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Davide Ongaro TQ’s EURO Contest ’17

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Rocking the white ‘spray can’ body on his Team Associated buggy didn’t do any harm to Davide Ongaro’s qualifying speed as the Italian star swept to TQ at this year’s EURO Contest in Barco, Italy. High on confidence after his career-shifting win at Neo this year, Ongaro TQ’d rounds 1 and 3, with 2/4 counting only Riccardo Berton could threaten him in Q4. That threat evaporated quickly as practice pacesetter Berton saw his hopes dashed as a wheel nut came loose early on during his run, relegating him to a throwout round in Q4 and adding further insult to injury as Alex Zanchettin would TQ the round and demote Berton to 3rd overall tied on points.

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With the track swept and sugared overnight, the times in Q1 were significantly quicker than the rest of the day, despite temperatures rising, the dusty conditions saw drivers scrabbling to test all matter of tyres to find more grip, the likes of AKA’s infamous Moto tyre and Pro-Line’s Badlands were seen on pit tables across the paddock.

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In P4 Marco Baruffolo, last year’s winner missing out on Q4 after a receiver battery issue, in 5th a mighty impressive showing from JQ driver Leonardo Valente, the young Italian should be pleased and proud, one place ahead of the Mugens of Robert Batlle and Marco Natale. TLR’s Alessandro Stocco in 8th, 9th Alessandro Castoldi ahead of the ol’ Bergonzoni (some may have to google that) buggy of Mirko Bianchi in P10. P11 infront of JQ was Marco Orlando, whilst Andrea Trevisan leads Radiosistemi’s Riccardo Rabitti.

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In the E-Buggy class it was Ongaro and Berton who would share the opening round TQs only for Marco Baruffolo to step in and TQ Q3 and Q4 on the trot, Luca Iotti TQ’ing the F2 Open class.

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Another warm, blazingly sunny day here in Barco, ending with the traditional Apperitivo / cocktail party enjoyed by all. A day filled with smiles, sunburns, one drone crash (= Phil in tears), waterfights and great hospitality.

Qualifying Overalls: F1 Pro | F2 Open | E-Buggy

Under the Hood: Robert Batlle

Robert Batlle – Spain

  • Chassis: Mugen Seiki MBX7R
  • Engine: Picco V1
  • Fuel: Runner Time
  • Tyres: AKA
  • Radio & Servos: Ko Propo & Highest D1000 servos
  • Body & Wing: Bittydesign body & AE wing
  • Event: EURO Contest 2017 

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Under the Hood: Alex Zanchettin

Alex Zanchettin – Italy

  • Chassis: Tekno NB48.4
  • Engine: O.S Speed B2102
  • Fuel: MLC 25%
  • Tyres: Pro-Line 
  • Radio & Servos: KO RSX3 Power servos
  • Body & Wing: Stock body & wing
  • Event: EURO Contest 2017

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Riccardo Berton practice pacesetter at EURO Contest

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Kyosho’s Riccardo Berton set the pace during free practice at the EURO Contest in Barco, Italy – an event known best for it’s atmosphere and fun also delivered on track as drivers put down some serious rubber.

Standings after Practice: F1 | F2 | E-Buggy

With Berton setting the pace, 6/10ths infront over 3 laps ahead of four rounds of qualifying on Saturday, it was left to Davide Ongaro to seed 2nd, best of the rest, himself 2/10ths ahead of Alex Zanchettin and last year’s Champion Marco Baruffolo in 4th with Riccardo Rabitti 5th rocking Radiosistemi’s exotically named Carrara Z9 – we half expect it to have ‘styled by Pininfarina’ down the side given we’re in Ferrari country!

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There’s no mistaking that the home drivers have raced here before, but are also pretty handy with the ‘Azzuri’ occupying the first 11 spots, ol’ designer/driver/gypsy king JQ the first non Italo, just infront of Max-Throttle Johansson. Robert Batlle sitting a slightly lowly 15th, having not raced at Barco before (ever?) the burgundy-styled (see our walkabout video) Spaniard seems happy and will surely do what he always does, climb the ranks and crescendo towards the final.

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A scorching day here at EURO Contest day 1, temps hitting around 36c, thankfully always a party atmosphere and smiles all round with food, drinks and beer flowing.

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Neumann takes Pattaya Buggy Challenge Victory

“Hands down the hardest track I’ve ever driven on”, words echoing the sentiment of many drivers who took on the brutal hour-long final at the Pattaya International Buggy Challenge.

Jorn Neumann put on a display showing he was the class of the field, overcoming an opening lap mistake and quickly working himself back into the lead within the first 5 mins, he never looked back and motored away into distance.

The definition of a race of attrition which saw in the region of 25+ flame outs over the course of the hour, broken cars and hopes for several drivers, Sweden’s Robert Gustafsson running strong in 2nd early on only to suffer multiple issues costing him the race. It wasn’t a good day at the office either for the many loyal and local Thai drivers as they fell by the wayside.

With Neumann out front by some distance, Zac Ryan consolidated his 2nd place position a few laps down as the closest competitors expired, Indonesia’s Jason Nugroho taking 3rd a further lap down from Wichpoom R overcoming a flameout, Chavit S in 5th, Paphon C 6th and Ben Panic making the final bumping from the ‘B’. An interesting race with much of the Infinity team present (Teemu Leino, Andy Moore, Jilles Groskamp), although seemingly finding it tough going on the brutal Pattaya track with only one representative in the final; the onroad-offroad crossover made all the more difficult this weekend. A big thanks & well done to Jonas and Robin for putting on the event, not an easy one but great to see life in the PRC facility!

Neumann TQ at Pattaya Intl. Buggy Challenge

After a lengthy closure and subsequent re-birth courtesy of two enterprising Scandinavians, qualifying at the 2017 International Buggy Challenge in Pattaya saw a natural surface track greet drivers rather than heavily oil/diesel or molasses-prepared tracks of past years. Through practice and qualifying ending with Q5 on Sunday morning drivers have battled their way around the notorious PRC track, with the natural surface breaking up and testing drivers’ skills both on track and mechanically.

Serpent’s Jorn Neumann TQ’d two of the five rounds suffering problems in another two, the German ace the only driver to manage 15 laps in round 3, taking 2nd is Thailand’s Meen V followed by Napatrapee K whilst former Buggy party champ Zac Ryan would round out qualifying in style by TQ’ing Q5 as others fell by the wayside and the Kyosho privateer kept it on the deck and everything running.

  1. Jorn Neumann, 2. Meen V, 3. Napatrapee K, 4. Zac Ryan, 5. Paphon C, 6. Witsarut R, 7. Mongolphan G, 8. Jason Nugruho, Wichpoom R, 10. Robert Gustafsson

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