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Team Associated RC10B64 Team Kit

Team Associated have introduced the RC10B64 Team kit. Designed to take advantage of today’s faster-than-ever tracks, the RC10B64 Team offers increased durability, all new suspension geometry, a wider tuning window, improved weight distribution, and easy maintenance. Excelling on high-traction surfaces, the B64’s adjustable axle height and roll centers result in a stable yet nimble platform. With a new and improved center slipper using Low Coefficient Friction (LCF) pads, the B64 rewards the driver with maximum drive out of all four wheels on artificial turf and carpet surfaces.

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SWORKs S35-3E 1/8 E-buggy kit

SWORKs have introduced the new S35-3E 1/8 E-buggy kit. For the past 7 years, SWORKz kept developing and improving their 1/8 off-road brushless buggies. After the successful debut of the SWORKz S350 EVO II Limited edition (2015-2016), they continued to follow SWORKz DNA and further build on the EVO II Limited edition. Ultimately SWORKz created the S35-3E E-Buggy.


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JQ talks about the BLACK Edition

THECar designer/factory driver/guru/agitator of ideas/crazy (a bit) Joseph Quagraine explains what the idea is behind the new BLACK Edition buggy by JQRacing. A lot of pictures, and an explanation of the changes to the buggy are available in English, German and French. Soon, JQ will also release a set up guide, specifically written for the BLACK Edition.

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Joseph Quagraine: The White Edition was released at the end of 2013, and at the time I already knew that I would be able to develop it into an amazing car, I could tell it had potential. The thing was, that I needed more time to figure out the geometry, and a few other things with the design. Continue reading here.

TLR 22 4.0 2WD buggy

Team Losi Racing have introduced the new 22 4.0 2WD buggy. The 22 4.0 builds on the engineering of the 22 3.0 buggy by giving racers the ability to adapt the transmission and suspension configurations to any track. The 22 4.0 is based on features such as the adjustable rear shock location which can be flipped for a forward or rearward bias. This means the GenII rear shocks can be mounted in front of the rear tower and suspension arm, or in the traditional location on the back of the arm. This is a popular tuning option for high-grip surfaces that increases forward weight bias, rear end stability, and landing ability. To maximize performance for any surface, two transmission options that are included. The stand-up option from the 22 3.0 kit provides the best balance for low-to-medium grip surfaces. The laydown option moves the motor about 20mm closer to the center of the chassis. Differential height can be adjusted for soil and artificial surfaces.

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SWORKz S35-3E coming soon

SWORKz have unveiled the first teaser image of their new 1/8 E-Buggy, the S35-3E. Based on the new S35-3 Nitro, it should have the same features, excepted the central part provided with a specific layout for electric power. More information and photos coming soon.

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Yokomo YZ-2DTM Ryan Maifield Edition

Yokomo have introduced the new YZ-2DTM 2WD buggy kit. After Ryan Maifield joined the team Yokomo on January 2017, the first thing he brought is his wealth of knowledge and racing experience against Yokomo was developing YZ-2DT suits for the world championship on November this year. After a short time test, he adapted this new car for the Reedy Race on January, and achieved a great results, super close to debut win.

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Pre-order JQRacing BLACK Edition now available

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After 6 years and 5 Editions, JQRacing have announced that the newest THECar BLACK Edition whose the official release date is set at 1st of April is available for pre-order now. Videos and a lot of information about the car will be releasing in the coming weeks showing all the changes, as well as the very latest setup advice. The first 500 kits come with special laser engraving, not available separately. Click here to pre-order in Europe, here for USA and here for the international store.

Serpent Cobra SRX8-E coming soon

Serpent have announced their forthcoming Cobra SRX8-E. Designed by Billy Easton, this electric powered version of the Cobra SRX8 nitro buggy will be raced at the Dirt Nitro Challenge this weekend for the first time by Easton and by Jörn Neumann and Shin Adachi at the Xiamen race early march in China. The Cobra SRX8-e release is planned for early april.

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