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T-Work’s 5mm gold plated dual battery connectors

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T-Work’s have introduced 5mm gold plated dual battery connectors. These gold plated bullet connectors feature a 5mm male bullet on both side. They are an ideal power connector for devices such as battery and battery chargers. The package includes four dual battery connectors. 

Raceform Lazer Jig carpet/astro tyre conversion kit

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Raceform have introduced a carpet and astro tyre conversion kit for the Lazer Jig 1/10 buggy tyre gluing tool. The conversion kit is designed to glues almost all 1/10 buggy tyres, including astro and carpet tyres which come usually in harder compound and whose lips are definitely harder to “peel” for glue application.

Radiosistemi launche Airflow brand

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Italian company Radiosistemi have introduced their new brand named Airflow. Airflow is dedicated to the design and manufacture of Lexan bodies and accessories. Airflow uses Italian raw materials and produces its products entirely in Italy. Development is carried out thanks to the collaboration of some of the best Italian drivers. Airflow products will be distributed by Radiosistemi and will soon be visible on the new official opening website.

6MIK E817 26T 0.8 pinion gear

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6MIK have added new 26T pinion gear to their Optima range of 0.8 pinions for the HB Racing E817. The pinion gear is made from high-quality steel and hard-coated to ensure low wear. It provides better performance, more race time, increased RPM, it is less noisy and offers a ” smoothy” driving sensation. Available in 24T, 25T and now 26T sizes.

RDRP Ultra pinion holder 48dp R2


Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced their new Ultra Pinion Holder in the updated R2 design. Designed to take up to 16 pinion gears from 15T to 30T size and helping to keep those valuable gears sorted, the holder is CNC-machined from a single piece of 7075-T6 aluminium, and comes with a shiny black finish with laser-engraved logos and markings – with the R2 design sporting an updated overall appearance for even cooler looks. Size indicators help you to have the needed pinion at hand within a second and are ideal not only in combination with the RDRP Ultra Pinions but also ideal when using unmarked aftermarket gears.

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Ruddog protection & heat shield tape

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Ruddog Distribution have introduced their new protection and heat shield tape. 50mm wide and coming as 200cm rolls, the aluminium tape is ideal to reinforce and protect body shells and exhaust area as it is not only super strong but also highly heat-resistant. While preventing body shell from becoming damaged it is also ideal as a wrap around for fuel tanks as it keeps away engine and exhaust heat, preventing the plastic tanks from melding and swelling.

MCD Racing 15T alloy servo arm

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MCD Racing have introduced a 15T alloy servo arm designed for Savox SV-0235 series and Hitec 840 series servos. The double lever servo arm is machined from high-quality alloy and comes anodised in a brown colour. It offers reduced height which helps reducing height of the steering linkage providing a better force transfer on the servo saver.

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6MIK driving hand warmer

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6MIK have introduced a driving hand warmer. The hand warmer is made from polar inner cloth and water/windproof wet outer material and it is a must have if you are driving in cold or wet conditions. The hand warmer will protect your hands and keep them warm so you can stay in control. It is designed for all steering wheel radio on the market.