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Adam & Ronda Drake sign with O.S.

See: Hobbico

Hobbico have announced that Adam and Ronda Drake have joined the O.S. and TrakPower race teams for 2017. This R/C power couple has been kicking the competition for a combined 50+ years, racking up countless wins at all levels.

“It’s exciting to work for a company that values being involved with and supporting their customers”, Adam says. A backyard basher from age eight, he scored a major Team Losi sponsorship only six years later. Five 1/8 ROAR Nitro Buggy Nationals titles soon followed. By all accounts, Adam is one of the best pro racers in the world today.

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Under The E-Hood: Ty Tessmann


Ty Tessmann, 23 – Canada

Chassis: HB Racing E817
Motor: Team Orion
ESC: Team Orion
Batteries: Team Orion 5000 shorty
Tyres: Pro-Line
Radio & Servos:  Airtronics M12 provided by Amain.com, Savox servos
Event: Winter Cup 2016
Notes: E817 coming very soon and new team Orion LiPo Shorty 5000

zoom-tessmann-e817-winter-cup1 zoom-tessmann-e817-winter-cup5 zoom-tessmann-e817-winter-cup6 zoom-tessmann-e817-winter-cup3 zoom-tessmann-e817-winter-cup4 zoom-tessmann-e817-winter-cup7 zoom-tessmann-e817-winter-cup8 zoom-tessmann-e817-winter-cup9 zoom-tessmann-e817-winter-cup13 zoom-tessmann-e817-winter-cup12 zoom-tessmann-e817-winter-cup11 zoom-tessmann-e817-winter-cup10

Marco Baruffolo takes overall TQ at Winter Cup 2016


Marco Baruffolo continues  its momentum in qualifications and gets a third consecutive TQ. Behind the TLR driver we find his friend and teammate Alex Zanchettin and Reno Savoya, all two on TLR. Ty Tessmann continued his “learning” track and ranked 5th in front of the most Italian of the English, Elliott Boots. Robert Batlle is only 17th … he has difficulties to find an effective setting and because of his late arrival he lacks practice on the track.

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Under the Hood: Davide Ongaro


Davide Ongaro, 15 – Italy

Chassis: Mugen Seiki MBX7R
Engine: LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic Long Stroke
Fuel: Nitrolux 25%
Tyres: Procircuit
Radio & Servos: Sanwa, Futaba servos
Body & Wing: Deltaplastic (ARQ paint), JConcepts hybrid wing
Weight: 3532g (With Fuel)
Event: Winter Cup 2016, Ibr Padova
Note: Fast Race options include: Ultra light uniball kitAluminum uniball protectCarbon/Kevlar mud guardsCarbon/Kerlar stone guards, Double Weight brass low profileBattery holder carbon.

zoom-ongaro-winter-cup-20163 zoom-ongaro-winter-cup-20165 zoom-ongaro-winter-cup-20166 zoom-ongaro-winter-cup-20161 zoom-ongaro-winter-cup-20162 zoom-ongaro-winter-cup-20167 zoom-ongaro-winter-cup-20169 zoom-ongaro-winter-cup-201611 zoom-ongaro-winter-cup-201610 zoom-ongaro-winter-cup-201616 zoom-ongaro-winter-cup-201614 zoom-ongaro-winter-cup-201617

Under the Hood: Reno Savoya


Reno Savoya, 29 – France

Chassis: TLR 8IGHT 4.0
Engine: RC Concept MC5R “Team” (with RC Concept air filter)
Fuel: Runner Time
Tyres: JConcepts
Radio & Servos: Spektrum & Highest D3000 Power HV Servos
Event: Winter Cup 2016, Ibr Padova

zoom-savoya-winter-cup-20161 zoom-savoya-winter-cup-20165 zoom-savoya-winter-cup-20166 zoom-savoya-winter-cup-20163 zoom-savoya-winter-cup-20164 zoom-savoya-winter-cup-201611 zoom-savoya-winter-cup-201612 zoom-savoya-winter-cup-20169 zoom-savoya-winter-cup-201610 zoom-savoya-winter-cup-201613 zoom-savoya-winter-cup-20167 zoom-savoya-winter-cup-20168

Marco Baruffolo again TQ in Q2


And 2 TQ for Marco Baruffolo! The young Italian driver seems to have a plus that makes all the difference. He drives to the limit everywhere, on the wire of the razor but happens to remain on the wheels. With a time of 8 laps in 5: 23: 173 we are far from the times of the Q1, almost 4 seconds slower. The track changes enormously from one roundn to the other and we feels that the track experience of the Baruffolo allows them to make the difference. In second position Reno Savoya made again a nice round and hooked Marco by doing an 8 laps in 5: 23: 318 very, very close! 2 seconds behind Reno we find Davide Ongaro with a similar time than in Q1. The race will be very lively, mainly because of a crash that will create a traffic jam where the driving will be fairly virile and mistakes will be numerous.

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Under the Hood: Marco Baruffolo


Marco Baruffolo, 18 (Italy)

Chassis: TLR 8ight 4.0
Engine: Picco V1 Team DLC CER
Fuel: Runner Time
Tyres: Hot Race Tyres
Radio & Servos: KO EX2 | KO RSX2 servos
Body & Wing: Stock TLR 4.0
Event: Winter Cup 2016, Ibr Padova

 zoom-baruffolo-winter-cup-20162 zoom-baruffolo-winter-cup-20165 zoom-baruffolo-winter-cup-20166 zoom-baruffolo-winter-cup-20163 zoom-baruffolo-winter-cup-20164 zoom-baruffolo-winter-cup-20167 zoom-baruffolo-winter-cup-20168 zoom-baruffolo-winter-cup-20169 zoom-baruffolo-winter-cup-201612 zoom-baruffolo-winter-cup-201611 zoom-baruffolo-winter-cup-201610

Marco Baruffolo TQ’s Winter Cup Q1


The first round of qualifying of the Winter Cup started at the Ibr Padova indoor track in Italy. Marco Baruffolo took the TQ, which is not really a surprise given his performance interviews during the practices. The Italian driver in a spectacular style put in a very impressive run with 8 laps in 5: 19: 734 in front of his teammate Alex Zanchettin 2 big seconds behind and another TLR driver, Savoya in 5: 22: 068, less than half a second behind Zanchettin.

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