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Rumours: Tebo and/or Lutz at Agama?

Social networks are sometimes an effective way to give us information, spread rumours or confirm them. Rumours are affecting a lot of pilots at the end of the year. Ryan Cavalieri at Kyosho or SWORKz, Ty Tessmann at TLR or Kyosho, CJ Jelin at Team Associated or TLR, Jared Tebo at Infinity or XRAY and Ryan Lutz at Kyosho or Agama. Few drivers, many possibilities. The last two drivers or their surroundings left tracks that may be worth following. J. Tebo and R. Lutz have put an extremely pixelated picture of their new buggies. On Christmas Day Nemo Racing USA published that a huge’gift’ would be about to be unveiled. We only know one thing: its height, more than 6 feet to be precise. Who is more than 6 feet tall? It’s up to you to find out 😉

Another photo here

What ‘really’ happened at tech after Worlds Final

Since the end of the IFMAR 1/8 IC Off-Road Worlds tongues have loosened and many things, true and false have circulated on the RC web. Each week brings new comments, videos and photos to try to explain what really happened at the scrutineering that followed the Main final.

Who can better than Darrin Francis, the Chief Technical Officer for the event, explain what really happened? Here is his story:

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Robert Batlle leaves Picco

For the second year in a row, Spaniard Robert Batlle makes sweeping equipment changes to his race package, having already led the AKA Exodus and joined Italian firm Hot Race, Batlle now announced on Facebook the decision to leave Picco and switch engine brands.

“I would like to thank Alberto and all Picco crew for this amazing year, we achieved almost all goals we had so we have to be proud of it. However, I will not be Picco driver for this 2018. I hope you the best for the season as you have an awesome team. Again, thank you so much for this year as I learned a lot!”

It was no secret within the paddock of Batlle’s frustrations at times during the 2017 season, which saw multiple issues trouble the former World Champion, this wasn’t the case however at the European Championships in Sweden as Batlle collected a deserved 3rd title. Rumours linked him with Italian marque REDS, however we believe the Ninja-badged (Mugen Seiki) OS engine might be on the cards for 2018.

Michal Orlowski new JQ driver?

Source: Michal Orlowski RC

Schumacher’s star Michal Orlowski has posted on Facebook a video showing some laps made at the tormodelarski.pl. track in Poland with a JQ THEeCar GREY Edition. Maybe the beginning of a love affair between the 1/10 specialist and the 1/8 E-buggy? 😉

“Having fun with Ebuggy! Here’s me doing some laps with the JQ car and having a blast! The first of many to try as I start my 1/8th adventure, thanks to JQ for sending the car

Watch the video

Ryan Maifield’s apologizes

Source: Ryan Maifield ( Facebook)

Ryan Maifield made a statement on Facebook about his nervousness resulted in the breakage of his transmitter during the buggy final at the ROAR Nationals. Ryan said:

“I’ve thought this over for a few days and it’s time to say something about my actions at the ROAR Nationals during the buggy final. First and foremost, I want to apologize to my fellow competitors, I’m sure that was a distraction to them and that is my main regret.

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LRP electronic GmbH / Official Statement

See: LRP

Concerning the rumours and false information floating around, Jürgen E. Lautenbach would like to clarify as follows:

  • LRP electronic GmbH filed for insolvency at the Local Court of Stuttgart, Germany. By decision of the Local Court of May 18th, 2017, lawyer Dr. Philipp Grub, Reinsburgstraße 27, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany, was appointed Preliminary Insolvency Administrator.
  • During the institution of the preliminary insolvency proceedings it is intended to continue the business activities of the LRP electronic GmbH in order to examine the possibilities of restructuring. Furthermore, an M&A process was initiated to find an investor for the company.

World Champions to showdown at Philippine Masters

After disappointing results at the recent prestigious Neo Race in the main nitro class, incumbent World Champion David Ronnefalk and his former team mate and predecessor Ty Tessmann both travel to Asia to attend Scotty Ernst’s popular annual Philippine Masters event.

Adding further spice to the weekend’s race is the chance of revenge for both

With an invitee driver line up that also includes the likes of Adam Drake, Kyle McBride, Atsushi Hara and Aaron Stringer much of the focus will be on Ty & David who enjoy a healthy rivalry between them as lead drivers at the pinnacle of the sport for their respective teams. 

Adding further spice to the weekend’s race is the chance of revenge for both, after poor showings at Neo in the nitro final, David losing his E-Buggy title to Ty and Ty’s heavily-scrutinised choice of tyre selection in the final & subsequent public online bruising. 

With lots of practice expected and the likes of Kyle McBride under pressure to remind Associated team bosses in California of his abilities and Atsushi Hara making a cameo appearance its set to be an interesting weekend in Quezon City, Philippines.

JQ on THE Dirt’s track

Finland’s most famous export (after Kimi) has been busy on the keyboard during and after last weekend’s Dirt Nitro Challenge, most recently sharing his thoughts on a track some top pros called the hardest they’ve raced on.

There was a lot of crying and complaining about the track at DNC. A lot of tears were shed, a lot of feelings were hurt, a tremendous amount of arms were smashed, believe me.

I have given the organisers a hard time for the fact that they forgot to organise. I still haven’t seen results from the race. I probably never will. But The Dirt crew have one thing going for them. The track.

I feel like there were a few years where Joey got a bit lazy with the track. You arrived and thought, “that’s it, really?”. However, the last couple of years, the tracks have been really good, and specially this one. 

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