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HUDY Air Vac vacuum pump aluminium tray


HUDY have introduced a new aluminium tray for the popular Air Vac vacuum pump for 1/10th Off-road and On-road vehicles. the professional, ultra-compact work tray is CNC-machined from extremely durable and wear resistant aircraft aluminum and comes black coated for wear. The purpose designed Air Vac Tray allows to integrate the Air Vac pump to create a perfect work station while rebuilding the shocks and differentials. The aluminum tray features 4 different compartments for accessories & hardware, compartment for the HUDY Air Vac and machined holes for shock absorber stand and differential holders. The tray features machined pockets with super-thin walls for light weight while stylish chamfered edges and laser-engraved HUDY graphics makes your tray stand out on your pit table.

Muchmore lightweight Factory Team setup boards V4

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Muchmore Racing have introduced the fourth version of the lightweight Factory Team setup boards for 1/10th and 1/8th Of-road vehicles as well as 1/12th, 1/10th and 1/8th On-road cars. Made with hard-wood and thin thickness to reduce the weight, the 2-side board features hard plastic surface covered can be easily cleaned of dirt while the board sports a sturdy and resistant sticker to protect it. The board are available in 420x320x12mm for 1/12th and 1/10th classes and 500x400x12mm for the 1/8th classes.

HUDY black Edition lightweight setup boards


HUDY have introduced the new black Edition lightweight setup boards in 4 different sizes to fit all the different RC scales. The new thinner set-up board is significantly lighter and more compact and such is very handy to pack for travel. HUDY set-up boards are the true and original set-up boards with exceptionally flat, warp resistant surface that allows precise set-up adjustments. The board is easy to clean. Multiple colors available as well and HUDY set-up board bags for safe storage while transport are available optionally.

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Answer-RC Team Davis pit buddy

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Answer-RC Distribution have introduced the new Team Davis pit buddy. This has become the default choice for racers over the years, but its always been a question of where to get one if you dont race at the same tracks as the guy who makes them. Hand laid fiberglass means they are strong yet light and come attached with straps of the right length. The Team Davis pit buddy comes in red color and features one large filler bottle hole but many people drill extra holes for a few select tools and glow start to take in the pit lane.

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RUDDOG & Team Associated limited edition keychains

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RUDDOG Distribution and Team Associated have introduced limited edition keychains featuring the RUDDOG logo and the Team Associated RC10 car. The next 200 orders will include one of the keychains for free however the keychains are available separately or in larger quantities. A must have for all RUDDOG Distribution and Team Associated fans!

6MIK 2020 flat bill hat & chrome sticker sheet

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French company 6MIK have introduced the new 2020 flat bill hat and chrome sticker sheet. The flat bill hat is made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester materials and comes in black color with a white and pink 6MIK logo on the front. The one-size-fits-all hat is size adjustable and its bill can be rounded if desired.

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HUDY plastic set-up board decals


HUDY hae introduced new plastic decals redesigned to fit the new lightweight edition of HUDY set-up boards. The decal is made from tough plastic and provides a smooth, liquid-resistant surface for quick & easy track-width check and adjustment. Features accurate, clear markings with 1mm grid for adjustment of all RC car scales. The set-up decal is also great for ride height check as it is less sticky than the set-up board itself which allows for more accurate ride height adjustment of the off-road cars. The plastic set-up board decals are available in 5 sizes to fit all the different RC car scales including the 1/10th and 1/12th On-road (282x386mm), the 1/10th Off-road (331x386mm), the 1/8th Off-road & GT (399x545mm) and the 1/8th Off-road Buggy and Truggy (449x562mm) set-up boards.

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Pro-Line SC & MT lid skid body protectors

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Pro-Line Racing have introduced the new lid skid body protectors for 1/10th Short Course and 1/8th Monster Truck bodies. Specifically designed to protect your body from scratches and other mayhem during inevitable roll-overs, the lid skid body protectors are made from high-strength Black Nylon and can be placed on the outside of your body in strategic locations to prevent damage to your painted body. Included with this set of universal fit Lid Skid Body Protectors are two 4″ long pieces, two 3″ long pieces, two 2″ long pieces, and four 1″ long pieces giving you plenty of protection and placement options to suit your specific application.