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Bullitt 2800mAh LiIon HP receiver battery pack

Bullitt 2800mAh LiIon receiver battery pack

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Nemo Racing have released a new Bullitt 2800mAh LiIon High Power receiver battery pack. With 2800mAh capacity battery this softcase pack is ideal for energy-intensive and high-performance servos which they bring great battery life. Its dimensions are adapted to the Agama A215 battery box and also many other cars. Comes pre-wired with XH balancer connector and a JR/Futaba compatible universal plug.


Arrowmax 14.8V 5200mAh 4S LiPo pack

Arrowmax 14.8V 5200mAh 4S LiPo pack

Arrowmax further expand its LiPo battery range by introducing a 4S 14.8V LiPo battery pack for 1/8th EP buggy application. Available in 5200mAh using high quality batteries with 55C continuous and 110C burst rate this LiPo battery has a hard case design and measure at 139mmx 47mmx 48mm, comes with a pre-solder T-plugs and balancing plug.

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Corally Power Racing 2s 4.000mAh 30C LiPo pack

lipo corally 4000mAh 30c

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Team Corally have introduced the Power Racing 2s 4.000mAh 30C LiPo battery pack. Not all drivers are looking for the highest performance batteries, but still they want a high quality performing battery for bashing around with a long lifespan. The Team Corally Power Racing 30C battery is surely what you are looking for. The ideal battery for the serious hobby driver with a wopping 30C discharge rate.

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LRP 3000mAh shorty LCG LiPo battery pack

LRP 3000mAh shorty LCG LiPo battery pack

German company LRP have introduced the new 7.4V 3000mAh 10C/55C shorty LCG P5 LiPo battery pack for 1/10 2WD. In 1/10 competition the main factor for a battery is a perfect weight/power ratio. Batteries nowadays have enough power anyway for all Offroad classes, so it is much more important to have this power in a suitable package. This is the main philosophy behind the LRP LiPo Competition Car Line.

Website: LRP

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LRP 4500mAh LiPo Shorty Stock Spec

LRP 4500 mAh P5

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Coming soon from LRP is the 4500 mAh P5 110C/55C LiPo Shorty Stock Spec pack. When it comes to 2wd and 4wd Offroad, the main factor for a battery is a perfect weight/power ratio. Batteries nowadays have enough power anyway for all offroad classes, so it is much more important to have this power in a suitable package as is the case in the LRP LiPo Competition Car Line.

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EVO Zirkon Power “Ultra Power” LiPo


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EVO are proud to announce our new line of Zirkon “Ultra Power” 110c 6500mAH 2s 7.4v LiPo battery packs. They incorporate industry leading design features and specialist internal components to provide exceptional performance and would allow deliver ultra-power for your full race cycle. Zirkon Li-Po batteries are designed, thoroughly tested, and manufactured in our state-of- the-art facility. These Li-Po’s are of the highest quality and performance at an affordable price.

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Arrowmax 7000 mAh 2S LiPo battery

AM Lipo 7000mAh 2S TC 7.4V 55C Continuos 110C Burst 1

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Arrowmax have released a new 7000 mAh 2S LiPo battery pack. Arrowmax newest line-up of batteries are made to perform. With a burst rate of 110C and a continuos rate of 55C, this batteries will handle the toughest requests no matter on-road or off-road. The 2S 7000 mAh Lipo pack come in an standard hard case with 4mm plugs opening on both side.

Team Orion Carbon Pro V-Max & V-Max HV LiPo

7.6V V-Max Rocket Packs Team Orion

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Team Orion complete their range of LiPo battery with the Carbon Pro V-Max “Outlaw“ HV Racing and the V-Max Rocket.

The Carbon Pro V-Max 110C is the latest evolution of a range of racing batteries produced for over 25 years. In the 90’s we developed the V-Max process to enhance NiMH battery performance and achieve outstanding results at competitions. Now, V-Max battery enhancement technology is back for LiPo batteries. The new Carbon Pro V-Max LiPo batteries have a higher nominal voltage (3.8V vs 3.7V) and can be charged up to 4.35V/Cell. The higher voltage allows for more performance and more capacity for the same battery size. Clic here to see all Carbon Pro V-Max 110C configurations.

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Team Orion unveils ‘ULTRA’ chemistry shorty pack


Team Orion is very proud to announce the brand new ULTRA chemistry shorty racing battery for extreme punch! Because it is very efficient at storing energy, LiPo chemistry allows batteries to be smaller and yet offer outstanding performance. This is the reason why “Shorty” size LiPo batteries have become ever more popular over the past few years. Coupled with a high-performance brushless system, a “Shorty” LiPo battery has enough power and capacity to fulfill the requirements of the most demanding racing classes.

“Over the years, our advanced LiPo technology has won presitigious races around the world. Thanks to the latest developments from our advanced R&D team, we are now able to achieve new levels of power output and capacity. The result is our new 100C Carbon LiPo battery range, available in all the popular sizes and configurations and featuring power outputs and capacities at the peak of current technology. All of our Carbon LiPo are encased into our patented Carbon look battery case.”

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LRP launches ‘ANTIX’ budget friendly product line

Antix Brand

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As of today, there is one more brand in the R/C world. ANTIX by LRP offers a great price-performance ratio – ideal for the small purse and the proper leisure time fun. Blue is Better boosts the model hobby as the products with the new logo profit from the high LRP standards, but come with a much more attractive price.

The start will be made by the completely new budget LiPo line for R/C beginners and hobby drivers. These LiPo packs are suited for all drivers looking for high power at an affordable price. The line includes 2S, 3S and 4S batteries, featured in a robust hardcase, making them perfect power sources for Onroad and Offroad applications. The packs are equipped with a US-style connector, and are ready for a 45C load.