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Arrowmax introduces new 5000mAh 7.4v Shorty LiPo pack

Arrowmax Shorty LiPo Pack

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The newest introduction to the ever growing line-up of Arrowmax products has arrived; the 5000mAh 2S Shorty LiPo pack. With the high demand of today’s EP racing, customers are constantly looking for the edge. Arrowmax newest line-up of batteries are made to perform. With a burst rate of 110C and a continuos rate of 55C, Our 2S 5000mAh Shorty pack are specially design for 1/10 buggy racing. The smaller footprint gives you more freedom on battery placement and provides more set-up options. The Arrowmax LiPo pack comes in an standard hard case with 4mm plug openings on both sides.

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Dualsky powers up with new 4600mAh 75C 1/10 ‘shorty’ pack

Track and Field Shorty

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Bellgate Distributors introduces the new Dualsky 7.4v 4600mAh 75C ‘Shorty’ pack. Offering a superb 4600mAh of capacity, this battery is perfect for Formula 1, 1/10 onroad, and 1/10 offroad racing. As a part of Dualsky’s Racing Edition range, this battery offers a maximum continuous output of 2553W. If you are ready to bring your remote control car up to speed, look no further.

Flash Point powers out new 2500mAh TX/RX LiPo pack

Flash Point LiPo

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New from Flash Point R/C Racing Products is a 2S Lipo 7.4V 2500mah battery pack. Made with the highest quality cells and durable 20awg silicone wire. The battery was designed to power not only 1/10 and 1/8 scale nitro powered race cars, but can also be used to power most transmitters. The battery is kevlar wrapped, covered in black shrink wrap and has a universal plug and balance lead for easy operation. The Flash Point R/C 2S Lipo 7.4V 2500mah battery is suitable for most R/C vehicles and transmitters on the market!

Reedy goes long with new 1/10 LiPo

Reedy LiPo

Reedy’s 6000mAh 70C Competition LiPo Battery is intended primarily for touring cars where capacity can be sacrificed in exchange for lighter weight and increased power output, HOWEVER, we prefer to think of it as a new 1/10 buggy OFFROAD pack for those looking to run an ‘old school’ full-length LiPo setup. Reedy’s high-quality, durable hard case helps prevent damage while 4mm socket connectors keeps power-robbing resistance to a minimum.

“Lighter weight allows for greater flexibility when adjusting weight distribution while maintaining the correct minimum overall weight. World-class power output thanks to a high average discharge voltage and low internal resistance makes this battery the natural choice for stock racers looking to improve their lap times. Modified racers will enjoy the added power as well – especially on medium to large tracks where extra power translates into faster lap times.”

Speedzone expands 1/10 LiPo range

Speedzone LiPos

Speedzone has released the latest versions of their Peerless Series Lipo Packs. These packs come in standard 1S, 2S and 2S Shorty dimensions and meet ROAR, EFRA, BRCA, and IFMAR specs. Both the 1S and 2S packs are 8000mah and weigh 158g and 330g respectively. The shorty pack is a 5200mah pack with a weight of 222g. With the high mAh, these 100C packs offer higher run times without compromise to average voltage or resistance. All packs are hardcase packs with inboard 4mm connectors.

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Reedy 5300mAh Shorty LiPo battery


Shorty batteries have become the standard in 1:10 offroad buggies thanks to their light weight and tuning versatility. Reedy’s 5300mAh 70C Shorty LiPo Battery offers extended run times and maximum power output in this popular configuration.

As race times increase and traction levels rise, higher capacity becomes more and more critical. Stock and Modified racers will enjoy more power at the end of their runs and more power overall thanks to improved cell chemistry and a 70C discharge rating.

A durable hard case helps prevent damage while 4mm socket connectors reduce resistance and allow for short and clean wiring.  LiPo battery technology continues to progress and Reedy is proud to bring improved performance to the masses.

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ProTek delivers 2015 ‘Supreme’ LiPos

ProTek 2015 LiPos

ProTek R/C’s all-new 2015 “Supreme Power” 100C LiPo batteries are lighter, safer and more powerful. By improving the proprietary chemical composition of the cells, the 2015 ProTek R/C “Supreme Power” LiPos perform effortlessly when charged to the standard 4.2 volts per cell. The new chemistry uses high-density materials that provide additional heat shielding, thus providing a much safer battery pack that is less prone to puffing under demanding race conditions.


S-ePOWER Electric switch

New S-ePOWER Mini Electric Switch-01

SWORKz’ electro brand ‘S-ePOWER’ have released a rather simple yet effective electric switch making life easy when running your car – the switch can handle 6V DC or 7.4V batteries, whether you run Li-Po, Li-ion or Ni-Mh the switch has you covered. The switch has two built in LEDs which show that it’s on as well as displaying whether your battery is starting to run a bit low. The switch also shares the same mounting holes as AMB transponders making life simple when mounting it.

Ultimate launches new ‘Electro’ line

Ultimate LiPos

Modelix Racing is proud to announce the addition of the new Ultimate Electro range of LiPo batteries and chargers to the diverse and growing Ultimate Racing line of products. All of the new Ultimate Electro LiPo batteries comes with premium battery cells, with low-resistance connection that minimizes resistance and increases power output, while a balance connector allows for simple balance charging.

“Every hobby enthusiast and pro racer want a reliable and affordable battery that provides good runtime, good power and reliable performance, and Modelix Racing is once again ready to deliver world-class performance and reliability to racers and enthusiasts worldwide with the new Ultimate Electro line of batteries.”

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Vampire introduces new LiPo packs

Vampire Batteries

Vampire Racing introduce three new competition LiPo battery packs made from the latest generation of high-performance cells. First up is the 6400mAh 100C stick pack whose high output voltage makes it ideal for Stock racing classes. The high capacity makes it also very useful demanding Modified class racing. Also new are a 5700mAh 80C saddle and a 4600mAh shorty battery pack. All packs are made from a new generation of cells that is more powerful and less prone to swelling even when the packs are abused through too high or too low voltage. The saddle pack version comes with a 4mm bullet-type connector, while the stick and shorty packs come with dual 4mm connectors for even higher power output.

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