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XRAY XB2D’19 2WD buggy


Following the release of the XB2C 2019, XRAY have introduced the highly anticipated XB2D 2019 1/10 2wd buggy.

All-new 2019:

  • All-in-one concept featuring front motor & mid motor build options included in the kit
  • Includes both laydown and standup parts sets: gearboxes, motor upper brace, alu motor mounts, gear box idler gears, shock towers, rear roll center holders, gear covers and battery holders
  • All-new shorter chassis for improved weight balance and improved traction
  • All-new ultra-smooth ball diff increases traction & life time
  • All-new multi-function rear upright helps to generate more traction & increase stability
  • All-new longer rear arms for increased traction and consistency
  • All-new RR suspension holder is compatible with both the new long arms and standard XB2 rear arms
  • All-new longer rear driveshafts with 2.5mm pins for smoother operation
  • All-new battery holder shifts electronics closer to the rear for better weight distribution in front motor configuration
  • All-new 2-pads slipper for improved traction in low bite situations
  • All-new Alpha 2 body for increased traction & stability
  • All-new rear wing for increased traction
  • Includes hard front steering block to improve handling
  • Includes new rear wheels with deeper recess for wheel nuts
  • Includes new composite chassis front guard from Hard material that increase stability of the car
  • Includes new shorter composite front chassis side braces and soft graphite chassis guards
  • Includes hard front suspension arms suitable for medium & high traction
  • Includes hard front upper deck that makes the car more precise
  • New greased ball-bearings for front steering blocks and rear uprights increase lifespan in dusty conditions.
  • Revised shock absorber lower shims for more precise shock shaft movement

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Losi Super Rock Rey 1/6 4WD RTR AVC rock racer

See: Losi

Losi have introduced their new Super Rock Rey 1/6 4WD RTR AVC rock racer. This ready-to-run gives any driver the power and stability to succeed off-road with impressive size, speed, and endurance. The Losi Super Rock Rey also has a robust chassis and features AVC stability — making it easier to control for drivers at any experience level. The Super Rock Rey takes its inspiration from full-scale rigs that tackle the King of Hammers and similar places others won’t dare go. Realistic solid axle performance joins 8S brushless power that pushes the needle to 50+ mph or more — while the stability of AVC technology lets you hold nothing back through corners and jumps.

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XRAY XB8’18 Special Edition Nitro Buggy

See: RC America

RC America have introduced a a limited edition kit of the XRAY XB8’18 called ‘Special Edition’. The XRAY distributor incorporated the feedback from their race team to put together a combination of standard and optional parts ready to hit the track. Are included in the XB8’18 SE the suspension arms (352120-M, 352133-M and 353116-G) for improved consistency and smooth suspension operation, inline steering blocks and steering arms (352241 and 352370) for improved steering response, front CV drive-shafts (355211/355221) for improved traction, graphite diff cases (355022-G and 355023-G) for improved reliability during long mains and high temperatures, larger spur gear (355058 48T) center spur gear for improved throttle response, upgraded brake pads (354131) for improve consistency and braking feel, 2.2mm front and 2.4MM rear anti roll bars (352492 and 353424) for improved traction, stiffer front 4 dot front springs (358316) for improved handling, longer shock shafts (358262/358267) to increase suspension travel to improve handling in most conditions and wider +1mm and +2mm hex hubs (355251/355252) to maximize vehicle width and improve handling. The stock parts in the standard XB8’18 are replaced by the option parts.

Tamiya Comical Grasshopper XB Pro RTR

See: Tamiya

Tamiya have introduced the Comical Grasshopper XB Pro, build in the factory. The XB version comes assembled and features a electronic speed control, a 540-type motor, a servo, 2.4 GHz radio, 7.2V battery and charger. The body as well as driver are painted and decorated already.

XRAY unveil XB4 2019 4wd buggy

XRAY have introduced the highly anticipated XB4 2019 1/10 4wd buggy.

2019 All-new Features:

  • All-new multi-function rear upright helps to generate more traction & increase stability
  • All-new longer rear driveshafts with 2.5mm pins for smoother operation
  • All-new rear wheel axle with safety collar, featuring XRAY’s unique multi-position driveshaft adjustment to vary driveshaft length
  • All-new longer rear camber link to accommodate all roll center alternatives
  • All-new larger ball-bearing used in the rear uprights for increased reliability
  • All-new rear suspension arms redesigned to accommodate the new multi adjustable upright
  • All-new longer rear arm pivot pin to accommodate the new multi adjustable upright and wheelbase adjustment.
  • All-new diff outdrives redesigned for 2.5mm pins for smoother operation
  • All-new bevel drive gears machined from special gear steel material reduce the weight and significantly improves reliability
  • All-new central shaft universal joint redesigned to accommodate the new steel pinion gears
  • All-new graphite reinforcement plate between servo saver increases traction and improves cornering speed
  • All-new body redesigned to make the car more stable and improves the rotation in corners
  • Includes new rear wheels with a deeper recess for the wheel nuts

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XRAY XB4 2019 coming soon


Coming soon from XRAY is the XB4’19 1/10 4WD buggy. No detail, photos or features are yet available but we will keep you informed as soon as the first information become available.

Team Associated Reflex 1/14 4WD RTR Buggy & Truggy

See: Team Associated

Team Associated have introduced the new Reflex 1/14th scale 4WD Ready-To-Run buggy and Truggy. Both vehicles comes out of the box already assembled, with a Reedy Power brushless speed control and motor, high-torque digital steering servo, and 2.4GHz radio system. The adjustability offered by the turnbuckles, caster blocks, and rear hubs make the Reflex 14B and 14T ready for any terrain you can throw at it. Additional features include three sealed differentials, aluminum steering rack, and lightweight aluminum center driveshaft.

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SWORKz S14-3 Pro 4WD Buggy kit

See: SWORKz 

SWORKz have introduced the new S14-3 Pro 4WD Buggy kit. Based on the success of the S14-2, the S14-3 features a 7075-T6 aluminum chassis with the center flex system giving more rear grip while using of the new front and rear upper carbon fibre decks will provide even more traction. The S14-3 features 5mm universal axle cross drive shafts specially designed and machined with the same steel material as than that of SWORKz 1/8 buggy. The new pivot ball system together with the C-Hub steering system improve front and rear suspension shock system on carpet surface. SWORKz have devolopped new front and rear arms made from strong composite
nylon materials. The kit includes the new centre slipper clutch system and many high quality parts including a refined shock system and many SWORKz Factory Team option parts.

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