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Hernandez takes Spanish Nats final


The final round of the Spanish 1/8 Offroad Nationals took place this past weekend. Despite the abscence of Robert Batlle, the racing was still hot as Spain’s went to war one final time for 2014. It would be Oscar Baldo who would take TQ in qualifying, and started first on the grid in the A-Final. As the final got under way, Baldo would drop back, allowing an exciting race for the lead unfold between Borja Hernandez and Andres Marcelino. In the end, Hernandez would capture the win with Marcelino and Oscar Navarro second and third.

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Overall Worlds results posted


We’ve watched like a hawk the official results page for a few days now, eager to see if the overall results would be posted from the Worlds in Messina, however we’ve managed to get hold of them first! Here they are:

Overall Results 2014 IFMAR 1/8 Offroad Worlds [PDF]

The Worlds: An afterthought


I write this post Worlds blog after surviving the longest race we’ve ever attended and covered, some of the pre-event concerns turned out to be the best thing about the event whilst others proved controversial.

Despite hearsay that NeoBuggy weren’t entirely welcome at the Worlds, we set off undaunted, boarding the flight to Catania on the beautiful island of Sicily, still basking in the late summer sunshine that departed Northern Europe many weeks ago. As is usual practice, in the build up to past Worlds, any news concerning the host track is always of general interest to our worldwide viewer-base and we duly obliged when some photos arrived of the track facility back in June – looking a bit unloved and not quite fit to host a race of Worlds stature.

How that would change however, as organising mastermind Salvatore Schepis and his dedicated team put in countless manhours to transform the Giardini Naxos track into a truly worldclass RC racing facility. The concrete track was overlaid with a dirt and resin mixture which given 10 days of pretty intense racing, held up astoundingly well, they did a wonderful job there, delivering a surface that was consistent, and raceable despite a couple of night’s troublesome weather. Credit to them.

EUR_3897 EUR_3998 italy EUR_0698

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2014 IFMAR Worlds Final video

ty header


Its finally here, the full length 60 minute IFMAR Worlds final video with full commentary provided by in-house MC Tony Truman, enjoy!


Top 25 RC post Worlds rankings

Top 25 Worlds Header

Ty Tessmann again proves why he is the #1 ranked driver in the world according to Top 25 RC, as he went on to dominate the IFMAR World Championships like he has pretty much every other event he has attended in the last 2 years.

Ty Tessmann

Top 25 RC has released an updated ranking list after the exciting Worlds event today. Surprisingly no  ranking changes within the top 5 spots on the Top 25 list. But the middle part of the list has some major changes, with people moving all over the place. Ryan Cavalieri Moved up 8 spots, landing on the #6 spot, after a great drive to finish second at the worlds.  Carson Weinimont officially put himself on the map climbing inside the top 10 settling in at the #8 spot after a podium finish at his first IFMAR World Championships.

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REDS Racing new carb at the Worlds


Italian engine firm REDS Racing have come on leaps & bounds in recent years with the likes of Elliott Boots & Cody King running the mini powerhouses, Mario Rossi & son Marco run the business together and have been present all week at the Worlds supporting team drivers as well as non-team racers.

New from the Worlds this past week is a new carb which features a differently positioned top end needle, rather than pointing diagonally upwards, it is now horizontally positioned much lower down.

Master engine tuner Mario said the revised location allows for significantly improved top end as well as a more stable idle and overall engine tune. The new top end needle is also now ‘in line’ with the low end needle – although on opposite sides of the carb, Rossi says this makes for more precise tuning.

AT4_9442 AT4_9449 AT4_9445 AT4_9447

The new carb will be available next month in October on its own as well as bolted on the REDS R7 engine in limited quantities.

Ty Tessmann: 14th IFMAR 1/8 Buggy World Champion


Worlds Saturday Photos


ifmar champions

IFMAR Worlds Final day: A Preview


Today, Saturday 27th September 2014, a World Championship will be decided.

There are favourites for it, outsiders who have a chance and racers who are all still in it, the final day at these World Championships kicks off at 10 AM with the 1/8 A & B finals, followed by the quarters, semis and then the 60 min Grand Finale. With the semis at 30 mins in length, the drivers who do make the show will end up almost doing a full rebuild of their cars, as pit action will be frantic as friends and mechanics all pitch in to support the effort of getting the car ‘fresh’ for a 1 hour challenge.

Expect drama, upsets, surprises and twists and turns as stars are made and egos crushed along the way. Strange things tend to happen at World Championships, that extra bit of fairy dust sprinkled ontop adds pressure and expectation, it weighs heavier on some shoulders than others.

We’ll quickly take you through how the day works, the sub finals of the IFMAR Xmas tree format are 30 mins in length, 12 drivers per final, the top 4 bump [See Finals setup]. Bumping from last night’s 16 A & B finals were Bruno Coelho, Jo Bacro, Ale Stocco & Hannes Kaufler and from the B side, Carlos Duraes, Marcel Guske, Federico Ruggeri & Lorenzo Crolla. They’ll feature in the first two finals of the day.

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A Closer Look: Ty Tessmann’s D812


Ty Tessmann’s HB D812 has been the star of the Worlds so far so having already done an Under the Hood, we thought we’d take a closer look and lift the covers on Tessmann’s buggy with help from designer Torrance Deguzman.

Torrance showed us all the new parts which will be available soon as options for the D812, in a nutshell the only remaining legacy of the original 2008 Worlds-winning D8 buggy is the steering system, everything else is new since then. However, rather interestingly, all the new parts are reverse compatible with the old car.

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Under the Hood: Jared Tebo


Jared Tebo (USA), 27

Chassis: Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI3
Engine: Team Orion CRF
Tyres: AKA Catapult Medium
Fuel: Maxima Fuel 25%
Radio & Servos: KO Propo EX-1, Ko RSX2
Body: Stock MP9
Event: 2014 IFMAR World Championships – Giardini Naxos, Italy
Notes: None

AT4_5106 AT4_5109 AT4_5113 AT4_5115AT4_5116 AT4_5117 AT4_5118 AT4_5119 AT4_5120 AT4_5121 AT4_5123