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HB Racing D819 1/8 nitro buggy

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HB Racing have introduced the new D819 1/8 nitro buggy. The latest iteration of the World Champion line of buggies from HB Racing, the D819 adds the latest high performance parts to keep it ahead of the competition. The foundation for the D819 starts with a 7075 aircraft aluminum chassis that adds 4mm of length to the rear of the car which allows a longer wheelbase (up to the maximum regulation) and shifts the overall center of gravity for more stability, especially on high-speed corners. The chassis is symmetrical for better balance and more consistent jumping and cornering. And it’s strategically machined to decrease weight and balance the flex characteristics. A machined aluminum center chassis brace that strengthens the center section of the car, and an updated chassis with countersunk mounting holes for the new brace.

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Team Associated Reflex DB10 Paddle Edition RTR

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Team Associated have introduced a limited edition of the Reflex DB10 RTR with Paddle tyres. Made for sand or snow, the Reflex DB10 Paddle Edition RTR comes equipped with rear paddle and front ribbed tyres right out of the box. It is available in both standard RTR and RTR Combo with LiPo battery and charger.

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TLR 8IGHT X-E E-buggy kit

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Team Losi Racing have introduced the new 8IGHT X-E E-buggy kit. Based on the 8IGHT-X Nitro Buggy, the X-E features a more traditional ‘wide’ style chassis that increases stability, balance and gives the buggy a more neutral feel. This also allows for the component’s to be spread out instead of cramped together as with a narrow style chassis making maintenance a breeze. To create an easier to drive, more consistent 4wd feel to the 8IGHT-XE, the entire driveline has been redesigned to create a reduced driveline angle on both the front and rear drive shafts. This not only creates an equalized driveline but also reduces wear on key driveline components.

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Tamiya Comical Hornet coming soon

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Coming soon from Tamiya is the Comical Hornet. After the Grasshopper, the second legend getting the Comical treatment is the Hornet. Also based on the proven WR-02CB chassis, the Comical Hornet features a pre-assembled gearbox with motor already attached to save hassle in the assembly process. Long suspension arms and CVA oil dampers make for excellent off-road performance, while underguard and side guards give great protection. A rear wheelie bar helps support the model when it leans back, maintaining a fun wheels-in-the air stance as the model plunges forward. The Comical Hornet comes with yellow and white 2-piece wheels, ‘bubble’ tyres and with a durable stylized polycarbonate body, and a driver figure wearing a helmet.

First look: Kyosho Turbo Optima 2019

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Kyosho are back at the 2019 Nuremberg Toyfair and they didn’t come with empty pockets. The MP10 has of course an important standing as the flagship of the Japanese brand and the presence of the MP10 from its designer Yuichi Kanai is still a hit, but it is once again the range of Legendary Series that catches the eye. After the re-release of the Optima, Kyosho uncover another iconic buggy, the Turbo Optima. The Turbo Optima features a belt-driven all-wheel drivetrain with rear motor, front and rear anti–roll bars and the famous golden shocks. All aluminium parts including the chassis, the chassis stiffeners and the front en rear shock towers are also gold anodized. A driver adds a touch of realism and also protects the electronics mounted below.

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XRAY unveil XB8E’19 E-buggy kit


Based on the ultra-successful XB8E platform, XRAY proudly presents the 2019-spec XB8E which incorporates the latest improvements and refinements gathered by the team, race-proven in the highest competition races around the world.

All-new 2019:

  • All-new 2-in-1 concept features both a pivot ball & C-hub suspension included in one kit
  • Updated XB8E platform allows easy swapping of the two different suspensions with fully interchangeable parts
  • Unbeatable set-up alternatives to perfectly adjust the car to any track condition
  • All-new C-hub suspension includes new lower suspension arm, steering block with Ackermann plate, C-hub, camber link & Ackermann steering plate
  • All-new front Pivot Ball steering block with larger outside ball-bearings for increased reliability and life-span
  • All-new rear uprights with larger outside ball-bearings for increased reliability and life-span
  • All-new rear uprights feature an extra hole for extended roll-center adjustment possibilities
  • All-new front lower, rear and upper arms redesigned and made from a harder material to improve response and stability with freer operation in dusty conditions.
  • All-new cell shock membranes with less air gap
  • All-new shock cap with 4 vent holes accommodates the new cell shock membranes for easier assembly and servicing
  • All-new, longer front and rear shock shafts
  • New, softer front and rear anti-roll bars increase traction

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Hobbytech Spirit NXT 2.0 RTR E-buggy

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Hobbytech have introduced the new Spirit NXT 2.0 Ready-to-Run E-buggy. Designed and developed in France, it uses the DNA of the Hobbytech’s competition buggies. It is powered by a Konect waterproof combo that can handle the power of a 6S LiPo battery. Its weight distribution with the possibility to move the battery, the front and rear aluminium shock towers, the 16mm Big Bore aluminium shocks, the Rocket tyres and the steel transmission offer performance and reliability. For simplified maintenance, the motor mount allows easy pinion replacement and the radio plate has easy disassembly. The look has been entrusted to BittyDesign who painted the Pitbull body.

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Team Corally SBX-410 4WD buggy coming soon

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Team Corally have released first teaser images of their long awaited SBX-410 4WD buggy kit. The SBX-410 is equipped with brand new big bore shocks and carbon fibre shock towers and has new suspension geometry. The body features a cab forward, raked windshield and aggressive stance. The release that is scheduled for the end of February. Stay tuned for more details coming soon…

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