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Event Coverage News

Worlds History by Mike Cradock: Messina 2014


Finally the last and most recent installment of Mike Cradock’s enthralling tales of the Worlds is here, the ‘eventful’ 2014 IFMAR Worlds in Sicily! Home to volcanoes, beautiful women, food, wine and one or two mafiosos! It was a Worlds dominated by Ty Tessmann and Mike takes us through them from his perspective.

It was September 2014 and the 1/8th Offroad World Championships were in Messina, Sicily, Italy. I was travelling with Michelle boarding our 4 hour flight from Luton airport to Cantania, followed by a bus trip to the hotel which was right next to the track in Giardini-Naxos.

We had our worries because of Sicily, Mafia etc.. plus we heard the owner of the track was using the locals laws in his favour to muscle the event, but with any travel it’s an adventure and this is where it started!

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Worlds History by Mike Cradock: Argentina 2012


Argentina 2012 up next and we’re moving towards more modern times – Buenos Aires hosted in December that year, we were looking forward to going to this as we had a fairly dominant year with Elliott Boots and his Kyosho/Novarossi/AKA package.

But again the rumours started on the so called Unsocial networks, saying it’s dangerous it should never be held there bla bla bla! But the only thing I was worried about was getting through customs with all our racing stuff intact, and not to be charged high $$$ to get it through. As I know this was fact from the drivers I had seen stuck there for 12 hours arguing to get out with their racing gear! We were Lucky in a way that we didn’t attend the warm up race.

IFMAR said that they had it sorted, and we had a piece of photo copied paper basically telling the customs officers that we were racing a WC event, and that by taking this stuff into your country it was of no financial gain to us. I didn’t hold too much hope as customs are of a law to themselves!

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Worlds Track: Even more build up photos!


A small update of the RC Tracks of Las Vegas track, showing preparations are complete to host the Worlds. In particular, a photo showing the option lane as well.

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Worlds History by Mike Cradock: Uruguay ’02 – USA ’08


A couple of days ago we posted part one of Mike Cradock’s personal memories of past World Championships starting out with Bangkok ’90 and ending with Las Vegas in 2000.

We continue on to Uruguay ’02 to USA 2008 with Argentina 2012 to follow and finishing off with Messina 2014…

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Worlds: Pre race & build up photos


With drivers starting to slowly filter into Sin City, we thought it was timely to whet your appetites before our real coverage of the 2016 IFMAR Worlds kicks off on Friday 30th September, here are a few pre-race build up photos of the facility that will crown the new 2016 IFMAR World Champion!

Continue below for more shots or head over to our build up gallery.

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Worlds track nears completion


Chris Tocco, the man behind the 2016 IFMAR Worlds has been a busy man over the last 14 days, building, assembling and crafting a track ready for 230 of the finest drivers in the World to see who’s the fastest amongst them.

The clockwise layout kicks off with a flat 180 right hand hairpin, followed by a small roller jump into what Tocco is calling a ‘stall’ jump/ramp into a 90 left sweeper followed by a 21ft double into a wide 180 left hander. A tight slight off camber right 90 into a short shoot followed by an open 90 right and a double step up with a berm turn right hander then a fun-looking section with a rolling option lane either inside or outside into an open 180 left hander.

neo-19 neo-18 neo-24 neo-14

A 4ft uphill into a 180 right turn before a double coming towards the drivers before a 9o left and a roller which leads into a five-jump section, the line off the roller will determine the combination. That leads into a 90 right slightly off camber into another slightly banked corner which is a paved chicane section before leading into an uphill 90 right before a long table top which leads onto the 90 right and the straight.

See An early lap from day 5 of the build

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IFMAR Worlds Entry list revealed



With the Worlds barely a week away, the official entry list for the 2016 IFMAR World Championships has finally surfaced, confirming that 12 places are indeed on offer to ‘qualify’ your way into the main event starting Saturday October 1st.

Apart from the news that Ty Tessmann is actually ‘Tyler’ Tessmann, there are quite a few ‘other’ eyebrow-raising stories:

There are a couple of big names in Friday’s pre-event qualifying race, 12 places are for grabs between 34 drivers including the likes of Mike Truhe, Leee Martin, Alessandro Stocco, Alex Zanchettin, Juan Carlos Canas, Dani Vega, Adrien Bertin – 12 places (or more depending on no shows).

The Bloc allocation is as follows: ROAR 64 spots, EFRA 53, FEMCA 53, FAMAR 52 of which there appears to be a few nations making their Nitro buggy Worlds debut; Trinidad & Tobago, Boliva and the Dominican Republic not to mention a huge 10 man team from Colombia making the trip to Vegas.

Update: We posted earlier about the additional practice, however there IS a rule for those who do qualify into the Worlds from Friday’s race: “Whoever makes it to the main event by means of the Pre-Qualifying does not practice on Saturday afternoon and Sunday, because they already have had practice time on the Friday”. (IFMAR General Rules)

2016 IFMAR Worlds Entry List (PDF)

Worlds Flashback: 2012 Robert Batlle

ric_4677 copia

2012 saw the bi-annual IFMAR Worlds head to Buenos Aires, Argentina the second time the IFMAR Worlds were held in South America, during the buildup the biggest topic of debate was getting through customs with luggage, some got lucky but in the end Elliott Boots was the man who secured TQ in style but missed out on the final as Robert Batlle would start 2nd behind Ty Tessmann and claim a deserved victory with his MBX7 buggy, now succeeded by the trusty MBX7R.

More World Champion’s Cars:
2014 – Ty Tessmann’s D812

ric_4670 copia ric_4674 copia ric_4681 copia ric_4679 copiaeur_4723 eur_5276 ric_4699 copia ric_4692 copia ric_4691 copia ric_4688 copia ric_4687 copia ric_4685 copia