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AKA’s new ‘Double Play’ nut driver

AKA Double Play

AKA has just released their new ‘Double Play’ nut driver. The Double Play nut driver creatively lightens your toolbox by putting a 7mm and 5.5mm wrench in one! The 7mm driver fits metric wheel nuts found on most popular 1:10 buggies and short course trucks, while the 5mm driver is common for shock nuts and most nuts on metric 1:8 cars. The machined aluminum handle and sleeve provides weight reduction over standard steel tools with the added durability of a hard anodized finish.

Source: AKA

AE SC10.2 billet susp. kit from Integy

Integy SC10 Alloy Kit

Integy now offers a complete Billet Machined Suspension Kit for your 1/10 scale Team Associated SC10.2 Short Course truck. The kit includes alloy front and rear lower suspension arms, carbon fiber and alloy front and rear shock towers, alloy front and rear hubs, alloy front c-carriers, and front and rear adjustable turnbuckles. The kit is available in blue, gunmetal, or silver.

Source: Integy

JQ’s Yellow Edition buggy lives on

Yellow Edition

JQRacing loves racing, but understands that racing does not always come cheap. They have formulated a plan to change that. JQRacing has decided to keep THE Yellow Edition buggy in their product line. This decision is aimed to lend a helping hand to club racers looking to save a buck, while still being competitive. JQRacing is now offering 299 kits of THECar Yellow Edition at $299.

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RCN Project: STRC ‘Super Stocker’


Offroad R/C racing is divided into a wide variety of classes. Most recognize the modified classes as being the most the ‘premiere’ class to run, as this is where most of the industry’s top pros will be found. Although modified classes may be considered ‘premiere’, it does not always mean that is where you will find the best racing. On a weekly basis around the nation, some of the best offroad racing takes place in the highly competitive 17.5 stock classes, primarily being the 17.5 Stock 2wd Buggy class. This class seems to draw racers of all skill levels, including Billy Beginner up to local Joe Pro, and the winner comes down to pure driving skill, setup, and precision. In an effort to dominate this class racers will do anything and everything (including too often cheat) to win. Everyone works to build the ultimate stock racing vehicle, in which everyone has their own opinion of what that entails.

RCN has teamed up with good friend Steve Wang of ST Racing Concepts to build what they are calling the ‘STRC Super Stocker’.

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TLR’s wider 8ight buggy chassis


Whilst at the World Championships in Sicily last month, we reported a couple of times on TLR supposedly testing a mythical ‘wider chassis’ – it became clear however that neither Adam Drake, Ryan Maifield or Dakotah Phend ran the chassis during the actual event, perhaps only Adam Drake testing it early on we understand quite a few TLR team drivers tested the wider prototype chassis during the early practice days.

However, whilst filming down by the TLR pits we came across an interesting looking chassis on TLR team driver Casey Peck’s pit table – the Arizona-native and good friend of many opting to run this development part, whether it makes it into production or even as an option we don’t know however Casey’s response when asked toed the company line;

“TLR is always working on new stuff to test but no plans for anything new that I’m aware of.”

Our eagle eyed reporter however snapped a few photos and the engine has been moved slightly outwards, a bit more conventional and also a large departure from the original 8ight buggy platform design; the first car which featured everything very centralised and narrow and offset rear center drive shaft which is typically straight on normal 8ights but now at an angle.

Update: An insider has told us that the prototype chassis doesn’t offer any huge benefits on smooth surfaces, with the main aim behind it being reducing front dogbone wear and making the car ‘slightly easier to drive’ since the wider chassis reduces chassis roll, thus more suited to rough conditions.

AT4_0092 DSC_3280 DSC_3283 AT4_0061

AKA opens the gate on ‘Chain Link’

Chain Link Official Neo

AKA has OFFICIALLY released the new ‘Chain Link’ 1/10 buggy tire (leaked online last week).The Chain Link is the latest addition to the AKA’s revolutionary 1:10 EVO line. It features a bi-level, interlocking tread pattern that creates support for the tire’s carcass and treads. This addition support leads to consistency through corners and provides on-throttle stability. The Chain link has a perfect balance of forward drive and side bite which is ideal for hard packed or blue groove, indoor and outdoor tracks. Available in championship winning Clay, Super Soft, and Soft compound as tires with Red EVO inserts or pre mounted pairs on EVO wheels. As with all AKA tires, proudly designed and made in the USA.

Source: AKA

TLR 22-4 gets new CVA driveshafts

22-4 CVA

TLR has just released their all-new front and rear CVA driveshaft sets for the 22-4 buggy. TLR reports that the team has been testing these for quite a while, and the results have been VERY positive. Ryan Maifield, Dustin Evans, and Dakotah Phend have all been using these on their summer victory tour. A CVA joint will create more natural lock up or “bind” than a universal joint. This helps to stiffen the suspension when under acceleration, which makes the car flatter and drive off harder. It also helps jump landings, when you apply some throttle (especially when you know you are casing/flat landing).

TLR says, “Along with going to the “shorty” setup on the 22-4, the CVA’s were the other huge setup change the team has made that has resulted in many wins this summer.”

Source: TLR

VRC releases Neo14 track & more


Did you miss the NEO’14 event in real life? Your in luck! The VRC-PRO Simulator game continues to grow and improve as more advances in the games technology and features have been released!

The game now reaches nearly 100,000 players, and continues to grow around the globe. The developers at Virtual Racing Industries have recently enhanced the game with a list of new features including the ability to practice with other cars, a new in-game chat feature, new menu help dialog, new nitro buggy setup support, new tires, and new tracks for both onroad and offroad racers alike!

Our favorite of the new tracks is the NEO’14 of course.


neo buggy WIP 1 neo buggy WIP 4 neo buggy WIP 3 neo buggy WIP 2

The D413 gets the JC ‘Silent’ treatment

D413 Silencer Neo

The JConcepts design team has spent many hours in development with leading team drivers to develop a new high-speed style body, specifically for the latest circuits. One of the most recognizable items, the Silencer body style, has now been designed for perfect fit and finish on the Hot Bodies D413 buggy.

0261_600px_1 0261_800px_3 0261_800px_4 0261_800px_2

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HUDY’s new parts & storage box

298015 HUDY Parts Case_na_bielom0+rozmery

HUDY extends their growing lineup of parts storage boxes today with their all-new 10-compartment box. This tough, durable, and translucent box makes for easy quick access storage for small parts. The box is finished off with signature HUDY graphics, and measures up at 132mm x 62mm.

Source: HUDY