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Kyosho MP9 TKI4 hard dish wheels

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Kyosho have introduced new hard dish wheels for the Inferno MP9 TKI4. These wheels are made from harder plastic to eliminate wheel flex and sidewall flex from the tyre. Also the spoked design helps to keep dirt build up inside the wheel to a minimum. Thanks to the harder plastic, the wheels provide better performance in high temperature and high humidity conditions. The hard dish wheels come in yellow and white colour and a sticker on back side facilites their identification.

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T-Work’s MT44 radio skin set

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T-Work’s have introduced a radio skin set for the Sanwa/Airtronics MT44 radio. The skin is available in many colours including 3D Graphite colours such as black, White, blue, yellow, green, orange, red and gradient (purple to blue), metal chrome colours like green, blue, red and sliver, black and carbon shiny color. The set includes one radio skin, one screen protector and the instruction manual.

SWORKz S-Power LPF “low profile” cooling head

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SWORKz have introduced the LPF “low profile” cooling head for the S-Power S7 EVO II series, OS Speed Spec II/III and B2102 engines. The height of the heatsink is 24mm lower and the weight 10g lighter than the standard version. The LPF cooling head provides better balance especially during jumps and in high speed corners and make the car more stable. Despite his height, the cooling head thanks to a large diameter heat sink keeps the engine at a stable temperature.

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MyLaps Hybrid & RC4 Black Edition transponders

Team Associated have introduced the MyLaps Hybrid and RC4 Black Edition transponders. The Hybrid (2-wire) transponder is the same size and features many of the same specs as the RC4 transponder, but it is backwards compatible with older decoder boxes. This transponder does not support car ID numbers. It is compatible with all AMBrc2 decoder boxes and MyLaps RC3 and RC4 decoder boxes.

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AVID CPD AE/Yokomo slipper pads

AVID RC have introduced their new Consistent Power Delivery (CPD) slipper pads for Team Associated and Yokomo slippers. The CPD slipper pads are made with a new material designed with the focus of providing a larger tuning window while also being able to handle higher temps. This allows for less slipper fade during a run and you don’t have to adjust your slipper setting nearly as often to maintain the same track feel. The Triad pads are distinguishable from the white Triad pads by having radius notches on each of the pad arms.


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RC-Project aluminum fuel line plugs

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Italian company RC-Project have introduced new aluminium fuel line plugs. The plugs are CNC machined from Ergal 7075-T6 bars and feature fins facilitating installation and removal of the fuel tubing. The plugs inserted in the fuel tubing eliminate fuel leakage and the possibility of external elements intrusion. The aluminium fuel line plugs come as pair.

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RVK UFO wing washers

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RVK rc have introduced new UFO wing washers for 1/8 nitro/electric buggies and truggy. The lightweight washers are made out of black nylon plastic and sport a “flying saucer” style. These large diameter washers (20mm) prevent the wings from excessive bending under high loads and thus improve aerodynamic efficiency. The set includes two UFO wing washers, without screws.

RDRP Ultra tyre glue tips


The Revolution Design Racing Products Ultra Tire Glue Tips come in handy when glueing your favourite on-road or off-road tyres. Ultra flexible and of a universal design the tips fit a wide range of CA glue bottles, including the Ultra Tyre Glue, and they make tire glueing and sidewall prepping a breeze. The tips come in packs of 20 and some trimming of the bottle neck may be required.

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