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Pro-Line Predator B44.3 body


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Introducing the Pro-Line Predator Body for the Team Associated B44.3, the Predator design was originally developed for the RC8B3 and has now been scaled down to fit perfectly on the B44.3. The Predator takes design features from the Phantom and Type-R bodies to create a whole new look and balanced performance in any condition. Give your buggy the performance and style it needs to dominate the competition, get the Pro-Line Predator body today!


Pro-Line D216 Type-R body


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Now you can have the same body that Ty Tessmann runs on his D216: the Type-R! Type-R came from the mind of Pro-Line Team Driver Ty Tessmann with a unique mid-cab look that breaks away from all of the recent cab forward trends. The Type-R body fits perfectly around the unique shape of the D216 and features kick up in the rear of the body for balanced front to rear down force.


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JConcepts 1984 Ford F-150 body

JConcepts 1984 Ford F-150 body4

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JConcepts reveals the Ford F-150’s body modeled on the latest edition of the best selling pick-up in the world in 1984. In the truck world, Ford was on the verge of creating a classic and JConcepts was quick to offer this officially licensed mainstay to the scale world of radio control.

The seventh generation of the Ford F-Series is distinguished by its squarer look, sharper lines and flatter panels, the trucks were designed with the working man in mind. The “Blue Oval,” a trademark of all Ford pickups, makes a striking appearance centered in the grille. Stout fender flares are carved ever so carefully into the panels while openings allow for a vast assortment of tires on the market. The F-150 single-cab look is strong and is a careful reminder of a time when passengers sat side-by-side during a typical outing.

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The art of painting by Bittydesign

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Bittydesign has unveiled a tutorial video that shows how to make top quality body shells like they have done for the Kyle Johnson’s body. Master painter and founder of Bittydesign Co. explains step by step how the reach the perfection following the correct sequence, using the Liquid Mask essential to obtain the quality and using correct equipment. Look carefully and you will learn some tips and secrets of the world’s rc style and design company.

LFR Assassin body for the SWORKz S350 EVO II

LFR Assassin SWORKz S350 EVO II

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Leadfinger RC reveal the latest addition to their Assassin line of bodies for the SWORKz S350 EVO II and Limited.

With continuing success on previous platforms, LFR is ready to arm the SWORKz  S350 Evo II platform with the Assassin body. The new design kills it with form and function by giving the EVO deadly down force and Assassinates the competition with better cornering and rear traction. The clear body comes ready for paint and is made from thicker lexan for the outstanding durability. The clear protective film makes drawing your paint scheme easy to see. Window masks and Leadfinger stickers provided. Made in the U.S.A.

Max Airbrush welcomes David Ronnefalk

Max Airbrush welcomes David Ronnefalk

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The famous Italian painter MAX RC Airbrushing announced that David Ronnefalk integrated its team for the 2016 season. The Swedish driver joined the MaxOrNothing World that includes drivers such as Reno Savoya, Fabrizio Teghesi, Marco Baruffolo, Christoffer Svensson, ….

“I’m very pleased to give wellcome to David Ronnefalk in MaxOrNothing World. He will run 2016 season with our paintworks. Good luck David!!!” – MAX RC Airbrushing

JConcepts S2 body for TLR 22 3.0

JConcepts S2 body for TLR 22 3.0 neo

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JConcepts continues to adapt his S2 body, this time to the TLR 22 3.0 2wd buggy.

The crew at JConcepts once again went to work to outfit the team during the 2015 IFMAR World Championships with a body capable of enhancing performance. This updated Silencer, dubbed the S2, rocks some familiar features but rolled together with a low-profile stance.

“The S2 body fits the 3.0 like a glove and has the proportions I like for a 2wd buggy. The cab is low but has the windshield in a place that provides a lot of stability.” – Ryan Maifield.

Slammed overall height allows the S2 to whisk through the turns with a low center of mass while the progressive cab design provides plenty of front-end force for superior balance and steering. A channeled roof directs the flow through the center of the body while also increasing the rigidity of cockpit. The dual side-window design that has become famous on the JConcepts bodies remains to bring a traditional feel to the layout.

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JConcepts Hi-Flow T5M body

JConcepts Hi-Flow T5M body neo

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JConcepts pulls the tarp off a brand-new design. The 2016 Hi-Flow, built as a proud stadium truck body.

Never one to relax, JConcepts introduces the 2016 Hi-Flow body for the Team Associated T5M. Starting with its low-profile design, beefy fenders and noteworthy appearance, the all new race body is inspired by the looks of a class leading pick-up, loaded with performance features.

The JConcepts body is a racer starting with the slammed look and blended 1:1 inspired appearance. Extruded front and rear fender flares offer maximum tire clearance. The slight hood-scoop raised portion helps bulk up the front-end and provides clearance for the T5M geometry. The rear bed has built-in clearance for the massive big bore shocks and tower to help maintain that sleek appearance. The body includes a spoiler on the back of the body mold which can be trimmed and detailed to drop right on to the rear and secured with 2 included JConcepts button head screws.

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JConcepts lightweight B5M bodies

JConcepts Light-Weight B5M bodies neo

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Due to popular demand JConcepts unveils light-weight bodies specifically for the Team Associated B5M buggy kit. The S2, S2 World and Warrior bodies are now available lighter than ever making them ideal for 17.5 stock racing. All bodies still include standard weight wings to maintain durability in a key area. The light-weight versions, unpainted without decals tip the scales at ~12-15gm lighter than their standard counterparts in the same condition. For identification purposes, the LW bodies feature a green protective film.

Caution: Due to the thin gauge material, be aware during painting and handling of the body how much pressure is applied. Specifically, while cutting liquid mask or masking tape be careful not to scar deeply into the body.

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Associated’s RC8B3 gets the Bittydesign Force body treatment


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Bittydesign just unveiled a new FORCE body for Team Associated RC8B3. The body has been created, developed and realized with the iconic look that identify Bittydesign’s Force buggy lineup, cab forward to improve the front downforce and steering responsiveness.

The rear area of the body is characterized by a flap of generous dimensions that significantly increases the downforce ensuring greater traction and an increase of the air flow towards the wing.

A unique and instantly recognizable style developed over the years on the most prestigious race tracks thanks to which we have refined the best details to offer always better and higher performances.


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