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Kyosho issues RB6 running changes

RB6 Running Changes

Kyosho America has announced the popular Kyosho RB6 buggy will undergo ‘running changes’ for new kits produced. The new features of the buggy include several features that were planted on Jared Tebo’s IFMAR World Championship winning car from 2013. Designed specifically for mid-motor racing, the new kit will include 3 hole rear suspension arms, gold rear shock springs, and a selection of rear wings. While these changes are far from releasing an earth-shattering new car, Kyosho says these changes improve durability, allow for broader setting options, and increase stability on high grip surfaces including artificial grass, carpet, and hard-packed dirt.

Source: Kyosho

Serpent Spyder MM RTR 2wd buggy

Serpent RTR MM

Serpent has announced today an expansion to their RTR lineup by introducing the Spyder 1/10 Mid-Motor RTR 2wd buggy. The RTR Spyder buggy is based on the high end competition version of the Spyder MM buggy, and shares most components and geometry. All option parts of the race version also fit the RTR version. It comes complete with everything except transmitter batteries and car battery. Designed by World Champion Billy Easton.

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Intech unveils new BR-6 2.0 buggys


Intech Racing is proud to announce the new BR-6 2.0 Sport and BR-6E Sport 1/8 buggys. The new buggies are equipped with new Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum shock towers, premium plastics, aluminum options, and lightweight graphite parts. The new buggies are set to be released soon, and carry on the successful BR-6 platform.

front n rear shock tower BR-6 2.0 Sport BR-6E Sport

Source: Intech

Team Associated unveils the RC8B3


Team Associated has officially unveiled the RC8B3! In the hyper-competitive world of 1/8 scale off road racing one has to evolve and adapt or get left in the dust. Knowing this fact well, the engineers of Area 51 designed the RC8B3 Team Kit to be a winner in every aspect, from the build, to maintenance, and ultimately racing. Completely designed from the ground up. The RC8B3 starts with a hard-anodized 7075-T6 aluminum chassis designed for optimum weight distribution, ground clearance, and better overall handling. As a result, the RC8B3 Team Kit changes directions faster, and is more compliant and stable in rough terrain.

RC8B3_3Q-Body-Off_R_md RC8B3_3Q-Body-Off_L_md RC8B3_Top-Down_md Breakdown

World class suspension package. The RC8B3 has received an updated suspension that features a pillow-ball front upright for maximum steering and durability. Refined 16mm Big Bore hard-anodized aluminum threaded shocks and 3.5mm alloy shock shafts provide plush suspension travel. The RC8B3 features precision universal drive shafts front and rear to keep suspension travel free through the entire stroke.

RC8B3_Braking-System_md RC8B3_Shock-Towers_md RC8B3_Rear-Diff_md RC8B3_Front-Susp_md

Designed to handle, built to win. The RC8B3 was designed by 1:8 scale racers for 1:8 scale racers, and delivers high performance that will help put you on the podium. RC8B3 Team Kit shown in these photos equipped with items NOT included in kit: engine, exhaust system, receiver battery, Reedy servos, wheels and tires. Body comes clear. Assembly and painting required.


Associated unveils 1/8 buggy teaser

New RC8 Buggy

Team Associated has released a first look at the new production RC8 (or whatever the new buggy will be dubbed). While this reveals very little regarding the details of the new car, it does tell us the buggy is closer to production than many have realized. The new buggy is long-awaited, and has already proven itself to be a race winning machine in even the prototype stages.

Source: Team Associated

Serpent releases Cobra GP 2.2 buggy

Cobra Nitro Buggy

Continuing on yesterday’s release of the Serpent Cobra B-e 2.1 buggy, today Serpent unveils the Cobra 2.2 nitro buggy. The 2.2 buggy qualified 6th, and finished 11th at the recent NeoX. The updated Cobra has received fresh new uprights, axles, driveshafts, axle boots, front sway bar, and includes hard coated shock caps, aluminum caster blocks, and a +4mm chassis for added rear end stability.

Source: Serpent

Serpent announces Cobra B-e 2.1 kit

Cobra V2

Serpent has announced today the upcoming Cobra B-e 2.1 1/8 electric buggy. The new buggy was first seen last weekend at the NeoX as team driver Jorn Neumann completed the weekend with a 4th place finish. Serpent states, “The changes for the new version are not big, but very important to make you go around the track easier and faster.” The key new features of the buggy include updated uprights, axles, driveshafts, axle boots, C-hubs, and front sway bar.

Source: Serpent

Tekno releases new EB48SL buggy

Tekno RC SL

Tekno RC has officially announced the new EB48SL 1/8 buggy. This is NOT a replacement for the EB48.2, but instead a new buggy kit for the emerging “Super Lite” 1/8 buggy class (hints EB48SL). The Super Lite class utilizes 2S LiPos (instead of 4S) and Pro4 SC motors and ESC’s. Why you ask? Many offroad tracks, especially smaller indoor facilities, do not want the liability, wear and tear on the track, and overall carnage that would be caused by full on 4S powered 1/8 E-Buggys. The Super Lite class lightens the cars, tames down the insane power, and in turn changing the minds of many track owners, and allowing 1/8 enthusiasts to race.

EB48SL_6s EB48SL_5s EB48SL_1s EB48SL_13s


Pre-production ORB FWD unveiled

ORB Buggy

Do you remember the ORB Racing Front Wheel Drive Conversion for the Team Durango DEX210 buggy we shared a few short weeks ago? Today the company has released more news regarding the unique buggy by sharing a first look of the pre-production car. ORB says, “The car was a joy to build and feels very solid…stay tuned as we prepare the car to undergo final testing soon!”

11088757_1577390149066572_4898702083502493408_o 11080553_1577376142401306_6169301920500101982_o 11080454_1577376089067978_5484124336980517825_o 11046891_1577376072401313_2209166199637425575_o

Without a doubt, the ORB Racing buggy conversion is quite a sight to look at OFF the track, we anxiously await to see it in action ON the track soon. Stay tuned!

New Tekno 1/8 & SCT coming soon

Tekno Buggy

There is always rumors floating around of new cars, new products, and new developments being made within the industry. One rumor that has been circling for awhile now is a new and/or updated version of the popular Tekno SCT410 short course truck and EB48 buggy in the works. It would seem as though the rumors are not only true, but closer to reality than many may realize. While doing our daily surf, a few photos were found floating around the web. The photos appears to be Tekno-created ads/releases regarding BOTH, a new SCT410.3 and EB48SL! Read more…