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XRAY XB2 2018 coming soon

XRAY have announced that their highly anticipated XB2 2018 1/10 buggy is coming soon. No details are available yet but we expect photos and information will be available shortly.


Team C TM4 V2 4WD buggy coming soon

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Team C have release first photos of the forthcoming TM4 V2 1/10 4WD buggy. It come with two layout, one with front and rear chassis braces and another with front and rear upper chassis. More details will be released soon.

More photos here

Kyosho unveil Javelin photos

Kyosho have released first photos of the forthcoming Javelin re-release 4WD buggy kit. Like the other Legendary Series buggies the kit will feature updated parts to match with the current power plants and LiPo batteries or vintage brush motors et NiMh batteries. We will keep you informed as soon as specifications will be available.

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More photos here

Serpent Cobra SRX8-EVO coming soon

Coming soon from Serpent is the updated version of the Cobra SRX8 1/8 nitro buggy called EVO. Serpent bring the specs already seen on with the Cobra SRX8-E buggy and implement some performance enhancing parts. Full details will be released next week, EVO kits will be shipping end august 2017.

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Kyosho: the return of the legend

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Kyosho have released two video showing (so to speak) two new vintage re-release. In the first video, the Kyosho’s fans will have recognized the chrome wheels and the cage of one of the most emblematic buggies of the 80’s, the Javelin. In the second video we might think it was USA-1. What do you think?

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JQ THEeCar GREY Edition available to Pre Order

JQ Racing have announced that their new THEeCar GREY Edition is available to Pre Order. With the sucess of the BLACK Edition, it was only a matter of time before THEeCar received a makeover also.

Here it is, but not the black, this is the GREY Edition eCar. Why GREY you may ask?

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Team Associated DB8 Limited Edition Nomad RTR LiPo combo

Following the introduction of the DB8 Limited Edition Nomad RTRTeam Associated have introduced the same Desert Buggy in LiPo combo including a Reedy LiPo battery and Reedy LiPo charger. Born from the sand and destined to roam the earth, the Nomad DB8 is a tough, powerful, all-terrain dominating Desert Buggy based on the race-proven RC8 platform’s unprecedented balance and incredible cornering performance. The Nomad DB8 form follows function with a durable impact-resistant roll cage, detailed interior, driver and co-pilot figures, painted body panels, and runs off a powerful Reedy brushless motor. To tame the unforgiving landscape, high-grip General Tire GT(R) Grabbers are wrapped around rich-looking black 17mm hex wheels.

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Kyosho Ultima RB6.6 Readyset

Kyosho have introduced the Ultima RB6.6 Readyset 2WD buggy. Based on the world-class RB 6.6, this Readyset can be up and running almost straight out of the box. The Ultima series competes at the highest level in major 2WD racing buggy races around the world. Continually evolving to be at the forefront of racing trends, the Ultima RB 6.6 is the most advanced competition model in the series to date and forms the base for this Readyset version.

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