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DKT 1/8 aluminium wing washers

DKT 1-8 aluminium wing washer

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DKT have introduced aluminium wing washers for 1/8 buggies. They are CNC machined from 7075 aeronautical aluminum and treated with 3 layers. The first 2 layers are used to harden and protect from scratches and wear, while the last layer gives the color and gloss for a racing look. The DKT washers are available in two colors, classic black and gold DKT.

MIP 5/6 series Pucks gear diff outdrives

MIP 5-6 series gear diff outdrives

MIP have introduced the Pucks gear diff outdrives for the Team Associated B5 and B6 series of vehicles. These outdrives are compatible with the current Team Associated 2wd gear differentials part (AE#91703 & AE#91461), and make it possible to use your current MIP AE Puck or Roller Puck system. Now you can enjoy all the benefits that a Puck or Roller Puck system offers. If you’re running the B6 make sure to get the MIP spacer conversion kit, to prevent bone failure.

Website: MIP

MIP B6 series 17.5 Race topshaft

MIP B6 series 17.5 Race topshaft

MIP have introduced the 17.5 Race topshaft for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. This new B6 Series topshaft bolsters the great advantages of 30% decrease in tooth width and an 18% weight reduction equating to less drag and less overall rotating mass when compared to its OEM counterpart. This ultra-light topshaft is of course made out of 7075-T6 aluminum and finished off with a premium strength high grade hard anodized coating.

Website: MIP

MIP B6/B6D Roller Pucks gear diff kit

MIP B6 series Roller Pucks gear diff kit

MIP have introduced the Roller Pucks gear diff kit for the Team Associated B6, B6D and B5 series of vehicles. This new rough and tough kit is for all those looking for an advantage when your setup calls for a gear differential, especially on those higher bite tracks like turf, carpet, or asphalt. With the superior binding and wear characteristics that the rollers drives offer this kit will not only  make your car smoother in the corners but will also offer a break in your pocket book when it comes down to buying new drivetrain components.

Website: MIP

STRC Arrma TVP chassis plates & shock options

threaded shock bodies

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ST Racing Concepts have introduced new optional parts for Arrma Granite, Raider, Vorteks, Fury and Raider XL vehicles. Starting with the TVP chassis plates. They are CNC machined from aluminum and available with stealth black, blue, silver and red colors. These TVP chassis plates will add more rigidity, strength and customize your vehicle. Next up are the threaded shock bodies. They featuresO-ring shock collars that holds your spring pre-load adjustment precisely. The aluminum material allows for much smoother shock performance over the stock plastic shock bodies and also offers great looks. The shock caps and shock bodies/collar are offered in a wide range of colors for many great combinations.

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PR Racing SB401 11 degree caster blocks

PR Racing SB401 11 degree caster blocks

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PR Racing have introduced new caster blocks for the SB401 platform. They are machined from aluminium, black anodised and laser-etched for easy identification. These 11 degree caster blocks gives an alternative to the kit supplied 5 degree block, and the existing 8 degree option. Using these new caster blocks will calms down initial steering, and provides a more predictable car with improved stability on bumpy sections.

SWORKz S104 EVO 12mm hex conversion kit

S104 EVO 12mm hex conversion kit

SWORKz have introduced a 12mm hex conversion kit for the S104 EVO. Originally the S104 EVO is provided with an unique 14mm hex wheels and now you can use the same 12mm hex wheel from all brands on both front and rear. The upgrade kit includes 12mm front and rear hex adapters, solid axle pins, rear drive shafts with the wheel axles, rear strengthened arms, rear hubs and suitable mounting hardware.

Website: SWORKz

VRP B6/B6D aluminium motor plates

Laydowd Motor Plates

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Vision Racing Products have introduced two aluminium motor plates for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. The VRP line of 7075 cnc machined spur guard motor plates are designed to help protect your spur gear from rubbing the body as well as add style to your laydown transmission on your B6/B6D. There are two versions of this motor plate, the first being equal to the same 9.6 grams the stock plate weighs. The Lightweight version cuts down almost 2 grams, weighing 7.8 grams.

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JConcepts 2011 Ford F-250 Super-Duty, SuperCab Mini MT body

JConcepts 2011 Ford F-250 Super-Duty SuperCab Mini MT body1

Officially licensed by Ford, JConcepts have introduced the 2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty SuperCab body as a drop-on replacement body for the mini Monster Truck vehicles. Built Ford Tough, JConcepts has brought an essence of the 2011 Ford F-250 truck together with the latest offerings in realistic styled bodies. The F-250 is as detailed as they come, starting with a grill / headlight and hood combination that stands-out as toughness just like its full-scale counterpart.

Website: JConcepts

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Schelle Nova Lockout Buggy Set & Pro Built B6 Diffs


Schelle have introduced the Nova Lockout Buggy Set and Backplate/Spacer Tube upgrade for Team Associated and TLR buggies and the Pro Built Diffs
 only for Team Associated B6. First up is the Nova Buggy Lockout Set. It is aimed for all buggy 17.5 and 13.5 racing. Pure racers like to remove the kit slipper clutch and go with direct drive (Schelle call it “lockout”). The Lockout Buggy Set sheds weight down to a bare minimum while keeping the tried and true Nova Spur gears (2.5 grams of parts, 4.6 grams total including the spur gear). A 69 tooth and 72 tooth Nova Spur gear are included for all the tuning options a racer could need for tight or wide-open layouts.

Website: Schelle

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