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Pro-Line pre-cut 5ive-B Elite body

Pro-Line have introduced the pre-cut Elite body for the popular 1:5 scale race buggy, the TLR 5ive-B. The Elite body features an aggressive cab-forward design that drastically improves steering on your buggy so you can turn faster laps. The overall Elite body styling is based on Pro-Line’s latest 1:10 scale buggy race bodies, which look great and give you outstanding performance. The body comes pre-cut to save you tons of time and the front of the body tucks behind the side guards to increase durability over the stock body. Large optional vent holes are designed into the body to provide extra cooling and the rear fin adds side stability in high speed corners. 2 optional nose pieces are included: standard and front wing style.


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Pro-Line pre-cut Slash Monster Fusion body

Pro-Line have introduced new pre-cut Monster Fusion body for the Traxxas Slash 2wd & Slash 4×4 specifically designed to work with Pro-Line’s 2.8” Monster Truck tires.The Monster Fusion body has an aggressive, low-slung look with huge fender flares to cover your 2.8” Trenchers or Badlands MX2.8’s. The body is pre-cut so you can spend more time doing what you love and also features large vents to prevent high speed blow overs. The pre-cut body comes clear with window masks and a decal sheet.

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Radiosistemi launche Airflow brand

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Italian company Radiosistemi have introduced their new brand named Airflow. Airflow is dedicated to the design and manufacture of Lexan bodies and accessories. Airflow uses Italian raw materials and produces its products entirely in Italy. Development is carried out thanks to the collaboration of some of the best Italian drivers. Airflow products will be distributed by Radiosistemi and will soon be visible on the new official opening website.

Aerox Cougar KC & KD body

Schumacher have added a completely new brand to the line-up, Aerox. The Aerox brand will bring new ‘Premium RC Equipment’ to the table and their first product is this body to fit the Schumacher Cougar KC and KD models. The new body is designed to improve the Aero package of the Cougar KD and particularly KC models. The body has a super sleek design, is 13 grams lighter than a standard kit body which greatly reduces the Centre of Gravity and the chances of traction roll on high grip surfaces.

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PR Racing PRS1V3 low profile body

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PR Racing have introduced a low profile body designed for the PRS1v3 2WD buggy. The high-performance, aerodynamic body is designed to have a low-profile that is 35% lower than the stock shell. Made with lightweight, high-quality premium polycarbonate material, the shell reduces the roll of the car while improving rotation in corners on very-high-traction tracks. It features a streamlined shape for optimised air flow and smooth side-pods with a top central rib for increased stability.

XRAY XB8 lightweight high speed body

XRAY have introduced a lightweight version of their high speed body for XB8. The high-speed body has redesigned downforce areas to increase rotation and speed in corners. The lightweight version of the body ensures that the car has less weight atop the car for less roll, increased cornering speed, and more aggressive handling. The body is produced from high-quality, premium Lexan material.


Bittydesign A215 / A215SV FORCE body shell

Bittydesign Co. have introduced the all new FORCE body shell for Agama A215 / A215SV. The FORCE body has been ideated, developed and realized with the usual look that identify the Force buggy line, central part advanced to improve the front downforce and the steering response. The rear area of the body is characterized by a flap of generous dimensions that significantly increases the downforce ensuring greater traction and an increase of the air flow towards the wing.

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Bittydesign A215 Force body coming soon

Italian creator Bittydesign have released a first teaser image of the forthcoming Force body shell for the Agama A215. Stay tuned, the new Force body is coming!

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