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T-Work’s nitro engine throttle return spring

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T-Work’s have introduced a throttle return spring for nitro engines. Attached to the carburetor throttle linkage ball and secured to the high speed needle seat, the spring will ensure the carb is closed in the event of a lost or broken linkage or during electronic power failures, sending the engine to idle and thus saving the vehicle from becoming uncontrollable. Available in set of two.

PSM universal low profile fan mount

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PSM have introduced a new universal low profile fan mount. The symmetrical design allows two fans to be installed oppositely, for creating maximum cooling performance. PSM’s special aluminium provides permanent clamping force so that manual clamping is not required. The fan mount will work with all Ø36mm brushless motors.

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AVID black soft silicone wire


AVID have announced that they are revolutionizing the silicone wire game forever by being the first to introduce red shrink tubing for labeling those trick all black wire setups. Available in 4 thicknesses (14, 13, 12, and 10awg) as 1 meter long, it comes in any color you wish as long as it’s black, with 80mm red shrink tubing for marking your positive leads

Performa ultra soft flat sensor wires

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Performa Racing have introduced new ultra soft flat sensor wires. Available in lengths from 75mm to 200mm, their flat design and extremely flexible wires make them ideal for fitting into tight spaces while the stealth black finish and variety of lengths allow to create a neat and clean installation on any car. The sensor wires uses the highest quality connectors for a secure connection from the speed controller to the motor.

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Pilot RC Magic maintenance mat

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Pilot RC Products have introduced their Magic maintenance mat. This unique product is designed specifically for handling the rough conditions that are faced when maintaining your RC car and electronics. It is designed specifically for holding small screws and easy to lose components. The grippy surface makes sure you don’t have things rolling away while staying heat and chemical resistant. You can hold your high power soldering iron directly onto the surface and it will still maintain its smooth factory look. The mat is also completely free of magnets that can harm your motors components. If you make a mess on the mat it can easily be washed or wiped down to maintain the factory Pilot grey color. Additionally after wrenching or washing the mat you can throw it back in your bag with no fears of damaging it.

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Optima black shiny fuel line

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6MIK have introduced a new Optima black shiny fuel line for nitro engine. This 2x6mm premium fuel line is made from high-quality and durable silicone and won’t harden or crack and remains flexible. The Optima black shiny fuel line doesn’t make kinks when coiled and great gripping on your fittings.

HRC Racing battery checker V8.0

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HRC Distribution have introduced the new HRC Racing battery checker V8.0. Compatible with LiPo, LiFe, LiIon, NiMH and NiCd batteries, it allows to check the battery in a very fast and easy way and give information about the charging status such as the voltage and capacity of the battery. It includes a balance function to keep the battery in good condition and increase his performance. The device also features a new servo test function.

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T-Work’s 4PM screen protector

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T-Work’s have introduced a screen protector sheet for the Futaba 4PM. The clear protective sheet is a direct fit and it prevents the radio’s screen from becoming scratched or damaged. In addition it is less affected by finger prints, keeping the screen more readable.