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PR Racing SB401R-T 1/10 4WD Truggy coming soon

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Coming soon from PR Racing is the forthcoming SB401R-T 1/10 4WD competition electric truggy. No information about the new kit have leaked in the wake but it is rather easy to guess that it is based on the SB401 1/10 4WD buggy. Full details and detailed images about the truck should become available very soon.

FX Engines K302.1 nitro engine coming soon

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FX Engines have released a teaser image of the forthcoming K302.1 3.5cc nitro engine. No information about the new engine have leaked in the wake but detailed images and information about the it should become available very soon.

PSM universal low profile fan mount

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PSM have introduced a new universal low profile fan mount. The symmetrical design allows two fans to be installed oppositely, for creating maximum cooling performance. PSM’s special aluminium provides permanent clamping force so that manual clamping is not required. The fan mount will work with all Ø36mm brushless motors.

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Lunsford SBX-410 Ti ball stud & turnbuckle sets

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Lunsford Racing have introduced new titanium parts for the Corally SBX-410 in the form of 4.8mm ball studs and 3mm Punisher turnbuckles. The option parts are made from certified Grade 5 6Al-4V titanium to greatly increase the strength, save a 45% weight over steel and provide anti-corrosion properties are greater than stainless steel. The 4.8mm ball studs features a nano accurate broached head that provide a very accurate tool engagement/fitment with the head of the ball stud making for worry-free threading and unthreading. The broach is crafted in-house allowing us to give you ultra-consistency from screw to screw during the CNC process. A very smooth, zero tolerance and bur free thread rolling process aids in the preservation of the parts you are threading into. The 4.8mm ball studs come in a set of 14-piece including 6-piece 4.8mm x 6mm for the outer/inner steering links and 8-piece 4mm x 8mm for the outer/inner and front/rear camber links. The 3mm x 54mm Punisher turnbuckles feature a very smooth, zero tolerance and bur free threading process aids in the preservation of the parts you are threading into. The 6-piece set weighs only 10.5g.

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Ninja JX21-B05 nitro engine

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Mugen Seiki have introduced the new Ninja JX21-B05 nitro engine. The JX21B05 features a 3-port long-stroke design that offers smooth low-end power and exceptional mid to top-end power. The crankcase, back plate and carburetor feature a new design. The new DLC-coated crankshaft is silicone filled and has two tungsten counterweights for smooth rotation and better balancing. The new fuel-efficient 22E carburetor is easy to tune and provides great throttle response and smooth acceleration. The B05 comes with a lightweight cooling head to provide exceptional cooling and stable operating temperatures. An o-ring between the cooling head and the combustion camber creates a better seal and reduces vibration.

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Performa Racing P1 HMX 1/8 Power combo

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Performa Racing have introduced the new P1 HMX 1/8 Power combo for E-buggy and E-truggy. Nitro racing is popular because it’s simple, racers chose a 3 Port, 5 Port or 7 Port engine depending on the track, tune the needles to have good carburation, and drive. That’s all. Performa has now adapted that simplicity to electric racing. Controllers and motors used recently in 1/8 racing have hundreds (even thousands) of complex settings. While trying to understand and adjust the complex settings, many racers get lost and end up with tuning that is below optimal performance. The new Performa HMX Controller/Motor Combos deliver simplified settings using the Nitro concept, you select from 3 different pre-defined settings based on the track condition. No need to have a complex program box or a computer. The 3 settings have been tuned by our engineering team together with our World Champion Drivers to deliver maximum performance and simplicity. You can change the settings by simply pressing a button on the switch. For racers that want to dig deeper and fine tune the settings, we will offer Performa PC software that will allow you to change the parameters, within guidelines that ensure you don’t get lost and keep you in the optimal performance range.

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Yokomo YZ-2 LC transmission case

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Yokomo have introduced the new Laydown/Carpet transmission case for the YZ-2 line of 2WD buggies. Specially designed to use on carpet, astro and high-grip dirt tracks, the LC transmission case is a 3-piece construction that allows quick and easy diff access. It also uses the same style transmission cam adapter system as the current YZ-2T LD transmission case, which makes up and down the diff a breeze. The LC transmission case allows to lower the centre of gravity to improve the overall handling and performance on high traction surfaces. The YZ-2T Racing Truck can also use the LC transmission case. For all current YZ-2 buggies, these parts are needed to use the LC transmission case:

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AVID black soft silicone wire


AVID have announced that they are revolutionizing the silicone wire game forever by being the first to introduce red shrink tubing for labeling those trick all black wire setups. Available in 4 thicknesses (14, 13, 12, and 10awg) as 1 meter long, it comes in any color you wish as long as it’s black, with 80mm red shrink tubing for marking your positive leads