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A3 RUDDOG E-Buggy Final – 2016 EURO Contest


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Under the Hood: Davide Ongaro


Davide Ongaro, 15 – Italy

Chassis: Mugen Seiki MBX7R
Engine: LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic Long Stroke
Fuel: Nitrolux 25%
Tyres: Procircuit
Radio & Servos: Sanwa, Futaba servos
Body & Wing: Deltaplastic (ARQ paint) & JConcepts Hybrid wing
Event: 2016 EURO Contest, Barco
Note: Fast Race options include: Ultra light uniball kit, Aluminum uniball protect, Carbon/Kevlar mud guards, Carbon/Kerlar stone guards, Double Weight brass low profile, Battery holder carbon,
ECSA4152 ECSA4153 ECSA4154 ECSA4155 ECSA4156 ECSA4157 ECSA4158 ECSA4159 ECSA4160 ECSA4161 ECSA4162 ECSA4163 ECSA4164 ECSA4165

Under the Hood: Joseph Quagraine


Joseph Quagraine, 32 – Finland

Chassis: JQ Racing THE Car White Edition (With some prototype parts)
Engine: REDS R7 Evoke, REDS Clutch
Fuel: Sidewinder 25% Blend
Tyres: AKA
Radio & Servos: Sanwa, Savox SV-1272SG
Body & Wing: Stock body Bittydesign Force body & Kyosho wing
Event:  2016 EURO Contest, Barco
Notes: Prototype rear chassis stiffener, front shock tower, rear carbon lower arm stiffeners

ECSA3735 ECSA3736 ECSA3737 ECSA3739ECSA3740 ECSA3741 ECSA3743 ECSA3744 ECSA3745 ECSA3746 ECSA3747


Under the Hood: Marco Baruffolo


Marco Baruffolo, 18 (Italy)

Chassis: TLR 8ight 4.0
Engine: Picco STB-Team, EFRA 2133 pipe
Fuel: Runner Time
Tyres: Hot Race Tyres
Radio & Servos: KO EX2 | KO RSX2 servos
Body & Wing: Stock TLR 4.0 Body & wing / Lexan wing
Event: 2016 EURO Contest, Barco
Note: Fioroni option parts: Ergal Steering Upper Plate, Rear gearbox moved back from increased stability (see chassis shots), running 2.7mm rear swaybar.

ECSA3244 ECSA3245 ECSA3246 ECSA3247 ECSA3248 ECSA3249 ECSA3250 ECSA3252 ECSA3253 ECSA3254 ECSA3255 ECSA3256 ECSA3257 ECSA3260

Sun sets on EURO Contest Day 1


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 Day 1 at the EURO Contest drew to a slightly dusty close to the summer sounds of Balearic beats as drivers praised the special Barco track, having seen a slight layout revamp since last year, the well-documented bumper entry (269 entries) is proof that the team are doing something right.

ECSA2910 ECSA3001 ECSA2834 ECSA2908

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No doubt the atmosphere of the race play’s its part as does the local food, location, sunshine and bringing an extra smile to the locals’ faces as they watched their beloved ‘Azzuri’ take a last gasp winner against Sweden in the Euro 2016 soccer tournament. With Moto Gp and F1 also this weekend, the team will be showing that in the pits, as well as live webcasting their own race!

With only free practice today, picking fast guys and underperformers has been slightly misleading, however expect the likes of Baruffolo, Ongaro, Zanchettin to be at the sharp end, Riccardo Rabitti when he arrives along with Stocco and of course JQ, who is here despite losing his phone…

ECSA3154 ECSA3176 ECSA3043 ECSA3148

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The track has seen plenty of laps with 4 rounds of practice run today, the top guys we caught up with not playing a huge deal with setup, preferring to see what plays out tomorrow rather than chase it, as proceedings drew to a close out of nowhere Switzerland’s most distinctive eyeware-wearer Robin Frischkopf turned up!

ECSA3179 ECSA3197 ECSA3208 ECSA3223

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With the Swiss nats colliding with the EURO Contest but cancelled this morning due to poor weather, Robin hopped in his Tesla, made the 6hr journey over the alps including a couple of pitstops for battery top ups and arrived with the biggest smile of the day! Not so for JQ driver James Hargreaves who had the unfortunate luck to spear off the bridge hit a pipe and manage to find the only standing water (think swamp / pond) and drive his car straight into it!

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Video: EURO Contest Driver Catchup

NeoBuggy catch up briefly with some of the drivers at the EURO Contest including Kerstin Bessler, Davide Ongaro, Joseph Quagraine, Alex Zanchettin, Scott Walker & Co & Marco Baruffolo.
English and Italian

2016 EURO Contest gets underway


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A record entry of 269 is the reward for years of effort from the BARCO track team and Bittydesign partnership that sees the annual EURO Contest go from strength to strength – eclipsing all other outdoor races in Europe including the actual Euros as… the biggest.

Size however isn’t what matters here, a remodelled track, improvements year on year, Italian food, hospitality and what promises to be a sweet weekend, Italian Pros are here with Marco Baruffolo flying back from a test session in Las Vegas to race on his favourite track.

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ECSA2711 ECSA2564 ECSA2589 ECSA2530

The track retain’s it’s distinctive over and under bridge feature but modified to improve marshall safety and LED lights fitted all round to run into nightfall, necessary with such a bumper entry, and with Spotify’s finest playlists blearing out in the Bittydesign DJ booth / Neo Office you can’t help but enjoy the party atmosphere.

With 4 rounds of free practice, we’ll update you later who’s quick, and who should be quicker.

ECSA2561 ECSA2592 ECSA2649 ECSA2653

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Maifield dethrones Tessmann in World Rankings

tOP 25 Buggy rank feb 14

See: Top25RC

Ryan Maifield has taken over the prestigious title of being the #1 Ranked driver in the world! Ryan just squeaks by Ty after a TQ and 2nd place finish at the ROAR Nationals this past weekend.

Ty also had a great event finishing 3rd keeping it VERY close. Spencer Rivkin took the win by dominating the main event and continues climb the rankings. Most of action happened at the bottom of the list, with big moves coming from Cole Ogden and Josh wheeler. Both moved up 7 spots after a 9th pace finish for Ogden and 13th place finish for Wheeler as well as some subpar finishes moving to their “older results”( which diminish in value).

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Video: A lap of 2017 Euros host track

Next year the brand new racing facility in Eskilstuna will host the European Championships, 19 years after Sweden last hosted a Euros, then won by Yannick Aigoin at Furulund. After a successful weekend at the Nordics in Botkyrka, Joseph Quagraine of JQ Products headed west to Eskilstuna for some early practice.

Best pictures from the 2016 Nordic Championships


Some of the best pictures which tell the story of the 2016 Nordic Championships weekend.

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