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SWORKz Apollo Nitro & Brushless RTR Pro buggy kits


SWORKz have introduced the Apollo RTR buggy in both Nitro and brushless versions. The Apollo is based on the pro S350 buggy with an updated center layout from the S35-3 buggy but also race-inspired features. The Apollo provides precise feedback, a great balance feel in order to suit drivers of all driving levels thanks to his weight distribution. Both Apollo come in standard with many high-quality parts such as the front and rear shock towers as well as the chassis machined from T7075 aluminum. The Big Bore shocks 2.0 with 4mm shock shafts from S350 BK1 Pro, the high-performance crown gears and pinion gears and oil filled differentials providing traction on multiple off-road surfaces are also in the box. The S35-3’s BBD diff system provides better acceleration while the S35-3’s radio tray system gives precise throttle and braking response. The pivot ball steering system gives the driver sharp and accurate turning feedbacks. Both the Nitro and Brushless versions are assembled in the same factory and come with a race inspired base setup providing a vehicle easy to drive. The SWORKz Apollo comes with a 2.4G radio system with two SES-2S servos capable of up to 12kg-cm of torque, made by SAVOX. A pre-cut painted body shell is also included.

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TLR 8IGHT-X Elite Race 1/8th nitro buggy kit

See: Team Losi Racing

Team Losi Racing have introduced the new 8IGHT-X Elite Race Kit 1/8th nitro buggy kit. The 8IGHT-X Elite buggy builds on the championship-winning heritage of its predecessors with updates to the suspension geometry and drivetrain as well as the chassis layout that make it both easier to drive and tougher to beat. This version of the popular 8IGHT-X is what avid racers and team members are looking for in a winning buggy. It includes all of the desired factory team option parts and many updates in a one-box purchase. The drivetrain as well as the chassis layout have been completely redesigned making it easier to drive on the track and work on in the pit. Additionally, the new ELITE chassis increases stability and is designed to work for all drivers and be more accepted worldwide.

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Hong Nor X3 GTS 2020 Limited Edition coming soon

See: Hong Nor

Coming soon from Hong Nor is the X3 GTS 2020 Limited Edition Nitro GT kit. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the brand, Hong Nor will outfit the X3GTS 2020 a high-quality 7075 aluminium differential gearboxes for improved drivetrain strength as well as ensure quick and easy assemble/disassemble the differential. In addition, the front suspension arm holder is 3mm lower and the kit will come with X3S-36, X3GT-16, and X3GT-27 option parts and also their 4-shoe clutch system. The X3 GTS 2020 Limited Edition Nitro GT is limited to just 100 pieces and will hit the store at the end of February.

Kyosho Inferno MP10 ‘Spec A’ nitro buggy roller

See: Kyosho Europe

As with all their previous ‘TKI’ (Team Kyosho International) editions of the Inferno MP9 buggy, Kyosho have announced the release of ‘Spec A’ version of the European Champion buggy MP10. Basically it’s a MP10 that is hand built at Kyosho’s HQ in Japan by the Inferno’s godfather designer Yuichi Kanai and his cronies. The body comes pre cut ready for painting and the car is ready for the track, having been given a final thorough check through by Kanai himself – ensuring everything is up to standard and feels as it should including setup details such as camber, toe in and ride height, all you need to add is radio gear, fuel, an engine and maybe some talent on the track!

Team Associated RC10B6.2/D Team 2WD buggy kits

See: Associated Electrics

Associated Electrics have introduced the new Team Associated RC10B6.2 and RC10B6.2D Team 2WD buggy kits. The B6 platform introduced the use of two separate chassis configurations — the B6.2 continues this theme. The B6.2 will be the buggy of choice for high grip-carpet or turf track surfaces with its Laydown transmission assembly and anti-roll bars for optimal mass balance. The B6.2D includes both Layback and Laydown Stealth(TM) transmission assemblies to fine tune mass balance to track conditions; add to that the addition of +1 Ackermann plates and gull wing suspension arms to tune the steering for razor sharp feel and control.

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Schumacher Cat L1 Evo 4WD buggy kit

See: Schumacher Racing

Schumacher Racing have introduced the new Cat L1 Evo 4WD buggy kit. The CAT L1 Evo maintains the successful, unique mid motor belt drive system, but includes several new features developed by the Schumacher international racing team. Such as, wider 5mm belts, S2 shock towers and side rails, thicker diff shims, new bodyshell and wing mounts, plus many more exciting features. With these improvements to durability, ease of maintenance, and on track performance the CAT L1 Evo sets new standards in 4WD off-road racing. The Cat L1 Evo is available for pre-order and will be available approx. 20th December.

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TLR 22X-4 1/10th 4WD Buggy kit

See: Team Losi Racing

Team Losi Racing have introduced the new 22X-4 1/10th 4WD buggy kit. Taking a completely different approach to a TLR 4WD buggy, the R&D team has developed an all-new platform from the ground up. Switching to the more reliable and versatile shaft drive design, the shaft driven 22X-4 is much lighter and has improved driving characteristics while also being significantly easier to build and maintain. The 22X-4 has a combination of features second-to-none including full adjustable suspension, 2.5 milled aluminum chassis, floating servo mount, adjustable motor and battery position, carbon fiber throughout, and so much more. Designed to dominate right out of the box, the 22X-4 Race Kit is performance-oriented and podium ready.

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WRC SB1 Nitro Buggy kit

See: WRC Racing Team

WRC Racing Team have introduced the new SB1Nitro Buggy kit. The SB1 features a 3mm aluminium chassis with an optimised weight distribution in order to reduce unwanted chassis roll and offer a better traction in all track conditions. The adjustable suspension comes with big bore shock absorbers and use symmetric suspension components for easier spare parts management. The SB1 uses a front pivot ball style suspension allowing easy and fast adjustments to camber, toe and track width while the drivetrain sports front, center and rear steel CVD drive shafts for maximum durability. The SB1 features a 1-piece radio plate, aluminium flywheel and clutch shoes, 17mm lightweight hex wheels, and an aerodynamic body.

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