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ROAR says “NO!” to new 1/10 wheels

No No No

ROAR has announced today that the “new style” 1/10 wheels and tires (AKA EVO Series and Pro-Line VTR Series), are in fact illegal for competition use at ROAR sanctioned events for the remainder of 2014. While the organization has not ruled them out for eternity, this ruling does rule them out for the upcoming ROAR 1/10 Offroad Nationals in Florida. The new style wheels are actually a 2.4″ design, as opposed to the traditional 2.2″ wheel, and mount up like an 1/8 scale buggy wheel and tire. Currently AKA offers a conversion to take their EVO style wheels and tires back to the old school method, however, as ROAR sees this as a modification to the wheels (which is not allowed), they have also deemed the conversions illegal for use. Read More…

New gear for heads from REDS

Reds Hat

REDS Racing has just released their new Flexfit flatbill hat. The new hat is black to hide the dirt, and stamped with the new signature REDS embroidered logo. Available in two different sizes S-M and L-XL (for those with bigger brains).

hat2 hat1

Source: REDS Racing

MIP Pro 8 Buggy Prototype spotted


Last weekend MIP’s Matt Olson raced in Canada’s new premier event, the Quebec Classic, shortly afterwards our partner site RCNews uncovered a few exclusive photos of the internals of the prototype MIP Pro 8 buggy that he’s been running.

The MIP Pro8 currently comes as a upgrade/conversion kit for the Losi SCTE 1.0 and 2.0 platforms to make it into a competitive light weight 1/8 scale buggy. The new MIP Pro8 Prototype takes the Pro8 project full circle by completely changing the traditional layout of an MIP Pro4mance or an SCTE 1.0 / 2.0 chassis.

More photos & details here

SWORKz Speed T-Shirts


Its no coincidence that since Atsushi Hara’s arrival at SWORKz, their profile has increased something dramatically, to meet that demand Scott Yang’s up coming outfit has released a pair of new t-shirts, one white and one in black.

The white tee features the SWORKz speed logo with red and blue whilst the black tee features the dark version of the logo with prints front and rear, tees are available from Medium to a rather large 4L! Expect the tees to be available very shortly

XRAY goes electric with the XB8

xb8 - coming soon - facebook

After much success with the XB8 nitro platform, XRAY has announced today the all-new XB8E is coming soon! While the front and rear of the car we assume will be the same as the nitro XB8, it’s what is hiding under that sexy new body that really counts. Stay tuned for more details!

Team Associated release the B44.3!


Team Associated has revealed the new B44 buggy platform! While not titled the “B44.2 Worlds Edition”, Associated has released the aluminum chassis, gear diff driven, shorty pack design, and World Championship winning car we expected!

The RC10B44 has created a winning legacy with three IFMAR World Championships, four ROAR National titles, and countless regional wins to its credit! Since winning the 2013 IFMAR World Championships, the designers behind the doors of Area 51 set out to further improve the B44 and take it to an even higher level of performance.

B44.3_3Q White_lg B44.3-body-off-3Q_L_lg B44.3-body-off-3Q_R_lg B44.3-Chassis_lg

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Tebo’s verdict on Kyosho ZX6 4WD


We’re a big fan of Jared Tebo’s refreshingly honest JTPRC blog: I got my production Kyosho ZX6 last week. I was pretty excited to get it, because I wasn’t quite as involved as I was with the RB6. I’ve had my prototype car from the Worlds last year, and got a few little parts to test here and there, but not much. I gave them my opinions as what I would like to see, but I didn’t see any drawings of what was going to be production.

Today I converted my prototype car to the production car. I am very happy to say that I think Kyosho did a pretty darn good job with the car. All the new production parts went together great and I thought the creativity of the parts were good too.

New steering system was pretty cool. The narrow chassis with side guards was a great fit. New motor mount was a big improvement and it is very easy to have different configurations for all you tinkerers. Even little things like the new under servo plate and antenna/battery post mounts were pretty cool.

I’ve got it all ready to test out at the track tomorrow. I’m pretty excited to drive it with the rear motor configuration. I think this new car is a great new addition to the Kyosho 6 family and customers are going to love it. Thanks for reading and God Bless.

  <– Available to Pre order @ USD 579.99

20140710-195917 20140710-195926

The return of stadium truck?

wow stadium trucks

In the early 2000′s, by far one of the most popular offroad racing classes in America was 1/10 scale 2wd stadium truck (both nitro and electric). As the year’s passed, the nitro stadium truck (aka “gas truck”) was the first to lose popularity as the all-new 1/8 truck (truggy) class was introduced. Shortly after, the electric stadium truck scene began to slowly disappear as well. Factory teams pulled their top drivers in the class, and put them in the fast-growing short course truck classes instead.

Before long, stadium truck all together was exctinct at many local, regional, and national level races across the country.

Many believed that with the introduction of truggy and short course, the days of stadium truck were simply distant memories.

As it turns out, those memories may not be so distant after all.

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JConcepts Summer Sale at A Main

summer sale

Grab all of your favorite JConcepts’ accessories while they’re on sale at A Main Hobbies! Everything from JConcepts is discounted 10% with deeper discounts on select items. Stock up on tires, bodies, hauler bags, and the latest JConcepts apparel while you can save cash. A Main’s JConcepts Summer Sale starts Thursday, July 10 at 8:00 p.m. PST and ends Friday, July 25 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

New Serpent 4wd buggy coming soon?


Serpent’s offroad division is heavily influenced and primarily designed entirely by IFMAR World Champion racer and designer Billy Easton. While we don’t see Billy on the race track near as much as we did years ago, that doesn’t mean he isn’t keeping busy in the R/C world. His most recent work of art comes in the form of the SRX2-SC truck. In an interview released today by Serpent regarding the new truck, Easton leads one to believe a new Serpent 1/10 4wd buggy may very well be in the works.

When asked what his next project is, he responded by saying,

“I have been working on something I feel might change the way we look at 4wd offroad cars. If you take a look at the direction we have gone in 2wd, they have really bridged the gap between the 4wd offroad cars currently on the market. The 4wd’s really are not as fast as I feel they should be. I want to make something that gives them back more of an advantage on the track, something you can actually use more power in and put the power down in a larger variety of conditions. Most of the 4wd’s of today really do not generate the traction they should, I want to fix that.”

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