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T-Work’s soft bristle brush set

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T-Work’s have introduced a new set of three soft bristle brushes. Made from soft fibers, these brushes will help you to keep your cars clean while the shape of the handle makes the brush comfortable and easy to use for long periods of time. The set consist of three brushes including a small, medium and large sizes.

6MIK D819RS Optima air filter guard & mount

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French company 6MIK have introduced a new Optima air filter guard and mount for the HB Racing D817, D819 and D819RS. The part is made from plastic material and is attached to the upper part of the fuel tank. It allows to protects the air filter from fuel splashes, that can cause engine flame out but also the part features a holder to securely hold the air filter.

World Champion Products Opolar cordless air duster

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World Champion Products have introduced the new Opolar cordless air duster. This comfortable and handy air duster helps in cleaning away the smallest of the smallest dust particles in the high-precision instruments, for a wide range of usability in every concealed and narrow place where once you could not reach.

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AMR 500cc nitro fuel bottle

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Auto Model Racing have introduced a new 500cc nitro fuel bottle. Designed by the former World Champion Yuichi Kanai, the bottle features graduated marks that measure from 50cc to 500cc in 50cc increments, a curved aluminum spout with laser-engraved AMR logo whose shape improves the filling of the tank and a rubber cap preventing any infiltration of dust and evaporation. With 500cc volume, this bottle will fill a 125cc buggy fuel tank four times before you need to add more fuel, allowing you to focus on more urgent pitting tasks. Made in Japan and available in blue, green colors as well as transparent, the bottle can be customized.

RUDDOG Race Team hat

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Show your passion to everything RUDDOG on and off the track with the new RUDDOG Race Team hat. The classic flat bill hat comes in black and red colour with matching, embroidered RUDDOG logos on the front and sides. The one-size-fits-all hat is size adjustable and its bill can be rounded if desired.

NathoBuilds introduce servo connector set

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NathoBuilds have introduced a new set of connectors for servo. Included are five male connectors housings and fifteen gold-plated connector pins offering optimum conductivity. Handy for shortening servo, ESC and transponder wires, they fit into all receivers (Futaba, JR, Ko Propo, Spektrum, Sanwa, etc…)

SWORKz S35-4 aluminum steering & throttle servo horns


SWORKz have introduced new aluminum steering and throttle servo horns for the S35-4 and S35-4E. Machined from high-quality aluminium, both servo horns come black anodised with machined edges. The steering servo horn features the 2-way system allowing to use it on both the Nitro Buggy and E-buggy depending on the way it’s mounted. The highest side fits the S35-4 while the lowest side match with the S35-4E. The use of the aluminium gives more durability as well as more rigidity providing greater precision.

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Exotek 22 series titanium hinge pin set & alloy clamping servo horn

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Exotek Racing have introduced a new set of titanium hinge pins and a new alloy clamping servo horn for the Team Losi Racing 22 series of buggies. Machined precision from lightweight premium titanium, the hinge pins weigh only 11g, almost half the weight of the stock pins. Designed to be used for the 7.5 Spec class only, the set includes the hinge pins for the front and rear inner and outer arms.

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