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Schumacher Cougar KC 2WD Buggy kit

Following the Cougar KD Dirt Spec announcement, Schumacher have introduced the new Cougar KC, designed primarily for modern carpet and astro surfaces. Offering the driver four different motor layout positions with multiple battery types and fitting options. The KC has the ability to be set up perfectly, on all types of tracks, tight and twisty or open and flowing. All the parts required for all the layouts are included as standard in the kit. Available in February 2017.

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XRAY XB8’17 Specs leaked

The specifications of the much anticipated XRAY XB8’17 have leaked on the web. A shop has posted a few details whicgives us a little more information on the buggy that will use the XRAY team in the 2017 season. Ty Tessmann who won the Grass Roots series at the Thunder Alley RC Raceway probably used it this weekend.


Here are some details:

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Schumacher Cougar KD Dirt Spec 2WD Buggy

Schumacher have introduced the new Cougar KD Dirt Spec, designed for low traction dirt tracks. After a great performance at the European Off-Road Championships in Spain the KD prototype proved its pedigree. Both cars qualified for the A Main, with Michal Orlowski finishing 3rd on the podium. The KD has the adjustability to be set up perfectly, from loose dirt to hard packed clay tracks as well as other low grip surfaces. Whether tight and twisty or open and flowing. The new Cougar KD, taking dirt seriously.

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HB Racing D817 coming soon

HB Racing have released a first teaser image of their forthcoming D817. The D817 is the evolution of the D815V2 and the same buggy that allowed David Ronnefalk to win the world championship in Las Vegas. it should be equipped with developments already on the E817. More information about his features and availability soon.

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XRAY XB8 2017 coming soon

XRAY have released a first teaser for their forthcoming XB8 2017. No details are available yet but expect photos and information will be available shortly.


Another SWORKz S35-3’s teaser image

Since the first teaser image of the S35-3, SWORKz release regularly images showing details of their upcoming 1/8 Nitro buggy. This time SWORKz show details of the rear with the 7075 aluminium “L.F.C” chassis with locations for 45g weights are provided to alter the weight bias, new rear arms geometry and new radio tray system. Other teaser images will be unveiled until the official release of SWORKz S35-3.

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Serpent Spyder SDX4 features & details

Serpent have introduced the Spyder SDX4 1/10 shaft drive 4wd buggy. Designed to perform on all surfaces with 4 versatile layouts in which motor, battery and speedo can be mounted in a variety of locations. Highly accessible for maintenance and set-up, with a minimal number of screws and screw types. After removing some transmission parts the SDX4 can also be raced as 2wd car.

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SWORKz S35-3 Nitro Buggy teaser

European SWORKz distributor MW RC Cars have released another teaser image about their forthcoming Nitro Buggy S35-3. The S35-3 will feature new designed front upper arms with carbon fibre covers which may, depending on whether they are mounted or not, modify the rigidity and therefore the behavior of the Buggy. The S35-3 will also feature an unique front shock tower which has new updated mounting positions and a new steering Ackermann geometry with different position settings. More informations will come before le release planned in January or February 2017.

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