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Team Magic B8ER “HRC Version”

Team Magic B8ER HRC Version red

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Team Magic Europe and HRC Racing have introduced a “HRC Version” of the Team Magic N8ER 1/8 Brushless Buggy. This revised version features key-changes of the original Team Magic B8ER as a new waterproof 16kg High Torque servo, a new 2500kv powerful motor and new HRC Racing “BullDog” tyres. The B8ER will be available in a Red/Black and Yellow/Black body in September.

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PR Racing 1/10 buggies now available on JQRacing.Com


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JQRacing have started collaborating with PR Racing, and as such their factory team will be running PR Racing cars for 1/10th scale. The cars have already proved to be strong, and good performers on track at the recent 1/10th Euros in Spain, where Max Mört won the B main in 4WD, securing 3rd place in the Junior category.

“We will be running the cars and providing you with the best support as usual, with setups and advice, and now also selling them in our webshop.” – Joseph Quagraine

PR Racing 1/10 kits can now be purchased online here.

Team Associated Reflex 1/18 4WD Buggy RTR

Team Associated Reflex 1:18 4WD Buggy RTR

Team Associated have introduced the Reflex 1/18 4WD Buggy Ready-To-Run. The Reflex’s features include a new paint scheme (available in either black or white), white spoked wheels, XP radio, fluid-filled shocks, an inline mounted “Super 370” high-performance motor and a 6-cell battery and wall charger are also included.

Website: Team Associated

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Kyosho Ultima RB6.6 promo video

Kyosho have released a promotional video about his new Ultima RB6.6. The follow-up version of the World Championship winning RB6 excels on ultra high-grip surfaces with 3 transmission types including a newly developed lowdown gearbox.

Website: Kyosho

PR Racing PRS1 V3 MM coming soon

PRS1V3 MM (1)

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PR Racing have announced their new 2wd buggy, the PRS1 V3 Mid Motor. To design the PRS1 V3 PR Racing have been working on a new 2wd buggy platform based on their V3 design that which is optimized for medium to low grip tracks such as dirt and wet astroturf. The new V3 (MM) buggy will showcase a 3 gear Mid Motor transmission. The battery placement on the new V3 (MM) chassis design will offer both vertical and horizontal placement which helps give versatility and gives the driver the chance to find the best possible weight distribution for their application.

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Kyosho Ultima RB6.6 coming soon

Kyosho Ultima RB6.6 1

Kyosho have unveiled the next evolution of the Ultima RB6, the RB6.6. The all new updated Ultima RB6.6 based on the chassis which is used by the factory team drivers. Most versatile and competitive chassis includes all the parts to cope with todays demanding tracks. To cope to different track conditions the RB6.6 includes parts for 4 gear configurations: Rear Motor, Mid Motor (3 gears), Mid Motor (4 gears) and Low Rider. It features a new wide chassis made in 7075 aluminium machined, hard anodized and with angled sides. Its chassis is now 13mm longer (285mm) to improve stability. Rear gull-wing suspension allowing more agile turns and stability in bumpy terrains.

Website: Kyosho

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XRAY announce XBE’16 1/8 E-Buggy

00 xb8e-2016-intro-01

Hot on the heels after announcing XRAY announced it’s nitro big brother is the E-Buggy update – the XB8E’16!

Based on the ultra-successful XB8 platform, XRAY proudly presents the 2016-spec XB8E which incorporates the latest improvements and refinements gathered by the team, race-proven in the highest competition races around the world.

00 xb8e-2016-intro-02

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SWORKz introduces new S35-2E 1/8 E-Buggy kit

S35-2E 16

SWORKz have introduced their all-new S35-2E 1/8 E-Buggy kit. After making a good start with the SWORKz S350 BE1 Pro then with the S350 BE1 EVO, SWORKz further improved the buggy and created the S35-2E. The S35-2E is the ultimate SWORKz 1/8th electric buggy at the moment. Its new rear suspension design and front ackerman steering system came directly from the 1/8th S350 EVO II Limited nitro buggy. A totally brand new center transmission system provides all round improvements to the S35-2E.

Website: SWORKz

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SWORKz S35-2E starts shipping

S35-2E teaser

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SWORKz have announced that their all-new S35-2E 1/8 E-Buggy are on the way for shipping. The S35-2E is the ultimate SWORKz 1/8th E-Buggy. Its new rear suspension design and front ackerman steering system came directly from the 1/8th S350 EVO II Limited nitro buggy. A totally brand new center transmission system provides all round improvements to the S35-2E. More detail photos coming soon.

HB Racing unveils the new D815 V2

HB D815 V2

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HB Racing is proud to announce the release of the successor to the World Champion D815 1/8 Nitro Buggy. The new D815 V2 adds key features based on extensive testing and racing by our HB Team Drivers and designers. The D815 V2 is faster, more adjustable, and easier to drive.

Now included are 2 chassis plates, standard and a new extended chassis. The extended chassis adds 4mm of length to the rear of the car which allows a longer wheelbase (up to the maximum regulation) and shifts the overall center of gravity for more stability, especially on high-speed corners.Ty Tessmann and most of the HB drivers have switched to this longer chassis. An extended rear drive shaft (neces- sary when using the extended chassis), and the popular high wing mount are also included.

“The D815V2 kit comes with more of the tuning options that I use on today’s high speed tracks, to make the car even faster.” – Ty Tessmann, HB Racing Team Driver, IFMAR World Champion

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