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Ultimate 4S 7500mAh Graphene LiHV battery pack

See: Modelix Racing

Modelix Racing have introduced the new Ultimate Racing 15.2V 7500 mAh Graphene LiPo High Voltage battery pack. The 4S battery measures 138x46x49, or the standard size equivalent to two 2S stick batteries and weighs approximately 560g. The battery is built from Graphene LiPo cells that offer up to 120C discharge rates and a very low internal resistance for high power output. The Graphene 4S 7500mAh LiHV battery pack comes with an XT90 connection to avoid false contacts and a separate balancer cable to only connect it in the charging process.

T-Work’s 1/8th buggy droop & rebound gauge

Source: T-Work’s Products

T-Work’s have introduced a new droop and rebound gauge especially designed for 1/8th Off-road buggies. Machined from high-quality aluminium, the tool comes anodized in black and sports white markings with a range of 60mm up to 150mm making it easy to use and read. Simply slide the cap over the nut that holds the shock to measure and adjust the droop screws as needed.

Ultimate M5S Ceramic nitro off-road engine

See: Modelix Racing

Modelix Racing have introduced the new Ultimate Racing M5S Ceramic nitro off-road engine. Developed for medium to high speed tracks and based on the O.S. B2103 Type R engine, this 5-port long-stroke engine offers great power at medium-high speeds. The cooling head, the crankcase cover plate and the carburetor feature a new design. The new DLC-coated crankshaft has two tungsten counterweights for smooth rotation and better balancing. It comes with ceramic rear bearing, the 22E carburetor and an O-ring under the cooling head for reducing vibration and preventing dust from entering the engine.

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XRAY XB4’21 Exclusive Pre-Release – Part 1


XRAY have released the first part of a series of videos dedicated to the forthcoming XB4’21.

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O.S. Speed B21 Ronda Drake Edition nitro engine

Source: O.S. Engines

O.S. Engines have introduced the new B21 Ronda Drake Edition nitro engine. Based on the O.S. Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition 2 nitro engine, the Ronda Drake Edition engine is distinguished by a pink cooling head with Ronda’s graphics. The engine is available separately or as a combo set including the T-2090SC pipe and 85mm longer manifold.

REDS 30mm aluminium cooling fan

See: REDS Racing

REDS Racing have introduced a new 30mm aluminium cooling fan designed for their Z8 Gen1, Z8 Gen2 as well as the 1-10 ZX Pro Escs. Featuring ball bearings and a full aluminum case, the fan has been specifically developed to guarantee up to 28000 RPM and to dissipate heat in hot conditions and to improve durability. The aluminum frame work adds strength to the assembly, helping protect the fan blades in the event of a crash.

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REDS Z8 Pro Gen2 1/8th speed controller

See: REDS Racing

REDS Racing have introduced the new Z8 Pro Gen2 speed controller for 1/8th Off-road Electric vehicles. The Z8 Pro Gen2 ESC is the result of over a year of testing and development with REDS team drivers. Power, control, high-quality components and reliability are the foundation of Z8 Gen2 ESC.

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Ultimate Racing EFRA 2142 Fast-Lock black exhaust system

See: Modelix Racing

Modelix Racing have introduced the new Ultimate Racing EFRA 2142 Fast-Lock black exhaust system for 1/8th Off-road engines. This high-quality aluminium exhaust has been produced with a black hard coated treatment to improve all its technical specifications and resistance. Thanks to this new treatment, the pipe and the manifold offer a much more durable exhaust. But this is not the only improvement, it also provides:

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