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WATCH: ROAR Buggy Nats A Main

Re watch this year’s hour-long final from the ROAR Fuel Offroad Nationals thanks to Live RC

EUROS Update: Sponsor options, timetable & container hire

MK Eskil, the host club behind this summer’s European Championships in Eskilstuna, Sweden have posted up a load of useful info for participants, manufacturers and the like.

First up is the preliminary timetable for the event – Starting on Tuesday 1st August and finishing Saturday evening.

Additionally, for sponsors and manufacturers, there is the possibility to hire your own private container to pit from and store your stuff, the club have prepared full documentation with information and pricing as well as banner sponsorship. – See Container & Sponsor document 

General info for the event is available on the dedicated webpage

NeoBuggy will of course be present providing full coverage of the event, should your company be interested in sponsoring our coverage, do contact us 

Watch Live: ROAR Offroad Nats

Rain dominates ROAR Nats Quali

Can you say Rain?  That was the word of the day here at the 1/8th Scale Fuel Offroad Nationals.

Everyone woke up to dark and gloomy skies in the morning.  Many racers opted to stay at the hotel and catch some extra sleep while it rained.  Overnight the track crew covered the track with one very large tarp, which helped to keep much of the water off the surface.  On arriving the team were pumping water from the pits and some of the track into there drain system all of which ended up down at the Mugen pits!

Another rainstorm soon came through and dumped even more water on the covered track.  Around noon it looked like we were finally getting a break in the weather so StateLine Raceway’s track crew sprung to action removing the track cover.  Underneath some sections were totally soaked while others looked good.  The crew worked hard for the next several hours prepping the surface to race.  The call was finally made to start racing again at 2pm and at 1:59 Mother Nature had other plans and once again we were on RAIN DELAY… but only for 20mins and then we were underway!

They did one more practice round which was more or less a track cleaning round.  In less that 2 hours we had run all 27 heats and it was time to start Qualifying.

The track seemed to be doing pretty well overall many sections were even getting dry and dusty by the later rounds.  In the Top Seeded heat it was Ty Tessmann looking fastest only to get it wrong over one of the doubles on the front stretch.  This would hand the lead over to Jared Tebo.  Ty would recover to take second with Ryan Lutz in 3rd.

In Truggy it was Mugen’s Ryan Maifield taking the top spot by less than 1 second over Ty Tessman and Joe Bornhorst in 3rd.  . After Round 1 race control needed a little bit of time to do a re-sort of buggy so many hit the track for a track walk.  It was obvious that the track was taking a beating after the Truggy’s had run.  Many sections developing huge holes and many jump faces showing the wear of a day’s worth of weather and racing.

Round 2 of Buggy Qualifying started in the early evening and the early heats faired well before moisture, track wear and lighting would slow down the later heats.  Joe Bornhorst would benefit from an early heat and hold TQ until the last heat of the day.  This time it would be Team Associated’s Spencer Rivkin doing the only 10 lap run of round 2 followed by Ryan lutz and Ty Tessmann in 3rd.  Bornhorst the early TQ would end up in 6th overall for the round.

Tomorrow morning Truggy will start the day with there 2nd round of qualifying and the continuation of both classes afterwards.

Tessmann in total control of ROAR Nats Practice

Weather, Tires and track conditions are pretty much staple conversation topics for RC racers the world over and it proved no different today during official practice at the ROAR Offroad Nats.

The day started off very overcast and even with a little drizzle in the morning.  1st run on the track today was official practice so all cars had to make it though ROAR’s inspection before hitting the track. Overall inspections seemed to be going pretty smooth, a couple of manufactures were having to trim down the size of the wing plates as they were oversized according to ROAR rules.

After all 27 heats were done with the 1st round on the track it was time for a full drivers meeting followed by the 1st round of seeding.  Seeding would be comprised of the best 3 consecutive laps during a 5 min run and the best of 2 rounds to make up the qualifying heats.  During buggy Ty Tessmann set the time to beat by nearly 2 seconds as he was in one of the earlier heats under the clouds.  As the sun dipped in and out and the clouds started to burn off many of the latter runs would slow down by up to 2 seconds per lap compared to the cloudy and moist track found earlier.  Other factors were the inconsistency of the water being put down between heats.  Several times whole sections or lanes were either skipped or over watered making the track very different from 1 heat to the next.

In Truggy, Tessmann would once again set the TQ but only by 2/100 of a second over Spencer Rivkin, in fact the top 4 all posted similar lap times.

During the 2nd round of seeding Mother Nature would come into play stopping all racing.  The rain came down hard and fast during the 11th heat out of 15 in buggy giving ROAR the tough decision as to what to do.  After about an hour an announcement was made that they would continue to try to run all heats to give the racers equal track time but seeding would be based only on the 1st round..  Many racers packed it up for the day, while others prepped to run.  The weather would once again attack and shut things down for the night.

Weather outlook for Fridays qualifying doesn’t look good as a storm appears to be heading our way at about 3am and with rain forecasted though the early afternoon ROAR and Track will have some tough decisions to make in order to get through this weeks program.


1/8 ROAR Offroad Nats underway

The 2017 ROAR Offroad Fuel ‘Nats’ take place this weekend at ‘Stateline’ in Fremont, Indiana – located midway between Chicago & ‘Motor City’ of Detroit on the northern border to Michigan. Day 1 at the nats consisted of controlled practice.

Over 300 entries at this year’s event many of which are locals to the area. Weather looks like it might be a factor later in the week with 80% chance of showers coming on Friday. So far the track is still being broken in and many racers are trying to figure out what to run tire wise. The track itself got pretty dusty during the day with the sun beating down. Many racers saying it was sometimes hard to see over the amount of dust in the air. This should all be taken care of as the water schedule tightens up for seeding practice.

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A lap round Barco… with the Bittydesign Girls


Spent 3 days at a track ? 

No Women ?

Got Track Fever much ?

Bittydesign have the solution!

Baruffolo wins EURO Contest E-Buggy

The Ruddog sponsored E-Buggy class at the past weekend’s EURO Contest in italy, produced an all Italian podium, with the three drivers each sharing a victory leg. A1 was run on the Saturday night under the lights, a great race, very high tempo ending in the Corally-powered Marco Baruffolo taking the victory having TQ’d as well. Leg two however would go to former TLR team mate Alex Zanchettin, himself powered by Italy’s Tommy Garage motor manufacturer. Not to be outdone, Davide Ongaro motored his way into A3 and took the win, the resulting podium finishers tying on points (each one with a first and 2nd) but with Baruffolo taking the overall victory.

Don’t miss out! Re-watch the A1 Final video

Nitro winner Riccardo Berton coming home in 4th, with JQ 5th, Robert Batlle 6th, Max Mort 7th, Nicolo Grisenti 8th, Marco Natale 9th and Riccardo Rabitti 10th.

Final Result