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XRAY overhauls the XB8 for 2015

xb8 15 coming soon

XRAY has announced today that the latest vehicle to receive the 2015 treatment is the XB8 1/8 nitro buggy. No official details have been revealed at this time, but are said to be released soon…stay tuned!

Team Shepherd joins the offroad race!


With it’s origins in true nitro onroad racing, Team Shepherd is ready to take the next step and enter the competitive 1/8 offroad market. The first offroad nitro car from the German manufacturer will be called Bull X8 with the nitro version release being planned for December, and the electric version following in early 2015. More detailed information and pictures will be available soon.

Patrick Schäfer says, ”For quite some time we have received many requests from customers from all over the world for a Shepherd 1/8 offroad car so it’s only logical to enter one of the biggest markets in the industry. We are very excited about this project which was a completely new challenge for the whole team.”

We are anxious to see the first shots of the Bull X8, and what is to come for the future of Team Shepherd in the offroad world. Is this perhaps an opportunity for drivers still looking for that place to call home for 2015?

Update, NeoBuggy understands the car will already be released in December and here are a few (pretty useless) details that were left in the official email Press Release ;)

4mm 7075 hardcoated aluminium chassis, aluminium wishbone brackets, multiple toe-in and anti-squat adjustment possibilities at rear axle, adjustable ackermann, 5mm carbon shock towers, 160mm (sic) big-bore shocks with TiN coated shock rods, lightweight diff outdrivers, centered weight engine mount position, cab forward body, silicon sealed ball bearings, high quality 10.9 steel screws, mudguards, Batterybox for LiFe, LiPo,NiMH stick packs.

Intech Racing ER-14 1/10 4WD Buggy


Intech Racing have kindly sent us photos of their new 1/10 4WD electric buggy, the ER-14. The new buggy features a centre diff setup, carbon fibre throughout, big bore shocks. Expect the car to be released and available within the next two weeks.

Via Intech Racing

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XRAY unveil XB4’15 spec buggy


XRAY raised the bar in the 1/10 buggy class with the XB4, bringing a new high-quality, high-performance player into the field for all others to measure themselves against. Now with a more adaptive platform, XRAY’s 1/10 buggy, the new XB4’15, is even more the beast to beat.

We present the new 2-in-1 concept in the 2015-spec XB4, giving the ability to change or reposition components on the car to use a short LiPo battery pack -or- saddle packs. Everything has been considered, adapted, and included: repositionable bulkheads, slipper clutch, and motor mount; different upper decks and center CVD drive shafts; even a repositionable radio trays and servo mounts. This is an incredible leap forward to make the XB4 platform ultra-diverse to satisfy the needs, wants, and desires of racers around the world.

The new XB4 is artistically crafted in our in-house XRAY factory by design & production specialists, and then extensively tested and refined by the world’s best drivers. Designed, developed, and fully manufactured in Slovakia, Europe, with XRAY’s legendary attention to the details, fine materials and extreme performance, I am excited to present you the all-new XB4.


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XRAY’s XB4 gets 2015 update

xb4 2015 full release coming

Year after year XRAY updates their lineup of vehicles with the latest advancements, option parts, and upgrades. After their recent update to the successful T4 touring car, XRAY has now announced the updated XB4’15 4wd buggy. Official details of the new buggy are set to be released tomorrow, stay tuned!

SWORKz S350 EVO II Pro Kit teaser


Multiple World Champion Atsushi Hara joined Speedmaster to help develop the race program and the SWORKz line of vehicles. Extensive testing, R&D and collaborations have resulted in our newest project, the S350 EVO II. After the successful debut of the SWORKz S350 EVO, we followed Hara’s concept to build on our successes with the EVO and improve and ultimately create the S350 EVO II.

The S350 EVO II includes higher quality parts, a refined shock system, more options, and optimized suspension geometry. The S350 EVO II will be available soon! Details will be available soon.

Mugen Seiki MBX7R Eco 1/8 EL Buggy

mbx7r eco

Coming soon from Mugen Seiki is an updated ‘R’ rated version of their popular MBX7 Eco 1/8 electric buggy – the update brings the car in line with updates released on it’s nitro-powered cousin (the MBX7R). Updates include new designed front hub carriers that allow the new universal to be in a trailing axle position as well as new rear uprights that accommodate new bigger bearings required by the new universal.

mbx7r_eco_03 mbx7r_eco_08 mbx7r_eco_09 mbx7r_eco_14

The front upper suspension arm have been shortened 1.6mm, new rear lower arms to accommodate the universals, a new steering ackerman now has 5 holes for maximum adjustability, new wing stay which allows the wing to be brought forward 10.5mm improving traction, new mud guards that fit the new chassis – the side of which have been angled more for strength and lastly new 16mm front and rear shocks improving stability and feel in bumps and jumps.

Available in December 2014


mbx7r_eco_13 mbx7r_eco_22 mbx7r_eco_25 mbx7r_eco_23

Project 17.5 Racer: Associated B5M


Words & Photos by Stephen Bess

Building A 17.5-Class Maestro

So Associated released the B5M mid-motor car approximately, er, mid year 2014 (appropriately?), and along with its rear-motor B5 brother, both have made a huge splash in the 1/10-scale 2wd electric buggy market.  With indoor season upon us, I decided to build a B5M and race it in the highly competitive 17.5-turn “spec” class.  Having already tested the rear-motor B5 (AE B5 Rear Motor Test), I knew the B5M would offer an advantage on high traction tracks, both indoor and outdoor.  But how much of an advantage?  Here are my thoughts on the car, as it has been tested with a short but significant list of options and upgrades.

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JQ’s Yellow Edition buggy lives on

Yellow Edition

JQRacing loves racing, but understands that racing does not always come cheap. They have formulated a plan to change that. JQRacing has decided to keep THE Yellow Edition buggy in their product line. This decision is aimed to lend a helping hand to club racers looking to save a buck, while still being competitive. JQRacing is now offering 299 kits of THECar Yellow Edition at $299.

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RCN Project: STRC ‘Super Stocker’


Offroad R/C racing is divided into a wide variety of classes. Most recognize the modified classes as being the most the ‘premiere’ class to run, as this is where most of the industry’s top pros will be found. Although modified classes may be considered ‘premiere’, it does not always mean that is where you will find the best racing. On a weekly basis around the nation, some of the best offroad racing takes place in the highly competitive 17.5 stock classes, primarily being the 17.5 Stock 2wd Buggy class. This class seems to draw racers of all skill levels, including Billy Beginner up to local Joe Pro, and the winner comes down to pure driving skill, setup, and precision. In an effort to dominate this class racers will do anything and everything (including too often cheat) to win. Everyone works to build the ultimate stock racing vehicle, in which everyone has their own opinion of what that entails.

RCN has teamed up with good friend Steve Wang of ST Racing Concepts to build what they are calling the ‘STRC Super Stocker’.

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