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Legendary Series Optima Details revealed

Legendary Series Optima 1

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Kyosho are proud to reintroduce the original Optima released in the 80s with some modern updates. Redesigned by the original designer, the Optima has been carefully redeveloped from ground up to bring back the best of the buggies in the good old days and to offer a true fun to drive feel.

The Optima is designed based on the original version released in the 80s. We have updated several areas but kept the parts compatible with the original chassis. This allows customer owning the original kit to restore their cars. More photos here.

New features:

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Maverick RC Strada DT & RX kits

strada maverick neo

See: HPI Racing

HPI Racing introduces full of new Maverick releases for 2016. The Strada 1/10th line-up will be expanding with 2 new kits, new bodies and graphics for 3 of their most popular kits and new chassis anodizing for the entire Strada range, for a new look that coordinates beautifully with the iON range of cars and trucks.

Expanding the Strada 1/10th scale range has been a major achievement for Maverick RC, and we’re proud to debut the new Strada DT Desert Truck and the Strada RX Rallycross kits. These kits feature brand new body and wheel designs, as well as the standard features already installed in all Maveric RC Strada kits: waterproof electronics including receiver, servo and speed controller, full-time enclosed 4WD shaft drivetrain, front and rear gear differentials, 2.4GHz radio system and much more. 

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Kyosho Optima teaser

kyosho teaser optima

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Time spent can sometimes bring out a bit of nostalgia, where we watched amazed the window of a RC store dreaming of his favorite car. With the re-release of vintage iconic models, Kyosho could measure the power of those memories. To make you dream once again they tease the next vintage car that will soon be released. The most experienced of us (my most polite way of saying old) have quickly recognized which model of the 1980’s it is: the famous Optima!

Yokomo YZ-2 Carpet & Dirt Edition


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Yokomo unveiled two new versions of the YZ-2 buggy, the Carpet/Astro Edition and the Dirt Edition. The YZ-2 Carpet/Astro Edition has a new designed 3 gear transmission has applied for Carpet special configuration, long suspension arm and light weight body. All these specifications will provide smooth control drive on high grip surface condition.

YZ-2 Carpet/Astro Edition new parts:

  • 3 Gear box for CA
  • New Motor plate for CA
  • New idler gear for CA
  • New Main Chassis for CA/DA

Those 3 parts are possible to mount on the conventional YZ-2 without any manual modification on main chassis. The dimension of new chassis are the same with the current one.

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TLR 8IGHT-E 4.0 1/8 4WD E-Buggy kit


See: Team Losi Racing

Horizon Hobby introduced its new 8IGHT-E 4.0 1/8th scale electric buggy kit, a completely redesigned chassis specifically engineered for electric power. The 8IGHT-E 4.0 buggy builds on this proven platform with updates to the suspension geometry and drivetrain layout that make it easier to drive and even tougher to beat.

Many features are adapted to this electric version like the new suspension geometry which makes driving easier, the variable motor and center differential angles who provides more balanced power to the front and rear of the car under acceleration, two battery and ESC locations which will allow you to change the weight distribution, large and more durable bearings that fit into the new adjustable caster blocks, new bleeder shock caps and internal seals allow for easier rebuilds while using an emulsion shock setup and improve durability, molded rubber boots on the CVAs increase U- joint life by holding lubrication in and keeping dirt out, redesigned shock towers machined aluminum shock towers have new camber link and shock location holes that give racers more tuning options for changing track conditions and a new cab-forward body moves aerodynamic pressure further forward on the car, which improves steering.

Clic here for more photos and full details.

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JQRacing unveils ‘White Edition LV’ 1/8 buggy

17 jq lv

See: JQRacing

JQRacing has unveiled what they’re calling ‘the next evolution’ of their 1/8th nitro buggy, the White Edition LV kit.

The sum of all tests and brainstorming with the team has now a name: White Edition LV. Many things have changed and they are detailed here. Here is what Joseph said about his new creation:

“With the White Edition we had a good solid base to work from. We took what we had learned from the original car, and the Yellow Edition, and we created a good basic car, as well as we could. We intentionally included a lot of setup options, that people who don’t “get it” sometimes made fun of. We did this so that we could make all the tests we wanted to make, without having to produce so many prototypes.

Well, after 2 years with the WE, we now have the next evolution, the WE LV. As we learn to understand car dynamics, we improve and move forward, this is the next step…”

jqracing-white-edition-lv image image-2 image-1

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HB D216 “Dirt Edition” coming soon


See: HB Europe

After unveiling a preview of a production-ready version of the new 2wd 1/10 buggy, the D216, then all the details of this highly anticipated competition 2WD buggy, HB Europe has communicated that the first kits will arrive in Europe in a few days. This first shipment includes only the “Dirt Edition” version, this indicates that an “Carpet Edition” is on the horizon.

The all-new D216 HB “Dirt Edition” arrives in Europe February 15th

This version has been designed exclusively for use on dirt track. Weight balance, flexible frames, long suspension travel, everything has been optimized to provide maximum traction and driveability on tracks with low grip. We understand the first production run is already pretty much sold out but another one is on it’s way.

SWORKz S350 EVO II Limited Edition 1/8 Pro Buggy Kit

SWORKz S350 EVO II Limited Edition 1:8 Pro Buggy Kit


SWORKz have released details of the S350 EVO II Limited Edition 1/8 Pro Buggy Kit. The S350 EVO II Limited Edition includes higher quality parts, a refined shock system, new options with an optimized suspension geometry. It is the ultimate SWORKz 1/8 S350 nitro buggy with a newly designed rear suspension, front ackerman steering system, aluminum center BBD diff system that will provide all round improvements to the EVO II. To further improve the suspension performance, the SWORKz factory team also redesigned a new longer BBS shock system. SWORKz utilizes only the highest quality materials and industry leading manufacturing processes resulting in a faster, stronger, and more reliable vehicle. The S350 EVO II Limited Pro Kit has been designed to out-perform the competition on any Off-Road terrain while offering optimum performance to drivers of all levels.

S350 EVO II Limited Edition Features: 

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Team Durango DEX410v5 – Details

Team Durango DEX410v5 6

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Team Durango are very excited to announce that ahead of their soon to be released DEX410v5 1/10 Electric 4WD Racing Buggy, their brand new dedicated kit page and product gallery is now live and can be found here.

The DEX410v5 represents the apex of Team Durango 1/10 4WD development. Engineered to make you faster, designed to maximise your potential. Featuring an all-new chassis layout, that is designed to embrace the versatility that is required to lay down fast laps, on a wide variety of track surfaces.

Team Durango DEX410v5 2 Team Durango DEX410v5 1Team Durango DEX410v5 3 Team Durango DEX410v5 5

Agama release the A21E 1/8 E-Buggy

Agama A21E neo

See: Nemo Racing

Agama announce the release of the A21E 1/8 E-Buggy kit. The A21E is a “real” E-Buggy, not just a conversion of the established Nitro car.

The A215E has been developed throughout the year in conjunction with our drivers to produce the best possible performance and ease of use kit possible. Using the already proven suspension geometry of the A215, the E version has been optimised for the weight distribution of the electric equipment and the torque characteristics of the motors to ensure the best possible performance.

Using the inherent strength and quality already present in the A215, the A215E has has been tweaked in subtle, yet essential ways to maximise the performance of the electric power train and ensure the driver gets the best results. Tested and proven at big races throughout 2015, the A215E is ready….more details very soon.

Agama A21E 1 Agama A21E 3 Agama A21E 2