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SWORKz tool bag

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SWORKz have introduced a new tool bag. This high quality tool bag is made from durable material and is the perfect size for carrying a majority of the tools you will need for a day at the track. The bag features two sides and all the tool slots feature elastic compression straps that will hold tools securely during transportation. The tool bag features a sturdy handle, a quality heavy-duty lockable zipper and comes in red color with SWORKz graphics for looks.

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Mugen pit caddy

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Coming soon from Mugen Seiki is their new pit caddy. The pit caddy is designed to easely carrying tools, fuel, starter box, fuel bottle and fuel gun. Made from durable heavy duty material, this lightweight pit caddy features a comfortable padded handle. When empty, it is easy to assemble / disassemble for traveling. The pit caddy will be available with Mugen Seiki and Flash Point logos in May.

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Beta Premium 1/8 buggy/tyres bag

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Nemo Racing have introduced the new Beta Premium bag for 1/8 buggy or tyres.The size is optimised for a complete car with wing and wheels attached, or 15 sets of tyres. With a strong, durable zip complete with a padded lining, this new Beta Bag will be sure to complete your Trackside Package.

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HARD Racing Cheng-Ho 1/8 Trolley

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HRC Distribution have introduced the HARD Racing Cheng-Ho 1/8 trolley. This bag has been especially designed for RC racers, who need to carry all their RC material to the RC track pits. The bag features 5 strong and durable drawers, a large compartment for RC tools on the top, a large pocket for pit board, and some other pockets on the sides. It also features a table plate with 2 feet rods. All the Cheng-Ho bags are made with a very strong and durable nylon material and PP drawers, made to for years of RC racing.

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Mugen Seiki fluid & parts bag

Mugen Seiki have introduced new fluid and parts bag. The bag will hold up to 26 bottles of Flash Point diff and shock oils and It can also be used to store nitro engines, parts, tools, and chargers. The zipped bag measures 10″ x 8″ x 4.5″ and features the Mugen Seiki logo.

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Mugen Seiki OGIO race bag

Mugen Seiki have introduced the OGIO race bag. The Mugen Seiki OGIO Race Bag is a great option to get your equipment to the races in style. Based off the durable OGIO Rig 9800 bag it has wheels, tons of space, multiple pockets and compartments for all your storage needs. Whether you’re a local, regional, national, or world level racer this bag will work great for all your R/C needs.

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HUDY large travel bag

HUDY have added a new extra-large capacity travel bag to their range of bags. Measuring 80 x 40 x 40 cm the extra-large bag features a large zippered opening allows easy opening for quick access, perfect for travelling to races but also for all personal travel needs.


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Flash Point Shock & Diff fluid bag

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Flash Point R/C have introduced the fluid bag. It is designed to easily store and holp up 20 bottles of Flash Point shock oils and differential fluid bottles. It can also be used to store nitro engines, parts, tools, and chargers. The bag measures 9″ x 7″ x 4.5″ and features the Flash Point logo. Adam Drake talk about the fluid bag in the video bellow:

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