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ProTek R/C B6.2 & universal chassis protector sheets

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ProTek R/C have introduced new chassis protector sheets for the Team Associated B6.2 as well as an uncut “USA” universal sheet. The die cut sheet for the B6.2 +3mm chassis and the universal uncut “USA” chassis protective sheet are made from 12mil laminate and backed by an aggressive adhesive vinyl. The sheet for the B6.2 is cut to exact dimensions of the model, and provides a professional look while helping to protect your chassis while the universal uncut “USA” chassis protective sheet is 12.5cm wide by 33.5cm long and designed for universal use.

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HUDY Tiny one-piece hardware box


HUDY have introduced a new tiny one-piece hardware box. This tough, durable, translucent plastic box with high-quality HUDY graphics has 8 compartments of two different sizes, each with a separate latching cover. The very handy and useful box measures 100 x 63mm and offers easy and quick-access storage for small parts.

HUDY ultra thin double-sided tape


HUDY have introduced a new ultra thin double-sided tape for all your RC needs. The multi-purpose ultra-thin double-sided tape features an extra-strong glue ensuring a perfect hold while remaining super easy to remove. Used by the world’s level drivers to install electronics and additional weights on the chassis, the ultra thin double-sided tape is available in set of 5-piece pre-cut stripes.

HUDY Exclusive radio winter bag & heat pad


HUDY have introduced a new must have for every RC driver racing outdoors in cold conditions, the Exclusive radio winter bag and heat pad. The winter bag for right-handed drivers will keep hands warm no matter the outside temperature thanks to the reusable HUDY heat pad. The ultra-lightweight, super-soft bag features extra-large interior space for maximum comfort while handling the transmitter, and the smart design incorporates an externally-accessible pocket for exchangeable and reusable heat pad that generates extra heat for a minimum of 30 minutes. The sleeve is produced from even softer material for maximum tension-free feeling.

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RUDDOG CA Glue tips

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RUDDOG Distribution have introduced their new glue tip line made for the use with most CA glue bottles. Available are curved steel tips in medium 0.8mm and thin 0.5mm specification as well as flexible tips in medium 0.8mm and thin 0.5mm variants. All ensure exceptional results with the steel tips being usable multiple times. All four tips are usable with most CA glue bottles with 4mm neck and they come as 10-piece packs.

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Performa Racing P1 program box

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Following the news P1 speed controllers, Performa Racing have introduced the new P1 program box. The P1 program box allows users to easily change the desired parameters of their ESC. It is also the interface to connect your controller to the PC Software and to update the firmware of your ESC.

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VSR Products B74 angled fan mount

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VSR Products have introduced the new angled fan mount for the Team Associated B74. It mounts onto the top of the carbon plate for the center diff/slipper and it allows clean access to the battery terminals without having to remove the battery, and making sure it limits any contact with the B74 body. The angled fan mount fits any 30mm fans.

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T-Work’s lightweight pit mat

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T-Work’s have introduced a new lightweight pit mat. Weighing only 260g, the newly-designed pit mat offers a large 1200x600mm anti-slip surface, perfect for a pit table or your work area. The anti-skid construction is long-lasting as well as durable, making the it lightweight and very easy to pack.