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Batteries News

Ultimate 4S 7500mAh Graphene LiHV battery pack

See: Modelix Racing

Modelix Racing have introduced the new Ultimate Racing 15.2V 7500 mAh Graphene LiPo High Voltage battery pack. The 4S battery measures 138x46x49, or the standard size equivalent to two 2S stick batteries and weighs approximately 560g. The battery is built from Graphene LiPo cells that offer up to 120C discharge rates and a very low internal resistance for high power output. The Graphene 4S 7500mAh LiHV battery pack comes with an XT90 connection to avoid false contacts and a separate balancer cable to only connect it in the charging process.

Peak Racing Power Plant LiPo battery packs

See: Neidhart SA

Neidhart SA have added three new Peak Racing Power Plant LiPo battery packs to their range. Two 7.4V stick batteries come as 5000mAh (224g), and 4000mAh (180g) while a 11.1 V stick battery is available as 5000mAh (340g). The batteries use a hardcase design, utilise 45C discharge rates and are available with EC3 or EC5 connectors.

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1UP Racing LowPro bullet plug grips

See: 1up Racing

1UP Racing have added the new LowPro bullet plug grips to their range of products. The LowPro bullet plug grips slide right on to the 4mm and 5mm LowPro bullet plugs to clearly identify the positive and negative power wires. Precision CNC machined aluminum is finished with deep anodized colors and easy-to-read laser etching. The silver outer ring provides excellent grip and an unrivaled look.

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Team Orion Racing V-Max Graphene LiHV batteries

See: Team Orion

Team Orion Racing have introduced the new V-Max Graphene LiHV battery packs. The new generation of packs offer an ultra low internal resistance, improved capacity, as well as reliable and stable power supply from start to finish of the race. The V-Max Graphene LiPo High Voltage packs range is made up of Shorty (6200mAh/4200mAh/3800mAh) and stick (8200mAh/7200mAh) batteries as well as 4S blocks (6000mAh/6570mAh) for 1/8th vehicles. The batteries utilise 128C discharge rates and a very low internal resistance for high power output and heavy duty gold-plated connectors.

More photos here

LRP balancer board & EHR/XH to XH connection cables

See: LRP

German company LRP have introduced a new multi balancer board and the extra long EHR/XH and XH/XH connection cables. The multi balancer board and the extra long EHR/XH and XH/XH connection cables allow to charge 2S to 6S batteries in the LiPo Bag, even if it is not located directly to the charger. Furthermore, current batteries with XH Balancer port can also be charged on older chargers with EHR balancer port. The set consists of four 210mm cables including a 4S EHR on XH, a 6S EHR on XH, a 4S XH on XH and a 6S XH on XH cables.

R1 Wurks 6200mAh 2S Graphene shorty LiPo battery

See: R1 Wurks Brusless Motor Lab

R1 Wurks have introduced a new 6200mAh High Voltage Shorty battery. Based on the 6000mAh, the capacity has been improved to 6200mAh. The improved lightweight design, and high energy density makes the Shorty pack is a great option for 2WD and 4WD buggy, Truggy, Formula and Modified sedan. The battery has been upgraded to reduce its weight while retaining more capacity and improving its IR for better discharge curve in stock racing competition.

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Reedy Zappers SG3 1/4S HV-LiPo batteries

See: Associated Electrics

Associated Electrics have introduced the new Reedy Zappers SG3 HV-LiPo 1S and 4S batteries. Zappers SG3 batteries feature state-of-the-art LiPo chemistry with an emphasis on lower internal resistance with improved durability and cycle-life. More power, improved durability, and high capacity provide world-class performance, making Zappers SG3 the ultimate choice for those who are serious about winning.

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RUDDOG 4000mAh 7.4V 50C LiIon stick battery pack

See: Ruddog Distribution

RUDDOG Distribution have introduced the new 4000mAh 7.4V 50C LiIon stick battery pack developed for the use with ready-to-run cars or starter boxes. Measuring 139×46.5x25mm and weighing in at only 125g the battery offers a low weight and high capacity, making it ideal to power cars, buggies and trucks as well as nitro starter boxes where the oval shape hardcase makes for easy adding to existing NiMH “Racing Pack” battery compartments. Using the Lithium-Ion cell technology for durability, the battery uses the same charging CC/CV charging settings as a 7.4V LiPo battery and it comes pre-wired with an industry-standard XH balance port and a T-type power connector.