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Ultimate black silicone fuel line

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Modelix Racing have introduced the new Ultimate Racing black silicone fuel line. This ultra thick fuel line is an excellent choice for virtually all nitro racing applications. Made from special heat resistant silicone, this line is soft enough to bend around tight areas, while remaining firm enough to resist kinking. With an outer diameter of 6mm, this 1m length line fits perfectly into the fuel tanks.

LRP balancer board & EHR/XH to XH connection cables

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German company LRP have introduced a new multi balancer board and the extra long EHR/XH and XH/XH connection cables. The multi balancer board and the extra long EHR/XH and XH/XH connection cables allow to charge 2S to 6S batteries in the LiPo Bag, even if it is not located directly to the charger. Furthermore, current batteries with XH Balancer port can also be charged on older chargers with EHR balancer port. The set consists of four 210mm cables including a 4S EHR on XH, a 6S EHR on XH, a 4S XH on XH and a 6S XH on XH cables.

Kyosho MP10 yellow fuel tank lid pull coming soon

See: Kyosho Europe

Coming soon from Kyosho is the yellow fuel tank lid pull for the Inferno MP10. The fuel tank lid pull is made of bright fluorescent yellow plastic for high visibility while the design allows quicker pit stops and much safer. The set consists of two fuel tank lid pulls, a screw and an O-ring.

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Tekin World Champions Flashback apparel & mug

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Tekin go back to the ’80s with the re-release of the new World Champions Flashback T-Shirt and hoodies as well as a 11oz mug. The bright colors T-Shirt is made of 100% ring-spun cotton and sports a vintage style RC buggy on the front and the Tekin logo on the back. Something to bring you back to the golden days of RC. The shirt is available in S to 3XL sizes.

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Futaba UV umbrella

See: Futaba

Following the introduction of the new sunglasses, Futaba have introduced a new UV umbrella. Measuring a diameter of 76 cm (30 inches), the umbrella is coated with a layer of high-tech fabric reducing the temperature beneath the umbrella and absorbs any remaining UV rays. Sporting Black and orange colors with the Futaba logo and although primarily intended for protection from the sun, the umbrella can also be used to ward off rain.

T-Work’s soft bristle brush set

See: T-Work’s Products

T-Work’s have introduced a new set of three soft bristle brushes. Made from soft fibers, these brushes will help you to keep your cars clean while the shape of the handle makes the brush comfortable and easy to use for long periods of time. The set consist of three brushes including a small, medium and large sizes.

6MIK D819RS Optima air filter guard & mount

See: 6MIK

French company 6MIK have introduced a new Optima air filter guard and mount for the HB Racing D817, D819 and D819RS. The part is made from plastic material and is attached to the upper part of the fuel tank. It allows to protects the air filter from fuel splashes, that can cause engine flame out but also the part features a holder to securely hold the air filter.

World Champion Products Opolar cordless air duster

See: World Champion Products

World Champion Products have introduced the new Opolar cordless air duster. This comfortable and handy air duster helps in cleaning away the smallest of the smallest dust particles in the high-precision instruments, for a wide range of usability in every concealed and narrow place where once you could not reach.

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