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ProStar carbon kevlar sides & mud guards

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Pro Star have introduced carbon kevlar sides and mud guards for Mugen, Team Associated, SWORKz, Agama, Losi and Kyosho buggies, Truggies and Eco. These carbon kevlar parts are designed to replace your existing plastic guards. Thanks to the lightweight construction of Carbon Kevlar they are more durable and lighter than the stock parts. Available in black and yellow.

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VP-PRO MP9 carbon fiber upgrade parts & exhaust mount wire


VP-PRO have introduced new carbon fiber upgrade parts for the Kyosho MP9 TKI series and a tuned pipe mounting wire. VP-PRO features all carbon parts for MP9 and MP9E including front and rear shock towers, center upper plate, front upper plate and radio tray, all cut from high quality carbon fibre. Also new is the flexible tuned pipe mounting wire. Using this tuned pipe mounting wire you can give your tuned pipe a little ‘flex’, so it will survive hard crashes more easily. The flexible tuned pipe mounting wire comes with a stopper to secure the fixing.

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TBR laser-cut washer set

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TBR have introduced five sheet set of 5 x 7mm laser-cut washers. Available in 0.1 to 0.5mm thicknesses, the washers can be removed from the sheet when necessary.

Spektrum DX2E active speedometer bundle

Designed for the Losi Tenacity SCT RTR 4WD Short Course, Spektrum have introduced the DX2E active speedometer bundle. This bundle combines all the necessary components to upgrade the Losi Tenacity and Spektrum DX2E Active to utilize active speed feedback. The bundle will become available in late May.

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Flash Point R/C 4-in-1 multi-wrench & aluminum servo horns

See: Flash Point R/C

Flash Point R/C have introduced an 4-in-1 multi-wrench and two aluminum servo horns. Made from high quality spring steel, the multi-wrench is very strong, durable and features a 10mm socket wrench for loosening/tightening flywheel nut, 8mm extended glow plug wrench, 5mm hex tip for adjusting pillow ball suspension and 3mm hex tip for steering bushings.

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SWORKz S35-3 colourful plastic inserts sets

Coming from SWORKz and made for the S35-3 nitro and E-Buggy are colourful suspension inserts sets. The coloured inserts will allow you to customize your SWORKz’s buggy by adding fluorescent orange or yellow. The sets include suspension mount inserts, linkage, bearings inserts and more.

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Team Associated aluminum ballstud & bulkhead washers

Team Associated have introduced aluminum ballstud and bulkhead washers for 1/10 vehicles. Made in aluminium anodised in blue, these small outside diameter ballstud washers common (5.5×2.0 mm, 5.5×1.0 mm, 5.5×0.5 mm) and bulkhead washers (7.8×0.5 mm, 7.8×1.0 mm, 7.8×2.0 mm) are now packaged by thickness and available separately.

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Hobbynox airbrush paints

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Minicars have introduced the new Hobbynox airbrush paints. The Hobbynox airbrush paints are made in US for Minicars Hobby Distributing AB in Sweden. The new water-based non-toxic airbrush paint is made with light-fast pigments, durable resins and quality ingredients. Hobbynox Airbrush Colors works on polycarbonate (Lexan®) and most other plastics, fabrics, wood, metals and more. The Hobbynox airbrush paints include opaques (solids), transparents, neons, pearls, iridescent pearls, SP reducer/cleaner, intercoat-clear (water based polyurethane) colours. They come in 60ml bottles with aibrush bottle adapter (fits most bottom-feed airbrushes) but 120 ml bottles are also available for solid white, solid black, SP reducer/cleaner and intercoat-clear.