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Factory RC’s 22-4 shorty solution

TLR Battery Stop Factory RC

It’s no secret that converting the TLR 22-4 to a shorty battery pack is the ‘hot setup’ used by all the team drivers. The problem is finding a solid way to keep that shorty pack in place and secure. Factory RC has the answer to shorty pack racer prayers with their all-new TLR 22-4 Carbon Fiber Shorty Brace with adjustable battery stop block. This brace replaces the stock plastic battery retainer bracket and allows you to use the adjustable battery stop instead of foam blocks.  Stop sticking foam blocks to your battery, limiting them to a certain car. This brace allows you to run the battery shifted forward or rearward. Simply install the battery stop on eithe side, and adjust to your packs length to remove any slack. Fitment is snug and prevents the battery froms shifting. Battery brace is made from 3mm Quasi Carbon Fiber and your choice of Heavy Duty Carbon Steel screws or Titanium Screws.

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Source: Factory RC

Team Shepherd joins the offroad race!


With it’s origins in true nitro onroad racing, Team Shepherd is ready to take the next step and enter the competitive 1/8 offroad market. The first offroad nitro car from the German manufacturer will be called Bull X8 with the nitro version release being planned for December, and the electric version following in early 2015. More detailed information and pictures will be available soon.

Patrick Schäfer says, ”For quite some time we have received many requests from customers from all over the world for a Shepherd 1/8 offroad car so it’s only logical to enter one of the biggest markets in the industry. We are very excited about this project which was a completely new challenge for the whole team.”

We are anxious to see the first shots of the Bull X8, and what is to come for the future of Team Shepherd in the offroad world. Is this perhaps an opportunity for drivers still looking for that place to call home for 2015?

Update, NeoBuggy understands the car will already be released in December and here are a few (pretty useless) details that were left in the official email Press Release ;)

4mm 7075 hardcoated aluminium chassis, aluminium wishbone brackets, multiple toe-in and anti-squat adjustment possibilities at rear axle, adjustable ackermann, 5mm carbon shock towers, 160mm (sic) big-bore shocks with TiN coated shock rods, lightweight diff outdrivers, centered weight engine mount position, cab forward body, silicon sealed ball bearings, high quality 10.9 steel screws, mudguards, Batterybox for LiFe, LiPo,NiMH stick packs.

Fast Race tire removal in 15 seconds

Fast Race Tire Remover

When it comes to 1/8 offroad, one of the most expensive aspects of racing becomes wheels and tires. Fast Race has just released their all-new ‘Tires CUT’ tool. This unique tool is and adjustable hand tool that allows you to cut away worn out tires from the rim. That means no more soaking in deadly chemicals, stinking up the house baking them in the oven, or any other off the wall technique you have to remove old tires. Simply mount, twist, and voila!

Source: Fast Race

Kyosho’s new colored mud guards

MP9 Mud Guards

Kyosho’s Yuichi Kanai has released a first look at the growing lineup of MP9 colored plastics. In addition to previously released radio tray and accessories, Kyosho is getting set to release colored mud guards. These new guards are direct replacements for the stock black plastic guards, and will be available in  flo orange, flo yellow, flo green, and white. Includes exhaust mud guard as well.

Source: Kyosho

LMR’s new pit board takes to the sky

LMR Aeroboard

Lee Martin Racing (LMR) has released their new ‘Aeroboard’. This is a pit mat made up from Fibrelam, an aircraft grade flooring which is extremely light, exceptionally stiff, and provides a smooth surface for setting up your cars. The board is designed to fit both 1/10 scale and 1/8 vehicles, not to mention fits nicely in the popular Ogio 9800 carrying bag (a bag used by many travelling pros). While the board may look a little plain for now, LMR informs us that stylish skins are in the works!

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Source: LMR

Pit side air with CowRC ‘Jet Blaster’

Jet Blaster

CowRC has released their new ‘Jet Blaster’. This hand held air blower is designed to replace the need for heavy air compressors, and long lines waiting to blow off your car at the track. The Jet Blaster is manufactured by one of the biggest name in electric dusters, Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company. Small enough to pack up and take to the track for easy cleaning in your pits. Solid construction, extremely powerful, and small Compact size at only 8″ High x 3.5″ Round. Optional Attachments included.

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Source: CowRC

AKA’s worldwide tire choice database


AKA has released an innovative new online track data base app to aid in tire selection for tracks all over the world. The tire recommendations come straight from the world championship winning race team and is constantly updated. It’s easy as typing in a track name and hitting enter to see the exact tread patterns and compounds to keep you hooked up in most 1:8 and 1:10 chassis.

CLICK HERE to find the tire of choice near you!

XRAY ‘Hard’ silver clutch springs


Are you sitting down ? Good, prepare to be excited by XRAY’s new ‘high-torque’ hard silver clutch springs – OK they’re not actually made from silver sadly, so don’t go melting them down into rings or tiny pieces of cutlery… In all seriousness, the optional harder springs engage later, giving you more options to fine tune your buggy! [Part #358589]

Intech Racing ER-14 1/10 4WD Buggy


Intech Racing have kindly sent us photos of their new 1/10 4WD electric buggy, the ER-14. The new buggy features a centre diff setup, carbon fibre throughout, big bore shocks. Expect the car to be released and available within the next two weeks.

Via Intech Racing

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REDS prototype ESC wins 2014 GIC

Ogden ESC

The inaugural Georgia Indoor Championship was held this past weekend in Marietta, Georgia. REDS Racing team driver Cole Ogden took home the gold in the 1/8 E-Buggy class, proving the capabilities of the REDS Racing electric lineup of products. In addition to the powerful REDS 1900Kv motor, Ogden was also spotted running a prototype ESC from REDS. We are anxious to see more of the new ESC, and have been told full details and photos will be released in the coming weeks.

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