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JConcepts Kyosho ZX6 ‘Silencer’ body

ZX6 Silencer Body

The JConcepts design team has spent many hours in development with leading team drivers to develop a new high-speed style body, specifically for the latest circuits. One of the most recognizable items, the Silencer body style, has now been designed for perfect fit and finish on the Kyosho ZX6 buggy.

The main pods are lightly chamfered front and rear allowing plenty of paint and decal access. The end result has the body looking extremely low-profile with heavy JConcepts edginess and appeal. The Silencer is capped off with a cock-pit “shark fin” for more high-speed tracking stability and increased roof stiffness.

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Protoform PFRX rallycross body

protoform rallyx

Pro-Line’s Protoform brand has announced the release of their fisrt body for 1:10 scale rally and short course trucks the ‘PFRX Rallycross’. An oversized rally-style front grille, exaggerated fender flares and sport-compact sedan design give the PFRX an unmistakable look.  The PFRX Rallycross is a direct fit on the Traxxas® 1/10 Rally VXL and Team Associated ProRally, but will also fit short course trucks such as the Pro-Line PRO-2 SC. To use on your Slash®, Slash® 4×4, or other short course truck, you will require the appropriate Pro-Line Extended Body Mounts and may require additional body trimming and/or bumper modifications.

This body is produced in heavy-duty genuine .040” lexan® and includes a comprehensive decal sheet, add-on rear wing, beefy nylon wing mounting hardware, and paint-then-peel overspray film.

1030 1031 1032 1033

JConcepts Finnishes the TLR 22T 2.0

JC 22T Finnisher

JConcepts is here to support the re-emergence of stadium truck with a Finnisher body which drop fits on to the TLR 22-T 2.0 racing truck. The #0291 body incorporates pre-dimpled locations for the hottest new truck on the circuit. The slight cab forward, raked windshield and aggressive stance highlight a performance oriented core. A revised front hood scoop allows plenty of clearance for the unique 22-T geometry while smoothing out the front down force area. Front chin spoiler, headlight and grill protect the front-end from unwanted up-drafts during flight while the supplied decals detail stand-out like an 18 wheeler.

0291_800px_4 0291_800px_3 0291_800px_2 0291_800px_1

Like the ROAR National Champion Hi-Flow SCT body, the Finnisher body has built-in air escape passages which allow the customer to fine-tune the body for maximum outdoor performance. The new body includes the high performance gurney spoiler which increases rear grip and balances the handling characteristics of the aggressively styled body. Recently, at the 2015 Cactus Classic, Ryan Maifield used the Finnisher body on the 22-T and won over a stacked field of competition. 1/10th stadium truck racing is back, JConcepts style.

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LFR Serpent Cobra B-e Assassin body

LFR Assassin Serpent

Leadfinger Racing has announced the release of their newest ‘Assassin’ body for the Serpent Cobra B-e. Serpent driver, Dylan Gerard, has come on board LFR to help with the project. Together, hours of design and testing have gone into the new shell.

“We were looking for even distribution of down force – front and rear, with a new cab forward design. The result is a body that keeps the car more planted, provides level jumping and better corner traction. Straight line stability is increased with the Assassin’s rear swoop design by directing air flow directly to the wing. LFR Assassin bodies are thicker lexan for durability and come with clear masking for ease of painting.”

IMG_2716 IMG_4246 IMG_4251 IMG_4252

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Pro-Line Enforcer for Tekno NT48


This is a Pro-Line Enforcer Clear Body for Tekno NT48. Attention All Tekno Fans! Pro-Line has a brand new aftermarket Truggy body that is way more durable and better looking than stock: The Enforcer! From the mind of Ty Tessmann and inspired from the success of the Type-Rbuggy body, the Enforcer has a meaner and more angular front end look with swooping roof and bed sections for improved airflow and high-speed stability. The hood of the body is steeper to create more down force over the front wheels for more steering and faster lap times. Bring your truck up to speed with Pro-Line’s new Enforcer body! This is a must have item for the new racing season!

Part #: 3451-00 | Available from 21st April

Raceform debuts JQ ‘Stealth’ 1/8 body


Raceform has launched a first look at their all-new ‘Stealth’ series bodies. The first (pictured above) is designed to fit JQRacing’s THECar. As you can see it provides a variety of twists and turns for a unique look, balance, aerodynamics, and downforce. More models for various other brand cars are set to be released soon. In addition to the new body, Raceform has shared a look at their rendition of the increasingly popular Lexan 1/8 buggy wing. No official word has been released on the new wing, but the design looks promising so far.

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Source: Raceform

Spy Shot: LFR Serpent ‘Assassin’ body


While browsing the social media world, we stumbled across what appears to be a spy shot of something new in the works from Leadfinger Racing (LFR). Serpent/LFR team driver, Dylan Gerard, shared a photo of his Cobra E-Buggy during some afternoon testing. We aren’t exactly sure what all he is testing, but one thing IS for sure…the body on his car is not one we have seen before. Seeing that it is stickered up with LFR logos, combined with the recent success of the LFR ‘Assassin’ body line, we can only assume this is just one of many projects in the works at the LFR headquarters in Florida. Stay tuned for more details on the Serpent Cobra ‘Assassin’ as they become available…


Pro-Line’s new AE T5M Bulldog body

Proline Bulldo

The Pro-Line Racing ‘Bulldog’ is BACK. This time the Bulldog has been re-created to fit the all-new Team Associated T5M Mid Motor Stadium Truck! This BullDog body is the same one that came in your T5m kit box. The new T5m BullDog features 2 Mohawks down the center of the roof that improves high-speed stability and adds an aggressive look. The front and rear end geometry have also been reshaped and improved to achieve higher front down force and reduce wheelies that cost precious time.

3443-00 3443-00-1 3443-00-2 3443-00-3

Source: Pro-Line

Pro-Line’s new ‘Enforcer’ truggy body


Pro-Line has a brand new Truck body style for Truggy racers: The Enforcer! From the mind of Ty Tessmann and inspired from the success of the Type-R buggy body, the Enforcer has a meaner and more angular front end look with swooping roof and bed sections for improved airflow and high-speed stability. The hood of the body is steeper to create more down force over the front wheels for more steering and faster lap times. Available for the Hot Bodies D8T, Mugen MBX-7T, and TLR 8IGHT-T 3.0.

3448-00-4 3448-00-2 3447-00-1 3446-00

Source: Pro-Line

Serpent ‘Avenger’ Cobra Truggy body

Serpent Truggy Avenger

Serpent has just released their latest in ‘Avenger’ bodies today, this time for the Cobra GP 1/8 Truggy. The new ‘Avenger’ body is a high quality polycarbonate material, designed for durability, precision handling, and sexy style. The new Avenger features fresh new lines and ultra-low design. With the new design, the Serpent E-Truggy body mounts are required to properly mount the Avenger. The body also includes clear cut lines for easy tank access, and to make room for your engine’s cooling head.

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Source: Serpent