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Air Filters News

HUDY air filter sealant


HUDY have introduced a new air filter sealant. It is used between the sides of the foam filter and the plastic part of the filter to perfectly seal the contact area to ensure no dust will pass through.

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T-Work’s Tekno & XRAY high–density air filter foam sets

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T-Work’s have introduced two sets of high–density air filter foams designed for the Tekno and XRAY vehicles. The density air filter foam delivers great airflow and at the same time prevents the smallest particles of dirt from finding their way inside your engine. The white color makes it easy to see just how dirty your filter is. Both Tekno and XRAY air filter foams come in set of 10-piece.

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RC Concept pre-oiled air filter foams

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French company RC Concept have introduced new pre-oiled air filter foams. The filter is made with best quality foam with matching oil, in order to give your engine more power and providing more durability. Each foam has been carefully oiled and weighted in order to be sure to have the exact same tuning every single race. They come in packs of six and fit to TLR/Losi and HB Racing air filters.

6MIK foam air filter oil & pre-oiled foams

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French company 6MIK have introduced the new Optima foam air filter oil and pre-oiled foams. This oil is very thin to allow it to be evenly spread throughout the foam filter. The blue color lets you be sure that the entire filter is saturated, ensuring maximum protection for your engine. Its formulation also prevents water to from getting inside the foam. Before installing on your vehicle, make sure you remove all the excess oil from the filter before you let it sit to avoid over oiling the filter. The 6MIK air filter oil comes in a 100ml bottle that will fit in any pit box. Also news is a range of pre-oiled foams for Kyosho, XRAY, Mugen, HB Racing and TLR using the new air filter oil.

T-Work’s X3 carbon fibre brake disks & MBX8 high density air filter foam

See: T-Work’s

T-Work’s have introduced new carbon fibre brake disks for the Hong Nor Sabre X3 and high density air filter foam for the Mugen MBX7R and MBX8. First up are the brake disks, machined from high quality carbon fibre, they feature a ventilated design providing a consistent and smooth braking, combined with super light weight and low wear. Next up is the high density air filter foam. It is specially designed and precision cut from high density foam. It delivers great airflow and at the same time preventing even the smallest particles of dirt from finding their way inside your valuable engine.

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VP-PRO Tekno air filter


VP-PRO have introduced new air filter intended for use with Tekno 1/8 nitro vehicles. It is a perfect fit in the filter housing and increased filter mass for improved air flow and dust protection.The unique white filter material is superior to anything else available, delivering incredible airflow and at the same time preventing even the smallest particles of dirt from finding their way inside your valuable engine. Plus, the bright color makes it easy to see just how dirty your filter is.

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RC Concept air filter set & foams


See: RC Concept

RC Concept have introduced its new air filter set and air filter foam. Nowdays the “Losi style” air filter become more and more popular in every car and RC Concept would like to offer a full high quality kit for your car. RC Concept also have now available the high quality foam, with perfect density for a maximum power of your engine while the foam will keep it free from dust. The air filter set is available alone or with 2 foam (non oiled) or with 6 air filter foam (non oiled).

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6mik new Optima air filter

6mik optima air filter

See: 6mik 

French company 6mik have introduced new Optima universal air filter for 1/8 vehicles. This air filter features a very similar design of the Losi/HB air filter. With its compact design (diameter 39, length 42) and its extreme light weigh it will fit under the body without problems. The new Optima air filter comes with two different adapter types: a standard model and an “S” model that reduces fuel consumption about 30sec compared to a classical model. The air filter is provided with a double high quality foam for optimum dust protection. The foams are maintained in position thanks to the lateral filter walls. The Optima air filter is available as kit including 2 adapters, a special oil and 6 double foams. Parts are also available separately.