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VP-PRO aluminium 1/8 wing buttons


VP-PRO have introduced new aluminium wing buttons for 1/8 buggy, E-buggy and truggy. Machined from high quality aluminum,and coming black anodised, these lightweight wing buttons reinforce wing mounting and prevent the wing from pulling off the mounting screws. Available in set of two pieces.

Vampire Racing 2S TX/RX charging adapter

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Vampire Racing have introduced their new 2S TX/RX Charging Adapter that allows to charge 2S LiPo transmitter and receiver battery packs through the balancer port. Designed for the use with standard 5mm charge and balance wires the adapter utilises 5mm tube-type connectors for the power wires, a 2mm tube-type connector for the male balancer plug as well as an XH balancer connector for the battery side. The adapter does away with the need to use additional JR or Futaba style charge wires and balance boards, greatly reducing the amount of wires to carry and cleaning up the pit table. The adapter comes pre-wired, covered in protective shrink wrap and it is available now.

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VP-PRO 48P aluminium pinion gears


VP-PRO have introduced new 48P aluminium plating titanium pinion gears. These 48P pinion gears are a great option to replace any standard 48 pitch pinion gear with a lightweight, hard-anodized 7075-T6 aluminum variant. These pinions offer a slight weight savings, quicker identification, and longer life compared to a standard pinion. This pinion gear has been machined from high quality aluminum, and hardcoated for durability. Available from multiple tooth count options to fine tune the gear ratio of your vehicle. Package includes one pinion gear and one set screw.

HB Racing 1/8 buggy closed cell foam inserts

HB Racing have introduced closed cell foam inserts for 1/8 buggy. The black closed cell foam is formulated for durability and consistency. They are medium density, perfect for a wide variety of racing conditions. These inserts make the tire contour slightly more round than HB’s red inserts for improved grip. And, the inner surface is now laterally slit for increased shock absorption on bumpy tracks. Sold in packs of 4, or individually (bulk).

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Dynamite RC 1/8 universal starter box

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Dynamite RC have introduced new universal starter box designed for most all 1/8 buggies and truggies, including all 8IGHT/8IGHT-T vehicles. The starter box features a high-powered 775-size motor compatible with both NiMH and LiPo battery packs for engine-firing torque and long life, and adjustable positioning mounts for simple conversion from Buggy to Truggy in seconds. The rubber starter wheel is optimized for improved contact with engine flywheel providing quick and efficient engine starting.

Reedy 0712MG & 1514MG servo gear sets

Reedy have introduced two replacement all-metal gear sets for Reedy’s 0712MG and 1514MG digital servos. These sets contain replacement gears, shafts, and ball bearing so that you can return your damaged servo to near-new condition.

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Hiro Seiko small steering wheel foam ring

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Hiro Seiko have introduce a new small steering wheel foam ring. Made from smoother material than the former one, the outside diameter is 1mm smaller and 3mm wider. Because outside diameter got reduced, it makes quick remove easier and faster.

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T-Work’s crankshaft extension set

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T-Work’s have introduced a crankshaft extension set. The crankshaft extension set come with an aluminium crankshaft extension hard coated, four washers and a golden screw. The crankshaft extension allows to bridge the gap between the end of the crankshaft and the clutch bell when the crankshaft is too short. The washers are used to limit the clearance between the crankshaft extension and the clutch bell.