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MIP Pro 8 Buggy Prototype spotted


Last weekend MIP’s Matt Olson raced in Canada’s new premier event, the Quebec Classic, shortly afterwards our partner site RCNews uncovered a few exclusive photos of the internals of the prototype MIP Pro 8 buggy that he’s been running.

The MIP Pro8 currently comes as a upgrade/conversion kit for the Losi SCTE 1.0 and 2.0 platforms to make it into a competitive light weight 1/8 scale buggy. The new MIP Pro8 Prototype takes the Pro8 project full circle by completely changing the traditional layout of an MIP Pro4mance or an SCTE 1.0 / 2.0 chassis.

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XRAY goes electric with the XB8

xb8 - coming soon - facebook

After much success with the XB8 nitro platform, XRAY has announced today the all-new XB8E is coming soon! While the front and rear of the car we assume will be the same as the nitro XB8, it’s what is hiding under that sexy new body that really counts. Stay tuned for more details!

Team Associated release the B44.3!


Team Associated has revealed the new B44 buggy platform! While not titled the “B44.2 Worlds Edition”, Associated has released the aluminum chassis, gear diff driven, shorty pack design, and World Championship winning car we expected!

The RC10B44 has created a winning legacy with three IFMAR World Championships, four ROAR National titles, and countless regional wins to its credit! Since winning the 2013 IFMAR World Championships, the designers behind the doors of Area 51 set out to further improve the B44 and take it to an even higher level of performance.

B44.3_3Q White_lg B44.3-body-off-3Q_L_lg B44.3-body-off-3Q_R_lg B44.3-Chassis_lg

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New Serpent 4wd buggy coming soon?


Serpent’s offroad division is heavily influenced and primarily designed entirely by IFMAR World Champion racer and designer Billy Easton. While we don’t see Billy on the race track near as much as we did years ago, that doesn’t mean he isn’t keeping busy in the R/C world. His most recent work of art comes in the form of the SRX2-SC truck. In an interview released today by Serpent regarding the new truck, Easton leads one to believe a new Serpent 1/10 4wd buggy may very well be in the works.

When asked what his next project is, he responded by saying,

“I have been working on something I feel might change the way we look at 4wd offroad cars. If you take a look at the direction we have gone in 2wd, they have really bridged the gap between the 4wd offroad cars currently on the market. The 4wd’s really are not as fast as I feel they should be. I want to make something that gives them back more of an advantage on the track, something you can actually use more power in and put the power down in a larger variety of conditions. Most of the 4wd’s of today really do not generate the traction they should, I want to fix that.”

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‘Wheels’ makes his B44.2 predictions

Word of Wheels Logo

News of Team Associated discontinuing the B44.2 4wd buggy spread like wild-fire as AE fans are temporarily left without a 4wd buggy. If this were the SC10 4×4 short course truck being discontinued we might be worried there is no replacement coming, however, seeing that the company just won the IFMAR 4wd Buggy World Championship we calculate a .0000000000001% chance the B44.2 won’t be replaced. So the question remains, what will it be replaced with?

In the latest edition of “The Word of Wheels,” RCNews/NeoBuggy’s Mike Garrison makes his predictions of what is coming next from Team Associated!

CLICK HERE to read “The Word of Wheels: B44.2 predictions”

Intech launches the BR-6 2.0

buggy main

Intech Racing has announced the new BR-6 2.0 1/8 buggy. The new edition of the BR-6 buggy features a new large capacity clunk style fuel tank, one piece carbon fiber radio tray, CNC front suspension arm holder, and aluminum servo saver arm to improve handling and durability. The new buggy is set to be available soon.

pdt_big_201461949288 pdt_big_2014619492726 pdt_big_201461949265 pdt_big_2014619492755

Source: VP-Pro USA

Serpent Sport with Novarossi Bloody


Bernard Durand’s European distribution company ‘Racing Experience’ continue going from strength to strength, today announcing the launch of a new updated version of the Serpent Cobra Sport buggy, complete with the new Novarossi Bloody engine – the enigmatic & charismatic Frenchman announced with a wry smile to us over Skype;

“The cobra 2.0 ready to race comes with a high end equipment and the latest Novarossi engine. The Novarossi Bloody has the buttery smooth power delivery of the Plus4 line and the reliability of the 13mm/short stroke construction.”

The Serpent Sport, ‘Ready to Race’ buggy is available in French and UK markets. Racing Experience is now offering the whole Serpent Ready to Race line (including Cobra BE electric, Cobra GT and 1/10 EP 411 Ready to race) in the UK.

See Racing Experience

Kyosho Inferno MP10 coming soon?

Inferno MP 10

We love a speculative story here at NeoBuggy and heres one for those of you out there who like a good conspiracy theory and what not…

Is the next Kyosho platform about to be released ?

Looking at the evidence the current MP9 platform and ‘TKI3′ buggy version is arguably hailed as the ‘best’ allround car on the market, it pretty much works everywhere and the team’s drivers tend to be made up of race-winners… not runners up – proving the platform’s prowess.


However, historically Kyosho’s platform product cycle would surely suggest that the MP9′s lifespan is closer to retirement-age rather than starting to learn how to walk – the original MP9 platform first saw light in mid 2008, some 6 years ago. In the time since we’ve witnessed several different versions and upgrades:

Original MP9 TKI – October 2008
MP9 Standard car – June 2009
MP9 TKI 2 – July 2010
MP9 TKI 2 WC – Feb 2011
MP9 TKI 3 – May 2012

The release of the last MP9 TKI 3 some 25 months ago could be a major signal of a platform shift.

We had a further little dig around history at the Inferno MP777 platform which predated the MP9, it’s time was fairly short-lived, a lifespan of only 4 years until the MP9 showed up:

Original 777 – July 2004
MP777 SP2 – July 2005
MP777 WC – October 2006

Likewise the MP7.5 which really moved things on only lasted for about 4 years, so on it’s sixth birthday the MP9 soldiers on. It might simply be coincidence but the time between the last 777 WC release and the first MP9 TKI release was 24 months, we’re now past that time frame with the MP9 TKI3, so is it time for the successor?

Associated RC8 prototype uncovered


After a longstanding policy of ‘no internal photos’ of their new car car, Team Associated’s RC8 prototype successor has popped up in the VRC Pro simulator, under a different guise: the ‘RX8′.

For those who had seen photos of the prototype, they immediately recognised the narrow chassis, distinctive shock towers and suspension arms, finally the rest of former Associated designer Josh Alton’s car is revealed to the world in surprising circumstances, rendering the assumed release of the actual RC8 B2 a bit of an anticlimax.

6 7 8 9

Whilst its clear that Team Associated have wholeheartedly embraced the VRC Pro simulator platform, to the extent of handing over complete drawings of the new buggy so as to feature as a faster ‘modified’ chassis in the sim, rather clever marketing actually. We do question some of the logic but look forward to following the new platform’s progress whether virtual or in reality.

The story continues! Watch this space. See www.VRCWorld.com

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New S350 BE1 EVO Pro ‘USA Edition’

New S350 BE1 EVO Pro 'USA Edition'

After months of testing with A Main pro drivers, SWorkz has decided to release an S350 BE1 EVO Pro “USA Edition” (part no. SWX-910020) specifically for North American style racetracks. The S350 USA Edition boasts an FCSS lightened chassis, as well as the new Pro 2.0 shock set. The rear end has also been updated with a rear lower plastic insert system for adjusting toe.

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