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XTR 2S/4S balance charge leads

See: XTR Racing

XTR Racing have introduced new 2S/4S balance charge leads. The 450mm long lead allows to charge two 2S LiPo packs, a 2S LiPo pack or a 4S LiPo pack. It comes pre-soldered with 4/5mm bullet connectors and an XH balance connector to fit all popular batteries on the market.

FWDesign carbon fibre starter box

Source: FWDesign (Facebook)

Japanese brand FWDesign have introduced a carbon fibre starter box. Made from high-quality carbon fibre, the starter box will be powered with the same parts as the Kyosho Multi-Starter Box 2.0 including 55mm hard rubber starter wheel, dual fan cooled, high torque 550 motors with a belt driven gear reduction in order to give a exceptional torque for starting even the most stubborn nitro engines fresh out of the box.

HUDY 5ml empty oil bottle, nose, steel needle & safety lock set


HUDY have introduced a set of three empty oil bottles 5ml including plastic nose, steel needle with rubber cap and safety lock. The bottle may contain any oils and features a safety lock cover. It can be provided with a dropper or needle nozzles depending on the use you wish to make. You can choose between the plastic nose with plastic cover or the needle with a rubber cap. These bottles are easy to use and easy to storage thanks to their convenient size.

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Team Associated FT professional mini digital scale

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Team Associated have introduced new Factory Team professional mini digital scale. It is the perfect tool when it comes to weighing small parts for your RC car. It’s also perfect for filling diffs with the right amount of fluid and is accurate down to 0.01 grams.

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Hiro Seiko M17 screen protectors

See: Hiro-Seiko

Hiro Seiko have introduced new screen protectors for the Sanwa M17 transmitter. The material of these screen protectors was specially developed for M17 transmitter’s touch operation. Besides enhancing the original features such as anti-fingerprint and scratch-proof, Hiro Seiko have added functions like water and oil repellent. The screen protectors are available in a set of two parts.

Raceform Lazer larger work pit

See: Raceform RC

Raceform have introduced a new large Lazer work pit. Precisely machined from plexiglas, the tray is available in 8 different colors to suit any color scheme and offers two compartments with milled slots for easy pick up of shims. It measures 156mm x 168mm x 10mm, weighs 170g and feature an antislip foam below to provide more stability.

HRC Racing all black servo extension & Y cables

See: HRC Distribution

HRC Racing have introduced new all black servo extension cables for any RC usage that need smart and effective servo connection. These servo extension cables and Y cables are made of 3 black insulated wires, and standard Futaba or JR servo plug and socket and available in 10cm, 30cm and 60cm long.

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Twister RC starter box metallochrome wraps

See: Twister RC

Twister RC have introduced new metallochrome wraps for the T-Work’s starter box. The metallochrome wraps, associeted with nice patterns and matching colors will allow you to customize your box to stand out in your pit area. Available in three designs, the metallochrome wraps match to Twister RC stickers available for your radio.

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