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Who will cash out Silver State champ?


The 2015 Silver State Nitro Challenge kicks off in less than 24 hours at the already famous RC Tracks Las Vegas facility (home of the 2016 IFMAR 1/8 World Championships). This event is a legendary event in America, and is known for its brutal conditions, hardcore racing, and surprises. In the past racers have been greeted with sandblasting windstorms, moon-surface track conditions, and everything in between. With such unique conditions, it is not always the ‘regular crowd’ who emerge victorious from this event, but instead the underdog’s who prevail…


Thorny issues at Cactus Classic

Cactus Classic

Cactus 2015 – already off to a prickly start before the event is even underway!

Social media – it splits opinion, makes animal thugs famous and can wreck a reputation overnight, for us mere R/C lovin’ mortals it also offers a wonderful platform for news and gossip (both good and bad) to spread. Over the weekend a Facebook post was made regarding the upcoming Pro-Line sponsored Cactus Classic hosted by SRS Raceway in Phoenix, Arizona which lit the fuse bigtime!

The post was a photo of two signs hanging on the front doors of the SRS facility stating there would a spectator fee and outside food fee charged at this year’s event. Whilst its not the first R/C event to announce and charge fees, through social media, gossip and rumors across the nation it has created quite a stir. Read more…

Tessmann leads pre-DNC rankings


Following the IFMAR World Championships in Italy last year, the Top 25 RC rankings have been updated just in time for the 2015 Dirt Nitro Challenge (DNC). Hot Bodies driver, Ty Tessmann, remains on top the leaderboard, followed by newly signed teammate David Ronnefalk. Consistency has paid off for the 2012 World Champ, Cody King, as he lingers in third. Nearly every driver on this list is expected to be in attendance at this year’s Nitro Challenge event, which is sure to shake up the standings.

CLICK HERE to see the FULL updated rankings, and cast your VOTE for the 2015 DNC Winner!

TLR’s Mystery Vehicle Unveiled?

Over the last week, TLR has posted a series of teaser photos for a new 22-based vehicle, but we have have just seen the most telling photos yet (see below).

Our best guess, based upon these 2 photos, is a 22T 2.0, with mid-motor configuration. With the tag line, “You asked for it!,” many people (myself included) were wondering if perhaps the vehicle would be a nitro 22NT gas truck…but obviously that wasn’t it!
So is this what you’ve been asking for–a new 22 2.0 stadium truck?  We will discover the full release tomorrow, but until then, let us know your thoughts in the poll and comments section below!




Poll: Who will win the Worlds?


The question on most peoples’ lips – which driver will be on the top of that podium come on September 27th ? We have the favourites as well as a few hotshots and outsiders all listed in the poll below, cast your vote now! If anyones missing let us know!

Get Voting!


Offroad: Bloody knuckles or tutus?

WOW Ballet

Were you an avid R/C racer back in the 1980’s? I was too young back then, BUT I have seen the footage, heard the stories, and can only dream of what offroad racing used to be. Looking back, this seems like the glory days of RC – racing on loamy tracks, knobby tires that required no inserts (they didn’t exist back then), and racing lines that changed from lap to lap.

“Somewhere between 1985 and 2014, I feel as though we have lost sight of what offroad really means…”

Today, offroad racing features hours and hours of track prep to ensure a perfectly smooth and sticky track. Something which some might argue defeats the purpose of offroad racing by creating dirt roads smoother than most asphalt parking lots.

Read more…

Maifield’s Switch: A Mental Change?

Mental Game 1

Does anyone find it a coincidence that Ryan Maifield switched teams and immediately dominated every race he has entered since?  

Did the new TLR cars make that much of a difference?  Or was it his mindset?

There’s no way to know for certain, but I can write about what I’ve witnessed—both with Maifield and with other performance athletes who have departed long-term professional relationships and gone on to flourish in their new surroundings.  There’s an old idiom that says, “Familiarity naturally breeds contempt.”   Relationships can get stale the longer they last. Small annoyances can become big problems over time. Perhaps it was just time, after a decade of dominance at Associated, for Maifield to move on.

more »

Poll: Tire Prep – What’s Your Ritual?


New tires. 

New wheels. 

New bottle of glue. 

What’s your next move?

Tire Prep: it’s a mystifying and highly debated topic in RC pits everywhere.  It’s easy to understand why no one can agree on the best prep method; between the various solvents, cleaners, sanding drums and wiping rags available, no less than seven trillion tire prep combinations exist.  And for all of the swearing by one’s tried and true method that has “always worked,” it only takes one set of dismounted tires ejecting into the stratosphere for most racers to ditch their previous prep method and try something else.

When it comes to tire gluing, it seems that the only consensus is that there is no consensus.

Vote for your favorite tire prep method here, add your own if necessary, and argue comment below.

One more question!  Before your tire prep above, do you Dremel the tire bead?