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HUDY brushless 40mm & 30mm fans

HUDY have introduced two new brushless 40mm and 30mm fans. These fans are extremely reliable and designed to improve electronics cooling.The fans feature solder tabs for quick and easy cable replacement. They have a brushless design, are bearing equipped, and come with a 170mm cable.


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175RC XB2 aluminum nuts, washers, serrated nuts & hub spacers

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175RC have introduced new aluminum nuts, ball stud washers, serrated wheel nuts and hub spacers for the XRAY XB2, XB4 and XT2. All parts are made in aluminium to shed some weight and come in orange colour. First up is the aluminum nut kit including 10pcs with M3 nuts and 1pc. M4 nut for the slipper. Next up is are the M3 ball stud washers perfect for the driver that knows small adjustments make a huge difference. Used for adjusting roll center or shimming suspension components, this aluminum washer set includes four of each thickness per package (0.5, 1, 2, 3mm).

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Ultimate Racing 16mm shock bladders

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Coming from Modelix Racing’s brand Ultimate Racing are the new 16mm diameter shock bladders compatible with major car brands such as Mugen, Kyosho, Xray, Serpent, HB Racing, Losi and others. The material with which they are manufactured and their interior design ensure the membranes retain their original shape and do not deform or crush under pressure. Thanks to this the rebound of the shock absorber remains constant and the performance of the car is much more consistent, even on the bumpiest tracks.

VP-PRO Tekno air filter


VP-PRO have introduced new air filter intended for use with Tekno 1/8 nitro vehicles. It is a perfect fit in the filter housing and increased filter mass for improved air flow and dust protection.The unique white filter material is superior to anything else available, delivering incredible airflow and at the same time preventing even the smallest particles of dirt from finding their way inside your valuable engine. Plus, the bright color makes it easy to see just how dirty your filter is.

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Exotek 1/8 Exo motor fan clamp on set

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Exotek have introduced the Exo motor fan clamp on set for 1/8 E-buggy motors with diameter surface of 39.5-40.5mm. The Exo motor fan clamp on is designed for use with high power 40 and 30mm fans and thanks to its extra modular design you can fit a fan securely in any 1/8 E-buggy. The mounting bracket has multi-mount features that allows the fan to be angled or parallel with the motor can. Lightweight and secure, you can easily mount a fan even in tight spaces. The mount can also mount the fan at the end bell in cramped buggies by using camber shims for spacing. Available in polished and anodized black, blue or orange.

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RC Speed Secrets “Cheater” shock pistons

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RC Speed Secrets have introduced the “Cheater” shock pistons for 1/10 Team Associated and TLR, 2wd or 4wd with 12mm shocks. Made in high quality materials to ensure durability, these pistons are CNC Machined for perfect fit. These pistons have been winning big races secretly all over the world for months and are now known in the racing world as “cheater” pistons, because of the exceptional performance and handling they deliver when racing. They are available as 3 X 1.4 + 1.0 and 3 X 1.5 + 1.0 in sets of four pieces.

Schumacher CAT K2 & Cougar KC/KD chassis skins

Coming from Schumacher and made for the CAT K2 and Cougar KC/KD are the chassis skins. These pre-cut chassis protectors will increase the life of your chassis in those rough conditions. With a grey, white and black pattern it is sure to complement any paint design. The durable protector fits the chassis perfectly and also covers the screws and holes to prevent loose dirt, sand and water from getting into your race vehicle. One pre-cut chassis protector per pack.

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175RC B64 chassis protector decal

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175RC have introduced a chassis protector decal for the Team Associated B64 and B64D. The protector is pre-cut and printed by UpGrade RC and sports the 175RC logo. The chassis protector decal is made protect the chassis bottom on abrasive surfaces and preserve the screw heads against dust and dirt.