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Tekno unveils latest rendition of the EB48 1/8 buggy

Tekno EB48_3

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Tekno RC continues to build upon their successful lineup of vehicles by announced the new EB48.3. The new buggy is simply a new and improved version of the EB48.2. Starting with suspension geometry, to new chassis, arms, and right down to longer sway bars, the EB48.3 is packed with new features.

EB48.3 New Features:

  • Completely redesigned suspension geometry
  • New front arms
  • New rear arms
  • New front and rear 7075 CNC aluminum shock towers
  • New extra long shocks for increased suspension travel
  • New tapered 4 x 1.8mm shock pistons
  • New clamping spring perches with captured shock boots
  • New rear hubs
  • New trailing front spindles and spindle carriers
  • New V2 hinge pin braces and inserts
  • Low profile wing mount
  • Revised bumper for increased ground clearance
  • New split center differential mount
  • New straight turnbuckle rod ends
  • New tapered aluminum front center driveshaft
  • New left and right hand threaded shock mount screws
  • New easily adjustable droop screws
  • Revised shock standoffs for easier droop measurement
  • Longer rear sway bar for more consistent traction
  • Updated chassis with increased clearance for V2 hinge pin settings
  • Updated setup sheet for improved handling


Team Associated RC8 B3 First Drive Exclusive


“This is the biggest, most important project in Team Associated history.”
– Bob Stellflue, Associated Design Engineer

Vehicle names fascinate me.  Sometimes a name has deep meaning, while other times they mean nothing at all. Curious automobile names include BMW’s new M3, which is now called the M4; the Infinity Q45, which is called the Nissan Cedric outside of the US; and who could forget the Mazda Bongo Friendee (seriously, look it up)?

Less curious names within RC include Mugen’s series of 1/8-scale buggys, incrementally named the MBX-4 through MBX-7, and of course Associated’s B2-B5 electric buggies. So it stands to reason that Team Associated’s new RC8 B3 is the third buggy in its 1/8-scale history. Right?

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Tamiya unveils the new TRF211XM 1/10 2wd buggy

Tamiya Buggy

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Tamiya has unveiled their new TRF211XM 2wd mid-motor buggy. The buggy sits on a lightweight and durable resin lower deck (chassis) that is specially produced to offer a highly-balanced blend of rigidity and flexibility that suits it to any surface. Rear rigidity is further enhanced by fastening the rear stiffener to the carbon-fiber battery stiffener, while big bore aeration dampers cushion the 4-wheel double wishbone suspension. The aluminum gearbox can be fitted with ball or gear diff units to further adapt the chassis to any racing surface.


Euro Contest success leads to release of THEeCar White Edition


While Joseph Quagraine may have nitro running through his veins, he showed his weakness for E-Buggy racing at the 2015 Euro Contest where he piloted his way to a solid 2nd place finish in the E-Buggy class. What was he driving to do it? THEeCar White Edition! The new car made its way to an impressive victory in the final A-Main (with a little help from the driver), and upon its success JQRacing has announced the buggy is now available for pre-order!


THEeCar White Edition

Team Durango undergoes 2wd mid-motor makeover

Team Durango Prototype

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Team Durango has unveiled a teaser shot of a little something they ‘accidentally stumbled across while passing by the R&D department’. This new car, sporting Chris Doughty’s paint job, appears to be possibly a new mid-motor rendition of the DEX210. While the photo shares very little detail, the unique body appears to completely encompass the transmission, leading us to believe perhaps it features a lay-down tranny design. We assume this new creation has been spurred on by the upcoming astro-turf covered Worlds, where mid-motor and low center of gravity designs will play a key role in performance. Stay tuned!

AE equips team drivers with production RC8B3’s

RC8 Worldwide

Team Associated recently announced the RC8B3 1/8 buggy. While the kit was revealed in full detail, racers around the globe are still anxiously awaiting to see them in action at their local track. AE has equipped more and more of their team drivers with the new car around the globe. Several have shared a few up close and personal shots of their new ride (the official production version buggy).

Patrick Hofer – Swiss Championship car – Switzerland

Associated-RC8-B3_2 Associated-RC8-B3_1 Associated-RC8-B3_4 Associated-RC8-B3_5

(Running Mugen shocks due to a lack of spare parts and pistons at the time of the event to change his setup – Photos by Philippe Gross)

Jamie Clancy – Euros B 2015 car – England

photo1 photo (1)

(Photos by Herts RC Models)


SOAR 998 1/8 Buggy now available


After two long years of publically developing and fine tuning their buggy, SOAR are pleased to announce the official launch of the SOAR 998 1/8 Offroad buggy.

Just yesterday SOAR’s Spanish division announced that they would offer a free of charge replacement 2015 spec kit to all customers who bought the 2014 kit – a shining example of ‘above & beyond’ customer service and a sign of things to come from the new outfit we hope.

See the photos below for further information on the 2015 spec SOAR 998, alternatively check out the product page: SOAR-RC.com/product01

For more info, distributor & stockist enquiries contact Soarseiki@icloud.com

soar5 soar4 soar3 soar1

SOAR Spain to replace customer’s last year kits free of charge


Some awesome news coming from SOAR Seiki today!

Dear Soar Seiki valued customers, after 2 years spent developing the Soar 998 1/8 buggy we would like to extend to our SoarSeiki Spain customers that have previously bought the 2014 kit a brand new replacement 2015 kit free of charge.

Now that’s what you call customer service!

We understand that the very early released 2014 version had some teething issues and here at SoarSeiki we would like to provide an exceptional level of service by giving you a brand new 2015 kit. If you have purchased a 2014 kit please contact our Spain representative Daniel Bernabe to get your new 2015 kit. soarspain@hotmail.com

It takes a lot for any company to admit they’ve made a few mistakes, but to go the distance of offering free of charge replacement kits to early customers ? #MindBlown

Kyosho issues RB6 running changes

RB6 Running Changes

Kyosho America has announced the popular Kyosho RB6 buggy will undergo ‘running changes’ for new kits produced. The new features of the buggy include several features that were planted on Jared Tebo’s IFMAR World Championship winning car from 2013. Designed specifically for mid-motor racing, the new kit will include 3 hole rear suspension arms, gold rear shock springs, and a selection of rear wings. While these changes are far from releasing an earth-shattering new car, Kyosho says these changes improve durability, allow for broader setting options, and increase stability on high grip surfaces including artificial grass, carpet, and hard-packed dirt.

Source: Kyosho

Serpent Spyder MM RTR 2wd buggy

Serpent RTR MM

Serpent has announced today an expansion to their RTR lineup by introducing the Spyder 1/10 Mid-Motor RTR 2wd buggy. The RTR Spyder buggy is based on the high end competition version of the Spyder MM buggy, and shares most components and geometry. All option parts of the race version also fit the RTR version. It comes complete with everything except transmitter batteries and car battery. Designed by World Champion Billy Easton.

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