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Tekno releases new EB48SL buggy

Tekno RC SL

Tekno RC has officially announced the new EB48SL 1/8 buggy. This is NOT a replacement for the EB48.2, but instead a new buggy kit for the emerging “Super Lite” 1/8 buggy class (hints EB48SL). The Super Lite class utilizes 2S LiPos (instead of 4S) and Pro4 SC motors and ESC’s. Why you ask? Many offroad tracks, especially smaller indoor facilities, do not want the liability, wear and tear on the track, and overall carnage that would be caused by full on 4S powered 1/8 E-Buggys. The Super Lite class lightens the cars, tames down the insane power, and in turn changing the minds of many track owners, and allowing 1/8 enthusiasts to race.

EB48SL_6s EB48SL_5s EB48SL_1s EB48SL_13s


Pre-production ORB FWD unveiled

ORB Buggy

Do you remember the ORB Racing Front Wheel Drive Conversion for the Team Durango DEX210 buggy we shared a few short weeks ago? Today the company has released more news regarding the unique buggy by sharing a first look of the pre-production car. ORB says, “The car was a joy to build and feels very solid…stay tuned as we prepare the car to undergo final testing soon!”

11088757_1577390149066572_4898702083502493408_o 11080553_1577376142401306_6169301920500101982_o 11080454_1577376089067978_5484124336980517825_o 11046891_1577376072401313_2209166199637425575_o

Without a doubt, the ORB Racing buggy conversion is quite a sight to look at OFF the track, we anxiously await to see it in action ON the track soon. Stay tuned!

New Tekno 1/8 & SCT coming soon

Tekno Buggy

There is always rumors floating around of new cars, new products, and new developments being made within the industry. One rumor that has been circling for awhile now is a new and/or updated version of the popular Tekno SCT410 short course truck and EB48 buggy in the works. It would seem as though the rumors are not only true, but closer to reality than many may realize. While doing our daily surf, a few photos were found floating around the web. The photos appears to be Tekno-created ads/releases regarding BOTH, a new SCT410.3 and EB48SL! Read more…

AMain.com Pot o’ Gold Tub Giveaway


To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day AMain.com’s own leprechaun is stashing four Team Associated Limited Edition “Gold Tub” RC10 Classic Kits throughout the website. Simply find and click on the lucky “Pot O’ Gold Tub” image he hides each day on our website March 17 through March 20. Then enter into the daily drawing with your contact info, and be sure to enter each day that you find the lucky Pot O’ Gold Tub.  We’ll share hints on where to find the Pot O’ Gold Tub images on the AMain.com Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Remember to search for the hashtag #potofgoldtub if you are wise and want to win the Gold Tub prize.

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Team Durango ships out new vehicles


Team Durango has announced today that their fresh new lineup of vehicles have officially left the warehouse, and are on their way to distributors worldwide. Despite the fact the vehicles are shipping out, Durango has yet to reveal any major details of the new vehicles. Provided in the announcement were a few teaser shots of the new vehicles, showing off a small amount of what to expect. Stay tuned for more details.

desc10-press-image dex8t-press-image dnx8-press-image2 dex8-press-image

ORB’s DEX210 FWD conversion kit


ORB Racing has shared a few early automated drawings, photos, and test runs of their latest project, the FF210 Front Wheeld Drive buggy. This buggy is based on the prototype buggy used to win the MAC Vlijmen Winter Championship, and is a Team Durango DEX210 conversion kit using 3D printed nylon components and composite plates. The car will accept shorty, saddle, and square LiPo packs for various configurations. We are told ORB Racing is currently arranging component suppliers and the production of a mold for the unique body shell this car will require.

1396935_1560474504091470_3327431518549487200_o 1796736_1560480077424246_3994089906233958428_o ORB FWD 2 ORB FWD


Hot Bodies unveils the new D815


Hot Bodies has announced their newest creation today, the D815! Racing car development is a never-ending process, and the same is true with World Championship-winning RC cars. After multiple National Championships and dominating major races such as The Dirt and the Neo ’14, Ty Tessmann and his HB D812 won the 2014-2015 IFMAR World Championships in Sicily, his first world title win! Although much of the credit is owed to Ty’s skills and dedication, as well as unending help from the rest of “Team Tessmann”, Ty’s weapon of choice deserves a fair amount of acclaim as well. The HB D812 was a development of the 2008-2009 World Championship-winning D8, and has been a stalwart addition to the HB stable of pure racing cars for a few years, and the HB D815 is the culmination of this work – tried and tested, and victorious at the highest levels of competition.

unnamed (86)


Spy shots of the new XRAY XB2

XB2 Spy SHot

A surprise email found its way to our inbox this afternoon, and inside it contained a little something many have anxiously been waiting for. An anonymous source has provided us with a few spy shots of the all-new XRAY XB2 buggy. The photos are from the recent EOS event, where XRAY’s Martin Bayer was behind the wheel of the prototype new buggy. The prototype buggy features an abundance of carbon fiber, including shock towersbattery brace, and a unique rear chassis brace/top deck design. It would appear as though the mid-motor car has multiple battery positioning options, however, Bayer is shown here running a ‘shorty’ pack turned sideways.

We anxiously await the official release of the XB2, and to see the production car soon!

10979223_1382232985421524_345861437_n 10984799_1382232972088192_1897635847_n 10967826_1382232968754859_1873570736_n 10951411_1382232982088191_736308726_n


Yannick Aigoin’s RC8 Prototype


Last year’s Montpellier GP saw much excitement as then-Associated designer Josh Alton attended the event with Yannick Aigoin racing the former RC8 prototype buggy, fast forward 12 months after much change and Yannick is back to his old colours but running the final pre-production RC8 buggy before an expected release in April (just in time for NeoX).

yanncik-aigoin-HtH1 yanncik-aigoin-HtH3 yanncik-aigoin-HtH4

Our friends at Circus RC shot a couple of photos of Yannick’s car, sadly no body off shots but a couple of closeups of the platform’s front and rear sections of the car.

Source: Circus RC

THECar White Edition 25-Hour Test

THECar 25 Hour Test

Rarely do you see a top pro driver suffer from vehicle durability issues, but then again many top pro drivers have unlimited parts supplies to build and re-build their car before every race. For the average racer however, access to unlimited parts supply and anytime rebuilds isn’t always possible, therefore a vehicle’s long-term durability is an important aspect of deciding which car is right for you. JQRacing’s Joseph Quagraine has completed a 25-hour durability test of THECar White Edition, and has published his results for you to see.

“Last year I performed a durability test on THECar White Edition. I built a new car for the Nitro Challenge 2014 in February in USA, and then documented each time I drove the car. I only replaced parts that broke, in order to see how the wear rate is on the car, and if anything breaks due to stress and the rigors of racing. I practiced and raced on a variety of different tracks in various different conditions, from hot South Africa, to mild Michigan, and cool Finland.”

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