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Pro-Line release the ‘Suppressor’


The ‘Suppressor‘ is Pro-Line’s latest race tire designed specifically for medium packed to loose outdoor tracks – the new tread first popped up in the hands of Pro-Line’s World Champion talisman Ty Tessmann at the Silver State race in Las Vegas.

The tread design takes inspiration from Pro-Line’s incredibly successful line of race tires like the Hole Shot, Lock Down and Tazer but brings a whole new level of performance! The Suppressor features a smooth transition from the sidewall to the tread to prevent catching the sharp edges in the track, which can cause violent roll overs and lost time. The long center bars on the Suppressor provide massive forward bite and have a Hole Shot style relief cut for added side to side tread flex. Below the center tread is reinforcement webbing that mimics the outside pattern for a cohesive Suppressor look.

Part # (Buggy): 9054-003 X3 (Soft), 9054-004 X4 (Super Soft), 9054-02 M3 (Soft), 9054-03 M4 (Super Soft)
Part # (VTR 4.0″ 1/8 Truck): 9055-003 X3 (Soft), 9055-02 M3 (Soft)

Available from 25th April

9054-003-1 9054-003-2 9055-003 9055-003-1

Pro-Line Enforcer for Tekno NT48


This is a Pro-Line Enforcer Clear Body for Tekno NT48. Attention All Tekno Fans! Pro-Line has a brand new aftermarket Truggy body that is way more durable and better looking than stock: The Enforcer! From the mind of Ty Tessmann and inspired from the success of the Type-Rbuggy body, the Enforcer has a meaner and more angular front end look with swooping roof and bed sections for improved airflow and high-speed stability. The hood of the body is steeper to create more down force over the front wheels for more steering and faster lap times. Bring your truck up to speed with Pro-Line’s new Enforcer body! This is a must have item for the new racing season!

Part #: 3451-00 | Available from 21st April

ProCircuit PCX rims & new inserts


Modelix is pleased to present the new Procircuit PCX Wheels for 1:8 Buggies. This new wheel represents a great step forward in terms of performance. Procircuit development team wanted to create a lightweight wheel without compromising strength to give your buggy the lowest rotating mass and the fastest acceleration ever achieved, and this is exactly what the all-new PCX wheel represents. It is 20% lighter, a little wider than previous version and also has a slightly higher level of flex which results in more traction in loose track conditions and better performance when landing from jumps as well as on bumpy tracks.

Additional features include the innovative easy glue system, a grooved bead area to help guide the glue easily into place. The wheels also incorporate radial ribs that lock the wheel and foam insert together eliminating the vague inconsistencies that come from an insert that is free to move around on its wheel. Procircuit wheels are manufactured using advanced techniques to ensure durability. Available in bright white and fluorescent yellow.

PCX0103-W-White-wheel-blister grooved PCT wheel PCX0101-C-Close-cell-insert PCX0101-C-Close-cell-insert-blister

Next up are new Procircuit Closed Cell Inserts intended for use with the new PCX wheels. This orange closed cell insert has been designed to boost and maximise Procircuit tire and wheel performance. Inserts have grooved lines on the outside and have the right size to perfectly fit the tire inner carcass providing a better response and feel. The inside has larger grooves to better absorb impacts and bumps without sacrifying stability or forward traction. Testing has shown great results with a more predictable handling and easier to drive car.

The inserts are light-weight, water resistant, made of durable material that can be reused and fits the majority of 1:8 buggy tires you can find on the market.

JConcepts Dirt-Tech foam radio grip

Dirt Tech Radio Wheel

Handling the steering wheel is easy with the release of the Dirt-Tech foam grip. The durable, gray colored material made famous as tire inserts has now reached the all important steering wheel for radios. Specifically designed for the Sanwa | Airtronics M12, the Dirt-Tech steering grip has a convenient size which allows for use on multiple radios including Futaba, KO and Spektrum.


Team Associated unveils the RC8B3


Team Associated has officially unveiled the RC8B3! In the hyper-competitive world of 1/8 scale off road racing one has to evolve and adapt or get left in the dust. Knowing this fact well, the engineers of Area 51 designed the RC8B3 Team Kit to be a winner in every aspect, from the build, to maintenance, and ultimately racing. Completely designed from the ground up. The RC8B3 starts with a hard-anodized 7075-T6 aluminum chassis designed for optimum weight distribution, ground clearance, and better overall handling. As a result, the RC8B3 Team Kit changes directions faster, and is more compliant and stable in rough terrain.

RC8B3_3Q-Body-Off_R_md RC8B3_3Q-Body-Off_L_md RC8B3_Top-Down_md Breakdown

World class suspension package. The RC8B3 has received an updated suspension that features a pillow-ball front upright for maximum steering and durability. Refined 16mm Big Bore hard-anodized aluminum threaded shocks and 3.5mm alloy shock shafts provide plush suspension travel. The RC8B3 features precision universal drive shafts front and rear to keep suspension travel free through the entire stroke.

RC8B3_Braking-System_md RC8B3_Shock-Towers_md RC8B3_Rear-Diff_md RC8B3_Front-Susp_md

Designed to handle, built to win. The RC8B3 was designed by 1:8 scale racers for 1:8 scale racers, and delivers high performance that will help put you on the podium. RC8B3 Team Kit shown in these photos equipped with items NOT included in kit: engine, exhaust system, receiver battery, Reedy servos, wheels and tires. Body comes clear. Assembly and painting required.


Associated unveils 1/8 buggy teaser

New RC8 Buggy

Team Associated has released a first look at the new production RC8 (or whatever the new buggy will be dubbed). While this reveals very little regarding the details of the new car, it does tell us the buggy is closer to production than many have realized. The new buggy is long-awaited, and has already proven itself to be a race winning machine in even the prototype stages.

Source: Team Associated

AKA announces ‘Ultra Soft 1/8 Delay’


AKA has announced today a delay in the highly-anticipated Ultra Soft compound tires for 1/8 scale. Following the success of the 1/10 Ultra Soft tire compound, racers have been asking for such compound to equip their larger vehicles with as well.

AKA says,“We know you all have been anxiously awaiting the Ultra Soft compound for 1:8 after the success of the 1:10 Ultra Soft compound, but we have a few more tricks up our sleeves to make the 1:8 Ultra Soft even better for this application. Unfortunately, these things take time and we will be delaying the release. We thank you for your patience and we thank you for the great start AKA has had to the 2015 racing season at local tracks, national and international events!”

Source: AKA

MIP TLR 22 series diff rebuild kit

MIP 22 Diff Rebuild Kit

Why buy individual products separately when you can get the whole package for LESS!? Introducing the all-in-one ball diff rebuild kit for TLR 22 Series from MIP. This rebuild kit comes with all necessary components to completely freshen up your diff without having to source several different part numbers at a higher cost.

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PitBuddy run-time calculator app


The new PitBuddy App for iOS is the hottest new item in any nitro R/C racer’s toolbelt! It allows you to accurately predict the run-time you will get out of your nitro engine. You can save your runs into the run log to gain even more confidence in the estimated run-time, and choose from a variety of styles to match your car’s paint scheme. Regarding run-time, the size of the fuel tank matters, so PitBuddy allows you to set the exact size for the most accurate calculation. Since the latest version you can easily tell the world about your run from within the app. PitBuddy is available for iOS devices on the AppStore HERE. Watch out for new releases by following on Twitter or Facebook.

TESTED: Kyosho Ultima SC6

The Decathlete In A Class of Couch Potatoes
Words & Pics: Stephen Bess


When short course trucks went viral in the late 2000′s (2008 for the Traxxas Slash’s release–has it been that long ago?), racing an SC truck seemed a bit like competitive riding lawnmower racing.

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