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S-ePower Receiver battery Pack

S-ePOWER Sanyo Battery is back

SWORKz’ Spower brand have released a new Li-ion 7.2V receiver pack battery under their S-ePower brand, made in Japan by electronics specialists Sanyo, the 2800 mAh capacity battery weighs in at 96g and should be available shortly.

Item No. SP-70201 | Diameter: 66.8×36.8×16.8 mm

Reedy’s new LiPo stick receiver pack

reedy bat

Reedy has released an all-new LiPo “stick” receiver pack today. This 2100mAh 7.4V LiPo RX/TX high-capacity battery is perfect for use as a receiver battery for nitro powered buggys and trucks that require a stick configuration. It is also an excellent choice for transmitters that will accept 2S 7.4V LiPo input. The standard power plug fits directly into your transmitter or receiver/switch harness while a JST-XH balance connector allows for simple balance charging.

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New Reedy 5000 mAh 65c LiPo


Theres nothing more exciting than a battery that we can think of, and heres a new one from Reedy!

Thanks to its high average voltage and low internal resistance values, Reedy’s powerful 5000mAh 65C LiPo is the logical choice for stock class racers who want to reduce their laptimes and for racers participating in capacity-limited classes such as VTA.

The battery’s low weight allows more flexibility in achieving equal left/right weight distribution in touring cars while making it easier to achieve the legal minimum weight. In off-road vehicles, a reduction in the battery’s weight means that ballast can be applied elsewhere to improve vehicle handling and reduce lap times.

Tested and developed by the championship-winning Reedy factory team drivers, this battery features a durable hard case to prevent damage while 4mm socket connectors reduce resistance and allow for short and efficient wiring.

New ProTek Square LiPo Pack


A Main Hobbies have announced the release of their new ProTek Surpreme Power 100C square LiPo pack which is a great option for applications that use a side by side saddle pack setup, such as 2wd buggies and stadium trucks. When compared to a saddle pack, the square design eliminates the need for a jumper wire for increased efficiency, and at the same time cleans up your charging station by eliminating cluttered charging cables.

Dynamite Reaction 80C Li-Po Packs

New Dynamite Reaction 80C Li-Po Packs

Dynamite have announced the release of their new 80C Reaction LiPo battery packs which provides the power needed to get the most out of any RC vehicle. Ranging from 2S to 4S packs all featuring an 80C discharge rate and capacities up to 7200mAh, Dynamite have just about any 1/10- or 1/8-scale surface application covered.

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New RB Energy LiPo Batteries

New RB Energy LiPo Batteries

RB Products have introduced their new RB Energy range of LiPo batteries with the release of their new 4S 14.8V 75C 7000mAh, 4S 14.8V 70C 6200mAh, 2S 7.4V 40C 3000mAh, 2S 7.4V 45C 5200mAh, 2S 7.4V 75C 7000mAh and 2S 7.4V 75C 7000mAh hard case packs. Each pack is delivered with Deans high current connectors, silicone-wrapped wires with its balance connector and an instruction manual.

Reedy 7000mAh 65C LiPo Battery

Reedy’s 7000mAh 65C LiPo battery features heavy-duty 5mm socket for high current applications such as Short Course 4WD and 1/8th eBuggy. Racers will certainly appreciate the improvement in power output achieved by utilizing a lower resistance connector. If the specs sound familiar, they are! This battery is constructed with the same low resistance, high-capacity cells used in Reedy’s popular #309 battery housed in a durable hard case.

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New Reedy 7000mAh 65C LiPo Battery

New Reedy SQ Competition LiPo

It is not every day that something truly unique is introduced to the RC market. Reedy’s innovative 5800mAh 65C 7.4V SQ LiPo battery replaces the two-piece side-by-side saddle pack with a single hard-case battery. By eliminating the need for a jumper wire and reducing the number of internal connections, power output and efficiency are improved. Dual 4mm sockets with a 2mm balance port allows users to balance charge the battery in the same manner as stick and shorty batteries.

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New Reedy SQ Competition LiPo

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New Reedy LiPo Receiver Batteries

New Reedy LiPo Receiver BatteriesReedy is proud to announce the addition of two new LiPo receiver batteries to their diverse and growing lineup. The 2300mAh battery features high capacity, which makes it perfect for enthusiasts who don’t want to worry about continually having to re-charge their receiver battery, and for serious racers who are competing in long main events. The 1200mAh battery is a lightweight alternative that can improve overall vehicle handling by reducing the overall weight of the vehicle.

It can also offer improved flexibility when it comes to left/right and front/rear weight distribution. Premium cells with high-strength, low-resistance connection are equipped with a standard power plug that fits directly into your receiver or switch harness, while a JST-XH balance connector allows for simple balance charging.

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New Reedy WolfPack 4500mAh LiPo

Reedy’s WolfPack LiPo 4500mAh 25C 14.8V LiPo battery meets the performance demands of both the casual enthusiast and the club racer. A generous discharge capability increases overall power and top speed, while a high capacity extends run times far beyond what is capable with NiMH batteries or lower quality LiPo batteries. Reedy’s molded hard case provides maximum crash protection while high quality cell manufacturing and construction techniques result in reliable operation and maximum cycle-life. Unlike some brands that utilize power-robbing “universal” plugs, Reedy’s WolfPack 4500mAh 25C 14.8V LiPo battery come equipped with beefy silicone wires and a low-resistance Deans® Ultra Plug® connector. An integrated balancing harness with a JST-XH connector is included.

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New Reedy WolfPack 4500mAh LiPo

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