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XRAY XB2 1/10 2WD Buggy: Unveiled


After the overwhelming success of our exclusive ‘the Making of the XB2‘ articles in close partnership with XRAY, everyone at NeoBuggy are delighted to exclusively ‘first unveil’ XRAY’s 1/10th Offroad 2WD buggy – The XB2…

At the heart of XRAY’s philosophy is a firm commitment to perfection when it comes to engineering, design, performance and support, all made possible by state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing. The XB2 is the epitome of perfection that is typical for XRAY.


After 3 years of extensive development and testing, I am proud to present to you one of the best-performing 2WD 1/10 off-road cars in the world. Designed in virtual reality using the world’s most sophisticated CAD tools, and manufactured using the world’s best machining and molding machinery, the XB2 achieves a level of premium perfection in all details that is second to none.

The XB2 platform works at the highest competition level in any track conditions, whether it be super-low-traction dusty tracks, medium-traction, or super-high-traction carpet or astro turf; there is an XB2 for you that will handle flawlessly in any of these conditions

xb2gallery-02w xb2gallery-05w xb2gallery-08w xb2gallery-09w

There are two different XB2 kits to choose from – Carpet Edition and Dirt Edition, both built on the same platform with full compatibility and with interchangeable parts. The Carpet Edition is designed for medium to very-high traction conditions, while the Dirt Edition is designed for very-low to medium grip conditions.

The Uni-Platform™ allows either XB2 edition to be tuned or converted to suit any track conditions with only a few additional parts.

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Tekno explains the EB48 ‘Super Light’

Tekno Explained

Tekno RC is among one of the fastest growing platforms seen to hit the market in the past few years. What started as a brand based around creating electric conversions for existing nitro powered vehicles, has turned into a brand featuring their very own successful line of electric and nitro buggys and trucks. In the lineup, Tekno offers their popular EB48 and EB48SL (super light) electric 1/8 buggy kits.

Since the release of the EB48SL, Tekno has received a numerous amount of questions regarding the buggy, and today they are here to answer them all!

“We often have people ask us, what is the super light buggy? What is it about? Is it replacing the e-buggy as we know it? We have decided to make this article so we make things clear!”

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Schumacher unveils new CAT K2 1/10 4wd buggy


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The CAT K2, is the latest 1/10th scale, 4wd, electric buggy from Schumacher Racing. 
Moving forward from the 2015 EFRA Euros winning CAT K1 Aero, Schumacher’s internationally renowned R&D team have raised the bar yet again! Prototype CAT K2’s have been running around the world with our high level drivers.  Most recently Michal Orlowski drove the K2 to an impressive 4th position after qualifying 2nd at the IFMAR World Championships in Japan. Showing the cars excellent performance the 14 year old star stood amongst the Worlds fastest drivers.


With modern track trends the CAT K2 is optimised for high and low grip conditions. With its longer, narrow chassis it is faster, more consistent and more versatile. Smoothing out the bumps and carrying more corner speed the CAT K2 is now the car to beat. Designed by champions for champions! The CAT K2, sharper claws.

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Video: Ryan Maifield on TLR’s new 8ight 4.0 Buggy



See Under the Hood of Ryan Maifield’s TLR 8ight 4.0

tlr-8ight-4-13 tlr-8ight-4-12 tlr-8ight-4-10 championship-heritage

TLR announce 8IGHT 4.0 Buggy


The original 8IGHT platform can trace it’s routes back to the first industry-changing Losi 8ight in 2007, today TLR announced the 8IGHT 4.0 – the latest successor to the prestigious name which builds on championship-winning heritage with updates to the suspension geometry and drivetrain layout that make it both easier to drive and tougher to beat.

tlr-8ight-4-07 tlr-8ight-4-06 tlr-8ight-4-03 tlr-8ight-4-01

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The 4.0 Updates:
New suspension geometry makes it easier for drivers of all experience levels to turn faster lap times with fewer mistakes, particularly during brutal, hour-long mains. The engine has been repositioned to reduce front driveshaft angle so more power makes it to the front wheels. The revised throttle actuator now uses bearings to further improve throttle and brake response. It also features a new brace that prevents flexing during heavy braking. Front spindles and rear hubs have been revised to accept a larger 8 x 16 x 5 outer bearing for increased durability. The chassis side guards have been updated for a better fit. They also feature indentations for the Velcro body strips.

tlr-8ight-4-13 tlr-8ight-4-12 tlr-8ight-4-10 tlr-8ight-4-09
In addition to its new position, the engine mount has been designed with a larger footprint that substantially reduces chassis flex and fatigue underneath the engine when racing on high-grip tracks. The adjustable, 15-degree caster blocks make it possible to tune dog bone plunge by changing the height of the spindle.

tlr-8ight-4-19 tlr-8ight-4-17 tlr-8ight-4-15 tlr-8ight-4-14

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Video: Sneak peek of new TLR 8IGHT buggy

TLR Sneak Peek

TLR put smiles on the faces of fans around the globe with their recent release of the new 22 3.0 1/10 buggy. It looks as though they are working to do it again, as they have shared this sneak peek teaser of what appears to be a new 8IGHT series 1/8 buggy! The new car set to be revealed later this week, stay tuned for more details!

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Team Associated releases RC10B5M ‘Champions Edition’ buggy


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Team Associated’s signature racing class has been 1:10 scale 2WD off road ever since the release of the original RC10 in 1984. In fact, the Team Associated RC10 buggy series has won 12 of the 16 I.F.M.A.R. 2WD Off Road World Championships held, with the first contested in 1985.

Team Associated’s drivers race on many types of tracks around the world and they need to be ready for all of them. And they are. Spencer Rivkin, the 2015 1:10 2WD I.F.M.A.R. World Champion, and Ryan Cavalieri, the only racer to have won five R.O.A.R. Nationals in one year, both rely on having a wide tuning window and the best technology to be competitive wherever the next race brings them. Now, you can benefit from their experience at your track.

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The new B5M Champions Edition includes the most popular tuning options available. By including parts for both 3- and 4-gear transmissions, flat and gullwing front suspension arms, and V2 and VTS slipper solutions, this is the most tunable car Team Associated has ever made. Strength, longevity and style have also been improved by including carefully selected Factory Team option parts like: FOX® Shock Bodies with Genuine Kashima® Coat, titanium turnbuckles, blue shield ball bearings, aluminum front axles, and an aluminum rear ball stud mount.


Video: Frank Root introduces the TLR 22 3.0


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Upon yesterday’s release of the new TLR 22 3.0 2wd buggy, Horizon Hobby has gone one step further with the help of TLR product developer Frank Root. Frank has sat down to share a thorough introduction of the new buggy, discussing the ins and outs from top to bottom, front to back, and everything in between. Sit back and let Mr. Root answer all your questions in this lengthy Horizon Hobby documentary product intro.

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Schumacher releases Cougar KF2 Special Edition Spec buggy


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Schumacher is proud to announce that the 2015 EFRA European and IFMAR Worlds ‘A’ Finalist Cougar KF2 buggy is now available in SE ‘Special Edition’ Spec. After an amazing year of results the Cougar KF2 SE includes the option for all 3 motor positions, all in one box! This new SE Spec makes the Cougar KF2 one of the most versatile cars on the market, suitable for almost any track condition.


Standard Forward Motor – Super High grip Astro
Low Grip Position – Medium Grip Astro and grass – As used at the IFMAR Worlds
Mid Motor Position – Medium and Low traction such as dirt and sandy/dusty Astro – As used at the EFRA Euros

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The new kit includes:

  • New Alloy Chassis
  • New Bodyshell
  • 3 Belts for all motor positions
  • Front C/F top deck and mount
  • Battery mounting hardware


Cédric Devillers: ‘The Collector’


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We all love R/C cars, after all you’re reading an R/C car website. The amount of love for R/C cars varies from racer to racer, however, there is one man who may just top us all. French racer Cédric Devillers began collecting 1/10 offroad cars and memorabilia over 10 years ago, and has built up an iconic collection of goodies ranging from 1985 to present. Hot Bodies Europe reached out to help the enthusiast by supplying him with a Ty Tessmann replica D413! In turn, HB Europe sat down with Devillers for an interview to discuss his unique collection!