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HUDY chassis protector vinyl sticker


HUDY have introduced a new chassis protector vinyl sticker for 1/10 vehicles. This premium vinyl sticker is recommended for use on new and used chassis to resist against scratches and scrapes and prolong the life of the chassis. In addition to protecting the chassis, the protector also provides a slick and smooth chassis surface which reduces friction when contacting the race surface – especially clay. If you land hard and bottom out, your buggy should more easily slide through it and maintain the momentum. Measuring 360x125mm / 14.2’’x4.9’’, the chassis protector vinyl sticker sports cool HUDY graphics and it can be easily cut to fit your car.

T-Work’s electronic switch

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T-Work’s have introduced a new electronic on/off switch. This lightweight and compact switch eliminates the problems with intermittent contact associated with mechanical switches while his design offer dust and water-protected. It can be easily mounted to the transponder mount or any other suitable location using double-sided tape. The electronic switch is compatible with 5.0/9.0V packs.

HB Racing rubber pit mat

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HB Racing have introduced a new rubber pit mat for your pit table. The lightweight and large 122cm x 61cm (48”x24”) cushioned mat is stealth black and features bright white HB Racing logos. It’ can be rolled up for easy storage and transportation.

Twister RC D2 charger metallochrome wave wraps

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Twister RC have introduced new metallochrome wave wraps for the ISDT D2 charger. The metallochrome wraps, associeted with nice patterns and matching colors will allow you to customize your D2 charger to stand out in your pit area. Available in three designs, the metallochrome wraps match to Twister RC stickers available for starter box and radio.

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Dash Ai V2 LCD program card

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Dash have introduced the V2 version of their programming card for the Ai brushless speed controllers. The device uses an upgraded hardware and software to makes ESC programming easy and quick without the need for a PC.

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Reedy extension wires for servos & speed controls

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Team Associated have added to the Reedy range new wires for servos and speed controls. The extension wires are designed to connect servo and speed control too far apart or to make it easier to route your wiring where you want it. The extension wires are available in three sizes including lengths of 100mm (3.93″), 150mm (5.90″), and 200mm (7.87″).

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T-Work’s FS-NB4 custom skins & screen protector

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T-Work’s have introduced a full range of radio skins and a screen protector sheet for the FlySky FS-NB4. The range of radio skins consists of graphite version available in 6 colors, a mirror chrome version available in 4 colors and also one shiny graphite version. Easy to apply, the radio skins will help to customize your FS-NB4 and keep the transmitter in good condition for a long time. The clear protective sheet is a direct fit and it prevents the radio’s screen from becoming scratched or damaged. In addition it is less affected by finger prints, keeping the screen more readable.

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T-Work’s .21 exhaust gaskets

See: T-Work’s Products

T-Work’s have introduced new xhaust gaskets for .21 engines. The exhaust gaskets are made from high-quality material designed to be durable at high temperatures. The exhaust gaskets can be used at the rear of the engine but also to seal the connection between the pipe and the manifold. The .21 exhaust gaskets are available in set of two and six pieces.