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VSR Products B74 wiring harness

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VSR Products have introduced the new wiring harness for the Team Associated B74. The wiring harness is the safe and clean way to run the battery wires from the ESC to the battery without running the risk of them hitting the uncovered spur gear. The VSR wiring harness holds your battery wires in place and avoids any risk with the spur gear. It mounts on the carbon top plate on top of the center diff or slipper.

VSR Products 8IGHT X-E battery protector

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Coming from VSR Products is the new battery protector for the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT X-E. The guard covers the center diff gear and prevents it from rubbing on the battery during heavy impacts, all while helping stop rocks and debris from getting jammed in the gear mesh. The guard is 3D printed with carbon fiber reinforced plastic, providing excellent strength and longevity. Use the stock screws to mount the guard onto the top of the center diff top plate.

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6MIK C.A. glue tip set

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French company 6MIK have introduced a new C.A. glue tip set. The 1.0mm precision tips are very handy and will control the dispensing so that the glue will not come out too fast and will protect the nozzle from becoming stuck. You can use each tip many times before having to replace it. The tip is firmly attached to the bottle with an extension tube that is screwed onto the bottle and encloses the tip. The tips specially fit 6MIK C.A glue and come in a set of 10-piece.

Kyosho RB7 front wing mount set

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Kyosho have introduced a set of front wing mount for the RB7. The front wing adds downforce to the front tower and gives the car more cornering speed, especially keeping the front down when jumping into turns. The wing mount in front of the tower has less leverage on the chassis and gives front downforce with a smoother steering feel, and less low-speed steering than the high tower mount. The set includes the front wing mount, 6 mounting screws and 2 washers.

Xtreme Racing iCharger X8 carbon fibre stand

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Xtreme Racing have introduced new carbon fibre charger stand for the popular iCharger X8. The stand is designed to hold most ichargers at an angle for better viewing and allow more air flow around the charger. Most server style power supplies (90mm x 40mm) will also fit below it to take up less room on in your pit space. The carbon fibre stand comes with two side plates, a charger plate and two aluminum spacers with fasteners.

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HUDY car stand


HUDY have introduced new car stand for 1/10 buggy. The redesigned and improved car stands features new lower and more compact rubber feet that make the stand more stable. The surface is black powder coated for maximum long life and to withstand abusive working conditions while his very low profile makes it very handy to pack for travel. The car stand features also stylish HUDY graphics and logos. Four rubber feet ensure that the stand will stay firmly in place and not move while working on the car. Two super-soft foam strips bonded to the top surface ensure that the car will sit softly and will not move while you’re working on it. Four strategically placed holes on the top of the stand provide a secure placement for shocks during rebuilds. The holes are additionally labeled with FL, FR, RL, and RR symbols to allow easy recognition of the different shocks to ensure you can easily identify the shocks.

Element RC pit mat

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Element RC have introduced their new pit mat. Designed to give your pit area or workstation a clean look, the pit mat is made from black 5mm thick yoga mat material. Measuring 24″ x 48″, it sports the Element RC logo printed in white on the narrow edge.

T-Work’s tyre additive applicator brushed pen

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T-Work’s have introduced a tyre additive applicator brushed pen. The applicator brushed pen was designed to make traction additive application easier and offering more precision compared to the brush applicator usually used to apply the tyre sauce. The applicator brushed pen can contain up to 25ml of tyre sauce.

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