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Pro-Line RC8T3 Enforcer body

Pro-Line RC8T3 Enforcer body

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Pro-Line introduces new Enforcer clear body for Team Associated RC8T3. Originally from the mind of Ty Tessmann the Enforcer has a meaner and more angular front end look with swooping roof and bed sections for improved airflow and high-speed stability. The hood of the truck is steeper to create more down force over the front wheels for more steering and faster lap times. Be more competitive at the track with Pro-Line’s new Enforcer body!

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TLR 22 3.0 ultra light weight body & wing set


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Team Losi Racing have introduced a new ultra light weight body and wing set for the TLR 22 3.0 buggy. With a few grams less it provides better performance lowering the center of gravity of the 22 3.0. The set includes window masks, stickers, rear wing, and an optional stabilizer fin with mounting hardware.

Kyosho MP9 TKI4 high downforce body

hi down force body mp9 tki4

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When Yuichi Kanai unveiled the Kyosho MP9 TKI4, the designer had announced an optional body with more downforce will be proposed shortly. Kyosho have introduced the new High Downforce body for the Inferno MP9 TKI4. It is a Hard type body made from 1mm Lexan, stiffer and stronger than the standard 0.8mm body. This model has a high rear side end and it tends to have a good performance on a bumpy track and with low traction.

JConcepts RC10T 1993 Ford F-150 Team truck body

JConcepts RC10T 1993 Ford F-150 team truck3

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JConcepts have introduced a vintage Ford F-150 body for Team Associated RC10T Team Truck. During the summer of 1993, Brian Kinwald was crushing it, winning the ROAR Truck National Championship during that year with the Team Associated RC10T Team Truck. In the movie theater, it was Jurassic Park breaking all the records while Whitney Houston and Dr. Dre were dishing out the latest billboard hits on the music scene. The grunge movement was in full swing and the kids were wearing plaid, plaid and more plaid to schools and social events.

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Jason Snyder launches Raw Speed

raw speed website

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After entertaining the r/c industry with his YouTube videos over the last several years, Jason Snyder has just created his own U.S. based r/c accessory company named “RawSpeed”. After months of research, the primary focus at Raw Speed will be on race oriented products including tires, wheels, inserts and bodies for both 1/10 scale and 1/8 cars.

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XRAY XB2 lightweight body

XRAY XB2 lightweight body


XRAY have introduced new light weight body for XB2. This low-profile aerodynamic bodyshell is designed by XRAY to perfectly fit the car. With only 0.5 mm thick, it is 30% lighter than the stock body. The XB2 lightweight body reduces the roll, increases cornering speed and gives more aggressive handling. Used by the Factory Team in medium to high-traction conditions.

JConcepts 1989 Ford F-250 Monster Truck body


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JConcepts introduces the 1989 Ford F-250 Monster Truck body.The 1989 Ford body built and fit for R/C Monster Truck lovers offers first class styling and its exterior is accentuated with a smooth and molded front and rear bumper. The must-have body of the 80’s was featured on several of the most popular full- size Monster trucks during this generation and always proved to be popular among the Ford enthusiasts and always wreaked havoc on the competition.

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Kyosho MP9 TKI4 Body options

tki4 body 1

Since the Inferno MP9 TKI4 was officially unveiled further details are given by Yuichi Kanai. The designer has just confirmed that there will be two different body styles. The difference between these body is only the shape of rear side end. The standard body in the Inferno MP9 TKI4 kit has a low rear side end. This model should be have a good performance on high speed track with high traction. The other will be planed to release as optional bodyshell. This model has a high rear side end and it tends to have a good performance for low traction track with bumpy track.

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YZ-4 Veloce body from Team Azarashi

AZARASHI veloce 4

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Team Azarashi introduced new Veloce bodyshell for the Yokomo YZ-4 buggy. The Veloce body has distinctive cool and elegant styling with optimized cabin position and shape determined through rigorous testings. One of its strengths is its smooth and controllable handling. Also fits to Kyosho Lazer ZX6 (cutting line for ZX6 also molded). Availability scheduled for the end of March.

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Bittydesign Force Tekno NB48.3 body


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Bittydesign just unveiled a new FORCE body for Tekno RC NB48.3. The body has been ideated, developed and realized with the usual look that identify our Force buggy line, cab forward to improve the front downforce and the steering response. The original stock body has been always his point of discussion by the owners, the problem now has been fixed. Finally also the Tekno-RC buggy made in USA now thanks to our italian style and obsessive cure to details looks nice and cool!

The rear area of the body is characterized by a flap of generous dimensions that significantly increases the downforce ensuring greater traction and an increase of the air flow towards the wing.

A unique and instantly recognizable style developed over the years on the most prestigious race tracks thanks to which we have refined the best details to offer always better and higher performances.

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