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Buggys News

Kyosho Inferno MP10e 1/8th E-buggy

See: Kyosho Europe

Kyosho have introduced the new Inferno MP10e 1/8th E-buggy. Based on the Inferno MP10 Nitro Buggy, Kyosho optimized the weight distribution to enhance the MP10e far beyond the performance of the MP9e Evo. Boasting the performance and reliability of the MP10’s proven suspension and drive system, the MP10e features a specially designed main chassis that provides optimal chassis flex and sure-footed grip with an aerodynamic body designed for this electric model to deliver easy handling at high-speed. The motor mount is compatible with various size motors and supports the left-right distribution of the battery weight. Specially designed receiver box and ESC mount deliver improved maintenance efficiency. For the sharpest racing edge, the enhanced performance of the MP10e will be your first choice in a racing weapon.

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WRC Racing Team SBX.E E-buggy coming soon

See: WRC Racing Team

WRC Racing Team have released few images of the forthcoming SBX.E 1/8th E-buggy. No information about the new kit have leaked in the wake but detailed images and information about the vehicle should become available very soon.

Another photo here

Kyosho: Something new is about to be launched

See: Kyosho Europe

Kyosho have released a mysterious teaser video of their forthcoming Buggy. No information about the new kit have leaked in the wake but detailed images and information about the vehicle should become available very soon.

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IGT8 B8 2021 Nitro Buggy coming soon

See: IGT8

IGT8 have released a teaser image of the forthcoming B8 2021 1/8th Nitro Buggy. No information about the new kit have leaked in the wake but detailed images and information about the vehicle should become available very soon.

Yokomo YZ4-SF2 4WD buggy coming soon

See: NEMO Racing

UK distributor for Yokomo, Nemo Racing have released first images of the forthcoming new YZ4-SF2 1/10th 4WD buggy kit. The YZ-4SF, which has been well reputed by many drivers for its high driving performance, has evolved even further. The bulkhead, motor mount, slipper clutch, etc. have been significantly lightened weight, resulting in dramatically improved movement performances. The base ability has improved by polishing the areas that cannot be reached by setting or driving, and the operability is also improved by setting Ackerman ratio. Newly designed front and rear suspension arms improve rigidity. The Φ3.5mm inner suspension pin has also been adopted to greatly improve crash resistance. Improved throttle response by size reduction of the center slipper provides light acceleration. Front and rear bulkheads have achieved significant weight reduction. The upper arm has also attached to the shock tower side, achieving both weight reduction and lower center of gravity.

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HB Racing E819RS 1/8th E-Buggy kit coming soon

See: HB Racing

Coming soon from HB Racing is the new E819RS 1/8th E-buggy kit. It’s based on the successful E819 kit, and now includes the latest development features from the HB Racing Team. A new V3 rear shock tower allows racers to adjust the wing height and body mount height. Revised rear shock shafts and lower eyelets offer improved durability. A heavy duty aluminum center chassis brace is now included. Up front are new 17.5° caster blocks, now with M4 set screws for improved tightening and durability. Also included are new steering blocks with 2° inclined kingpins that split the difference between the previous stock 0° blocks and the optional 4° blocks, along with new Delrin steering block spacers. A heavy-duty servo saver has been added, utilizing a stronger spring and matching upper adjustment cap. And, new screw-type shock pins feature standard & reverse threads, and are color coded for easy identification. The E819RS is now supplied with no body shell, reducing the price of the kit and giving racers the ability to choose their own body shell.

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Teaser: Yokomo YZ-4SF2 4WD buggy

See: Yokomo

Yokomo’s designer Shin Adachi unveiled on social media a photo of the forthcoming YZ-4SF2 4WD buggy. Based on the YZ-4SF, the new kit comes with 80% brand new parts. Detailed images and information about the YZ-4SF2 should become available very soon.

Tamiya Terra Scorcher 2020 4WD buggy kit

See: Tamiya

Tamiya have introduced the new Terra Scorcher 2020 4WD buggy kit. Based on the Terra Scorcher released in 1988, the buggy is equipped with a double-wishbone 4-wheel independent suspension with CVA oil damper on a light and strong bathtub type frame. The camber angle can be adjusted using a screw shaft on the upper arm, and a stabilizer is also standard equipment on the front and rear. The steering system is divided into three parts. Toe-in adjustment is easy with a ball adjuster at the rod end. The compact body and large arch-shaped rear wing are made of polycarbonate. White and light blue graphics, logos and numbers are available on stickers. In addition, the white-collar wheels are equipped with spiked tires that provide sufficient grip regardless of the road surface. As the name of the Scocher (flyer) is, it is very attractive to drive off-road at high speed.

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