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Speedzone 4000mAh & 5000mAh shorty 2S 120C LiPo packs

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Speedzone USA have introduced two new hardcase shorty lipo battery packs in the form of a 4000mAh and 5000mAh. Both packs measure 96x47x25mm, use standard 5mm bullet-type connectors and weigh 208g for the 4000mAh pack and 216g for the 5000mAh pack. The 4000mah 120C pack was specially designed to have super high voltage pack with low internal resistance making it a ideal for spec class racing while the 5000mah 120C pack is ideal for modified racing or if you need extra-long run time.

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Muchmore Quick LiPo voltage checker

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Muchmore Racing have introduced the Quick LiPo voltage checker. The Quick LiPo voltage checker makes it easy and quick to check if the battery need to be charged or not. The LiPo voltage checker feaures a screen with a blue display, a 17cm wire length equipped with 4mm Euro connectors and a reverse connect protection. The operating voltage check range is 4.5 to 36V.

HRC Racing 14.8V 5800mAh 4S LiPo battery pack

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HRC Distribution have introduced the new HRC Racing 14.8V 5800mAh 65C/110C 4S LiPo battery pack. This battery is especially designed for 1/8 buggies and features a durable hard case, and a Dean’s original gold plug. The battery pack measures 140 x 46 x 48mm and weighs 480g.

RC Concept Omega High Voltage LiPo batteries

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RC Concept have added rwo new Omega High Voltage batteries to their range of LiPo batteries. RC Concept R&D team has been tested numerous cells before choosing those high quality, low resistance ones. Those batteries allow all racers to have the maximum power and the maximum runtime in on-road or off-road vehicles.

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Reedy Zappers 15.2V 6400mAh 4S LiPo battery

Reedy have introduced new Zappers batteries in 4S version for 1/8 E-Buggy and E-Truggy. Originally referring to Reedy’s proprietary NiMH voltage enhancement technology, Zappers perfectly describe Reedy’s high-voltage LiPo battery chemistry. A 15.2V nominal voltage means that with a suitable charger, the battery can be safely charged to 17.4V (4.35V/cell). It is not a secret that more voltage equals more power, so there is no easier way to achieve a performance advantage than a higher charge voltage!

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Arrowmax 4400mAh 7.4V Shorty low-profile LiPo battery pack

Arrowmax have introduced a 4400mAh 7.4V 2S low-profile LiPo battery pack. Built using high-performance 55C/110C cells the battery features a lower centre of gravity compared to standard packs and also the smaller footprint gives you more freedom on battery placement and provide more set-up option. The battery makes use of 4mm bullet type connectors and it is specially design for 1/10 buggy or Formula classes.

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Arrowmax 6000mAh 2S HV LiPo shorty battery pack

Arrowmax have introduced a new 7.6V 6000mAh High Voltage Lipo shorty battery pack. The new High-Voltage line up now boost a 7.6V nominal voltage, with a proper charger, the batteries can be safely charge up to 8.7V or 4.35V per cell. They providing more punch and at the same time a more ideal discharge rate. These batteries can still be charge to a normal 8.4V or 4.2V per-cell and still maintain a flatter discharge curve, which means the batteries pack will remain with a better “punch” characteristics at the end of it’s discharge cycle. These 6000mAh Lipo batteries come with a 55C continuos and 110C burst rating, utilizeing a sturdy hard case, with 4mm gold plated plugs to aid lowering internal resistance. Size in 96mm x 47mm x 25.1mm, and it’s IFMAR approved.

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Robitronic 6S & 4S Competition LiPo packs

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Robitronic have introduced the new 6S 4500mAh and 4S 5000mAh Competition LiPo packs. Both use high-quality packaged cells which are placed in a robust hardcase and therefore safe of mechanical damage. The connecting lead with an XT90 plug, as the balancer cable are practice-oriented lead out of the top side of the battery.

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