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XRAY XB2/4 CVD rear drive shafts with 2.5mm pin


XRAY have introduced three new CVD rear drive shafts with 2.5mm pin for the XB2 and XB4. These CNC-machined CVD rear drive shafts with 2.5mm pin are made from world-renowned HUDY spring steel. They are hardened with a proprietary hardening process to provide unbeatable lifetime and reliability. The CVD rear drive shafts with 2.5mm pin are available in 72mm, 73mm and 75mm long.

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HRC Racing 4700mAh hardcase LiPo battery pack

See: HRC Distribution

HRC Distribution have added the new 4700mAh hard case LiPo battery pack to their HRC Racing range. The hardcase battery pack is built from 40C cells, offers 7.4V output, it is available with T-type connector and fits most 2S LiPo battery compartments.

Kyosho ZX7 carbon fibre LD front shock tower & front brace

See: Kyosho Europe

Kyosho have introduced two new option parts for the ZX7 in the form of a carbon fibre LD front shock tower and a carbon fibre front brace. Both parts are machined from high-quality carbon fibre for save weight, improve durability and looks. The 5mm carbon fibre ‘Low Down’ front shock tower and front brace are designed for high grip surfaces.

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T-Work’s RC8B3.1 steel differential joint cup sets

See: T-Work’s Products

T-Work’s have introduced new sets of steel differential joint cups for the Team Associated RC8B3.1. The joint cups are made from ultra-hard spring steel and come with a hardened surface for improved wear. Two sets of 2 parts are available, with 15mm differential joint cups for the rear and with 17mm differential joint cups for the front and center.

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Kyosho Inferno MP10 nitro buggy teaser

See: Kyosho America

Kyosho America have released another teaser showing the highly anticipated Inferno MP10 1/8 nitro buggy. The video mainly shows the body, which although very similar to the TKI4’s, offers aerodynamic additions on the rear side walls. The front also receives a new nose already seen at the 2018 Worlds in Australia. Rendez-vous on December 20th for more information 😉

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FWDesign carbon fibre starter box

Source: FWDesign (Facebook)

Japanese brand FWDesign have introduced a carbon fibre starter box. Made from high-quality carbon fibre, the starter box will be powered with the same parts as the Kyosho Multi-Starter Box 2.0 including 55mm hard rubber starter wheel, dual fan cooled, high torque 550 motors with a belt driven gear reduction in order to give a exceptional torque for starting even the most stubborn nitro engines fresh out of the box.

Schumacher introduces new Cougar KC/KD & CAT L1 options

See: Schumacher Racing

Schumacher Racing have introduced new option parts fort the Cougar KC/KD and CAT L1 in the form of rear wishbones, rear C/F wishbones, front wishbones, front C/F wishbones, front bumper for Cougar KC/KD and front wishbones and front C/F wishbones for the Cougar KC/KD. All the parts are stiffer and lighter than the standard kit parts to giving a lower overall car weight and a more precise feeling.

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Airflow Carrara Z9 Laminar body

See: Airflow Bodies

Airflow have introduced new Laminar body for the Radiosistemi Carrara Z9. The body features the new Laminar design allowing to be used on both Nitro Buggy and E-buggy. The downforce is more balanced thanks to clean and slick shape even the separate front nose is aerodynamically optimized. The Laminar clear body is manufactured in 1mm Lexan polycarbonate and it comes with protective film, window masks and Airflow stickers.

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