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Muchmore Hybrid Touch Duo charger carrying bag

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Muchmore Racing have introduced the new Hybrid Touch Duo charger carrying bag. The grey soft case bag features a high density foam lining to help keep the contents protected, while a zipper closure lid allows easy access. The bag can house a Hybrid Touch Duo charger as well as a battery safety bag while an interior pocket can be utilized to store the manual pocket or setup sheets.

Reedy 1416-C2L Dual AC/DC competition balance charger

See: Associated Electrics

Associated Electrics have introduced the new Reedy 1416-C2L Dual AC/DC competition balance charger. The latest electronics technology along with the design and engineering experience that is responsible for 30 World Championship titles has been incorporated into its design. A high-performance microprocessor, specialized operating software, and many advanced features make it the perfect charging solution for new hobbyists, casual enthusiasts, or hardcore racers.

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LRP balancer board & EHR/XH to XH connection cables

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German company LRP have introduced a new multi balancer board and the extra long EHR/XH and XH/XH connection cables. The multi balancer board and the extra long EHR/XH and XH/XH connection cables allow to charge 2S to 6S batteries in the LiPo Bag, even if it is not located directly to the charger. Furthermore, current batteries with XH Balancer port can also be charged on older chargers with EHR balancer port. The set consists of four 210mm cables including a 4S EHR on XH, a 6S EHR on XH, a 4S XH on XH and a 6S XH on XH cables.

Spektrum Smart S1100 AC charger & S6245 high performance digital servo

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Horizon Hobby have added to the Spectrum range the new S6245 high performance digital servo as well as the new Smart S1100 AC charger. The S6245 takes the race winning S6240 servo and upgrades it with a sleek, all aluminum, black anodized finish. The low profile design allows for space saving installation, making it the perfect servo for 1/10th racing buggies and trucks, bashers looking to upgrade their RTR vehicle, or for crawlers that need that extra speed and torque to push through demanding terrain.

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RC Discharger iCharger Duo 6S 40A resistor bank

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RC Discharger have introduced a new 6S 40 resistor bank for the iCharger Duo. The device allows to discharge LiPo from 1S to 6S at 40A without heat up thanks to its box enclosure. The all-in-one design optimizes space and time as it is no longer necessary to have a resistor stand. The resistor bank features a clean and neat design with short wires and comes ready to use.

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Hitec RDX2 mini AC dual balance charger

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Hitec have introduced the new RDX2 mini AC dual balance charger. The new RDX2 Mini is a two-channel charger, featuring independent circuits which allow the user to charge two batteries simultaneously, regardless of chemistry or capacity. With a powerful, combined 100 watt charging output and 5A current, the RDX2 Mini offers the punch needed to charge 2-4 cell packs at an affordable price. The convenient front-loading design has the balancing and XT60 ports readily accessible for ease of operation at your workshop, flying field or raceway. Additional features include AGM and Cold Charge Modes to safely and easily charge conventional lead-based and absorbed glass mat batteries in cold conditions.

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Klinik RC wireless transmitter battery charger system

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Klinik RC have introduced a new wireless transmitter battery charger system designed for popular radios such as the Sanwa M17, the Ko Propo Esprit IV and Futaba using 2s LiPo battery. The set consist of a charging station, a powerful transmitter battery pack and wireless receiver unit with micro chip processors for safe, reliable and true balance charging. Measuring less than 1mm thick over most of the surface, the compact charging coil ensures it will fit very easily inside any battery compartment. The plug and play device features a usb charge port, featured on most chargers and power supplies and a standard JST-XH balance plug for 2S LiPo battery.

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RC Discharger iCharger Duo & Dual X6 regenerative discharger

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RC Discharger have introduced the iCharger Duo & Dual X6 regenerative discharger, now available in a European version. The regenerative discharger shared the same features as the US version such as discharging and/or charging two batteries at the same time at 40A with a iCharger Duo and also recover the energy from the discharge to re-use it during the charge. The European version comes with a LiPo charging and a storage bag.

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