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Under the Hood: Adam Drake


Adam Drake (35) – Neo14

Chassis: TLR 8ight 3.0
Engine: Novarossi Keep Off 4
Fuel: Nitrotane 25%
Tyres: Pro-Line M4 Suburbs
Radio & Servos: Spektrum DX4R, Hitec 9370, 9380
Notes: Adam Drake took a dominant win in the 35+ final and finished 9th overall in nitro buggy.

Neo14 Under the Hoods: Reno Savoya, Mike Truhe, Lee Martin, Elliott Boots, Ty Tessmann

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Neo14 TQ Reno Savoya’s report


As the first ever non-US Top Qualifier of The Neo Race in it’s 9-year history, Frenchman Reno Savoya made history this past Easter weekend, whilst his Championship challenge may have faltered ending with an overheating throttle servo he reports from Neo14:

“Well known as the Indoor World Championship, The Neo Race attracts every year all the best drivers on the planet.”

Fresh from winning the last race in France, I was really confident getting ready for Neo. I started with the same setup except a few details on sway bars, camber and diffs, and the car was amazing since P1!

I then changed a few details and work on the tires to get the best out of my package! It was an amazing team effort as we all worked together, Miguel Mathias, Martin Bayer and Lorenzo Crolla all securing the semi spots! I had 2 perfect rounds in Q1 and Q2 giving me the opportunity to be on a provisional TQ before Q5. I tested a harder compound on Q5 and it didn’t work but I still hang on to the TQ overall! An amazing result! First non-american driver to TQ Neo!

AT4_9145 AT4_9010 AT4_8917 AT4_2026

In the mains, the temperature was higher, so between the semi and the main I had to rise the shocks oil to 800-600 and diffs to 7-7-3. In final, my car felt way better than in the semi and I could really feel it and fight for the top spots. I was 3rd 7 minutes before the end and my throttle servo died because of overheating. Too bad as the podium was already quite secured! Too bad but it was a really good practice for World championships in September, and I feel a little bit more ready every race I attend!!

Next stop: French Nats next week end! Reno Savoya’s XB8 Setup | Under the Hood: Reno Savoya | TQ Video interview

Under the Hood: Ty Tessmann


Ty Tessmann (21) – Neo14

Chassis: HB D812
Engine: OS
Fuel: Nitrotane
Tyres: Pro-Line Square Fuzzie
Radio & Servos: N/A, Savox SB-2274 steering
Notes: TQ’d Q4, Q5, won Dash4Ca$h, 2014 Neo Race Champion

Neo14 Under the Hoods: Reno Savoya, Mike Truhe, Lee Martin, Elliott Boots
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Neo14 – Monday Photos


AT4_1791 AT4_1662 AT4_1670 AT4_1679AT4_1688 AT4_1698 AT4_1704 AT4_1709 AT4_1714 AT4_1721 AT4_1730 AT4_1734


AT4_1737 AT4_1741 AT4_1746 AT4_1751 AT4_1754 AT4_1761 AT4_1766 AT4_1776 AT4_1779 AT4_1785AT4_9191 AT4_9154




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In the Spotlight: SOAR 998 buggy


Alejandro Daras (20) – Neo14

Chassis: SOAR 998
Fuel: Byron Fuel 25%
Tyres: Sweep Micro Contracts Ultra soft, Pink inserts
Radio & Servos: Futaba 4PKSR, SOAR 0823, 0825
Notes: SOAR, title sponsor of Neo14 present their 1/8 buggy the 998, driven by team driver Alejandro Daras and design director Didian Ho. See ‘Introducing SOAR Seiki’ Feature

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Under the Hood: Elliott Boots


Elliott Boots (21) – Neo14

Chassis: Kyosho MP9 TKI3
Engine: REDS R7 Evoke
Fuel: Byron Fuel 25%
Tyres: Pro-Line Holeshot X4 Blue inserts
Radio & Servos: Sanwa, Sanwa Exces 2
Notes: Clutch setup change for extra punch for the jumps. Running REDS R7 Evoke, smooth power delivery otherwise same as normal. Making his official debut for Byrons Racing Fuel

AT4_0880 AT4_0883 AT4_0884 AT4_0886AT4_0889 AT4_0892 AT4_0894 AT4_0900

Under the Hood: Reno Savoya


Reno Savoya (27) – Neo14

Chassis: XRAY XB8
Engine: Orion 321 Factory
Fuel: Runnertime 25%
Tyres: Sweep Micro Contacts Silver – Cloud 9 inserts
Radio & Servos: Futaba 4PKSR, Savox SB-2274SG
Notes: “Standard setup from EFRA GP last weekend, Amazing track!” thanks to all sponsors: XRAY, HUDY, Orion, Sweep, Futaba, Savox, Avid, Lucky7RC, JTQ, Runnertime, Maugrafix, Ultimate Racing

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Neo14 Day 1 Video Roundup


The Neo Race track unveiled!


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EUR_2305 EUR_2304 neo14pan2 Neo14pan EUR_2390 EUR_2389 EUR_2388 EUR_2387 EUR_2385 EUR_2383 EUR_2382 EUR_2381 EUR_2380EUR_2358 EUR_2355 EUR_2354

World’s Top 7 set for Neo showdown

THE Support at Neo14

Unless you happen to live under a rock, most of our readers will know that The Neo Race kicks off this weekend – back to it’s natural Easter slot and will play host to some of the World’s top drivers:

The first time all top 7 ranked drivers in the World meet and race together since the World Championships in December 2012! 

Hoping to finally break Jared Tebo‘s insurmountable dominance of The Neo Race will be #1 ranked driver Ty Tessmann, the young Canadian star has cemented his status in RC since he last raced the Neo in 2012, whilst fan favourite Elliott Boots, a driver not even ranked in the top 7 currently looked the strongest challenger to Tebo in 2013. David Ronnefalk gets his first taste of 1/8 buggy again after his disappointing exit from the Dirt Nitro Challenge, a race he should have won, whilst the likes of Robert Batlle & Reno Savoya with a combined 5 European titles will be very dangerous.

Ranked 5th is Cody King, last year’s DASH 4 CA$H winner and recent champion of the Psycho Nitro Blast, excelling with Reds power he will be dangerous, not to mention Neo Race favourite Ryan Maifield, who will undoubtedly have the World’s attention on him running the RC8 prototype here this weekend!

Tune into NeoBuggy.net & LiveRC.com to follow the Neo Race. See Top25RC.com

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