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TESTED: ProTek 2090 .21 Tuned Pipe



If you’ve read our reviews of the short stroke ProTek Samurai engine (here: Protek Samurai Review) and the current IFMAR World Champion OS B2101 buggy engine (here: OS B2101 Review), you probably know how I feel about the 2090 pipe design.  Manufactured by OS Engines as an OS-branded product, this pipe is now also available from ProTek (a division of A-Main) as the PTK-2090.  Priced at $169.99, the pipe set includes a long 2090 manifold, springs, two gaskets and a mounting setscrew.

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Associated unveils ‘Factory Lite’ B5M

Lite B5M

Team Associated’s RC10B5 and RC10B5M have been met with wild success by racers around the globe at both the club level and at major racing events. Always looking for a challenge, Team Associated’s Area 51 engineers took it upon themselves to make the best RC10 to date even better! A version of the B5M that would optimize the platform to excel in classes requiring spec motors and for certain track conditions that allow the racer to take full advantage of the performance offered from reduced weight.

B5m FL 3Q Tires Off_md B5m FL Chassis_md B5m FL 3Q Body Off_md B5m FL Top Down_lg

Enter the RC10B5M Factory Lite Kit. Shedding over 75 grams of weight, the RC10B5M Factory Lite includes a 3-gear transmission for lower rotational mass, a lightened hard-anodized aluminum chassis, titanium turnbuckles, and aluminum front axles.

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Schumacher uncages the Cougar KF2


The new Cougar KF2 is a professional, high performance 1/10th scale 2WD racing buggy, based upon the ground breaking, multiple national championship winning Cougar KF. The KF2 includes an adjustable motor position for optimum weight distribution on high or low grip tracks. Among the KF2′s many other refinements is an all new black alloy chassis, new bodyshell, alloy chassis stiffeners, new lightweight side gears and new QUAD pad vented slipper unit. These and other exciting features make the new KF2 more reliable, easier to work on and above all, faster!

The Cougar KF2 is equipped with industry standard 12mm hex front and rear wheels and Schumacher’s legendary Big Bore Shocks to soak up the bumps. Set to be released in kit and pre-assembled versions in late-January.

KF2_side_NB_1000 KF2_rear_strap_1000 KF2_Quad_Slipper_1000 KF2_plan_1000 KF2_centre_NB_1000 KF2_Hex_Ball_500 KF2_FTQ_NB_1000 KF2_FTQ_1000

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Losi RTR Petrol/Gasoline 8ight Buggy

TLR04000 Image 02

The Losi® 8IGHT™ 4WD petrol (Gasoline for our N.American friends) buggy puts podium proven buggy excitement at your fingertips with the reliability of petrol power and much more. Thanks to an impressive Dynamite® .31 ci petrol engine, you can now experience all the 8IGHT has to offer now with unprecedented convenience.

As the first petrol powered buggy of its kind, the 8IGHT will run longer and require less maintenance compared to its Nitro fuel powered competitors. This version of the 8IGHT buggy comes with the same ROAR National Championship winning driving characteristics that sent it to the podium for a superior driving experience right out of the box.

TLR04000 Image 05 TLR04000 Image 01 TLR04000 Image 03 TLR04000 Image 04

To better accompany the upgraded power and national championship driving characteristics the Losi 8IGHT buggy also comes with AVC™ (Active Vehicle Control™) Technology. Using AVC, you’ll be able to drive faster with more control and get the most out of the ridiculous power and precision the 8IGHT gas buggy packs. This outstanding RTR package includes a Losi starter box for hassle-free reliable starting whenever you want to scratch your itch for ballistic petrol buggy action. Join the petrol revolution today.

XRAY working on the 1/10 2WD XB2


A rare moment ‘behind the scenes’ at XRAY’s impressive testing facility & factory in Trencin, Slovakia courtesy of their design impresario Juraj Hudy, posting on twitter:

The progress with new #XRAY XB2 has been significant but still plenty things to test with @MartinBayer88#RCcar

The luxury European manufacturer is currently hard at work on a standalone ‘XB2′ 2WD 1/10th electric buggy platform, no doubt targeting it to be fully race ready in time for the outdoor summer season as well as World Championships later this year in Japan.

Serpent’s SRX-4 Buggy sneak peak


Spotted at the weekend’s Reedy Race of Champions in California was Serpent’s new 4WD 1/10 buggy in the hands of designer Billy Easton, we’re told that the car will also be displayed at the Nuremberg toy fair (Jan 28th – Feb 2nd).

Billy has been intensively working on this highly innovative 4wd concept over 2014 and has been testing the car for a longer period already, on various surfaces. The project is in its final stages of testing where the last small modifications are being made and the Spyder SRX-4 proto is used in some toplevel racing.

Expect the SRX-4 to be released in late March / early April.

Spyder4wd Spyder4wd_03 Spyder4wd_04 Spyder4wd_05 Spyder4wd_06 Spyder4wd_07 Spyder4wd_08

Easton to race Serpent 4wd at Reedy

Spyder SRX4

Serpent has announced they will in fact be entering the 1/10 4wd buggy race very soon with the all-new Spyder SRX-4. The Spyder line of 1/10 scale offroad vehicles has grown to include rear motor and mid-motor 2wd buggys, a 2wd short course, and will now include a 4wd buggy. World Championship winning driver/designer, Billy Easton, is behind the drawing board on the Spyder SRX-4 project and is confirmed to be racing the new buggy at the upcoming Reedy Race of Champions.

The new car has been rumored, tested, and talked about continually throughout 2014, however, as it has never been seen, it comes as quite a pleasant surprise to find out that it is in what Serpent is calling the “final stages of testing where the last small modifications are being made.” In addition to its debut at the Reedy Race, the new car will be on display at the upcoming Toy Fair in Germany, where final details and a release date will be revealed.

Source: Serpent

First look: SWORKz Concept S104 EVO

S104 EVO a

In the up coming Reedy race, SWORKz has developed and prepared a new concept S104 EVO for our brand ambassador Atsushi Hara to race with.
The revised S104 has new parts similar to that of the SWORKz 1/8 FCSS and EVO 2 system. It is equipped with brand new shocks and has new suspension geometry. The centre diff is standard but can also be easily fitted with a new centre slipper clutch system.

The S104 Evo comes with new stronger arms to better its overall balance and performance.

S104 EVO b S104 EVO c S104 EVO d S104 EVO e S104 EVO f S104 EVO g S104 EVO h S104 EVO i S104 EVO j S104 EVO k

Yokomo’s mid-motor YZ-2 1/10 buggy


Yokomo is introducing the all-new YZ-2, a state-of-the-art 1/10th-scale EP 2WD offroad competition mid-motor chassis kit, engineered from the ground-up for today’s racing environment and designed to deliver leading-edge developments to offroad enthusiasts, all while offering a luxurious feel by featuring black-anodized aluminum parts with chamfered edges for select components.


B-YZ2_01B-YZ2_02 B-YZ2_03 B-YZ2_04 B-YZ2_05 B-YZ2_06 B-YZ2_07 B-YZ2_08

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Shepherd reveals the Bull X8 buggy

Bull X8 Neo

Following a teaser late last month, Shepherd has released the all-new Bull X8 1/8 offroad buggy in full detail. While there may not be any earth shattering innovations incorporated in Shepherd’s first offroad attempt, we can appreciate the honesty behind the buggy. Shepherd modestly says, “Previously an onroad only company, we have gone with a conventional design for our first ever offroad buggy.” A Bull with no bulls**t…just a straight forward, honest, and promising entrance into the offroad world.

vo_1000 rechts_shadow_1000 links_shadow_1000 hi_reifen_1000

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