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Yuichi Kanai talks about aeration caps

During the Kyosho Masters Japan, Kyosho’s guru Yuichi Kanai showed how to properly assemble MP9’s shock absorbers equipped with the new aeration caps. Aeration caps make the car run more smoothly over the bumps, and feel like it has more grip on loose surfaces. The car also settles more quickly when landing from big jumps.

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Arrowmax Black & Golden 10mm droop gauge

Arrowmax have extended their Black-Golden treatment to their popular 10mm chassis droop gauge. Made from a solid aluminium block, the droop gauge feature golden edges with laser engrave marking in gold color to match. Capable to measure from -3mm to 10mm and are design to use with 10mm chassis block, it is suitable for all 10th scale application.

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Ultimate Special turnbuckle tool

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Modelix Racing have added to the Ultimate Racing range of tools a special turnbuckles tool. This all-in-one tool is small, lighweight and made of steel to ensure its durability. It features 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 7 and 8mm openings, allowing adjustment on a wide variety of turnbuckles.

RC Concept SC10R – WTI ESC

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RC Concept have introduced the new SC10R brushless speed controller. The ESC integrates a new technology developed by RC Concept over the past few years called WTI (Winning Technology Innovation).The WTI technology brings together RC Concept’s innovations in terms of programming (software) and innovations in terms of components (Hardware) thus new algorithms for a perfect control of the acceleration and the brake. Whatever your level or your category, you will get a perfect control and an incredible power perfectly mastered to beat all your competitors.

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VP-PRO SRX8E high-downforce bodyshell


VP-PRO have introduced new high-downforce bodyshell for the Serpent Cobra SRX8E. The body has larger and steeper angled sidepod winglets offering an increased downforce. It is made from 1.0mm high-quality clear polycarbonate and it comes with window masks, transparent shell coating and polycarbonate mudguards.

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Ultimate 7.4V 2500mAh LiPo receiver battery packs

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Modelix have added to the Ultimate Racing range of Lipo batteries, two 7.4V 2500mAh LiPo receiver/transmitter battery packs. Both are available in hump and straight configuration provided with JR-style receiver plug.

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6mik driveshaft pin replacement tool

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French company 6mik have introduced their new driveshaft pin replacement tool. This must have tool will press in and remove any pins from the head of the drive shafts on all 1/8 buggies and truggies and even some 1/10 vehicles. Now instead of replacing the expensive drive shaft a simple replacement of the pin is quickly done with this pin replacement tool. By using the appropriate length pin, and the driveshaft pin replacement tool, you can dramatically extend the useful life of your drivetrain parts. Pins, 7mm wrench and wheel wrench are required to use the tool.

HB Racing D817 0.8 module gears & 1/8 wing

HB Racing have introduced 0.8 module gears and a rear wing for D817, E817 and D817T. The 0.8 module gears consist of two clutch bells (16 & 17T) and two spur gears (59 & 60T) for greater overall drivetrain efficiency. The 0.8 module gears also improve acceleration, top speed and fuel consumption. Also new is the new wing developed together by World champ David Ronnefalk and HB’s designer Torrance Deguzman just after the 2016 Worlds. It is made of black, white and yellow high-quality plastic and sports two swellings in front enclosing the mounting wing when the wing is used in the rearmost position. The wing comes pre-drilled holes and with an additional wickerbill for aerodynamic fine-tuning.

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