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HB Racing unveils the new D815 V2

HB D815 V2

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HB Racing is proud to announce the release of the successor to the World Champion D815 1/8 Nitro Buggy. The new D815 V2 adds key features based on extensive testing and racing by our HB Team Drivers and designers. The D815 V2 is faster, more adjustable, and easier to drive.

Now included are 2 chassis plates, standard and a new extended chassis. The extended chassis adds 4mm of length to the rear of the car which allows a longer wheelbase (up to the maximum regulation) and shifts the overall center of gravity for more stability, especially on high-speed corners.Ty Tessmann and most of the HB drivers have switched to this longer chassis. An extended rear drive shaft (neces- sary when using the extended chassis), and the popular high wing mount are also included.

“The D815V2 kit comes with more of the tuning options that I use on today’s high speed tracks, to make the car even faster.” – Ty Tessmann, HB Racing Team Driver, IFMAR World Champion

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XRAY unveil XB8’16 Buggy


We’ve been featuring the ‘Making of the new XB8’16‘ here on Neo recently, and finally the wait is over, XRAY present the XB8’16:

Based on the ultra-successful XB8 platform, XRAY proudly presents the 2016-spec XB8 which incorporates the latest improvements and refinements gathered by the team, race-proven in the highest competition races around the world.


With my long-time experiences with 1/8 off-road racing, combined with the expertise I have gained from the R&D process at my previous projects at XRAY with XB2 and XB4 platforms, I have incorporated all the improvements & refinements to the XB8 platform to make it better, easier to work on, and more reliable.

Martin Bayer -XRAY XB8 Designer

xb8-2016-intro-04 xb8-2016-intro-03 xb8-2016-intro-05 xb8-2016-intro-02

XRAY XB’16 details

TLR release 5ive-B 4wd Race Kit

TLR05001 06

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Team Losi Racing have introduced the new 5ive-B 1/5 4wd Race buggy kit, a 5th scale 2-stroke buggy with some really cool inventions. The wheelbase is slightly smaller than the 5ive-T and will fit right into the official regulations for large-scale competition. This is the car we are waiting for such a long time and we can’t wait to have one in our hands by ourselves. It comes as a kit so you can build it the way you like. Uses Losi Mini suspension arms to achieve the best competition buggy out there.

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Team Associated working on new 4wd?


If the announcement of Team Associated’s B6 was eagerly welcomed with great enthusiasm, it also created some surprise:

Why replace/upgrade a new 2wd to replace the B5 and not a new 4wd to replace the ageing B44 based on a decade-old platform ?

If the reason is clearly commercial, the 2wd being a much larger market than the 4WD market, Team Associated might not want to stop their momentum starting with the launch of its 2wd. A Snapchat hit the rumor mill and speculation is rife: Team Associated relating to their fanbase by constant teasing, Watch this space.

XRAY XB8 Exclusive Coming soon!

xb8 2016 exclusive

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Team Associated release RC10B6 & RC10B6D Team kits


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Team Associated have launched those who have the task of replacing the famous and B5 and B5M, the B6 and B6D Team kits. Divide and conquer! In today’s racing, traction dictates your setup — period! With both B6 and B6D configurations available, getting to the top of the podium has never been easier. Out of the box, the B6 offers racers a setup developed for high to very-high traction, whereas the B6D excels when traction is low to high. Racing at multiple tracks, or where traction changes throughout the day, has never been easier; setups and tuning parts are interchangeable between the two configurations, making the B6 platform extremely versatile. Both versions come with the speed, durability and lineage expected of a true champion. Choose the configuration that suits your track and conquer the competition! Available in June.

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Team Associated B5 Limited Edition

b5 team limited edition

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Team Associated have introduced a limited edition of the B5‬ Team kit with B5M‬ conversion. The Limited Edition kit includes all parts (except the B5M body) to convert the B5‬ Team into the B5M.

SWORKz S12-1R Dirt Edition: Unveiled



SWORKz  just unveiled their all-new S12-1R Dirt Edition 1/10 2wd buggy. The S12-1R chassis platform is designed for racing. It features a mid position gear box with a lower position spur gear system. The motor position is 65mm away from the mid-front gear box (S12-1M) improving the overall grip when racing on dirt tracks. The S12-1R also features a 3mm 7075 chassis layout that allows up to 4 different battery positions. The buggy comes with a 6mm aluminum front shock tower and all the lower arm holders are made of strong aluminium. SWORKz designed a Pure Oil Shock System (no shock bladders) for quicker shock response and better suspension feel.

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Serpent Cobra SRX8 Official release


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Serpent have officially released their buggy 4wd 1/8, the Cobra SRX8. The all-new Cobra SRX8 was developed bearing in mind some key points:

high quality equipment, innovations, packed performance, made to last, easy maintenance and great information, service and support.

Its design was entrusted to Billy Easton and a team of 5 designers, each with their own specialty. He is responsible for and very proud on this latest design of the Cobra SRX8, which he worked on for the past year. Billy used the input from many Serpent drivers, teamdrivers and distributors, to create this brandnew 1/8 buggy. The focus is as always on performance, but we have paid a lot of attention to ease of use, and durability.

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Team Associated RC8.2e Brushless RTR LiPo Combo


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Team Associated have introduced the RC8.2e Brushless RTR LiPo Combo with big bore shock kit upgrade. The RC8.2e comes loaded with performance features like the powerful Reedy 2000kv brushless motor, Reedy brushless electronic speed control, XP 2.4 GHz radio system, and big bore shocks with free Shock Kit Upgrade. In addition, the RC8.2e Brushless RTR LiPo Combo includes a Reedy high-current LiPo battery and Reedy Compact Balance Charger. The added benefit of having Factory Team option parts available allows you customize your RC8.2e to suit your needs.

The Qualifier Series is Team Associated’s exciting new line of sport-level products that are designed to be fun above all else, yet are lower cost, easy to use, durable, and provide an easy way to get into the RC hobby. When great looks and high performance are combined with quality features and value pricing, it becomes the ultimate sport product. When all this is offered from a company like Team Associated, it’s nothing short of awesome.

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