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Pro-Line B6 & B6D Predator body

Pro-Line B6 - B6D Predator body

Pro-Line have introduced the Predator clear body for Team Associated B6 & B6D. The Predator design recently debuted on the B5m and has now been reshaped to fit perfectly on the new AE B6 & B6D. The Predator takes design features from the Phantom and Type-R bodies to create a whole new look and balanced performance in any condition.

Website: Pro-Line

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Pro-Line 1/10 front wing & aluminum mount

Pro-Line 1-10 front wing - aluminum mount

Pro-Line have introduced a front wing and black anodized aluminum mount for 1/10 2wd buggy. The new front wing first debuted at the 2016 Reedy Race of Champions by taking home the Championship Win at the hands of Pro-Line team driver Dakotah Phend. Pro-Line’s front wing is placed in front of the shock tower and sits as low as possible for the cleanest air flow and lowest possible center of gravity. Racers who have tested the Pro-Line front wing say that it gives you everything you expect from a front wing, like keeping your front end planted coming out of the corners, without doing the negative things that can come from a high center of gravity wing. The Pro-Line Front Wing has a sophisticated look and style and doesn’t completely alter the look of your buggy.

Website: Pro-Line

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JConcepts B6 chassis protective sheet

JConcepts B6-B6D chassis protective sheet

JConcepts have introduced three new chassis protective sheet for Team Associated B6 and B6D. For years, drivers have hand-cut and custom fit their chassis with a clear material protecting the new chassis look and also providing a smooth or slick surface to decrease friction between chassis and dirt surfaces. JConcepts has hit the easy and glamour button at the same time and is now offering a precut and graphically pleasing chassis protective sheet for the most popular 1/10th off-road vehicles on the market. With 2 pieces included per package, the durable and low-resistance material fits each chassis layout like a glove and adds protection and style in one easy package.

Website: JConcepts

RDRP Ultra tyre bands

RDRP Ultra tyre bands


Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced their all-new Ultra tyre bands for 1/10 and 1/8 tyres. The Ultra tyre bands are nothing less that the evolution of a common design. Their simple construction offers maximum durability while the extended width of 25mm helps to apply maximum pressure to make sure the tire is forced onto the wheel with emphasis, doing away with any ungluing-issues later in the race. The black colour bands with white lettering come in sets of four and they also make up the RDRP2013 Ultra tyre glueing set including eight tyre bands and two bottles of RDRP Ultra tyre glue.

6mik introduces new MISTIK 1/8 tyre

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French company 6mik have introduced the MISTIK tyre, a special tyre made for ” Blue Groove ” surfaces (smooth ,slippery & dust free) and clay. The carcass is strictly identical to the PURSUIT one, it allows a very flat profile, which provides a limited balooning and always a maximized contact to the track, means a high traction and low wearing. On a very slippery track, (in turns and straight line), to keep on the desired is crucial to make the best laps.

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Team Corally Eclips 2240 AC/DC Charger

Team Corally Eclips 2240 charger

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Team Corally have introduced the Eclips 2240 AC/DC Charger. It features 2 totally independent and identical power outputs which are powered 120 watts each. A total power package of 240 watts. The Eclips 2240 can charge or discharge up to 2 x 15 NiCd/NiMH cells or 2 x 6S Lithium cell batterypacks simultaneously. The charger has 2 individual cell voltage balancer at each output. The charger can be used continuously due to the 2 fan cooling system and the internal sensor for controlling fan speed. The Eclips 2240 features internal cell balancers, high contrast LCD displays and important warning and safety functions.

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Ruddog tyre glue bands

Ruddog tyre glue bands

See: Ruddog Distribution

Ruddog have introduced new tyre glue bands, the perfect solution to optimse your tire glueing process. The special selected length will push the tires with a perfect strength towards the wheels and fit 1/10 and 1/8 tires aswell. The 25mm width will distribute the forces not only on the tire carcass, but also on the entire tire and improve so your glueing result. The bands come in packs of 4pcs.

RDRP Ultra heat shield tape



Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced their all-new Ultra heat shield tape. The special, woven structure makes for ultra-high rigidity that is further supported by the foam-padded support layer. Overall the tape is nearly 1mm thick, making for exceptional protection against both heat and mechanical impacts. The extra-flexible tape is ideal to keep nitro fuel tanks from expanding due to exhaust heat, it keeps bodyshells from melting due to engine and exhaust heat when applied from the inside and it also is usable to reinforce or repair bodyshells. The Ultra heat shield tape is available in convenient 100cm rolls from now on.

Xceed TH-2 1/8 tyre heater set

Xceed TH-2 tyre heater set

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Xceed have introduced new version of the TH-2 tyre heater. Indeed Xceed already have a tyre heater set with alu cups for 1/10 TC racing for many years and now Xceed also offers the belts for 1/8 GT, 1/8 buggy and 1/10 F1 also separate and also as sets with the Xceed TH-2 included. The TH-2 tyre heater case is made out of strong anodised lightweight aluminium, green & black colored. It has an easy to use menu is accessed through the padded buttons on the front and the clear screen. The tyre belts connect easily to the main case with a socket on each side. The TH-2 tyre heater case is equipped with an USB connector who can be used to connect the TH-2 to your pc, for temperature readouts. The TH-2 connects to your power-supply with the included cables with high quality connectors.

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T-Work’s MBX7 series anti-twist inserts

T-Works MBX7 series anti-twist inserts1

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T-Work’s have introduced a set of anti-twist inserts for the front A-Arms of the Mugen MBX7 series of vehicles. The inserts are machined from aluminium, black anodized and laser etched with T-Work’s logos. The inserts help to keep the front suspension pins aligned with the lower front A-arms and this rigidity help to have a more precise steering.

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