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Reedy Blackbox 800Z Zero-Timing ESC


Track tested and competition proven, Reedy’s Blackbox 800Z Zero-Timing Sensored Brushless Competition ESC is a simple to use, economical, and powerful ESC for Spec class racers. Excellent throttle and brake feel, a wide range of adjustability, and robust hardware make the Blackbox 800Z suitable for a variety of Spec racing applications.

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HPI Reactor 500, the odd-job charger

hpi reactor 500 charger modif

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HPI Racing introduce a new charger, the rather nuclear-ly named ‘Reactor 500’ – whether to conjure images of power and apocalyptic charging capabilities!?

The main features of the Reactor 500 are the universal voltage input, the total compatibility with all available battery types including Li-Po, Li-Ion & LiFe (1S-6S), Pb (2V-20V), NiCd & NiMH (1-15 cells), the fast charging up to 5 amps, discharging, balancing, cycling, multiple profiles, the microprocessor control and multiple connectors (power inputs and charger outputs). The Reactor 500 is available for UK (3 Pin) EU (2 pin) and USA (3 pin).

Full Specification below…

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JTP RC launches RB6 & ZX6 carbon race options


Jared Tebo has just introduced a new series of carbon fibre parts developed for his ‘JTP RC’ brand for Kyosho RB6 and ZX6 vehicles. Front and rear shock towers are available for the RB6. The front shock tower give a better front end feeling through the corners and over obstacles by improving the up travel (requires Kyosho long shock end LA43).

The rear shock tower has the same suspension geometry as the shock stock towers outside three mounting holes but the wing mount height have been changed. The wing will be mounting higher and give you multiple performance avantages: more consistent traction on all racing conditions and better wing clearance.

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Hudy’s Micro pit towel

Hudy Compact Cleaning Towel

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HUDY have introduced a micro pit towel. We’re not sure quite how excited we can get about a… towel, but its typically a vital piece of kit for any budding RC Racer, and helps to uhm, keep things clean! Ten (10) pieces per package.

Hudy Compact Cleaning Towel 1

It’s a Pro-Line ‘Blockade’ Party!

Blockade Party

All Pro-Line Racing Blockades now on sale at Amain Hobbies!

“The Pro-Line Blockade has been a very reliable and successful tire for years, some tread styles come and go but the Blockade has been proven in many high level competitions to club level races. The Blockade works great on clean and loamy surfaces, it’s a great all around tire and is usually the most reliable choice on many race tracks ,” says Chad Bradley, AMain Hobbies

pro8231-03 pro1183-002 pro9039-32 pro10109-00



Smoother is Better – Choose your ESC

AMain ESC Sale

When choosing a high-quality electronic speed control it’s important that the brand receives high marks for quality and smooth power delivery. Generally the smoother an ESC the better control you’ll have and the faster your lap times will be.

“When choosing a high level ESC, consider how smoothly the power, braking can be delivered and running temperatures to insure consistency and reliability.”

See all of the Tekin ESCs and motors on sale at AMain Performance Hobbies!



Adam Drake talks shock springs

drake shaft

Its been a little while since Mugen Seiki’s driver Adam Drake produced one of his rather helpful and insightful popular video tutorials, today he helps us out with shock springs.

VPPRO release v2 of ‘tool base’

VPPRO new tool base V2 mod

VPPRO have released their Tool Base V2. Made from high-quality aluminum with stylish black coating and laser engraving ,it features include a stylish look and light in weight , not only does it take an assortment of VPPRO’s own tools but also the other tools. It comes anodized and laser-etched to match the (not included) tools.

AKA’s new ‘Chain Link 2.2’ buggy tire

Chainlink 22

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After the great success of the EVO Chain Link, AKA has made it even easier to race one of the fastest tread patterns on 2.2 wheels. The Chain Link 2.2 features a bi-level, interlocking tread pattern that creates support for the tire’s carcass and treads. This addition support leads to consistency through corners and provides on-throttle stability.

The Chain link has a perfect balance of forward drive and side bite which is ideal for hard packed or blue groove, indoor and outdoor tracks. Available in championship winning Clay, Ultra Soft, Super Soft, and Soft compounds as tires with Red inserts. As with all AKA tires, proudly designed and made in the USA.

Kyosho 3mm Vibration Absorption Tape

Kyosho Tape

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Kyosho America has just released the new 3mm Vibration Absorption Tape (Z8006-3)! This was designed for 1/10 scale electronics to help soften the blow of hard impacts to that can happen on the track. The original, thicker version of this Vibration Absorption Sheet (Z8006), changed the game for 1/8 electronics a few years ago by helping lower failures on the track due to hard impacts. Each ‘sheet’ of tape measures up at: Length 145 x Width 45mm.