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Messina Worlds makeover underway

IFMAR Worlds

Things are starting to take shape in Italy as the organizers of the 2014 IFMAR 1/8 Offroad World Championships have begun a complete makeover of the Naxos facility in Messina! The track appears to be receiving a wide variety of new additions including that of bricks, timbers, dirt, concrete, and more. Off the track, the facility is getting a fresh look, and plenty of attention to provide racers with a world class facility for the upcoming event, just over a month away.

“[Per] IFMAR regulation, [the track] will have at least 50% of its surface in the ground.”

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NeilBuggy: Rd4 BRCA National


Neil Cragg  reports on round 4 of the BRCA 1/8 nitro buggy nationals, take it away Mr NeilBuggy!

It was the rescheduled 4th round of the BRCA nationals at the weekend at Coventry. I’m gonna level with you and say I wasn’t massively excited about racing at Coventry, I think the track layout is a little uninspiring and looks like it could do with a little TLC. After driving on it though the little changes they had made were all positive! I like the new last part of the track, and whatever the club had put on some of the corners (I heard it was cooking oil?!) made for no traction, in a good way, it was like ice racing out there and I really enjoyed it!

After practice it was pretty clear who the standouts were, Elliott and Bloomfield, just for a change, were Head and shoulders above the rest of field, both their cars looking dialed. I felt pretty good after practice, we were just trying different tires and trying to work out the ‘ice corners’, I was hoping to be up to the leading pairs pace by the end of qualifying.

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Under the Hood: Joseph Quagraine


Joseph Quagraine (31) – 1/8 Euros

Chassis: JQ Products THE Car – White Edition
Engine: REDS R7 Evoke
Fuel: Nitrolux
Tyres: AKA Impact
Radio & Servos: Sanwa, Savox
Body: White Edition Body
Notes: Engine all the way forward –  5×1.4/5×1.5 pistons, 600/500. Most noticeable ‘the showman’ that is JQ ran some eye-catching white coloured plastic parts - Stiffer front and rear arms in time for the Worlds (will be released in black). New shock towers using special insert making it possible to fine tune roll centres front and rear

AT4_2756 AT4_2759 AT4_2760 AT4_2765AT4_2776 AT4_2778 AT4_2766 AT4_2768 AT4_2771 AT4_2772 AT4_2774


Ronnefalk inches closer to #1


After a impressive win at the 2014 1/8 Euros this past weekend, The #2 ranked driver in the world, David Ronnefalk has slightly closed the gap on the current world #1 Ty Tessmann according to Top25RC. Ronnefalk successfully defended his 2013 European Championship by dominating the qualifying and the main. Elsewhere on the list Renaud Savoya dropped 4 spots after a sub par main event, landing at #10 on the list. Darren Bloomfield made his way back on the list after a good performance in the main event. We are looking forward to the IFMAR World Championship coming up where Top25RC points are worth more, and things will REALLY get spicy!

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2014 1/8 Buggy Euros – Final video


Rewatch the hour long final from Sand am Main which will go down as one of the most exciting first 15 mins of any final we’ve seen in the past, Ronnefalk’s various battles, Wollanka’s triumphant debut final and Bloomfield and Batlle. Courtesy of RC Racing TV.

Under the Hood: David Ronnefalk


David Ronnefalk (Sweden), 18 – 1/8 Euros

Chassis: Kyosho MP9 TKI3
Engine: Team Orion CRF RS edition
Tyres: AKA Catapult Medium (Final)
Fuel: Runnertime
Radio & Servos: KO EX1, KO RSX2
Body: Kyosho
Notes: 4x round TQs, Overall TQ, Pole position and 2014 European Champion

AT4_2705 AT4_2707 AT4_2712 AT4_2715AT4_2718 AT4_2726 AT4_2729 AT4_2731 AT4_2736 AT4_2699 AT4_2683 AT4_2624AT4_4426 AT4_4484 IMG_2334 AT4_4571

Under the Hood: Elliott Boots


Elliott Boots (UK), 21 – 1/8 Euros

Chassis: Kyosho MP9 TKI3
Engine: REDS R7 Evoke
Fuel: Byron Fuel 25%
Tyres: Pro-Line
Radio & Servos: Sanwa, Sanwa Exces 2

AT4_2821 AT4_2826 AT4_2829 AT4_2834AT4_2837 AT4_2839 AT4_2842 AT4_2845 AT4_2848 AT4_2852

Under the Hood: Jorn Neumann


Jörn Neumann (Germany), 23 – 1/8 Euros

Chassis: Team Durango DNX8
Engine: FX
Tyres: Pro-Line
Radio & Servos: Futaba 4PKS-R / Futaba
Body: Team Durango

AT4_2784 AT4_2788 AT4_2789 AT4_2795AT4_2798 AT4_2802 AT4_2809 AT4_2817

1/8 Buggy Euros Finals: Watch Live



Live Timing


David Ronnefalk TQ’s 2014 Euros


Qualifying at this year’s European Championships from the heart of Germany – Sand am Main has been all about defending Champion David Ronnefalk, the 18 year old Swede TQ’ing 4 of the 5 possible rounds with this year’s surprise performer Teemu Leino TQ’ing Q1 whilst Robert Batlle, winner of the 2011 Euros held here will lead out the B semi.

AT4_2332 AT4_2341 AT4_2311 AT4_2330

Ronnefalk’s qualifying campaign got off to a slightly damp start as a light rainshower meant a slower track, each subsequent heat benefitting from a drying track with Teemu Leino in heat 5 snatching Q1 TQ by a couple of 10ths.


The Finn definitely the unusual name in the top 5, relegating XRAY’s Reno Savoya to 6th overall. In P4 Elliott Boots, coming good towards the final three rounds, fellow Kyosho racer Carsten Keller will be delighted with his 8th place, taking up the challenge as ‘top German’, after Jorn Neumann pulled it together in the end despite a late arrival.

AT4_2355 AT4_2360 AT4_2389 AT4_2344

In unlucky 13th Jerome Aigoin, three years ago he TQ’d to much crowd satisfaction, this time around he hasn’t quite hit front runner pace yet, 1 place behind him Yannick Aigoin running a prototype Associated car – the same as he used at the 2012 Worlds – Martin Wollanka makes into 15th and Fabrizio Teghesi makes sure there is some Italian flavour in the semis!

 Full Qualifying Results