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Alex Zanchettin crowned E-Buggy WIBC Champion

Even if in RC race you can never know what is going to happen until after the game is over, Tekno driver Alex Zanchettin still had a good chance of winning after great qualifying rounds who saw him take the TQ. But after a win without real position in A1 in front of the driver Kyosho Elliott Boots and his teammate Riccardo Berton with more than 6 seconds, Alex will mark the step in A2 where he will finish in fifth. A2 final saw the Kyosho duo finish at the first two places in the same order as in A1 while Reno Savoya finished in third. A3 final will be in the same line as A1 with Alex leading and Boots maybe a little less comfortable a little further in fourth. Berton who was second will put a constant pressure on Alex. Alex will falter in the last lap making a mistake but hewill come back on the track before Berton to grab the victory. Reno Savoya finished again in third.

Under the E-Hood: Alex Zanchettin

WIBC: E-buggy Semi-Finals under control of Zanchettin & Berton

Quite rare E-buggy semifinals were held at the World Indoor Buggy Cup 2k17. They will last 10 minutes will be used to select the 12 drivers who will compete in the three A finals. The Semi A will be dominated by Tekno RC driver Alex Zanchettin. Alex will quickly have a comfortable gap that he will handle throughout the race. Behind him Kyosho’s Elliott Boots and Agama driver Darren Bloomfield will start a very close fight for second place. At the 4th minute a mistake from Boots momentarily give the advantage to Bloomfield who will then increase the pace and even reduce a little the gap with the leader. Unfortunately at 2 minutes from the end Blommfield made a mistake allowing Boots to pass him and a few seconds after another mistake from Bloomfield will spoil completely his chances to do better. Zanchettin take the win in front of Boots, Bloomfield, Burack Kilic, Tom Robin and Jonathan Skidmore.

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Riccardo Berton overall TQ at WIBC

Kyosho driver Riccardo Berton took the last round of the nitro buggy qualifying and thus the overall TQ. Riccardo will keep his cold blood and thanks to his determination he managed to beat the only one who could grabbed the overall TQ, Alex Zanchettin. Darren Bloomfield in third is relegated to more than 2 seconds of Alex. Darren like in E-buggy will do a solid and regular round. Marco Barrufolo takes the fourth place, a place he also holds in the overall standings. He is ahead of Elliott Boots in the round but overall Elliott is third.

Zanchettin TQ’s E-Buggy WIBC 2k17

The fourth and final round of qualifying in E-buggy ended with a third TQ and thus the overall TQ for Tekno RC driver Alex Zanchettin. He was neck and neck with Reno Savoya, the only one who managed to take a heat but Reno had a problem in the warm-up laps and it certainly did not help to find find serenity to do the round at 100%. Once again the gaps will be very close, certainly because of the track layout, fast and a little easier than usual, which has the effect of leveling a little performance. Riccardo Berton took the second place really very very close to Alex. The two Italian drivers are one-second ahead of Agama driver Darren Bloomfield, the three drivers being in a handkerchief. Elliott Boots and Reno Savoya in fourth and fifth respectively are much further, almost 3 seconds behind the top three.

Q3 Nitro Buggy – Riccardo Berton TQs

Kyosho’s Riccardo Berton has just won the third round of qualifying, a perfect round for Riccardo with the TQ and the fastest lap. Just behind his teammate Elliott Boots made a great run and finished very close to the Italian ace. More than one second behind the duo Alex Zanchettin would have certainly hoped better but he remains in the race for the overall TQ of the nitro class with Riccardo. Alex has run under the pressure of Marco Barrufolo who take the fourth in front of Marco Ravaglia ranks fifth 2sec behind.

Alex Zanchettin TQ’s E-buggy Q3

The third and penultimate round of qualifying in E-buggy at the WIBC 2k17 will be much cleaner than the Q2. Alex Zanchettin and his Tekno will once again able to bring out powder by performing a 8 laps in 5:12, a half second ahead Nemo Racing driver Darren Bloomfield faster and faster at each rounds. Alex’s biggest rival, Reno Savoya continues his excellent start in both classes by taking 3rd, not far from Alex. Nothing is yet played between Alex and Reno, the two contenders for the overall TQ in E-buggy. Reno will remain a little stuck behind another driver which will make him lose not far from 2sec. In 4th position driver Kyosho Elliott Boots is fast but not yet fast enough to hang the top 3. Trust Mike Cradock and Chris Boots to find the little thing that is missing.

Elliott uses a MP9 modified by Mike with a completely redesigned layout. The weight distribution is moved forward and the center of gravity lowered.

Riccardo Berton closes the Top 5 with a regular round with as consolation the fastest lap time of the round.

Alex Zanchettin takes TQ in Q2 at WIBC

The second round of qualifying in the nitro class has certainly been the most thrilling so far. The gaps are being reduced between the drivers and places are harder to get … and harder to keep! Tekno’s Alex Zanchettin will fight all round with TLR’s Marco Barrufolo and Kyosho’s Riccardo Berton for the TQ. The three drivers will finish in this order in less than two seconds. Elliott Boots will be a pretty frustrating round with a lot of time lost from the start. But the Kyosho driver will make a recovery which he has the secret and prove that he had the speed by finishing 4th. Darren Bloomfield, at the fifth place finished very close to Elliott after a steady round.

Reno Savoya TQ’s E-buggy Q2 at WIBC

Speed ​​and regularity ended up paying for Reno Savoya! Reno and his RC Concept-powered TLR are the fastest in Q2 in the E-buggy class at the World Indoor Buggy Cup. The race will be quite rough, punctuated by a lot of mistakes due in large part to a pressure really growing. Reno will quickly occupy the lead leaving Tekno driver Alex Zanchettin get closer and get away like a yo-yo. Reno will make his only mistake putting Alex more in confidence. He will succeed to catch up and then overtake Reno but just two laps later, he will make a mistake allowing Reno to take the 1st place until the end. Agama driver Darren Bloomfield will make a great run and he will even manage to overtake Alex to grab the second position. Kyosho driver Riccardo Berton finished one second behind Alex after committing some mistakes. The young German driver Kilic Burak will creates the surprise by taking the fifth place with his Agama, almost 4 seconds behind Riccardo.