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Team Associated RC8 B3 First Drive Exclusive


“This is the biggest, most important project in Team Associated history.”
– Bob Stellflue, Associated Design Engineer

Vehicle names fascinate me.  Sometimes a name has deep meaning, while other times they mean nothing at all. Curious automobile names include BMW’s new M3, which is now called the M4; the Infinity Q45, which is called the Nissan Cedric outside of the US; and who could forget the Mazda Bongo Friendee (seriously, look it up)?

Less curious names within RC include Mugen’s series of 1/8-scale buggys, incrementally named the MBX-4 through MBX-7, and of course Associated’s B2-B5 electric buggies. So it stands to reason that Team Associated’s new RC8 B3 is the third buggy in its 1/8-scale history. Right?

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MIP instates newest rendition of alu AE gearbox

MIP Eco Gearbox

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From the first rendition of the MIP Box comes a running change in the form of the MIP Eco All-In-1 Box that accommodates all current AE and MIP topshafts on the market for the B5M, T5M platforms. This means that whichever topshaft your AE 5th generation vehicle comes with will work with MIP’s Eco All-In-1 Box. In additional to being compatible with whatever topshaft you may choose, it also bridges that gap and gives your mid motor vehicle all the benefits of the rear motor car but less drag and more initial punch with one less idler gear. The all-aluminum construct offers a huge advantage pertaining to more precise internal gear mesh, less overall heat, and stiffer bracing, better bearing seats and over 10% of the gear box weight reduced from the original box.

Pro-Line introduces ‘Prime’ 1/8 buggy tires

Proline Prime

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Pro-Line Racing has introduced their new Prime 1/8 Buggy Tires (derived from the popular Prime 1/10 buggy tires). Many indoor offroad race tracks have turned to carpet or pure clay style dirt in search of ultimate traction, eliminating the need for traditional treaded tires. Pro-Line’s all new Prime tires are targeted directly at racers currently running full “slick” tires, saving them from having to grind treaded tires down while delivering improved performance.

Pro-Line’s Prime tires feature unique grooves that add traction and stability when the track is freshly watered or when there is a slight layer of thin dust that would cause a traditional “slick” tire to just spin. The raised treaded portion of the Prime tire has a distinctive rough surface texture similar to a ground “slick” tire and makes the Prime tire have maximum performance right out of the package.

LRP updates the iX8 with new v2.6 firmware

LRP ESC Update

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LRP has released their newest firmware (v2.6) for the iX8 speed contoller. The new firmware includes updates to the Initial Drive Mode allowing you to choose between smooth initial throttle power and aggressive acceleration, making the iX8 series more versatile in different grip conditions. Moreover, this update introduces automatic battery detection for 2S / 3S / 4S / 6S to the iX8 series, which takes over adjusting the right battery cut-off voltage for you. In case cut-off kicks in to protect your battery, you will still be able to drive at reduced speed for an additional 30 seconds. This allows you to get your car to a safe position before the actual shutdown.

The new v2.6 firmware can be downloaded for free from the LRP website HERE.

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Bittydesign ‘Zefirus’ lexan wing


See Bittydesign website | ‘Zefirus’ product page
Developed and tested for several months with cooperation from top Italian and British drivers – Bittydesign’s new ‘Zefirus’ lexan wing is the result of hard work & engineering behind the project.  The ‘Zefirus‘ has been designed with a modern ‘look’ in mind, universally suiting both 1/8 buggys as well as 1/8 trucks.

Lightness is the main feature, compared with normal nylon wings the Zefirus is significantly lighter which translates whilst driving because the lower mass suspended high make the car faster in low speed corners, rotating easier and at same time very stable in the high speed sections.


The downforce generated by the wing is very high and the driver can tune it with different possibilities, simply installing an additional wickerbill / gurney flap (to cut long or short because made with lexan not with plastic) as well as side bulkheads that help clean air vortices that are created behind the wing.

Both of these additional elements are optional, in this case the wing will generate a bit less dowforce but will be lighter. The driver also has the possibility to open indicated vanes to reduce the parachute effect and weight, with the lighter configuration the Zefirus is 50% lighter than plastic wing.

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Pro-Line pre-cuts new TLR 22, AE RC8B3, & Kyosho MP9 bodies

Proline Pre Cut Bodys

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Pro-Line Racing has released a list of new pre-cut bodies today, ranging from the TLR 22 ‘Phantom’, Team Associated RC8B3 ‘Predator’, to the Kyosho MP ‘Type-R’.

3456-17 3450-17-5 3455-17-5


Sweep unveils new ‘Carbides’ 1/8 buggy tire


See: Sweep
Sweep Racing has just released their newest 1/8 buggy tire, known as the ‘Carbides’. The Carbides are a hybrid combination of the original knobby Square Armor and Micro Contacts treads. The tread height of the Carbides fall directly in the middle of that found on the Square Armor and Micro Contacts, and also features Sweep’s latest V4 Core technology for less ballooning in high speed situations. The new tire is designed to bring precise handling and stability on mid to hard packed tracks. Available now worldwide in Ultra Soft to Medium compounds.



Arrowmax hinged torque wrenchs


See: Arrowmax RC
Arrowmax continue to innovate with their new lightweight increased torque wrench – featuring their distinctive honeycomb lightweight design and look, the wrench includes a hinge, which enables dual usage – either as a typical hex wrench or as a T-Bar – allowing for harder cranking of those screws you know might come loose otherwise!

Available in 2.5mm & 3.0 mm versions  (AM-412126 2.5mm) (AM-412131 3.0mm)

AM-412126(3) AM-412126(1)


RDRP cuts new AE B5M/T5M/SC5M battery strap

RDRP Battery Strap

RDRP has cut their latest option part for the Team Associated B5M, T5M, and SC5M line-up. The new RDRP Carbon Fiber Battery Plate is a direct replacement for the standard composite part of the Team Associated B5M. The plate is cut from high-quality 3mm glossy finish carbon fibre material, light of weight yet very rigid to allow for a safe and secure battery mounting even when the going gets tough. The plate is usable with standard as well as most aftermarket battery thumb screws and it fits the T5M stadium and SC5M short course truck as well.

Pit News: AKA – New tyre & long-lasting compounds


See: | 2015 ROAR Nats Coverage
In all the coverage haste, some of you may have missed out on AKA’s new bits at the Nats:

AKA hit the 2015 ROAR 1/8 Offroad Nationals running with Mark Pavidis in attendance alongside his son Ryan (also racing) and the euro-style AKA Mercedes sprinter van, turning up at the nats with not only a new tyre fresh from the moulds but perhaps more importantly two ‘long-wearing’ compounds.

Starting with the tyre, it is as yet unnamed but being used by a few of the team drivers but still very early on in development, the tyre featues a small pin setup and pattern, however ideal for the Silver Dollar RC Raceway track due to it’s high wear ‘polished’ track nature, Pavidis saying the defined ribbing helps with steering however feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive, but no release date has been set.

USA_2250 USA_2263 USA_2262 USA_2258

As mentioned the long-lasting compounds are more of a breakthrough, they will be available in soft & medium and are the result of many year’s worth of work and should take the fight to rival tyre manufacturers towards the end of those longer mains. At Silver Dollar Pavidis said the Soft in longer-lasting is the GO TO tyre at the moment.