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Buggys News

Kyosho releases the Lazer ZX6.6


Kyosho have introduced the new evolution of their Lazer ZX6, the ZX6.6. The new ZX6.6 is designed to meet the increased demands of the modern racing scene for more power and higher grip. While maintaining the control response and maneuverability the ZX6 is renowned for, the ZX6.6 has undergone a minor model change to keep its leading edge in racing performance. For increased traction and stability on high grip surfaces, the optional aluminum HD main chassis is included as standard. Changes around the center gear from the slipper clutch to the diff realize smooth traction on all road surface conditions for superior surface tracing and control characteristics. In addition, the introduction of the gullwing type rear sus arms from the Ultima RB6.6 allows longer shock stroke for improved surface tracing through corners and performance over surface gaps. These changes combine to lift the overall performance and result in a improved total balance of the machine. Available in November.

Website: Kyosho

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HB Racing E817 coming soon


HB Racing have just unveiled some interesting information about the highly anticipated E817. The HB Racing team is currently testing the E817 at the highest level of racing, and David Ronnefalk by TQing and winning the 2016 EFRA 1/8 E-Buggy European Championships in Malaga, with his factory team prototype E817 proved that this new E-Buggy was successful. With testing confirmed by race wins, full production of the E817 is in progress, with a release date by the end of 2016.

Website: HB Racing

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Kyosho releases DBX VE 2.0 ReadySet


After unveiling the Inferno VE ReadySet, Kyosho have introduced his little brother, the DBX VE 2.0 ReadySet. The convenience of 1/10 scale mixes with 1/8 scale performance levels in the DBX VE 2.0, and is now equipped with the latest in R/C control technology. Precision detailed setting is possible through throttle end-point adjustment for accelerator and brake, and steering dual-rate adjustment for steering angle that augments the standard throttle and steering trim on the included 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P transmitter. Linear steering feel is delivered by the new torque-type KS4031-06W steering servo that resists kickback from the road surface. In addition to superior control, the new DBX VE 2.0 is equipped with a colorful printed body with white motif and high-vis neon yellow wheels that light up the track. The chassis features aluminum parts anodized in signature gun metallic and is equipped with the Team Orion power source of the former model. 1/8 scale racing buggy tires combine with long wheelbase and wide tread to deliver excellent stability to extract the full power of the brushless motor under any conditions.

Website: Kyosho America

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Kyosho Inferno VE Readyset


Kyosho have introduced the latest release of the Inferno VE Readyset. Factory assembled, Inferno VE Readyset features minor changes. The VE uses the flagship model as a base to add a new transmitter, receiver, servo, brushless motor and ESC as well as minor enhancements to the chassis design. The new Syncro KT-231P transmitter delivers vastly improved control and features precision setting adjustments with throttle end point adjust, dual rate adjuster, plus a high-torque and high-speed steering servo. In addition, the powerful new Team ORION brushless motor and ESC combines with big bore oil shocks and high-grip square block tires to deliver superior performance on any surface.

Website: Kyosho America

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Kyosho Turbo Scorpion re-release in pictures

Turbo Scorpion re-release4

While waiting for official information about the Kyosho Turbo Scorpion re-release, several photos were leaked on Facebook showing some details of the forthcoming vintage Turbo Scorpion that will integrate the prestigious “Kyosho Legendary Series”.

Website: Kyosho Taiwan

More photos here

Kyosho Turbo Scorpion re-release coming soon?

Kyosho Turbo Scorpion re-release

Kyosho continues to explore its collection of the most famous buggies and bring up to date with its reissues. Following the re-release of the Beetle, the Scorpion, Tomahawk and the Optima, the next on the list should be the Turbo Scorpion if we believe a picture that has leaked on the internet. No information about the Turbo Scorpion is available yet but it seems obvious that it will feature some additions and improvements over the Scorpion such as a possibility to use a powerful brushless motor which was not possible with the Scorpion.

Source: RC Monkey

Team Magic B8ER “HRC Version”

Team Magic B8ER HRC Version red

See: HRC Distribution / Team Magic Europe

Team Magic Europe and HRC Racing have introduced a “HRC Version” of the Team Magic N8ER 1/8 Brushless Buggy. This revised version features key-changes of the original Team Magic B8ER as a new waterproof 16kg High Torque servo, a new 2500kv powerful motor and new HRC Racing “BullDog” tyres. The B8ER will be available in a Red/Black and Yellow/Black body in September.

More photos here

PR Racing 1/10 buggies now available on JQRacing.Com


See: JQRacing

JQRacing have started collaborating with PR Racing, and as such their factory team will be running PR Racing cars for 1/10th scale. The cars have already proved to be strong, and good performers on track at the recent 1/10th Euros in Spain, where Max Mört won the B main in 4WD, securing 3rd place in the Junior category.

“We will be running the cars and providing you with the best support as usual, with setups and advice, and now also selling them in our webshop.” – Joseph Quagraine

PR Racing 1/10 kits can now be purchased online here.