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World Indoor Buggy Cup in pictures


Some highlights from a nice long racing weekend in Italy.

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Alex Zanchettin takes E-Buggy World Indoor win


Results: A1 | A2 | A3 – (Click ‘more’ for A2, A3 Video) | Under the E-Hood: Batlle, Boots
On the eve of TLR’s 8ight 4.0 nitro buggy release, Alex Zanchettin ensured there was a TLR buggy at the top of the podium at the 2015 World Indoor Buggy Cup at IBR Padova in northern Italy, albeit in the E-Buggy class, no less hard-fought however as he would go onto win A1, retire very early in A2 (which myzzzteriously saw Cody King MIA with a DNS), Riccardo Berton taking the win, on his way to setting a new driving record most likely (ending up with a throttler finger blister having arrived late to the event), Boots chasing him home in 2nd.


A3 saw Robert Batlle walk away with it as he was handed a huge lead, his huge lead was cut a little as Boots relentlessly tried to hunt him down for a shot at victory however his car gave up on the last lap, promoting Zanchettin to 2nd in A3.

6th – 14th places: Jerome Sartel, Thomas Musso, Cody King, Jean-Pierrick Sartel, Stefano Cantoni, Matteo Poletti, Burak Kilic, Reinhold Gruber, Damiano Muscella.


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Robert Batlle crowned World Indoor Buggy Cup Champion


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Robert Batlle would go onto win a hard-fought victory in the hour-long final here at the first World Indoor Buggy Cup at IBR Padova in Northern Italy. It wasn’t until the last stages of the race where the hugely decorated Spaniard driver stamped his authority and kept a hard charging top qualifier Marco Baruffolo at arms length. Darren Bloomfield would finish a strong 3rd after a great fight with ‘latecomer’ Riccardo Berton (turned up yesterday after school, and raced so much he had a throttle finger blister!), Maifield would sneak 4th, knowing it only when he turned round and looked at the timing screens.


The final saw Zanchettin start out followed by Boots, however both encountered problems, Zanchettin some mystery engine issues whilst Boots simply ran out of fuel, Zanchettin however managed only 25 laps. Boots would push out infront with Baruffolo in the mix as well as Berton, multiple drivers taking it in turns whilst outta nowhere Ricardo Monteiro found himself (also to his surprise), leading the way with Robert Batlle also in the mix. Arguably the fastest on the track in raw lap pace Marco Baruffolo would rue some costly small errors that might have allowed him to claw back some of the time lost during the middle of the race to Batlle. However it was a hugely strong 2nd half of the race where Batlle excelled, a veteran of long mains, and a driver that often brings out ‘his best’ when it really matters he seemed to be driving within himself and not pushing too hard – a mental strength developed over many years.

ECSA1422 ECSA1449 ECSA1391 ECSA1413

Take nothing away from Baruffolo however, surviving a flame out scare (running out of fuel in the pitlane) in the semis, the young TLR/Picco driver has a very bright future  .

We’d like to thank Nicola and his team at IBR for a brilliant event, the first of it’s kind and a resounding success and advert for the facility, special thanks to commentator Mau as well. We wish everyone a safe trip home – observing a minute’s silence in respect and solidarity of the recent attacks in Paris at 10:32 was fitting and appreciated by all, ending with a resounding rendition of La Marseillaise.

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Under the Hood: Marco Baruffolo


Marco Baruffolo (Italy)

Chassis: TLR 8ight 4.0
Engine: Picco Boost ‘Team Spec’
Fuel: Runner Time
Tyres: Modified Hot Race Tyres ‘Bangkok’
Radio & Servos: KO | KO RSX2
Body & Wing: Stock TLR Body & wing
Event: 2015 World Indoor Buggy Cup

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Zanchettin on WIBC pole as Berton continues march


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Whilst Alex Zanchettin will have clear track ahead at the start of today’s 60 minute main final here at the 2015 World Indoor Buggy Cup, it’s P3 man Riccardo Berton who has perhaps been most impressive; turning up only on Saturday, doing 1 qualifier and proceeding to bump all the way from the bottom final to start 3rd in the main final behind Zanchettin and Boots…


Further behind there was a bit of drama in the A semi as Joao Figueiredo made a last lap last corner attempt to pass Sartel, he landed slightly badly clipping the pipe ending up tumbling into Sartel, Joao was lucky to land on all fours and grab the last spot in the main, a penalty appeared like it might have been on the cards however the matter settled after a video replay.


Under the E-Hood: Elliott Boots


Elliott Boots (UK)

Chassis: Kyosho Iinferno MP9e TKI
Motor: Tekin – T8i
ESC: Tekin RX8
Batteries: LRP 7000 – Big Mama – 110C/55C – 7.4V LiPo
ProLine Suburbs
Servo: Sanwa SRG-BZX
Event: 2015 World Indoor Buggy Cup

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Under the E-Hood: Robert Batlle


Robert Batlle (Spain)

Chassis: Mugen MBX7R ECO
Motor: Dynamic 8 Brushless Motor 2200kV
Batteries: LRP 7000 – Big Mama – 110C/55C – 7.4V LiPo
ProCircuit Hot Dices
Servo: Highest DS2000 Racing HV
Event: 2015 World Indoor Buggy Cup

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Video: Q5 E-Buggy WIBC 2K15



Boots TQ’s WIBC 2K15 E-Buggy


The E-Buggy class at the 2015 World Indoor Buggy Cup was a scrap between Robert Batlle and eventual top qualifier Elliott Boots – Batlle came out of the blocks to TQ the opening round, however Elliott sprung into life and TQ’d Q2 and Q3, only for Batlle to take it to the decider by going quickest in Q4. Saturday morning’s last round actually saw Alex Zanchettin pick up his pace and go fastest, this helped to give Elliott the overall TQ of E-Buggy despite a minor speedo scare in earlier round which scorched his bodyshell a little!

Qualifying: Pro | Sport | E-Buggy

Finals setup: Pro | Sport | E-Buggy


Video: Ryan Maifield on TLR’s new 8ight 4.0 Buggy



See Under the Hood of Ryan Maifield’s TLR 8ight 4.0

tlr-8ight-4-13 tlr-8ight-4-12 tlr-8ight-4-10 championship-heritage