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SWorkz unveils new S104 EVO 1/10 4wd buggy

SWorkz Evo

This is the SWorkz S104 EVO 1/10 4WD Off Road Racing Buggy Pro Kit. SWorkz developed the S104 EVO in conjunction with Atsushi Hara, using influence and materials from the EVO 1/8 buggy line to create a strong and well balanced car. The S104 EVO 4WD buggy features updated suspension geometry and redesigned big bore shocks to improve handling prowess, and combined these with an FCSS chassis, a 1/10 size X-system transmission with 3 oil filled gear differentials and pivot ball steering for a great balance of traction, steering and handling qualities.

Body Off


  • SWorkz X-System transmission gear system
  • Redesigned Full Oil System Big Bore Shocks
  • Strengthend Carbon Fiber shock towers with Updated Geometry Shock Position
  • SWorkz F.C.S.S. with B.H.C. Chassis Design
  • Strengthened Arm Material with Updated Suspension Geometry
  • Redesigned Center Diff System
  • Aluminum Easy Fit for Motor Holder with Center Diff. Mount
  • 14mm Hex Wheel Hub system
  • Pivot Ball Steering System
  • Redesigned Adjustable Steering Plate and Bell Crank System

The new car is available for Pre-Order now!

PR Racing America introduces new RTR PRS1 2wd buggy


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PR Racing America introduces their new RTR vehicle lineup! PR Racing America says, “We feel that today’s RTR vehicles do not offer the customer a quality race oriented experience. Our RTR vehicles are designed primarily with the entry level racer in mind. Our RTR Vehicle is produced with much of the same materials and design as our winning Pro Kits!”


Tekno delivers new and improved NB48.3 1/8 buggy

Tekno NB483

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Tekno has announced their latest update in vehicles by announcing the new NB48.3. The updated buggy is based upon the successful NB48, however, features a list of updates including re-designed suspension geometry, revised chassis, new a-arms, new aluminum towers, new rear hubs, new spindles and carriers, and new linkage setup…just to name a FEW of a LONG list of updates.


IMG_3606m IMG_3605m IMG_3598m IMG_3607m


Tessmann teases with first look at Hot Bodies D216 1/10 2wd buggy


The annual Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout is getting underway under the hot California sun. While this race is known for it’s hot weather and great racing, it is also known as a race where new items are debuted.

Credible sources tell us the new buggy will be dubbed the ‘D216′.

This year has already proved that, as Hot Bodies team driver Ty Tessmann teases via his Facebook page with a distant photo of the all-new Hot Bodies 1/10 2wd Buggy. While social media is a slightly less traditional and anti-climatic way of introducing a new car, it certainly gets the job done.

We anxiously await to see more of the new buggy, and what Team Tessmann can do with it at this weekend’s race! (Original Facebook photo below)

11695840_739778769466908_4984681552413582288_n (1)

Inside the Associated RC8 B3: Designer Interview


It’s no secret that Team Associated’s RC8 B3 has been turning heads ever since Cavalieri snuck 2nd at the Worlds last year in September with the earliest of prototypes – it proved to be a turning point; Team Associated recapturing their mojo after losing their way a bit, with many industry insiders ranking the RC8 B3 amongst the top 2 or 3 ‘best’ cars out there currently. NeoBuggy sat down with Associated’s designer & engineer Bob Stellflue to get the inside story..

Interview: Team Associated Designer/Engineer Bob Stellflue
Team Associated RC8B3 Factory Team
By: Stephen Bess

NeoBuggy: AE’s new buggy has been on everyone’s radar for nearly a full year now; tell us how the project started, and who else worked with you on this project? How did you arrive at the basic design for this buggy?

Bob Stellflue: Kody and I got brought into this project about a year ago in April. That was to revamp what we had already started with the B2 project. The B2 was more in-line with indoor racing, and it didn’t fit the market for outdoor racing, with the tracks the way they were. Our most important goal was to figure out which style of buggy would be most effective on the track. You have 2 categories of buggy; a pillow ball style like the B3, and a caster block style. We wanted to figure out which one would be most consistent. We did lots of testing.

RC8B3_Top-Down_md RC8B3_3Q-Body-Off_R_md RC8B3_3Q-Body-Off_L_md RC8B3

Through all the different conditions we went through, no matter what we did we couldn’t find a better car with a wider tuning window than we did with a pillow ball suspension. In the early stages we knew we liked the pillow ball right away. Kody (Numedahl) was invaluable to use to drive and give us adequate feedback on what was happening.

Once we dialed in the pillow ball, it was dialing into the Worlds last year. We’ve tested new arms, prototyped different versions, and quite a bit of this ended up in the production car.

On the development side, it was more work than any other project I’ve been a part of in the 11-years I’ve been at Associated. There was a lot of learning to be had here.

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VBC unveils the new FireboltRM rear-motor 2wd buggy


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VBC Racing has unveiled their new FireboltRM 1/10 2wd buggy. This rear-motor buggy is derived from the FireboltDM mid-motor buggy, however, features a list of improvements and design changes to make the car easier to drive and work on.The FireboltRM buggy is built on a lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy ultra narrow one piece chassis with high quality 7075 aluminum alloy, composite materials and carbon fiber parts. 12mm big bore ultra smooth racing shocks are also included. The new car will ship to dealers on July 15, 2015.

DSC04055 DSC04094 DSC04090 DSC04083 DSC04081 DSC04059 DSC04057 DSC04099


Upgrade RC 4th Of July Sale


Upgrade RC is celebrating the 4th of July with a 27%-off sale.  Why 27% off?  Because Upgrade ain’t your average decal, skin and custom casuals company. And since 25%-off is just average, Upgrade decided to drop a 27%-off discount on your head.

Visit their website at www.upgrade-rc.com and fill your shopping cart with the coolest decals and custom apparel you can dream up.  Use coupon code iD42015  through next week, but don’t wait too long — this discount will be finished not too long after the fireworks stop.



Tekno unveils latest rendition of the EB48 1/8 buggy

Tekno EB48_3

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Tekno RC continues to build upon their successful lineup of vehicles by announced the new EB48.3. The new buggy is simply a new and improved version of the EB48.2. Starting with suspension geometry, to new chassis, arms, and right down to longer sway bars, the EB48.3 is packed with new features.

EB48.3 New Features:

  • Completely redesigned suspension geometry
  • New front arms
  • New rear arms
  • New front and rear 7075 CNC aluminum shock towers
  • New extra long shocks for increased suspension travel
  • New tapered 4 x 1.8mm shock pistons
  • New clamping spring perches with captured shock boots
  • New rear hubs
  • New trailing front spindles and spindle carriers
  • New V2 hinge pin braces and inserts
  • Low profile wing mount
  • Revised bumper for increased ground clearance
  • New split center differential mount
  • New straight turnbuckle rod ends
  • New tapered aluminum front center driveshaft
  • New left and right hand threaded shock mount screws
  • New easily adjustable droop screws
  • Revised shock standoffs for easier droop measurement
  • Longer rear sway bar for more consistent traction
  • Updated chassis with increased clearance for V2 hinge pin settings
  • Updated setup sheet for improved handling


Team Associated RC8 B3 First Drive Exclusive


“This is the biggest, most important project in Team Associated history.”
– Bob Stellflue, Associated Design Engineer

Vehicle names fascinate me.  Sometimes a name has deep meaning, while other times they mean nothing at all. Curious automobile names include BMW’s new M3, which is now called the M4; the Infinity Q45, which is called the Nissan Cedric outside of the US; and who could forget the Mazda Bongo Friendee (seriously, look it up)?

Less curious names within RC include Mugen’s series of 1/8-scale buggys, incrementally named the MBX-4 through MBX-7, and of course Associated’s B2-B5 electric buggies. So it stands to reason that Team Associated’s new RC8 B3 is the third buggy in its 1/8-scale history. Right?

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Tamiya unveils the new TRF211XM 1/10 2wd buggy

Tamiya Buggy

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Tamiya has unveiled their new TRF211XM 2wd mid-motor buggy. The buggy sits on a lightweight and durable resin lower deck (chassis) that is specially produced to offer a highly-balanced blend of rigidity and flexibility that suits it to any surface. Rear rigidity is further enhanced by fastening the rear stiffener to the carbon-fiber battery stiffener, while big bore aeration dampers cushion the 4-wheel double wishbone suspension. The aluminum gearbox can be fitted with ball or gear diff units to further adapt the chassis to any racing surface.