A charger and the AC NiMH/NiCd 3A charger. Both AC quick chargers use the same features and power, the difference is only the type of battery compatible. Both are a 35 W (up to 3 A) high power charger dedicated to LiPo batteries (AC-74 LP) or NiMH / NiCd batteries (AC-30D) with a built-in power supply in a compact mainframe. It is an easy operation to start charging the battery automatically simply by turning on the power to the household outlet and connecting the battery to the charging connector that goes out from the side of the housing. Charging status can be confirmed with the LED of the enclosure during charging, and charging will be ended automatically once reached to the full. The Yokomo one-touch AC quick chargers will be available from end of April.

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Team Orion Touch V2 & Touch Advance LiHV Firmware

Team Orion have released their new LiHV firmware for the Touch V2 and Touch Advance chargers. With the “Touch Duo V-Max” double output charger Team Orion have introduced their first charger specialised in handling new generation LiHV batteries. Owners of the standard Touch Duo model were able to update their devices with the new LiHV-firmware for free.

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Now, Team Orion present a LiHV-firmware for the single output touch screen chargers “Touch V2 (55W)” and “Touch Advance (100W)”. Click here to download the LiHV firmware.

HRC Dual Star Pro multi-chemistry charger

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HRC Distribution have introduced the HRC Racing Dual Star Pro AC/DC multi-chemistry charger with LiHV mode. The HRC Racing Dual Star Pro charger features two output ports with both 200W power, as well as a USB output for your smartphone or any other USB device you may need in your pit. The built in power supply offers 400W and is enough to power both ports with all the power they need. All is built on the most compact size possible. Fully 20A charge current will offer unlimited power and performance to your batteries while racing.

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HRC Racing Dual Star PRO charger teaser

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HRC Racing have announced that their new Dual Star PRO charger will be release in December. The charger will enlarge the current range of HRC Star charger, Star-Lite Charger and Dual-Star Charger, with a powerful dual 200W / 20A output charger in both AC and DC modes. It also features a LiHV battery mode, and a smart USB output for your smartphone or any other USB device. 

Vampire Racing 2S TX/RX charging adapter

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Vampire Racing have introduced their new 2S TX/RX Charging Adapter that allows to charge 2S LiPo transmitter and receiver battery packs through the balancer port. Designed for the use with standard 5mm charge and balance wires the adapter utilises 5mm tube-type connectors for the power wires, a 2mm tube-type connector for the male balancer plug as well as an XH balancer connector for the battery side. The adapter does away with the need to use additional JR or Futaba style charge wires and balance boards, greatly reducing the amount of wires to carry and cleaning up the pit table. The adapter comes pre-wired, covered in protective shrink wrap and it is available now.

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Futaba 7PX inductive charger

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Futaba have unveiled an inductive charger for the 7PX 2.4GHz radio at the Tokyo hobby Show. The charger comes in the form of a base on which we put the radio. The shape of the front part allows the radio to be inserted so that it is secure on the charger. The rear part is equipped with an LED light unit showing whether the battery is charged.

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