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T-Work’s 1/8 & 1/10 car stand

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T-Work’s have introduced the new car stand for 1/8 and 1/10 vehicles. This compact stand is machined on both sides with T-Work’s logo, comes with a hard-anodised surface to ensure maximum long life and features small foam pads bonded to the top surface provide good grip to hold the vehicle without damaging the underside of the chassis. The car stand leasures 80mm x 120mm and features holes for rebuild shocks.

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HB Racing Velcro tape

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HB Racing have intoduced new Velcro tape. These Velcro tape strips can be used for a variety of R/C purposes, including attaching the car body to the chassis. The black 20x200mm hook and loop strips are adhesive backed for high grip.

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6MIK 17mm brass serrated wheel nuts

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6MIK have introduced 17mm brass serrated wheel nuts for 1/8 vehicles. Precision CNC machined from brass, each nut is 7 gr heavier than standard items to provide more traction and stability and also reduce the excessive suspensions moves. The nuts are also flanged and knurled for locking security and feature a closed end to protect from dirt and debris build-up in the axle or hub and feature an etched 6MIK logo on the closed-end cap.

Team Orion flat sensor racing wires

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Coming soon from Team Orion is a new range of flat sensor racing wires. Thanks to the flat design the wires can be neatly installed in every car and they just look great. These high quality connectors make a secure connection from ESC to motor and comes in the lengths from 75mm to 200mm. The flat sensor racing wires will shortly be available world wide.

Twister RC headset stickers

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Twister RC have introduced new stickers for Eartec headset with microphone. The high quality metallochrome stickers comes in six different colors including red, purple, orange, green, blue and pink and sport exquisite patterns and matching colors. The stickers come in two pieces.

ArndtCraft 30mm X-theme fan brace

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ArndtCraft have introduced new X-theme fan brace for all 30mm fan. Cut from high-quality carbon fibre, it increases the rigidity of fan center section, through added support stiffening of the weak point in these fans (the center support legs). The X-theme fan brace can be used with or without extreme cool fan shroud and it is highly recommended for use with chassis mounted fans.

Twister RC 7PX transmitter skins

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Following the release of transmitter skins for the Sanwa M17, Twister RC have unveiled new skin stickers for the Futaba 7PX transmitter. Designed to protect and customize your transmitter, the skin stickers come in six metallochrome colors including green, blue, pink, red, purple and orange with nice patterns and matching colors. The 7PX transmitter skins come including a screen protector and the instruction manual.

Hong Nor 77mm exhaust hanger wire

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Hong Nor have introduced the new 77mm exhaust hanger wire for Nitro Buggy and Truggy. This high-tensile steel exhaust mounting wire allows easy mounting of muffler and offers the necessary flexibility to avoid breaking the exhaust during heavy impacts.