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XRAY XB8 lightweight high speed body

XRAY have introduced a lightweight version of their high speed body for XB8. The high-speed body has redesigned downforce areas to increase rotation and speed in corners. The lightweight version of the body ensures that the car has less weight atop the car for less roll, increased cornering speed, and more aggressive handling. The body is produced from high-quality, premium Lexan material.


Bittydesign A215 / A215SV FORCE body shell

Bittydesign Co. have introduced the all new FORCE body shell for Agama A215 / A215SV. The FORCE body has been ideated, developed and realized with the usual look that identify the Force buggy line, central part advanced to improve the front downforce and the steering response. The rear area of the body is characterized by a flap of generous dimensions that significantly increases the downforce ensuring greater traction and an increase of the air flow towards the wing.

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Bittydesign A215 Force body coming soon

Italian creator Bittydesign have released a first teaser image of the forthcoming Force body shell for the Agama A215. Stay tuned, the new Force body is coming!

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Leadfinger bodies now available at Absolute Hobbyz!

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Our friends over at Absolute Hobbyz have a good news for Leadfinger RC fans: The full line of bodies from the Florida company is now available at Absolute Hobbyz! Take a look at the popular “Strife” bodies, A2 Tactic bodies, Assassin bodies, and Hammer wings by clicking here!

VP-PRO X3E body shell


VP-PRO have introduced new bodyshell for HongNor X3E 1/8 E-Buggy. Made from 1.0mm high-quality clear polycarbonate, it comes with masking film, transparent shell coating. This low medium down force body shell is also available with polycarbonate mudguards.

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Leadfinger SRX8-E A2 Tactic body

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Coming soon from Leadfinger Racing is the new A2 Tactic body for the Serpent SRX8-E. It sports a forward cab with vented roof and side pods for better cooling offer a fresh and aggressive styling. The Tactic body is made in the USA from thicker lexan for durability and comes clear ready for paint with window masks.

VP-PRO MP9E body shell


VP-PRO have introduced a new body shell for the Kyosho Inferno MP9E. Made from 1.0mm thick Lexan, it is more durable than the stock body. Body is clear and untrimmed and the package includes a clear high downforce hard body and window masks.

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VP-PRO SRX8E high-downforce bodyshell


VP-PRO have introduced new high-downforce bodyshell for the Serpent Cobra SRX8E. The body has larger and steeper angled sidepod winglets offering an increased downforce. It is made from 1.0mm high-quality clear polycarbonate and it comes with window masks, transparent shell coating and polycarbonate mudguards.

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