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Pro-Line Slash pre-cut Monster Fusion bash armor body

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Pro-Line have introduced the new Monster Fusion Bash Armor Body for SC such as the Traxxas Slash or Slash 4×4 with 2.8″ MT tyres. The pre-cut Monster Fusion body uses ultra-tough Bash Armor material. It is twice as thick as regular Short Course bodies and is ultra-flexible to reduce the chance of cracking and shattering. Unlike clear polycarbonate, the Bash Armor material is white and is not paintable, so Pro-Line includes detailed decal sheets to complete the look. The Monster Fusion body has an aggressive, low-slung look with huge fender flares. The body is pre-cut, so you can spend more time doing what you love and features large vents to prevent high speed blow overs.

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Kyosho unveil ZX7 body

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Kyosho have unveiled the body of its forthcoming 4WD buggy, the ZX7. The body is very angular with a very long, narrow and high cab with a channeled roof that directs the flow through the centre of the body while also increasing the rigidity of the cab. Behind the cab is located a unique central spoiler that improves stability in a straight line.

VP PRO MBX8 Eco body shell


New from VP PRO is the new body shell designed specifically for the Mugen MBX8 Eco. Made from high quality 1.0mm thick clear lexan, it allows the body to retain its shape at high speed and through tight turns and increase his lifespan. The body also features a streamlined front profile and the roof incorporates a centre fin to increase the buggy’s stability at high speeds.

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Raw Speed teases new 2WD buggy body

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Raw Speed Inc have released a first rendering of their forthcoming body for 2WD buggy. The body has been tested on a Team Associated B6 but it could be fit to other 2WD vehicles. More information will become available soon so stay tuned!

VP-Pro MBX8 Raptor body shell

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VP-Pro have introduced the new Raptor body shell for the Mugen MBX8. Moulded from 1.0mm polycarbonate to be more durable than the stock body, it features a special design rear skirt increase down force allowing more traction and stability. The Raptor body comes clear with window masks.

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Exotek EB410 Edge lightweight body

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Exotek Racing have introduced the new Edge lightweight body for the Tekno EB410. Crafted to greatly lower the looks and cg over the stock body the Edge body sits 8mm lower than the stock body. Exotek have also taken great care to still allow the mounting of the fan above the motor and still allow normal height or low profile servo use. Clean lines are used throughout for a clean ‘aero’ downforce package yet allows easy custom painting thanks to the smooth and rounded corners. The Edge body weighs in at a svelte 27gr unpainted vs the 37gr stock unpainted body. The body uses Premium lightweight thickness polycarbonate that is a proprietary custom produced polycarbonate only for Exotek that is much stronger and longer lasting than other similar thickness polycarbonate. The Edge lightweight body comes with window masks (no wing).

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Aerox Cougar KC & KD ultra light body

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Schumacher have introduced the new Aerox ultra light body for the Cougar KC and KD. The Aerox ultra light body is especially designed for high traction conditions where traction roll is a problem. The body is made from 0.5mm polycarbonate and is 17 grams lighter than the standard Aerox body and 30g lighter than the kit Schumacher body. Supplied in crystal clear polycarbonate with over-spray film, window masks and cool Aerox decal sheet.

Exotek tease EB410 EB Edge body

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Exotek Racing have released a first teaser image of their forthcoming EB Edge body for the Tekno RC EB410. The EB Edge body sports an aggressive look with sharp angles and a cab-forward design. It features a roof-top shark fin and allow the to use a top mount fan. Availability is scheduled for late February.