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XRAY XB8 ’14 Review: On The Track



XRAY XB8 ’14

Luxury Defined: Quality And Adjustability

Author/Photos:  Stephen Bess


This is a word most often associated with food, makeup or Rolls Royces.  But a “luxury” RC car?  XRAY has included the word “luxury” with its vehicle names for quite a while.  The Webster’s Dictionary defines luxury as “a state of great comfort or extravagance” and “an inessential or desirable item that is expensive or difficult to obtain.”  Should your idea of luxury include ideas of foo-foo frilly and fragile items that are more show than go, you’d be wrong about the XB8 ’14; in its first full racing season, the XB8 ’14 has impressed in the USA and holds multiple TQ’s and national championships across Europe. 

XRAY nitro buggies have always been on the expensive side, but with the new XB8 ’14 kit, the buggy’s extravagant fit, finish and quality have recalibrated my expectations of what RC luxury truly is.

“Like all XRAY kits, the parts fit together like a Patek Phillipe timepiece.”


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Losi releases new 8IGHT-E RTR


Losi has just released their new 8IGHT-E 1/8 scale 4wd RTR. The new RTR features many of the same race winning designs and features found on the kit version, however, it comes right out of the box ready to run (battery not included) with Spektrum AVC (active vehicle control), Spektrum DX2E radio system, waterproof electronics, Dynamite 1800Kv motor, and 8IGHT-E 3.0 geometry. While for racing the AVC is illegal in most places, its easy to turn on and off for the ultimate in racing and bashing alike.

losi-8ight-e-09 losi-8ight-e-10 losi-8ight-e-12 losi-8ight-e-01


Source: Horizon Hobby

Nemo Racing show us Agama’s new ‘A215′ Buggy


Agama’s factory team at the Worlds are here in force through the professional representation of Jon Hazlewood’s well recognised outfit; Nemo Racing. The team are officially debuting their ‘new’ car provisionally called the ‘A215’ – replacing the current A8 Evo model as well. We caught up with Jon and team drivers Jeremy Kortz & Darren Bloomfield who waxed lyrical about the new car’s improved handling, calling it ‘night & day’ compared to the old car. Bloomfield, recently crowned BRCA Champion has driven the new car ‘geometry’ wise since back in April whilst Kortz got the new car 2 weeks ago and is loving it.

EUR_1943 EUR_1944 EUR_1945 EUR_1946

With such a short time with his car Kortz was overjoyed with the much wider and 2mm longer chassis, finding it much more balanced, easier to drive, jump with, less bottoming out and at the end of day 1 confessing to his team mates in true Kortz stlye, “my car makes me feel horny”!

EUR_1947 EUR_1948 EUR_1949 EUR_1922

80% of the car is all new, lower shock towers, brand new shorter shocks (new springs, bladders the whole lot), despite some initial trepidation concerning 17mm diameter shocks Kortz has been won over. New items include the steering rack & geometry, gearboxes, only 4 screws are required to remove the centre diff, the plastics are better, tighter tolerances and of course a 1 piece radio tray – all contributing to a much easier and faster car to work on.

EUR_1923 EUR_1924 EUR_1925 EUR_1927

The wider chassis also features a small kick up towards the rear, however a ‘droopy’ rear toe plate ensures that the hinge pin locations remain constant, the result both drivers saying that the car is much easier to drive. Tuning options will be available such as carbon or even bronze inserts for the wishbones, in order to increase stiffness if required as well as the elegant kingpin weights we’ve previously seen.

EUR_1929 EUR_1932 EUR_1934 EUR_1935

We stopped by the Nemo Racing tent just after Sunday’s first round of practice with Bloomfield having set a time good enough for 2nd overall, just a few tenths behind reigning World Champion Robert Batlle. Expect the new car to be ready in time for a 2015 release given the provisional name.

EUR_1936 EUR_1938 EUR_1940 EUR_1941

Mugen Seiki announce MBX7R buggy


In a rather surprise and low key announcement, Mugen Seiki’s North American presence (Mugen Seiki Racing), let the cat out of the bag this morning with the release of the MBX7R buggy, an updated and refined version of their Worlds winning MBX7 platform.

The MBX7R kit is based off the World Champion MBX7 platform with many high end improvements in suspension, steering and other areas to create the ultimate 1/8 nitro off road buggy.

Expect firmer details of whats new on the MBX7R, and pay close attention as well to Mugen’s continued strategy of using the Worlds to debut new cars, last time around the MBX7 in 2012.

Update: Mugen concentrated on the making the suspension on the MBX7R even better with new 16mm bodied front and rear racing shocks. These new shocks will improve stability in both bumps and jumps greatly. The bigger bodies’ shocks will make the 7R have less fade during longer runs which means you can drive even harder than ever before. The rear shocks are 4mm shorter and with the use of a new rear shock tower will keep the back of the 7R hooked up and on the ground. The 7R gets a chassis change with the side angle of the chassis changed which creates more strength and a better feeling on all racing surfaces.

10608496_10152679083414054_8323001029638134201_o 10546987_10152679083374054_1449826466997599298_o 10644443_10152679083284054_1982718397469922928_o 10694443_10152679082849054_3838102341333711204_o

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Associated’s prototype in action


Over the weekend Team Associated’s European representatives Yannick Aigoin & Neil Cragg were busy racing their respective new 1/8th Associated prototypes in France and the UK. Kindly thanks to Circus RC for a few photos of Yannick’s test rig showing a few more details and closeups previously not seen. Yannick raced at Montpellier, taking 2nd in the feature race behind Italian hot shot Riccardo Berton, Montpellier you may remember famously hosted the first public outing of the former Associated prototype which was cancelled.

10631143_697208283700138_1709588465181233090_o 10542064_697208093700157_4920505313954128608_o

The current Kody Numedahl influenced design was also raced at the last BRCA national in Slough outside London by Neil Cragg, Neil going onto TQ two of the five rounds of qualifying ending up 2nd overall however retiring early from the main final, despite this here’s the first video of the car in action!

Neil Cragg had this to say about the new car,

“The car feels great to drive, much more forgiving than the old one. We’ve learnt a lot over the last week or so, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how we get on at the worlds in the coming weeks.”

Promising win for new Agama buggy


NEMO Racing and HNMC presented the BETA GP this past weekend. The tyre of choice for this event would be BETA Tykytaka soft or super soft for Buggy, E buggy and any BETA tyre for Truggy class. 112 racers from Great Britain, Ireland, and Europe entered the meeting. Driving the all-new Agama 1/8 buggy, Darren Bloomfield managed to take the overall win in the Buggy class by taking TQ in qualifying before the rainy weather cancelled the main events. The Truggy class belonged to Tony Truman, while Callum Niblett would win the E-Buggy and Junior Class.

IMG_1410 IMG_1419 IMG_1426

CLICK HERE for full results.

New Associated prototype spotted


Team Associated has endured a rough ‘ol ride this year in 1/8 arena, an aborted 1/8 buggy platform and designer Josh Alton departing, not to mention the headline-grabbing departure of Ryan Maifield to arch-rivals TLR. Finally a chance for some good PR ahead of the World Championships which kicks off in less than a month when all eyes will be on Ryan Cavalieri, Yannick Aigoin & Neil Cragg.

Over the weekend at Chula Vista raceway near the Mexican border the Associated team made up of Kody Numedahl (now in charge of the project), Richard Saxton, Brent Thielke and Ryan Cavalieri conducted a public test and low key race appearance. Cavalieri would end up finishing 2nd to Drew Moller (the kid continues to impress…), after a very late engine problem with only 40secs to go on the clock.

The biggest change from the previous RC8 prototype we’ve seen is the choice to go down the pivot ball front end route made famous by Mugen Seiki, with only 1 car present, and no chance to go ‘under the hood’ we could only shoot from afar. The chassis looks wider than the previous prototype but narrower than the previous RC8 platform, with a ‘Mugen style’ rear end in our opinion.

IMG_2405 IMG_2400 CIMG4569 CIMG4572

LRP S8 NXR up close and personal

LRP recently announced the new S8 NXR 1/8 competition buggy kit, and today the German company has released an all-new video displaying all of the new and innovative features of the buggy. The new S8 NXR looks to be a promising design, and we anxiously await to see it in action.

Source: LRP

JQ Limited ‘White Edition’ available


THE JQRacing THECar White Edition, is now available as a Limited 100pcs Edition, with all white plastics. Only racers who purchase one of these kits, will be able to buy white spare parts. Order one here before they run out!

If you want a certain number, please mention it in order comments, and we will see what we can do. Otherwise, 1st come 1st serve, we are shipping out the kits in number order according to how we receive the orders! Please note you can only order the LE Kit in your order, if you want to order other parts, you have to place a separate order.

_DSC3117-L _DSC3123-L _DSC3126-L _DSC3135-L

LRP S8 NXR 1/8 Buggy


LRP have announced the release of their S8 NXR competition level 1/8 Buggy kit, the car is a completely new design from the ground up and comes with all tuning parts already included to save customers having to purchase a hoard of expensive upgrades.

The Perfect-Flex-Chassis is tailored to the demands of 1/8 competition racing and the variable position of the receiver batteries for a optimised weight distribution enable an additional adjustment of the car’s centre of gravity according to the track conditions. The S8 NXR is a high-tech competition buggy that perfects speed, handling and durability.

131420_1 131420_4 131420_6 131420_13 131420_7 131420_12 131420_11 131420_9


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