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JC puts ‘Finnishing’ touches on the 22

JConcepts TLR 22 Finnisher

The JConcepts design team has spent many hours in development with Ryan Maifield to develop a hot, new style body, specifically for the TLR 22 2.0 vehicle. The Finnisher for the 22 is a completely tightened design, slimming the overall look of the popular vehicle. JConcepts knows 1/10 offroad, and coming off the recent success of the Finnisher bodies, the designers adapted elements from the current fleet to create the ultimate high-grip, mid-motor body design.

Source: JConcepts

The D413 gets the JC ‘Silent’ treatment

D413 Silencer Neo

The JConcepts design team has spent many hours in development with leading team drivers to develop a new high-speed style body, specifically for the latest circuits. One of the most recognizable items, the Silencer body style, has now been designed for perfect fit and finish on the Hot Bodies D413 buggy.

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Bittydesign Black Hawk SC body


We were first introduced to Bittydesign’s Black Hawk short course body at their Euro Contest event back in June, and after a bit of fine fine tuning and tinkering, its now available for general release for all SC enthusiasts. The main concept or USP (unique selling point) behind the Black Hawk is the large rear vertical fin located behind the cab, the fin can be bolted on or removed depending on driver preference and track.

The use of the fin improves stability in the high speed corners and stability while jumping.

The body come with a complete kit that include screws/nuts/plastic washers to fix at best the fin and the side numbers plates. The Black Hawk is produced with genuine Lexan, protective film, a big decal sheet and window masks complete the product.
Source: Bittydesign

3-4-Ant-DX Post-DX Only-Body NoFin-Post-DX

LFR unleashes MP9 ‘Assassin’ body


Leadfinger Racing announces their assault on the track by releasing the all new MP9 Assassin body (first spotted a few short weeks ago in testing). Finding the right set up is key and at times can be over looked when it comes to choosing the right body. Leadfinger is proud to offer a new option for the Kyosho MP9 nitro buggy, that will aid in set up and allow you to attack the track with confidence. The team at LFR has come together to help design the new Assassin body completely from scratch.

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LFR MP9 body spotted in testing


With a list of major events getting set to kickoff around the globe (including the IFMAR World Championships), top drivers have been doing extensive testing and practice in preparation for the various events. During one of these undercover test sessions, our sister site RCNews just so happened to stumble upon something new hiding in plain sight. It appears to be the first known sighting of an all-new lineup of bodies from Leadfinger Racing (LFR), starting with the Kyosho MP9! Read more…

FTW D812 ‘Reactor’ bodyshell


The Reactor bodyshell for Hot Bodies’ D812 is a radioactive fusion of exceptional track performance and signature FTW styling. Striking the the optimal balance between aggressive down force and stabilizing side force while on the ground, the Reactor also displays exceptional stability in the air. Deploy your Reactor-equipped D812, and leave the opposition in meltdown status while you win, or look good trying.

Part Number: FTW00057

Bitty replaces XB8 body with FORCE


Bittydesign has been hard at work developing their newest ‘FORCE’ series body. This time the design team focused on the XRAY XB8. The stock XB8 body is the same as the previous XB9 body, and must be adapted to the new car. The new XB8 ‘FORCE’ body is designed specifically for the XB8, and is designed to provide a quality fit while incorporating stylish cab forward styling, scoops for improved downforce, and stealthy roof fin. Produced with high quality original Lexan polycarbonate, the body comes with windows, protective film and decal sheet.

3-4Ant-SX Post-DX-Whole Laterale-DX 3-4Ant-DX


Source: Bittydesign

TLR moves forward with the 8IGHT

TLR cab forward

Seen in use by factory team drivers for QUITE some time now, Team Losi Racing has finally released the highly-anticipated cab forward body for the popular 8IGHT 3.0. The new body is designed for better overall downforce to improve steering and stability. The body includes an optional rear fin which provides additional tuning options by giving the buggy more side bite. The body is pre-cut, includes window masks, and is sold clear.

TLR340001_a6 TLR340001_a2 TLR340001_a3 TLR340001_a4

Source: TLR

Carson’s ‘Aileron’ body now available!


A month ago at the 2014 ROAR Nationals out in rural Hutto, Texas, Mugen Seiki’s factory driver Carson Wernimont showed off his custom entirely self produced body by him and his father  Russ. The body features bold styling features and pronounced sidepod details which Carson says helps stability significantly as well as traction compared with stock bodies.

‘Carson’s Body’ We now know its called the ‘Aileron’! as it’s called is now available and naturally fits Mugen’s MBX7 buggy. Enquiries or questions can be directed to

AT4_9783 AT4_9790 AT4_9792 AT4_9810

JConcepts Summer Sale at A Main

summer sale

Grab all of your favorite JConcepts’ accessories while they’re on sale at A Main Hobbies! Everything from JConcepts is discounted 10% with deeper discounts on select items. Stock up on tires, bodies, hauler bags, and the latest JConcepts apparel while you can save cash. A Main’s JConcepts Summer Sale starts Thursday, July 10 at 8:00 p.m. PST and ends Friday, July 25 at 11:59 p.m. PST.