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CPXDesign D5 & D5E 2018 Spec kits

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After two years and many tests, CPXDesign have introduced their new D5 2018 Spec nitro buggy and D5E 2018 Spec E-buggy kits. Based on the famous Piktor’s Rush 2, the car keeps the system of shock absorber “lying down” allowing a very big responsiveness of the car. The new 2018 Spec versions are now equipped with a new steering plate, improving overall curving and cornering behavior. The D5 and D5E come also with new receiver box (D5/D5E) and batteries holder in carbon printed material only for the D5.

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Team Magic B8ER 6S 1/8 E-buggy

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Team Magic have introduced a 6S version of their popular B8ER 1/8 electric buggy. Based on the race proven B8RS competition, it is equipped with powerful waterproof HARD brushless system and strong 16kg waterproof metal gear HARD servo. Comes with aluminum shock towers, high quality CVD shaft, special high traction and longlife HRC Racing tires. Available in January.

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JQRacing Black Edition Spec-Q

JQ Racing have introduced the Factory Built Black Edition Spec-Q nitro buggy. It is the same Black Edition kit, but instead of packaging the parts in the familiar bags for assembly by the customer, JQ build the car at the factory, to the August 2017 Stock Setup. The only thing left for the racer to do, is to install a motor and pipe, and the electronics, and of course pain the pre cut body. Even the throttle and brake linkages are built and ready to go. This “Spec-Q” car is intended to be ready to race, so thread lock has been applied, and camber, toe, and droop has been set correctly. The diffs and shocks are pre built with the correct oils, and you can get on the track quickly.

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SWORKz Apollo 1/8th Pro RTR E-buggy

SWORKz have introduced their new Apollo 1/8th Pro Ready-To-Run E-buggy. The Apollo is a Pro RTR version based on the S35-2E buggy. The Apollo incorporates many of the same race-inspired features as the S35-2E Pro kit. The Apollo provides precise feedback and a nimble yet balanced feel that suits drivers of all levels. The SWORKz design team focused their efforts into the proper weight distribution on the Apollo. During the testing phase, proper weight distribution proved to be the key for an easy setup.

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Team Associated MT28 & SC28 Fox Ready-To-Run

Team Associated have introduced two 1/28 scale off-road vehicles in the form of the MT28 electric RTR Monster Truck and the SC28 Fox electric RTR Short Course. The 1/28 scale series is Team Associated’s new line of products that are designed to be fun above all else, yet are lower cost, easy to use, durable, and provide an easy way to get into the RC hobby.

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SOAR Seiki release first 998 TD1-R images

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SOAR Seiki have released first CAD renderings of their forthcoming 998 TD1-R 1/8 nitro off-road buggy. His production is already completed and packing has begun. More information and preview images will be available soon.

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SWORKz Apollo E-buggy Pro RTR coming soon

Coming soon from SWORKz is the Apollo Pro Ready-to-Run E-buggy. For now no information, details or photos are available but we understand that his release is expected very soon.

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SWORKz Apollo 1/8 E-buggy RTR coming soon

Coming soon from SWORKz is the Apollo 1/8 E-buggy RTR. No information and even no image are available yet but we bring you more information as soon as they will be available.