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Sonic announce SB.21-5T engine


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Sonic Nitro Engines have announced the release of their latest engine, the Sonic SB.21-5T competition off-road engine. All components of the SB.21-5T have been made from the finest materials to ensure high durability and reliability. Equipped with a 5 ports sleeve and a CNC machined flat piston, the engine provides great power over the entire RPM range while having a very efficient fuel consumption which can be crucial in the finals. The 14mm turbo crankshaft is equipped with two high density weights to improve the overall balancing and filled with a silicone insert to reduce the inertia and improve the fuel flow. The special back plate, the optimized crankcase and the “knife edged” aerodynamic connecting rod help even more to reduce turbulence inside the engine. A special super lightweight cooling head ensures best heat dispersion to keep the engine temperature at a moderate level. High quality Swiss ball bearings, a dust protected front bearing, a modern composite valve carburetor and venturis in 6.5mm, 7.0mm and 8.0mm made of aluminium complete this new high competition engine.

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Reedy Blackbox 1000Z+ Competition ESC

Blackbox 1000Z+ Competition ESC

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Reedy have introduced the Reedy Blackbox 1000Z+ Competition ESC. The Blackbox 1000Z+ is a simple-to-use, economical, and powerful ESC that features timing options for Modified class racers as well as zero-timing blinky mode for Spec class racers. Excellent throttle and brake feel, a wide range of adjustability, and robust hardware make the Blackbox 1000Z+ suitable for a variety of racing applications.

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Schelle “Reflection” T-Shirt

Schelle Reflection T-Shirt 1

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Schelle have introduced the new “Reflection” T-Shirt. It is custom screen-printed on a premium, lightweight cotton/poly blend “Next Level” shirt. The shirt material is the softest, most comfortable available. Back printing is a vertical green bar with Available in sizes from S to XXL (3XL available by special order by email

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Ielasi Tuned itd.21-7cl Buggy engine

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Ielasi Tuned have introduced the new itd.21-7cl Buggy engine. This engine was created for all kind of drivers, from beginner to professional, but always with novarossi quality and warranty from Ielasi tuned assembly. After the success of the itd.21-4cq, the buggy engines line increase with the itd.21-7cl Buggy. It is a completely new long stroke version with a 14mm crankshaft with read paste, a new carburetor and new cooling head 60mm. You can choose between standard steel bearing and modified (spec.) with rear ceramic bearing.

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XRAY XB2 & XB4 composite shock ball joint 21mm

Long Shock Ball Joint_produkt


XRAY introduces new 21mm molded composite shock ball joint for XB2 and XB4. These ball joints are +4mm longer than standard ball joints, allowing greater suspension downtravel. Fits front and rear shock absorbers. Set of 2.

Team Associated RC8B3 V2 diff sets

RC8B3 V2 Differential Set

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Team Associated have introduced the V2 differential sets for the RC8B3 and RC8B3e. The new V2 differential sets were designed with today’s ultra-competitive racing classes in mind. The engineers behind the doors of Area 51 started with a new internal bevel gear set to make the strongest tooth form with optimal fluid shear characteristics, ensuring long life and the broadest working spectrum for almost all track conditions. The outdrives have been re-worked to make for a perfect bearing surface for smooth differential action under any load. The diff case and inserts were tooled for the ultimate in precision, giving proper gear backlash every time. Hardened steel, straight-cut bevel gears or spurs cap the system off for one of the most efficient drivetrains in the industry.

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6MIK launches Optima SLR5 engine

6mik optima SLR5

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As we had already announced here, French manufacturer 6mik has just introduced his new Optima SLR5 engine. After several months of development in total secrecy, 6mik drivers and developers guided by their leader Sebastien Leonard worked on the development of a 1/8 high-performance off-road engine for the most demanding pilots, the SLR 5 engine!

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JConcepts B5M aero front scoop

JConcepts B5M aero front scoop
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JConcepts have introduced new aero front scoop for Team associated B5M. Adjustments are key in today’s racing scene and JConcepts has responded to numerous demands with another aero option. With a great deal of success in the early 2000’s, including an IFMAR World Championship to its credit, the front scoop option for a buggy has already shown success. However, this key option part used during the 2005 Worlds has never been made available to the latest generation buggies, until now.

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Team Associated release RC10B6 & RC10B6D Team kits


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Team Associated have launched those who have the task of replacing the famous and B5 and B5M, the B6 and B6D Team kits. Divide and conquer! In today’s racing, traction dictates your setup — period! With both B6 and B6D configurations available, getting to the top of the podium has never been easier. Out of the box, the B6 offers racers a setup developed for high to very-high traction, whereas the B6D excels when traction is low to high. Racing at multiple tracks, or where traction changes throughout the day, has never been easier; setups and tuning parts are interchangeable between the two configurations, making the B6 platform extremely versatile. Both versions come with the speed, durability and lineage expected of a true champion. Choose the configuration that suits your track and conquer the competition! Available in June.

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Losi Baja Rey 1/10 4wd RTR desert truck

Losi Baja Rey 1-10 4wd RTR Desert Truck

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Horizon Hobby introduces the new Losi Baja Rey 1/10 4wd Ready-To-Run Desert Truck. The Losi Baja Rey desert truck is built on one of the most advanced chassis ever conceived for a ready-to-run vehicle. It comes equipped with a Dynamite 3800Kv and a waterproof 130A ESC. This potent combination can handle 2S or 3S LiPo batteries (sold separately). The receiver’s built-in AVC (Active Vehicle Control®) system will work behind the scenes, making hundreds of tiny throttle and steering adjustments per second, so more of the motor’s power is translated into ballistic speed and acceleration instead of just flying dirt. You have easy access to the motor and battery compartment.

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