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RDRP XB2 2.5mm carbon fiber chassis



Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced a 2.5mm carbon fibre main chassis plate for the Xray XB2 buggy. 0.5mm thicker than the standard alloy chassis, the carbon fibre part offers optimised flex characteristics, especially aimed at low to medium-grip clay tracks. On top of this the increased thickness adds much needed strength to the rear end of the chassis, doing away with breaking issues. The chassis is usable on both the Dirt and Carpet Spec cars and it is available now.

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Arrowmax black & gold alu multi case

Arrowmax black - gold alu multi case 4

Arrowmax have introduced a new version of the popular aluminium parts tray now in black and gold edition. Made out of a solid piece of aluminium, this multi-purpose aluminium tray multi is ideal to store small parts during building, maintenance and setup work. The tray offers three compartments and build-in gauges help to measure the length and diameter of metrical fasteners and also the diameter of imperial hardware. Two pairs of 4mm and 5mm slots also take male and female bullet-type connectors during soldering. The Black Golden version will also come with multi laser-etched markings.

Website: Arrowmax

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Serpent Cobra series yellow 4 pin clutch shoes


Serpent have introduced new yellow 4 pin clutch shoes for Cobra series. These machined yellow  type material clutch shoes are designed for the Cobra 4-pin clutch system to provide to the clutch extra bottom punch. The new yellow shoes can also be mixed 2/2 with regular carbon shoes or also with alu shoes.

Website: Serpent

3DGY Designs B6 laydown spur gear cover

B6 Gearcover 1

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3DGY Designs have introduced 3D printed spur gear cover for the Team Associated RC10B6 laydown transmission, designed by Mike Gay. Typically on laydown transmission 1/10 buggies, the body also acts as a spur gear cover. However the rear cutout of the body leaves the spur gear very exposed. If you race on dirt or clay the majority of dust collects around the rear end of the car near the transmission. If you race on carpet or astro the dust & carpet fibers/strings can wrap on to any moving part, also around the transmission. This gear cover for the B6 laydown transmission is intended to help guard the spur and slipper clutch from debris, as well as protect the body from contacting the spur gear.

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TLR TEN-SCTE 3.0 4WD SCT Race kit


TLR have introduced the new evolution based on the TEN-SCTE 2.0, the TEN-SCTE 3.0 4WD SCT Race kit. With the TEN-SCTE 3.0 kit, TLR engineers started with the championship-winning 2.0 and refined its suspension geometry to be optimized for all track conditions. These refinements also make the truck easier to drive. Other changes include center driveline adjustability and the inclusion of parts that were considered optional on the SCTE 2.0 kit.

Website: TLR

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Schelle B6/B6D carbon fiber battery strap


Schelle have introduced a carbon fiber battery strap for the Associated B6 and B6D. With the new B6 and B6D release, Schelle engineering went straight to work on a carbon fiber battery strap. The final design is rigid, secure, and minimalist. The strap holds down the perimeter of the LiPo pack while allowing clearance for the plugs and also of the positive and negative terminal markings on the case. The pack is held in place by 3-d printed 7mm hex battery stops which are easy to install with a 7mm wheel wrench. Stainless steel screws are included, but racers can upgrade to aluminum or Ti to shave weight. Lastly, racers can pivot the hex posts and run the battery pack in-line for a more quick handling setup.

Website: Schelle

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Bullitt 2800mAh LiIon HP receiver battery pack

Bullitt 2800mAh LiIon receiver battery pack

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Nemo Racing have released a new Bullitt 2800mAh LiIon High Power receiver battery pack. With 2800mAh capacity battery this softcase pack is ideal for energy-intensive and high-performance servos which they bring great battery life. Its dimensions are adapted to the Agama A215 battery box and also many other cars. Comes pre-wired with XH balancer connector and a JR/Futaba compatible universal plug.


PR Racing PRS1 V3 MM coming soon

PRS1V3 MM (1)

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PR Racing have announced their new 2wd buggy, the PRS1 V3 Mid Motor. To design the PRS1 V3 PR Racing have been working on a new 2wd buggy platform based on their V3 design that which is optimized for medium to low grip tracks such as dirt and wet astroturf. The new V3 (MM) buggy will showcase a 3 gear Mid Motor transmission. The battery placement on the new V3 (MM) chassis design will offer both vertical and horizontal placement which helps give versatility and gives the driver the chance to find the best possible weight distribution for their application.

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Arrowmax 14.8V 5200mAh 4S LiPo pack

Arrowmax 14.8V 5200mAh 4S LiPo pack

Arrowmax further expand its LiPo battery range by introducing a 4S 14.8V LiPo battery pack for 1/8th EP buggy application. Available in 5200mAh using high quality batteries with 55C continuous and 110C burst rate this LiPo battery has a hard case design and measure at 139mmx 47mmx 48mm, comes with a pre-solder T-plugs and balancing plug.

Website: Arrowmax

RDRP Ultra motor weight 15g


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Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced their all new Ultra motor weight 15g. Made for hassle-free chassis weight distribution changes the lightest in RDRP’s line of motor weights, the 15g variant is of an updated design with milled-out sections that allow for improved motor cooling compared to their previous design. It can be fasted to the motor using two countersunk screws and unused mounting positions on the motor’s front plate, making for much easier installation and maintenance as it stays attached to the motor even when it is taken out of the chassis. The weight helps to up the all-up weight or optimise the weight distribution of buggies, touring and pan cars and it is simply inserted between the motor and the motor plate. The weight is usable with most 540 and 550-size brushless motors.

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