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SWORKz S14-3D Dirt Edition coming soon


SWORKz have released a teaser image of the forthcoming S14-3D Dirt Edition 1/10 4WD buggy. Based on the 2018 S14-3C Carpet Edition, the S14-3D Dirt Edition comes with a center gear differential system. SWORKz have keep the original S14-3 C-hub steering system but moved back. The chassis is made from 7075 aluminium and features a center flex system giving a better rear grip. The S14-3D comes standard with side guard made in hard Pro-composite material. With the new center layout, the S14-3D features an improved overall balance.

Kyosho Ultima re-release buggy coming soon

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Kyosho have released detailed photos about the Ultima re-release buggy. Information an features about the famous 1980’s buggy should become available very soon.

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JQ Racing Black Edition eCar E-buggy

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JQ Racing have introduced the new Black Edition eCar E-buggy. The new buggy shares the Black nitro, and Grey E-Buggy’s front and rear gearboxes, but the centre portion and chassis is all new. The eCar features a 3mm chassis, and longer wheelbase, providing more grip and stability and the improved centre diff/motor mount to add strength and secure mesh. The carbon fibre battery holders and brace allow to fit sticks and Shorty batteries, the Shorty having two mounting positions. The Black Edition eCar features also an improved front brace adding more stability and strength. More photos are available here.

ARRMA introduce new Typhon & Senton 4X4 MEGA 550 RTR


ARRMA have introduced the new Typhon 4X4 MEGA 550 Bash buggy RTR and Senton 4X4 MEGA RTR Short Course Truck. First up is the Typhon 4X4 MEGA 550 Bash. It brings exciting Typhon buggy style to a 2S LiPo-capable brushed version that’s ready for action in all terrain. Its 12T 550 brushed motor supplies rippling muscle for rock-jumping speeds. The waterproof electronics are ready for any weather. dBoots 2-HO tires on tough, multi-spoke wheels find traction on any surface. The Spektrum STX2 radio with SRX200 receiver offers many of the same features found in high-end 2.4GHz systems — throttle and servo reversing, throttle and steering travel adjust, throttle limiting and more — for the ultimate control. Precision aluminum, tough steel and composite materials come together for an easy-to-maintain, super-durable vehicle design whose high downforce wing and low center of gravity, with wide arms and narrow wheels and tires, improve handling over race tracks, trails, muddy courses, skate parks, and more. Just add four AA batteries.

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HB Racing E819 E-Buggy kit

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New from HB Racing is the new E819 1/8 E-buggy kit. The E819 takes all of the improved features introduced on the 2019 DNC E-Buggy champion E817 V2, and adds a host of new features designed to make it faster and more durable. A new chassis adds 2mm to the wheelbase for improved handling and jumping. And, chassis strength has been increased with a new thicker aluminum center brace. Revised rear hub carrier graphite plates and thin hex hubs enhance track performance. The E819 drivetrain features a heavy duty machined & lightened steel spur, new 43/13 front and rear differentials, and a revised rear center dogbone. Now topping the E819 kit is the popular JConcepts Silencer S15 clear body. All of the new parts are backwards compatible with the E817 and E817 V2 buggies, and the E819 is compatible with most HB spare parts and option parts. The new E819 follows the HB Racing concept… constant evolution to stay at the front of the pack.

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Kyosho Ultima RB7SS 2WD stock racing buggy kit

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Kyosho have introduced the new Ultima RB7SS 2WD stock racing buggy kit. The stock motor class has ignited excitement in 1/10 electric buggy racing around the world. As the most dominant machine in this class, the Ultima RB7 has been specially tuned for 17.5T motors. The change to aluminum shafts delivers efficient transfer of motor power to the road surface while eliminating the slipper clutch. In addition, the overall weight of the machine has been reduced, including a lightweight body. With roll characteristics revised for stock motor drive lines, this SS (Stock Special) machine is designed to take the action of stock motor class racing up to the next level.

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Hong Nor X3S EVO.e E-buggy kit

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Hong Nor have introduced the new X3S EVO.e E-buggy kit. Based on the X3S EVO Nitro Buggy, the X3S EVO.e use of most of the features the nitro-powered buggy but also some specific updates and improvements. The chassis is machined from 7075-T6 aluminium for strength and comes with millings ensuring a lightweight design and optimised flex characteristics. The black anodised surface ensures high durability and factory looks. The kit includes many other aluminium parts including 5mm front and rear shock towers, black anodised motor mount, 12-degree C-hubs and rear uprights, front lower, rear and upper arms. The electronics mount is removable for easy of cleaning and wires are protected under a plate to offer a clean and safe layout. The X3S EVO.e 2 x 2S ‘long’ batteries or one 4S batterie. The braces are cut from high-quality carbon fibre will reinforce the front and rear ends of the E-buggy when running in high-grip racing conditions, limiting the chassis’s flex.

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ARRMA improve the 3S BLX line-up


ARRMA 3S BLX Line-Up has been updated and the 1/8 Typhon, 1/10 Senton, 1/10 Granite and 1/10 Big Rock Crew Cab come now equipped with the high-quality SpektrumRC STX2 radio and IC5 connectors. Thanks to the power of the 3S LiPo, these brushless vehicles can reach top speeds of up to 50+ mph.

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