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Klinik RC M3 titanium nylon locknuts

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Klinik RC have introduced the new M3 titanium nylon locknuts. Machined from billet grade 5 machined 6al4v titanium, the nylon locknuts are extremely lightweight and durable add corrosion resistance, making them a great replacement for the usual nylon locknuts. Available in set of 5-piece, the titanium nylon locknuts come in 9 colors including silver, shiny bronze, shiny blue, shiny purple, gold, matte grey, matte blue, pink and green for more bling.

Tamiya The Grasshopper II Candy Green Edition 2WD buggy kit

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Tamiya have introduced the new The Grasshopper II Candy Green Edition 2WD buggy kit. The Grasshopper is a 2WD racing buggy well-loved by beginners and veterans alike for its ease of assembly and excellent drivability, and at home both on- and off-road. Now, its durable plastic one-piece molded body comes in the vivid and glossy TS-52 Candy Lime Green color, and has been given a top-coat to really make sure that it is resistant to wear and tear. Apply the stickers and hook up the lights, and the body is ready to go! Paint the included driver torso figure as you like for the final touch.

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Tamiya Terra Scorcher 2020 re-release 4WD buggy kit

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Tamiya have introduced the new Terra Scorcher 2020 re-release 4WD buggy kit. The updated re-issue version of the Terra Scorcher which was first unleashed on the world in 1988 features 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension is equipped with CVA oil dampers, universal drive shafts to provide efficient power and superior durability and a new aluminum motor mount.

Hitec HS-7950TH & HS-7955TG “G2” servos

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Hitec have announced that the HS-7950TH and HS-7955TG servos are back by popular demand and at a discounted price. Featuring the high resolution “G2” second generation programmable digital circuit and indestructible titanium gears, each of these powerhouse servos provide great performance and durability. The HS-7950TH offers up to 35kg-cm of torque at 7.4 volts while the HS-7955TG pulls up to 38kg-cm of torque at 6.0 volts.

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Mugen NMB 6x13mx5mm high-performance bearings

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Mugen Seiki have introduced new high-performance NMB 6mm x 13mm x 5mm ball bearings. The NMB bearings use steel shields and light oil to reduce friction to make your drivetrain more efficient and are also more durable than stock rubber sealed bearings. The high-performance ball bearings are available in sets of 10-piece and 4-piece.

Tekin 21sR .21 Nitro buggy engine

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Tekin have introduced the new 21sR .21 Nitro buggy engine. Manufactured in Japan, the long stroke 21sR provides an incredibly smooth powerband and exceptional fuel delivery. The N3 3-needle carb setup and rad red engine cooling head are included. Tekin undergo a precise and controlled oil bath break-in process and we guarantee performance right out of the box. The 21sR .21 Nitro engine will be available on June 31st.

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T-Work’s driveshaft correcting tool

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T-Work’s have introduced the new driveshaft correcting tool. The device is machined from high-quality aluminium en comes hard-coated for wear and with machined silver edges. The tool allow to repair twisted driveshaft measuring more than 50mm. The shaft is inserted into the tool and by using a screw on the damaged part the shaft can be repaired. The tool is packed in a box for easy storage and transport.

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Exotek D/E819 HD steering servo mount & clamping spring perches

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Exotek Racing have introduced two new option parts for the HB Racing D819 and E819 in the form of an aluminium HD steering servo mount for the E819 and a HD clamping spring perch set. The steering servo mount is machined from high-quality and Heavy Duty 7075 aluminium and comes polished and anodized in black with custom orange chamfers. Lightweight yet high strength 1-piece design for reliable servo mounting. The clamping spring perches are also machined from high-quality and Heavy Duty 7075 aluminium and come polished and anodized in black. Available in set of 4-piece, the Heavy Duty parts feature a rugged design for reliable spring holding that withstands those hard impacts and tumbles at the big race.