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Raceform unveils 2016 ‘VIPER SERIES’ TLR 8IGHT 3.0 body


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The all new 2016 Raceform ‘VIPER SERIES’ body for the TLR 8ight 3.0 is officially launched and available for pre-order thru Raceform worldwide distributors. It is specifically designed to fit the 8IGHT 3.0 perfectly, and calms the rear end of the car with Super Forward Cap designs and new angle to improve overall steering.

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  • Raceform Super Front Forward Cap
  • 2X rear side fins, channeling more downforce flow
  • Increase rear downforce for more rear grip
  • Narrow Top and side fins feature more high speed stability
  • Maximum engine cooling design

JConcepts releases ROAR Nats winning TLR 8IGHT-T ‘Finnisher’ body


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Body development is never quite finished, but in the case of the new 1/8 truck body by JConcepts, the Finnisher is a polished product. The winner of the 2015 ROAR National Championship, the Finnisher body in the hands of Ryan Maifield is a proven commodity. JConcepts is here to support the 1/8 truck class with a Finnisher body which drop fits on to the TLR 8IGHT-T 3.0 racing truck.

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JConcepts ‘Finnishes’ off the Mugen MBX7-T


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Body development is never quite finished, but in the case of the new 1/8th truck body by JConcepts, the Finnisher is a polished product. The winning style of the 2015 ROAR National Championship, the Finnisher body in the hands of Ryan Maifield is a proven commodity.  JConcepts is here to support the 1/8th truck class with a Finnisher body which is a drop fit on to the Mugen MBX7-T racing truck.

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Raceform releases new ‘Viper Series’ Mugen MBX-7R body

Raceform Mugen Body

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Raceform is proud to announce the official release of the new ‘Viper Series’ body for the Mugen MBX-7R. The new body is designed to “calm the rear end of the car” with features such as a less gradient front forward cab, double rear side fins for channeling more down-force, narrow top and side fins for high speed stability, ‘bolt-less’ front nose piece, and maximum engine cooling design. Now available for pre-order via distributors worldwide.

Raceform 3 Raceform 5 Raceform 6 Raceform 2

Pro-Line tops the Yeti with new F-150 Raptor body

Yeti Ford Body

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Pro-Line is ready to transform your Axial Yeti into a True Desert Off-Road Truck with the Licensed Ford F-150 Raptor Body! The full-size Ford Raptor was designed for serious off-road abuse and now you can give your Yeti the same look! The Raptor has a bold grill that tells everyone to get out of your way and hood fins that prove it is a serious racing truck. Every detail of this modern icon was re-created to give your Yeti the ultimate in rugged style and attitude. The Raptor Body is designed to fit around the stock Yeti cage with the driver and interior piece installed and looks like a real race truck.

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JConcepts strikes the Team Associated RC8B3 with new body

Striker Main

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To deliver a quick attack, look no further than the new JConcepts Striker body for the RC8B3. The hottest new 1/8th buggy has captured the market with performance and reliability deserves an equally striking body. The Striker body samples elements from its famous relatives the Finnisher and Silencer bodies but packs a slightly refined image. Used by select Team Associated drivers during the ROAR Fuel Off-Road Nationals, the initial impression was the silky smooth and balanced aero characteristics.

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JC Striker 4 JC Striker 2 JC Striker 1 JC Striker 3

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VPPRO forms new body for the TLR 8IGHT-E 3.0


VPPRO has released their latest body shell, this time for the TLR 8IGHT-E 3.0 buggy. The new body sports a distinctive design with a channelled roof section for improved stability. In addition, the body includes simplified side pods to keep things looking clean, while also improving airflow and providing ample space for even the bulkiest of electronics. Made up of high quality 1.0mm clean Lexan polycarbonate material and available now.

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First look at Raceform ‘Viper’ SWorkz 350 Evo 2 body

Raceform SWorkz Body Previe

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Raceform, most well known for their JQRacing bodies, is now testing their new SWorkz 350 Evo 2 ‘Viper’ Series body. The new body features a very distinct rear downforce design with side fins and a screw-less nose piece. More details are said to be released soon.

Azarashi molds new look for the Yokomo YZ-2

Azarashi 1

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X-Factory UK announces a new body from Azarashi, designed with Azarashi distinctive cool styling for the Yokomo YZ-2. The new ‘Fascia’ body retains its smart and sharp appearance whilst maintaining controllable handling characteristics and an excellent front to rear balance, featuring a mid car style rather than concentrating on extreme cab forward styling for enhanced steering only. Made from 0.5mm lexan to be lightweight. Available August, 2015.

fascia_3 fascia_2 az0047

VP-PRO unveils new lightweight HongNor X3 body

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VP-PRO has released their new HongNor X3 body, designed for the X3 1/8 buggy. The new tightened design is intended to reduce weight while maximizing stability. The lightweight body is made up of high quality 1.0mm clear Lexan polycarbonate material, and is available now.