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Infinity shock oil bag

See: Creation Model Ltd.

Infinity has further expanded its accessories line-up with the addition of a shock oil bag. Made in the distinctive Infinity black and red colour scheme and printed with the Infinity World Champions logo, the cloth bag is a solution for storing silicon shock oil and silicon differential oil. With an inside dimension of 19x15x10cm, the bag can also easily be multi purposed to store and carry other RC related items.

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Infinity jumbo trolley bag

Source: Creation Model Ltd.

Infinity has added a jumbo trolley bag to its accessories line-up. The new 70x40x28cm bag is big enough to accommodate all necessary equipment for RC races. The bag will internally house four individual 47x21.5x13cm Infinity Corrugated Plastic Boxes. With wheels and a retractable handle, you can easily carry this bag stuffed with heavy items inside with it capable of hauling up to 23kg of equipment.

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6MIK Optima 1/8th buggy tyres smart bag

See: 6MIK

6MIK have introduced the new Optima tyres smart bag for Nitro Buggy and E-buggy. The re-usable smart bag is provided with a reliable closing zip and it allows to easily store four tyres. Available in set of 10-piece, it is ideal to have your OGIO bag well prepared and your workshop stored.

HUDY compact 1/10 carrying bag


HUDY have introduced a new compact carrying bag for the 1/10 class. Smart, stylish and distinctive, the light and ultra-versatile HUDY Carrying Bag is large and spacious enough to carry all your RC car parts and equipment to any track with comfort and ease.The spacious 500x250x420mm interior is easily accessible through the zippered bag end on both sides. The bag comes with 3 large inner storage boxes #397241 in size 465x220x130mm. The strong, reinforced, waterproof storage boxes are made from a special high-quality rigid composite material for long life and extra durability. Optional inner boxes #397242 in size 465x220x87mm are available. The padded walls ensure that the bag will stand even if some of the inner storage boxes are removed while using them. The super-modern and stylish carrying bag has full-colour graphics over the entire bag and is emblazoned with official HUDY graphics. High-quality European materials and craftsmanship are abundant.

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6MIK Optima universal storage bag

See: 6MIK

French company 6MIK have added a new universal storage bag to their Optima range. Measuring 24 x 20 x 7cm (internal dimensions), the bag features a sturdy zipper, a front pocket and a heavy duty handle, making it ideal to store and carry tools, accessories and electrics. Available in blue, red, fluorescent green and fluorescent orange, the bag sports Optima’s logo printed on the outside and it is machine washable.

HUDY 175x110x75mm hard case


HUDY have introduced a new 175x110x75mm hard case. This stylish, handy and compact hard case is ideal to carry and protect your equipment. Highest-quality materials combined with expert workmanship ensure the durability and long life of this hard case. The upper lid features inner net pocket with a zipper while the upper sports an attractive full-color HUDY graphics. The outer size is 175x110x75mm and the inner size is 150x85x55mm.

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Yokomo multi–purpose bag

See: Yokomo

Yokomo have introduced a new multi–purpose bag. Measuring 510mm × 310mm, the bag is made made of durable, sturdy and thick canvas material. It is large and soft enough to store and transport your precious 1/10 vehicle or transmitter and protect them from scratches. To complete the look and finish, the bag is printed with the new Yokomo Factory Team logo and comes with a yellow drawstring.

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Monaco RC fireproof LiPo bags

See: Monaco RC

Monaco RC have introduced two fireproof LiPo bags. The fireproof LiPo fly bag measures 205x55x155mm, features a double sturdy zipper and comes with a practical handle that ensures easy handling. In addition to be used to recharge the batteries, the fly bag is designed to carry many batteries on-board a plane in perfect safety. The fireproof LiPo fly bag allows also the carrying of power banks, camera batteries, electronic cigarettes and more. The fireproof LiPo fly bag comes in two versions, including one with a pre-cut inner foam and it sports Monaco RC graphic.

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