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SWORKz spring steel pipe clamp

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SWORKz have introduced new spring steel pipe clamp. Machined from high-quality spring steel, the pipe clamp features a shape that matches the shape of the pipe end to provide a secure lock and keep the exhaust pipe in place. The pipe clamp fits on almost every vehicles.

Muchmore long belt-type tyre warmers

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Muchmore Racing have introduced the new long belt-type tyre warmers. Designed to be use with 1/10 buggy tyres, the warmers measure 440x60mm and feature 800mm connector wires. They use hock and look straps for steep-less adjustment and they come as pairs.

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Team Associated RC8B3.1 shock tower covers

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Team Associated have introduced two new shock tower covers for the RC8B3 and RC8B3.1. The 3D-printed covers are designed to be use with the aluminum or carbon fibre front tower to protect them from impacts, minimizing scratches. Requires two longer 3x26mm SHCS for the assembly.

1up Racing Pro pit mat

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1up Racing have introduced the new Pro pit mat. Made from ultra dense rubber/pvc material for extremely long life, it measures 4 feet x 2 feet and sports an unique circle pattern and 1up logo debossed right into the surface to instantly stands out as a leader amongst the rest! Only 3mm thick, the Pro Pit Mat rolls up tight taking up less space in your bag.

Nemo Racing Luxury pit mat

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Nemo Racing have introduced their new Luxury pit mat. Measuring approximately 900x600mm , the pit mat is made of high-quality and very durable rubber material and features a soft touch surface making it ideal to prevent damage on vulnerable parts like O-rings, pins, balls etc… and also scratch on the chassis. The pit mat comes in black color and features Nemo Racing, Beta, Racing Performer, Yokomo and LMR logos sublimation printed. It is machine washable and the soft material allows to roll the mat for easy storage and transportation.

Wild Turbo Fan Blow Harder 30mm cooling fan

Source: Wild Turbo Fan

Wild Turbo Fan have introduced the new Blow Harder 30mm fan for speed controllers. The fan features 9 cooling fins which generate the twister wind to provide more air and improve heat dissipation. A round lip molded into the intake side of the fan provides further smooth out the air flow.The part between the case and the core has increased 3 fold and thanks to the thicker side wall, the case is so much stronger than the standard 30mm fans. The Blow Harder 30mm fan features an all new electronics.

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Pro-Line R/C body airbrush paint

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Pro-Line have added new R/C body airbrush paints to their range. Pro-Line’s Team of Innovators have painted literally thousands of RC car bodies over the years and now offers ready to spray R/C Body paints specially formulated to help you achieve the same jaw dropping results they do. Developed by R/C body painters for painters, this water-based airbrush paint is ultra-flexible, extremely durable and easy to use. The Pro-Line R/C body airbrush paint are available in single 2 fl oz (60 ml.) individual bottles or 6 pack sets.

T-Work’s bearing cleaning unit

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T-Work’s have introduced a bearing cleaning unit. The bearing cleaning unit is intended for easily cleaning any RC bearing, just open the unit, put the bearings inside, fill the bearing cleaning unit up about 1/3rd of the way full with your cleaning solution and close the cap tightly. Agitate the cleaning solution by gently shaking the unit. Shake for about 30 seconds or until you are satisfied that your bearings are cleaned completely.