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JConcepts S2 Worlds body for TLR 22 3.0

JC S2 body TLR 22 3.04

JConcepts have introduced new S2 Worlds body for the TLR 22 3.0 with lay-down transmission. To design the S2 body JConcepts went to work to outfit the team during the 2015 IFMAR World Championships to provide a body capable of enhancing performance. This updated Silencer dubbed the S2, rocks some familiar features but rolled together with a low-profile stance.

Website: JConcepts

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JConcepts B6 & B6D S2 body and Aero wing set


JConcepts have introduced S2 body and Aero wing set for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. What is the response when a popular new vehicle hits the market? It’s simple: add the popular and best performing body to date to an already successful platform. Dubbed the S2, the new shell rocks some familiar features but rolled together with a low-profile stance. With 2015 IFMAR Championship credibility backing this design, it’s an easy choice. The S2 is a performer straight out of the package, with the Aero rear wing to help deliver results on any racing circuit.

Website: JConcepts

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Sweep MP9 “Muzzle” body shell

Sweep MP9 Muzzle1

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Sweep Racing have released new “Muzzle” body shell for the Kyosho MP9. The “Muzzle” MP9 body has cab forward design to make more steering around the corner and built-in rear end wing will provide more traction on low grip track with bumpy surface.  The new body is made by 1mm thickness polycarbonate.

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Bittydesign reveal TLR 4.0 Force body


Bittydesign have introduced the Force body for the TLR 8ight 4.0. This body has been ideated, developed and realized with the usual look that identify their Force buggy line, cab forward to improve the front downforce and the steering response.

The rear area of the body is characterized by a reverse side flaps of generous dimensions that significantly increases the downforce ensuring greater traction and an increase of the air flow towards the wing. A unique and instantly recognizable style developed over the years on the most prestigious race tracks thanks to which Bittydesign have refined the best details to offer always better and higher performances.

Website: Bittydesign

Particular attention has been dedicated to the little front end part of the body that has been always a critical and very short life point of the stock body since the first appearance of the 8ight on the market; on the Force body Bittydesign decided to fix this problem by separating the little front end from the rest of the shell as shown in the picture.

Product Features:

  • overall front and rear balance of the model improved
  • improved the air fow to engine thanks to the cab design
  • side scoop formed for a perfect and free movement of the throttle/brake linkages
  • made with high quality and genuine polycarbonate Lexan®
  • thickness of material 1mm
  • sold clear with protective film outside
  • included in the package a few decal sheets and windows mask
  • 100% Made in Italy and 100% original Bittydesign style

Force-TLR4-Gallery-01-Lightbox Force-TLR4-Gallery-05-Lightbox copie Force-TLR4-Immagine-Banda-Grigia Force-TLR4-Gallery-04-Lightbox copie Force-TLR4-Gallery-02-Lightbox Force-TLR4-Gallery-03-Lightbox copie

Pro-Line B6 & B6D Predator body

Pro-Line B6 - B6D Predator body

Pro-Line have introduced the Predator clear body for Team Associated B6 & B6D. The Predator design recently debuted on the B5m and has now been reshaped to fit perfectly on the new AE B6 & B6D. The Predator takes design features from the Phantom and Type-R bodies to create a whole new look and balanced performance in any condition.

Website: Pro-Line

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Serpent Cobra SRX8 high downforce body

High downforce body for Cobra SRX87

Serpent have introduced new high downforce body for the Cobra SRX8. The body has high sidedams which keep the airflow more on top of the sides of the body and then onto the rear wing through the air scoops on the back-side of the body. The high downforce body is made with top quality clear polycarbonate with protective film.

Website: Serpent

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JConcepts unveil two new bodies at 2016 ROAR

JConcepts Strike 2 RC8B3

JConcepts did not come empty handed at the 2016 ROAR Fuel Offroad Nats that take place at Thornhill Raceway in Hutto, Texas. JConcepts stars, Ryan Maifield and Spencer Rivkin use on their buggies and truggys two new bodies, the Strike 2 for the Team Associated RC8B3 and a new version of the Finisher for the TLR 8ight-T 4.0. If for the moment no information is provided about the specifications of the Strike 2 body,  Jason Ruona gives some technical details about the new Finisher body in the video below.

Website: JConcepts

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Cosmic Industries is alive!

Cosmic Industries Body kit

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Remember Offroad 1/8th scale IFMAR Worlds 2014? And the very first appearance of Cosmic Industries and Balancer-body kits with new aerodynamic approach and game-changing performance? Finally the waiting is over -Cosmic kits are now available!

Guys at Cosmic Industries have spent almost two more years to fine-tune their products to perfection. The core idea of their products is to improve the performance level of the wings and bodies to match with today’s highly engineered cars and high speed tracks. Aerodynamics is still the factor that haven’t been taken seriously enough in off-road buggies category yet. Cosmic Industries bodykits offer more stability on high speed straights, technical jump sections, and more traction on corners. And all this with less drag, which means more speed and faster laps.

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Pro-Line MBX7R Predator body

Pro-Line MBX7R Predator body

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Coming from Pro-Line is the Predator body for the Mugen MBX7R. The Predator takes design features from the Phantom and Type-R bodies to create a whole new look and balanced performance in any condition.

Pro-Line 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor body

Pro-Line 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor body 4

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Pro-Line have introduced the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor clear body for Traxxas Stampede and Pro-Line PRO-MT Monster Trucks. Pro-Line has included all of the scale detail into the body and sticker sheet for a highly detailed yet functional replica of the 2017 Raptor. The 2017 Raptor has a bold and tough body style that is the most cutting edge look available. This body completely transforms your Trucks into a true scale lifted truck.

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