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RDRP B64 caster block set


Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced their new Caster Block Sets for the Team Associated B64 series of 1/10th scale 4WD buggies. An improvement over the original construction the hubs allow to easily adjust the camber link ball stud position and thus camber link length and roll centre by simply adding or removing shims. The multi-piece design was used on rear uprights before and is now available for the front hubs. While offering the standard kit geometry the hubs also allow to run shorter links which can be beneficial in a range of track conditions. The lightweight design and aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminium adds only minimal unsprung weight while still being sturdy and durable. RDRP’s C-hubs are usable on all B64-series buggies and they are available in a 10 degree or 13 degree variant to adjust the corner characteristics of the buggy.

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PR Racing PRS1V3 Type R FM 2WD buggy kit

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PR Racing have introduced two versions of the PR S1 V3 FM kit in the form of a standard 2018 version with some optional additions and changes, and the Type R, which includes all new shock absorbers, towers, carbon chassis and a whole range of optional parts previously only available separately. The new lower shock geometry and new sleek body produce a much more stable car on high grip which changes direction quicker, and rotates through the corner smoother and at higher speed. 

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MCD Racing 15T alloy servo arm

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MCD Racing have introduced a 15T alloy servo arm designed for Savox SV-0235 series and Hitec 840 series servos. The double lever servo arm is machined from high-quality alloy and comes anodised in a brown colour. It offers reduced height which helps reducing height of the steering linkage providing a better force transfer on the servo saver.

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6MIK driving hand warmer

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6MIK have introduced a driving hand warmer. The hand warmer is made from polar inner cloth and water/windproof wet outer material and it is a must have if you are driving in cold or wet conditions. The hand warmer will protect your hands and keep them warm so you can stay in control. It is designed for all steering wheel radio on the market.

REDS Durabell 13 & 14 clutch bells

REDS have expanded their Durabell clutch bell range with a 13 and 14 clutch bells for Losi and Tekno cars. The Durabell clutch bell is made of high quality steel and the special coating treatment allows the teeth to last longer than any other standard clutch bell on the market, transferring power from the clutch to the center spur gear and the rest of the drive train with consistency and reliability. A special vented design also guarantees lower temperatures and more clean shoes engagement for a longer life of both bell and clutch shoes.

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CPXDesign D5 & D5E 2018 Spec kits

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After two years and many tests, CPXDesign have introduced their new D5 2018 Spec nitro buggy and D5E 2018 Spec E-buggy kits. Based on the famous Piktor’s Rush 2, the car keeps the system of shock absorber “lying down” allowing a very big responsiveness of the car. The new 2018 Spec versions are now equipped with a new steering plate, improving overall curving and cornering behavior. The D5 and D5E come also with new receiver box (D5/D5E) and batteries holder in carbon printed material only for the D5.

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LMR “Slider” carbon fibre ride height gauge tool

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LMR have introduced the new “Slider” carbon fibre ride height gauge tool. Running at lower ride heights and trying to slide your ride height gauge underneath and backwards and forwards can often cause issues when your fingers get in the way and bump into your car while you are trying to set your ride height.  The “Slider” tool increases precision and makes checking your ride height far easier. It’s a companion to the twister ride height gauge and fits easily inside your tool box. Check out the video to see just how well this little Slider works.

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175RC 22 4.0 SR carbon fiber front shock tower

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Coming from175RC and designed specifically for the TLR 22 4.0 SR is the carbon fiber front shock tower. The tower is machined from thick 4 mm carbon fiber with only two upper mounting positions for the shocks. It is nearly 3 grams lighter then the stock tower while still being strong enough to survive competitive racing. The tower comes with 1 mm spacers for shock standoffs.

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