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Jared Tebo TQ’s 2016 IFMAR Worlds


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Jared Tebo is Top Qualifier of a 1/8 Offroad World Championships for the 2nd time in his decorated career after his first in 2010 in Thailand.

Jared assured his position as Top Qualifier after grabbing the top spot in the penultimate round of Q5, with two TQs and two 2nd places. Elliott Boots makes it a one, two in qualifying for Kyosho and Pro-Line, the British driver TQ’ing 3 rounds (Q1, Q2 & Q6) but a 5th in Q4 costing him a shot at repeating his Overall TQ heroics of Argentina 2012.

neo-4399 neo neo-2898 neo-3556

Pacesetter in practice David Ronnefalk is 3rd having had a split qualifying, a sluggish start but the strongest after the halfway point (TQ & two 2nds), HB team mate Ty Tessmann in 4th who has had a tough time throughout qualifying, ending on our sour note in Q6 with a flame out after landing on another car, costing him a potential 3rd spot overall. Dakotah Phend concludes the top 5 and Ryan Maifield ensures the ‘team mate’ pattern of two Kyoshos, two HB and two TLRs in the top 6.

neo-3345 neo-3329 neo-4290 neo-4051

A worthy note to young Juan Carlos Canas in 13th, here racing at his first Worlds, impressively making the semis directly, not forgetting young Davide Ongaro in 7th whilst Adam Drake and Yannick Aigoin sneak into the top 16 showing us the old guys still got it!


Overall Qualifying Results




2016 IFMAR World Championship Manufacturer Statistics


The 2016 IFMAR World Championships in Las Vegas is well underway with a record 234 drivers competing for victory, thanks to OS’ for collecting the following figures ans sharing them with us of all drivers taking part in this epic week-long event.

Coincidentally, Mugen Seiki and Kyosho share the spoils both with 21% of the field at the Worlds (47 cars), whilst TLR (31) just edge XRAY (28) with Team Associated not far behind with 28 drivers, HB Racing is the 6th most popular sporting 16 drivers, Agama with 12 cars, SWORKz and Tekno both with 9 whilst Serpent and JQ are represented by 5 drivers.

On the engine side, perhaps unsurprisingly given the N.American location of the Worlds, OS is the engine of choice by over a quarter of the field (59 drivers), with REDS the 2nd largest with 31 drivers, Novarossi with 19 and impressively given their relative recent arrival, Maxima 17 as does Alpha. Bullitt have 15 whilst Team Orion trail with 14, Ninja 11, FX 10, Ultimate 8, LRP 7, Samurai 7, RC Concept with 6 engines here this week whilst Picco have 4.

chassis_worlds  engine-stats

Video: Q4, David Ronnefalk’s TQ


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Video: Qualifying Walkabout


Worlds Coverage Links:
Coverage Page | Results | Videos | Photos | Tech | – Day 5 Photos 


The story behind Tessmann’s silver OS cooling head


There’s no doubt that when OS unveiled their new ‘low profile’ B2102 Engine, it caused a lot of interest and fanfare, not to mention when it was revealed that their star driver and reigning World Champion Ty Tessmann had been testing the engine, even being integral in it’s original development.

However, having started out running the production version of the B2102 with black anodized cooling head etc, a few noticed that yesterday night for Q2 Ty elected to run a silver-coloured head, having asked the Tessmanns, they revealed that the silver head was the prototype head, used for testing – they were even here last month in temperatures of around 140f 114f (45.5c) to test the performance and had no issues at all.

neo-3323 neo-0057 neo-0062 neo-0060

Having tested the production anodized version back in Canada (think cooler conditions), they headed to the Worlds with confidence, however, since the start of the Worlds, Ty struggled with engine temp, his engine fading towards the end of the run. Having taken the decision to try the prototype once more and seeing an immediate improvement, OS gave them permission to continue running the silver head for the rest of the event.

Video: Spotlight MKS Racing Servos


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We take a moment out of the busy 2016 IFMAR Worlds schedule and sit down with some of MKS Racing team drivers Cole Ogden, Joe Bornhorstand Kyle Johnson RC


Brilliant Boots Dominates Worlds Quali day 1


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‘Walking on water…’

After the conclusion of Q1 (all 5 hours, 25 mins of it), Q2 was ready to hit the track, once again the drivers going fastest in seeding practice, getting arguably the poorest track, ‘overwatered’ during the shortened lunchbreak was how some of the less disgruntled ones even described it, whilst navigating their way round the rapidly worsening surface.

neo-1367 neo-1218 neo-1276 neo-1320

It proved another poor round for yesterday’s practice pacesetters HB team mates Ty Tessmann and David Ronnefalk, both making costly errors whilst Dakotah Phend triumphed enough to claim 4th overall. Round 2 and a sensational return to his earlier practice form from Davide Ongaro, as the young Italian beat Phend’s time by only 0.2 secs, his father and pit team elated as they celebrated the kid’s efforts.


However, not in dissimilar fashion to four years ago in Argentina, Elliott Boots completely crushed the competition, this time round 3.5 secs clear of his nearest rival Ryan Cavalieri, himself improving from his Q1 result of 4th. Jorn Neumann proved the outlier as the German found form to climb into 6th relegating MX team mate Tebo to 7th by 3 hundredths of a second.

neo-1213 neo-1249 neo-1138 neo-1170

Two rounds in and it’s been all Boots so far, the British 2x European Champion excelling in the bumps, his Mike Cradock-prepared race package on top form.

neo-2633 neo-2659 neo-2835 neo-2888

See More Photos here

After Wing-gate… Watergate-gate

The headlines will read Boots domination however behind the scenes they hide the other stories of the event thus far, which most publically surround the watering of the track, many believing the amount of water and time spent doing it hasn’t been equal and thus unfair, in particular for the first heat, whether sour grapes or not, drivers appear aggrieved enough to take to social media to air their thoughts on the matter very vocally.

In the lower heats the thoughts were more turned to the length of the rounds, the lower ranked drivers running under lights on a track radically different conditions wise to some of their peers who ran some 3-4 hours earlier.
neo-2564 neo-1413 neo-1258 neo-1375

Q2 Overall



Under the Hood: Davide Ongaro


Davide Ongaro, 15 – Italy

Chassis: Mugen Seiki MBX7R
Engine: LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic Long Stroke
Fuel: Nitrolux 25%
Tyres: Procircuit
Radio & Servos: Sanwa, Futaba servos
Body & Wing: Deltaplastic (ARQ paint)
Event: 2016 IFMAR 1/8 Offroad World Championships
Weight: 3532g (With Fuel)
Note: Fast Race options include: Ultra light uniball kit, Aluminum uniball protect, Carbon/Kevlar mud guards, Carbon/Kerlar stone guards, Double Weight brass low profile, Battery holder carbon,

neo-0061 neo-0074 neo-0062 neo-0063

More details here