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Arrowmax 4mm & 5mm low-profile plugs

Arrowmax are introduced their own version of 4mm and 5mm low-resistance battery plugs. The plugs utilise a super low-profile design and come with a grooved top to aid soldering, 24K gold plated with a 6-point design for exceptional conductivity.

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AVID RC8B3 & MBX7 FastTune camber shims

Made for both Team Associated RC8B3 and Mugen MBX7 are the AVID FastTune camber shims. The FastTune camber shims are made from Aluminum 6065-T6 anodized in black and designed to allow you to easily adjust your camber on popular pillow ball designs without having to fully unthread them. The tab feature helps you keep them in place as you tighten down the pillow ball. Don’t get caught up in all the complicated sizes AE has introduced, 0.5 and 1.0mm shims have been working for Mugen since the dawn of time. Also fits to other cars with 6mm threaded pillow balls.


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Team Associated aluminum servo washers

Team Associated have introduced new aluminium servo washers. Machined from aluminum and anodized in black, they are designed for flat head cap screws. They keys into servo ears for secure servo mounting while preserve the structural integrity of the servo ears.

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Xceed RC spray guns, cyano activator & tapes

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Xceed RC have expanded their product line with some new items. First up are two spray guns. Available in basic or pro version, they will apply layers of spray handy and easy. Next up is the cyano activator. it come in 150ml bottle and it allows to dry the glue even faster. Also new are three masking tapes and a double-sided tape. The masking tapes are available in 18m x 10mm, 18m x 18mm and 18m x 40mm while the double-sided tape comes in 2m x 20mm.

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XceedRC cables & connectors

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XceedRC have expanded their wide range of handy accessories for rc cars with 50mm and 150mm servo extension cables, cable solder connector 4-5mm brass, 300mm charge cable 4-5mm with balancer and golden T-connector set.

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Serpent SRX8 brake collar set

Serpent have introduced a set of brake collars for the Cobra SRX8 and also for many other cars. They are machined from aluminium and come with grubscrews. Two colors, black and orange are offered because some drivers use one colour on the front and other colour on the rear brake adjusting.

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Arrowmax silicone anti-slip tool jackets

Arrowmax have introduced three silicone anti-slip tool jackets for their line of hand tools. They come in 14mm, 18mm and 22mm sizes and they are design to fit on the handles to avoid slippy grip due to silicone oil or any other means of chemicals. Each pack contain 4pcs.

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Arrowmax 17pcs Ultra pinion holder

Arrowmax have added a newest product to their Black-Golden line-up in the form of a Ultra pinion holder. Using high quality aluminium with detail CNC machining, the cylindrical design pinion holder are very light in way and can hold up to 28pcs 48p or 64p pinion. It comes with the Arrowmax signature honey-comb design with CNC engraved Arrowmax logo in gold colour. This combo set come with 17pcs 48p aluminium pinions ranging from 15T to 31T, ideal for off-road application.

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