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Team Associated, Reedy & Factory Team track banners

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Team Associated have introduced new banners for Team Associated, Reedy and Factory Team. These new banners sport a bold design and they are available in vinyl (black background) and cloth (blue background) versions. The vinyl banners come in 48’x24′ while the cloth banners come in two lengths, 48’x24′ and 96’x24′.

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Kyosho aluminium servo arm coming soon

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Kyosho designer Yuichi Kanai has introduced a new aluminium servo arm for the Inferno MP10. The new aluminium servo arm is 2mm shorter than the aluminium servo arm already available, or the same dimension as the plastic steering horn included in kit. According to Y.Kanai, the forthcoming aluminium servo arm is more appropriate to the MP10 and will increase steering feel. The servo arm will be available in 25T and 23T servo splines.

Bittydesign stainless steel polycarbonate scissors

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Bittydesign have introduced new straight and curved stainless steel scissors for polycarbonate. The scissors have been tested and compared with various other models on the market in order to offer a simple accessory that can however have superior cutting performance and greater precision on any polycarbonate thickness. Made with stainless steel, the scissors feature a black treatment that protects the surface, a logo on upper side, softy and ergonomic grip and a dedicated package.

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TDK Repair introduce bio-degradable & eco-friendly tire sauces

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US brand TDK Repair have introduced the new odorless & high grip tire sauces. Tire sauce are made from extremely volatile substances such as WD-40, Liquid Wrench, Diesel Fuel, Kerosene, Belt Conditioner, Distilled Turpentine, Windex, Lighter Fluid, ATF, Acetone, and Rosin, either mixtures of highly hazardous substances. After months of testing and development, TDK Repair presents the world’s first safe, bio-degradable, and eco-friendly tire traction compound. High grip tire sauce is a safe yet aggressive sauce that facilitates break-in, provides tremendous grip and is made in the USA. Odorless tire sauce is a medium aggressive sauce that is a true solution to tracks that have an odorless policy yet provides an increased level of grip.

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AVID voltage checker & white 2S charge lead cable


AVID have introduced a new voltage checker and added a white 2S charge lead to their range of colored charge lead cables. First up is the voltage checker, allowing to check the voltage of 1S to 6S LiPo batteries features an easy-to-read LCD display. The device is also reverse connection protected and comes pre-soldered with 4mm and 5mm bullet connectors. Next up is the white 2S charge lead cable. Designed to charge 2S batteries, it is 63.5mm longer than the charge leads so they can easily be plugged into any charger design. The white 2S charge lead cable comes pre-soldered with gold-plated 4mm to 5mm bullet connectors and with XH 3pin balance plug.

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T-Work’s Tekno & XRAY high–density air filter foam sets

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T-Work’s have introduced two sets of high–density air filter foams designed for the Tekno and XRAY vehicles. The density air filter foam delivers great airflow and at the same time prevents the smallest particles of dirt from finding their way inside your engine. The white color makes it easy to see just how dirty your filter is. Both Tekno and XRAY air filter foams come in set of 10-piece.

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T-Work’s male 4/5mm bullet connectors

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T-Work’s have introduced new male 4mm/5mm diameter gold-plated bullet connectors. Their lower resistance compared to traditional bullet connectors make them ideal for high current/high voltage applications such as power connector for batteries, chargers and power meters. The connectors come as pair.

Team Associated RC8B3.1 wing splitters

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Available through Team Associated’s Shapeways 3-D-printing store are two wing splitters for the RC8B3.1. Made in low and tall versions, the wing splitters are compatible with Team Associated 1/8 wings and require 2 x 3x14mm FHCS screws (2mm longer than stock).

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