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Pro-Line’s new weapon – Desert Eagle

desert eagle face to face

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Transform your short course truck into a fire-breathing, road-crushing 1970’s muscle car with the all-new Pro-Line Desert Eagle body! Featuring incredible details like a supercharged V8 rising out of the hood, zoomie side pipes and twin roof & deck spoilers, the Desert Eagle is sure to turn heads whether you’re out bashing or at the track.

The Desert Eagle lets you deck out your SC truck in two completely different styles:

Use the desert grunge style decals to create a post-apocalyptic war machine complete with gnarly off-road tires (see below), light bars, jacked up rear body posts, or whatever else your imagination can conjure up.
If dirt and grunge aren’t your style, outfit your ride like the muscle car of your dreams. Use the included street rod style decals, slam the body posts down and tackle the street with 2.8” wheels (see below).

Bring some muscle to your SC: get your Pro-Line Desert Eagle today!

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Pro-Line ‘Predator’ RC8B3E body


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Introducing the Pro-Line Predator Body for the Team Associated RC8B3E! The Predator is the same body that is included with the RC8B3E kit, so you know you can count on it for performance that is second to none! The Predator takes design features from the Phantom and Type-R bodies to create a whole new look and balanced performance in any condition. The Predator E-Buggy body has clearance for your 1/8 sized batteries and several optional air vent holes to keep your electronics cool.

3453-00-2 3453-00-4

JConcepts Worlds winning ‘S2’ body


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Backing up a successful design is perhaps the most difficult task in design and engineering. Faced with the challenge, the crew at JConcepts once again went to work to outfit the team during the 2015 IFMAR World Championships with a body capable of enhancing performance. Dubbed the S2, the new shell rocks some familiar features but rolled together with a low-profile stance.

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JConcepts releases uniquely designed ‘Warrior’ B5M body

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The Warrior body by JConcepts features a design that has, frankly, gone a little mad. The design process was simple, throw out the conventional principals and center the design around a battle tested look, fit and finish. Specializing in combat, the Warrior is protected from the competition with a heavily wrapped roll-cage to provide strength in every direction. Eight, count them, eight individual front or side facing windows surround our invisible pilot providing unparalleled visibility.

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0299_800px_4 0299_800px_3 0299_800px_2 0299_800px_1

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Street racing with Pro-Line’s new ‘Pro-Touring’ SC body


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Do you have the need for speed? Then check out Pro-Line’s new Chevy® Silverado™ Pro-Touring body designed for slammed street truck racing! The Chevy® Silverado™ Pro-Touring body features incredible scale details while being proportioned to fully cover the tires of your Short Course truck. Combine the body with Pro-Line’s 2.8” Road Rage Tires mounted on F-11 2.8” Wheels to get the ultimate in scale street style and performance. The Chevy® Silverado™ Pro-Touring body is a single cab truck with the grill, headlight and taillight detail that you have come to expect from Pro-Line. Transform your Short Course truck into a true street killer with the new Pro-Line Chevy® Silverado™ Pro-Touring body!

3457-00-4 3457-00-5 3457-00-2 3457-00-1

Video: Pro-Line Flo-Tek Fusion short course body



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LFR unleashes Team Associated RC8B3 ‘Assassin’ body

AE B3 1

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With it’s recent success on a variety of platforms, LFR is ready to arm the all-new Associated RC8B3 with their signature Assassin body! The stealthy new design kills the competition with form and function by equipping the RC8B3 with a secret weapon of deadly downforce for better cornering and rear traction. The RC8B3 is also equipped with heavy duty thick Lexan design to withstand any unexpected sneak attacks, hits, or crashes it may encounter. Each body is sold clear, including clear protective film and window masks.

AE B3 1 0923150907 AE B3 4 AE B3 3


Pro-Line cuts new ‘Flo-Tek Fusion’ SC body

Proline SC Body

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What do you get when you fuse together the best features from the most successful Pro-Line Short Course body of all-time (Flo-Tek) and the most aerodynamically advanced Pro-Line race body ever conceived (EVO)? You get the new Flo-Tek Fusion Body! The Fusion features large vent holes in the front, middle and rear for maximum protection against parachuting. The most important holes have been cut out for you! The Flo-Tek Fusion retains the aggressive fender flares and front grill from the original Flo-Tek that everyone loves. The rear end was inspired by the EVO with large openings and ideal body mounting positions for the wide variety of SC trucks on the market.

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All-new features to the Fusion include roof vents to make it the best jumping body available and kick-ups on the roof and rear fenders to keep you glued to the surface making your SC truck easier to drive

3458-17-7 3458-17-3 3458-17-2 3458-17-1

Pro-Line unveils AE B5M ‘Predator’ body

B5M Phantom

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Introducing the Pro-Line Predator Body for the Team Associated B5M! The Predator design was originally developed for the RC8B3 and has now been scaled down to fit perfectly on the B5M. The Predator features a sleek and low-profile front cab and a rear section the will fit any transmission configuration including 3-gear and laid down styles (trim as necessary). The Predator takes design features from both Phantom and Type-R designs to create a whole new look with balanced performance in any condition.

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JConcepts combines stability & style releasing ‘HF2’ SCT body


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JConcepts has won an unprecedented 10 of 12 ROAR National Championships in the SCT division by constantly innovating and pushing the envelope in performance. Winners never rest, and whomever quoted “sequels are never as good as the original,” certainly has not seen an HF2 body by JConcepts. Specifically designed for mid-motor SCT trucks, the radical Hi-Flow 2 body has all new elements which take SCT tuning to the next level.

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With more reliable stability, increased speeds and more cornering ability in the SCT class, JConcepts has slammed the roof on the HF2 giving racers the ability to push the limit even more than before. Effectively lowering the CG on an SCT truck is a huge advantage and once combined with optional light-weight materials, drivers can feel more confidence inspiring performance “straight outta the package.”

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