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Serpent SRX8 aluminium throttle horns & 3.0mm front anti-roll bar

Coming from Serpent and made for the SRX8 are the aluminium throttle horns and 3.0mm front anti-roll bar. First up are the throttle horns, machined from 7075 T6 aluminium, they come black anodised, with etched spline size and they are available in 23T, 24T and 25T sizes. They provide more durability and precision than composite plastic parts.

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T-Work’s D817 turnbuckle & screws sets

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T-Work’s have introduced two new set of screws and 64 Titanium turnbuckle set for the HB Racing D817. The first set of screws consists of 159 gold plated steel screws, providing a a refined look and the other set has 122 64 Titanium UFO head screws offering a larger surface for better fitting. The turnbuckles are made from 64 grade titanium to provide lower weight and more strength compared to the standard steel links. The set includes six turnbuckles with the suitable wrench.

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Sweep 17mm aluminium wheel nuts

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Sweep Racing have introduced new 17mm aluminium wheel nuts for 1/8 vehicles. These are machined from high quality aluminium, hard anodized and they features the etched SR logo in the center of the closed end to protect from dirt and debris build-up in the axle or hub. In addition they are serrated and knurled for locking security.

REDS Racing clutch retainer

REDS Racing has just released their clutch retainer. It allows to capture the bearing and clutch bell to keep everything in place, even in the event of bearing failure. REDS retainer is made of special alloy steel to increase durability.

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Fastrace RC8B3 carbon battery box

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Fastrace have introduced the new carbon fibre battery box for the Team Associated RC8B3. Developed and tested together with their team driver Davide Ongaro, who claimed the Montpellier GP while using it, the box is entirely made out of pure carbon fibre from a hand crafted mould, and houses your RX batteries helping insulate and protect them without affecting the buggy’s overall weight.

IB-Prostart “dual element” engine pre heaters

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Riding on the success of the first gen engine pre heaters, IB-Prostart has announced the release a new line of improved engine pre heaters. To grow more heat, quicker and more evenly they are designed with dual element providing more contact with the engine and they are 14.8v lipo ready. IB-Prostart offer pre heaters for the new low profile engines currently hitting the market and one for the standard engine. The IB-Prostart pre heaters are used by many top professional racers for years and are endorsed by many leading rc engine manufacturers. Available now.

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110% Racing pipe clamps

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Ty Tessmann’s 110% Racing has introduced new pipe clamps. These pipe clamps are made to eliminate the possibility of the pipe coming loose. Tith the pipe made of aluminum and the set screw made of steel it has a tendency to work loose during practice an racing. The 110% pipe clamps are made of steel so they stay tight, one above and one below and your pipe is totally secure.

Factory RC ROAR motor “Tech” plate

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Factory RC have introduced their new motor “Tech” Plate. This go/no go tech plate allows for quick inspection of any ROAR approved motor for physical dimension requirements. The plate is machined from 2.25mm carbon look plate to the maximum tolerances allowed by ROAR. This allows the individual inspecting motors for legality to use a non magnetic tool to inspect the rotor and can for dimensions to assure legal racing.

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