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ROAR Nats: Place your bets!

With the ROAR Nats this weekend, it’s time to Vote who you think will take home the coveted title.

Will the reigning ROAR nitro buggy champion, Team Associated driver Spencer Rivkin take a surprise back to back win, or will Ryan Maifield maintain his amazing year and avenge his 2nd place finish by 7/10ths to Spencer from 2016 ? Is Ty Tessmann fully up to speed with his XRAY, or maybe Dakotah Phend looking to win on his home track. Vote Now!


2016 IFMAR Worlds: Driver Poll


10 days to go till Neo gets overloaded with Las Vegas coverage! We have our thoughts and assumptions on who’ll perform and who’ll miss out… but who do YOU think will clinch the 2016 IFMAR World Championship?

Vote Below!


Poll: Who’ll win the Worlds: Chassis ?


With the 2016 IFMAR Worlds getting ever closer (1-8th October), its time for a few polls, the first of which we ask you – Which chassis manufactuer will take home the most coveted prize in RC Racing?

Vote Below!

Feature & Poll: Will Kyosho’s Worlds wait come to an end in Las Vegas?


 “Long gone are the years where Kyosho
would make up over half of the cars in the final…”

Kyosho, a name synonymous with 1/8 Offroad Racing, not dissimilar in relation to the history, pedigree and relationship between Ferrari and Formula 1. Both companies make up the fabric of the ‘sport’ they race in – just as it’s nigh inconceivable to imagine Formula 1 without Ferrari, Kyosho occupies a similar pedestal position within RC Racing’s hardest class to compete in.

Their 8 World Championship titles tell a story themselves; winning over half of the 15 Official IFMAR World Championships ever staged thus far, a decade-long winning streak from 1992 to 2002 yielded six consecutive titles, even witnessing their own designer Yuichi Kanai pick up a long overdue popular title in 2000.


Continue reading here

Poll: Who will win the ROAR Nats ?


This weekend the annual ‘American Championships‘ aka ‘ROAR Fuel Offroad Nats’ takes place once again in Hutto, Texas – scene of two epic finals with the three drivers above… Ty Tessmann, Dakotah Phend and Ryan Maifield.

Two years ago Ty won that battle whilst Dakotah pipped him in 1/8 truck, fast forward and Ty was unstoppable last year in Chico, California winning both classes as he put to bed any notion of ‘being off his game’ post the 2014 Worlds win.

13417002_908272062617577_8684049754189057778_o Image: Ty Tessmann, Facebook

The big change is of course the roof installed over the track in Hutto, how that affects racing remains to be seen. Ty will be racing this weekend with the newly announced HB D815 V2 buggy whilst the likes of Phend and Maifield will be running the TLR 8ight 4.0 buggy, revamped towards the end of last year. Jared Tebo’s victory at Neo16 put his season on track and handed the new Kyosho MP9 TKI4 a slightly overdue victory whilst being chased hard by Ryan Cavalieri’s Associated RC8 B3 or can 1/10 World Champion Spencer Rivkin deliver on the flashes of promise he’s shown in 1/8 Offroad and threaten a surprise in Texas ?


Poll: What 2016 event has you most excited?

2016 Event Poll

2016 is closing in fast. Drivers are switching teams, companies are releasing new cars, organizers and announcing race dates, and more. Each year of racing is filled with an exciting line-up of events around the globe.

Most would agree that the most highly-anticipated event on the calendar is the 2016 IFMAR 1/8 World Championships in Las Vegas. Aside from the worlds best gathering in Sin City, which major 2016 event are you most excited about?


POLL: Do friendships influence the way you race?


There are a lot of things in life that don’t always mix; oil and water, baking soda and vinegar, gas and fire. In the ‘racing life’ there are also a list of things that don’t always mix, in particular friendships on the racetrack. It’s no secret that even the most well run R/C car racing events take hours and hours to complete. During that time you find yourself on the track 4-5 times, usually 5 to 7 minutes each. The remaining 12 hours you are sitting in your pits, chatting with your neighbors, making new friends, and bonding with old friends.

What happens when those friendships leave the pit table, and head out to the racetrack? 

There is an old saying in motocross racing, “When the gate drops, the friendship stops.” Some drivers share their friendship on the track, and take that friendship into account when racing with each other. Others leave the friendship off the track, and will do whatever it takes to win…no matter who they are racing.

Do you allow friendships to influence the way you race someone, or do friendships get left behind when the tone sounds? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below, and TAKE THE POLL!


Poll: Why do racers attend ‘Big Race’ events?

Big Race Poll

Whether you race onroad or offroad, 1/10 scale or 1/8 scale, or all of the above…one thing remains the same. Racers flock week after week to find the ‘big race’ events to participate in. Whether it be a ‘big race’ at your local track offering up trophies or cash payback, or a ‘big race’ hundreds of miles away gathering the worlds top drivers looking for a championship…they are all considered ‘big races’. The question of the day is – What attracts racers to attend these ‘big races’? Is it to race with the pros? Is it to win a trophy or perhaps some cash? Is it simply to hang out with the crowd? WHY do YOU as a racer find, travel, and attend big R/C races…or do you?