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Products News

RC Concept MC5R ‘Team’ Engine


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With the 2016 IFMAR Worlds kicking off this week in Las Vegas, RC Concept will release a limited run (100) of ‘MC5R ‘Team’ engines – the same exact spec engines that team drivers Lee Martin and Reno Savoya will be running.

Featuring a lighteneed DLC coated crankshaft, factory broken in and the latest rear ceramic ball bearing, an updated cooling head design (may change), 2016 edition carb a special box signed by the new 2016 French Champion Reno Savoya.

The engine will be sold as a set with the 2133 tuned pipe.

More photos here

ARRMA Nero Big Rock 6S BLX 1/8 Monster Truck



Arrma have introduced the Nero Big Rock 6S BLX Monster Truck. Loaded with ARRMA’s 6S BLX brushless power system, the Big Rock 6S delivers four driving modes, the Blast, Wheelie, Drift and Climb. Beneath the matte black extended cab bodyshell, is a engineered TVP chassis. Take control of on-the-fly locking diffs that let you to go straight from awesome 60mph+ speed, to skilful terrain-climbing and rock-hopping, all from ARRMA’s dedicated Tactic 2.4GHz radio transmitter. For for information and features click here.

More photos here

JConcepts 0-14mm fin reamer


JConcepts have introduced a new fin reamer to cut body, wing or polycarbonate item. The custom 0-14mm reamer design from JConcepts combines a sharp, durable tip with an aluminum handle which is available in blue and black colors. The handle features an ergonomic shape with finned cuts, tear-drop recessed areas to reduce weight and add an important luster to the design.

Website: JConcepts

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RDRP B6 carbon fibre electronic mounting plate



RDRP have introduced the carbon fibre electronic mounting plate for the Team Associated B6. The part was designed to be a drop fit for the chassis’ machined pocket behind the steering servo and using it allows to easily remove the speed controller and receiver from the car for cleaning and maintenance purposes. It hardly adds any additional weight to the car meaning the buggy’s weight bias remains the same compared to alloy or steel parts. The mounting plate fits both the B6 and B6D and it comes including suitable mounting hardware.

More photos here

Arrowmax O-Ring grease


To protect and prevent your o-ring from leaking, at the same time provide a super smooth action, Arrowmax have introduced the new O-ring grease. A proper working O-ring are critical for the shocks to work properly and without O-ring grease, it will not only protect it from damaging substance but at the same till provide the necessary lubrication that an O-ring need.

Website: Arrowmax

Pro-Line Brawler 2.6″ wheels & black gear covers


Pro-Line have introduced a new scale Monster Truck wheel for solid axle Monster Trucks: the Brawler 2.6” white wheel. The Brawler wheel is a perfect match for Pro-Line’s Destroyer 2.6” tyres and has all of the scale detail you would expect out of a Scale Monster Truck wheel. The Brawler is a white 12mm hex glue up style wheel with a black hub cap that completely covers up the non-scale looking wheel nut, giving your truck the ultimate scale look.

Website: Pro-Line

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Pro-Line gray Flex Fit hat


Pro-Line have introduced new hat for Pro-Line’s fans, the gray Flex Fit hat. This premium gray Flex Fit hat features a 2-color (Navy & White) stitched P-L Logo on the front and a full Pro-Line logo on the back. The look is finished off with a subtle stitched American Flag on the side.

Website: Pro-Line

More photos here

Hot Race Tyres Etere 1/8 rims


See: Hot Race Tyres

Hot Race have introduced new rims for 1/8 buggies, the Etere. Greek philosophy believed it was weightless and transparent: this has been the guideline in the development that led to a reduction of 6gr for each rim. With revolutionary flex characteristic and dept studies about the amplitude of vertical load due to the weight of unsprung mass (De Carbon theory), Etere gives impressive smothness and traction in all condition.