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Quebec Classic day 1 & 2


For the second running of the Quebec Classic, the event switched from Quebec City to Clermont, 1h30 north from there. Beautiful area with St Laurent river and Charlevoix mountains, perfect area for some good holidays … and racing. Supported by some big race names like AKA Racing, team Associated, HB/HPI Racing, Novarossi America, Punch Fuel, Rex-USA, RC Concept and Proline, the Quebec Classic in growing year after year.

Despite the heavy rain before the rain, the Quebec Classic crew did an amazing job to clean the track and make it ready for the show. Few hours of delay on thursday, but around 2pm track was open and every drivers got some laps. By the end of the day the groove was already in.

Friday saw, drivers try out the track in open practice in the morning in order to get used to the SIK track design by Levi Jackson. A challenging layout, enjoyed by everyone !!

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Video: 2015 ROAR Offroad Buggy Final

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Under the Champion’s Hood: Ty Tessmann


Ty Tessmann (Canada), 22

Chassis: HB D815 Tessmann Worlds Edition
Engine: OS B2101 Tessmann World Edition, T-2090SC Pipe
Tyres: Pro-Line Electrons (X1 Fugitive in the final)
Fuel: VP Powermaster 25%
Radio & Servos: Sanwa/Airtronics M12 provided by Amain.com, Savox SB-2274 & SB-2274 servos
Body: Pro-Line ‘Type R’, Pro-Line lexan wing
Options: 110% Racing Wheel nuts, Avid wing buttons, Lunsford turnbuckles
Event: 2015 ROAR Offroad 1/8 Nationals
Notes: Tessmann is running lightened screws made by Andy Chen at the HB factory in Taiwan, reminiscent to the ones we saw years ago on Reno Savoya’s Euros-winning Mugen cars. The screws are steel rather than titanium, and not only are the countersunk heads milled out but the bodies are drilled (hollowed out) almost all the way, they are a tiny bit heavier than the titanium screws but stronger. The Tessmanns received them at the Silverstate but have waited to use them until this event.

_YB_9845 _YB_9848 _YB_9850 _YB_9853_YB_9855 _YB_9858 _YB_9859 _YB_9861 _YB_9868 _YB_9870 _YB_9882 _YB_9888 _YB_9893 _YB_9894

After the hour-long final, we borrowed Ty’s Championship-winning D815 buggy for a few more photos – to give viewers a ‘before & after’ perspective of the three-time buggy Champion’s car. Especially impressive are his Pro-Line Fugitive tyres after the 60 mins with plenty of tread left on them.

USA_6619 USA_6622 USA_6625 USA_6627USA_6629 USA_6631 USA_6633 USA_6635 USA_6639 USA_6644

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Video: 2015 ROAR Offroad Truck Final

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Dominant Tessmann takes 2nd double ROAR Nationals victory


705Y6000 705Y6004 705Y6008 USA_6778

USA_6776 USA_6603 roar bug nat truck off

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Tessmann takes 3rd buggy title in style – bosses final


Ty Tessmann pretty much crushed the competition in the hour-long final at the 2015 ROAR Offroad Nationals – it started out with Tessmann leading out in grid order, Cavalieri challenging Phend early on but Phend would go on to keep Ty in check in front with Cav just behind, Maifield in 4th before he dropped back promoting Tebo. Phend had the briefest of glimpses of the lead as Tessmann made an uncharacteristic error allowing Phend to close in on him, get his nose infront, until Tessmann launched an audaciously robust but quite fair re-pass on the inside – Phend got spun out and would have to dig that little bit deeper in order to pass the Canadian superstar with #1 on his car.

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USA_6776 705Y5989 USA_6603 USA_6733

Sadly for Phend, his final run lasted only 5 mins as he retired due to mechanical failure (engine moved), a sad end to Phend’s title bid, Cavalieri however picked up where Phend left off and more than kept Tessmann honest, for the first 30 mins of the gruelling final the gap stayed at around 4-6 secs – a hugely impressive feat of pace and concentration from both, however between the lines, it looked like Tessmann had the upper hand, it proved the case as the gap increased significantly after 35 mins, so much so that Tessmann would cruise up to Cavalieri’s bumper with 8 mins to go in order to lap him – surely a satisfying moment for the HB star.

That was… until he made a bit of an error, dropped back but worked his way back up, the lapping would happen at the end of the straight as Cav made a mistake and specatacularly slid on his lid and hit the fence, Tessmann sped past to cruise to defend his national title. Very well deserved and an epic victory for Ty and his team. Team Associated’s impressive ‘season debut’ for the RC8 B3 continues to impress us whilst Jared Tebo ensured it was an all OS (made) podium.

roar bug nat

Tessmann cruises to 3rd ROAR Truck title


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Ty Tessmann completed a lights to flag victory as he held his lead from pole in the 45 min final at Silver Dollar RC Raceway – the chasing pack got off to a clean start and followed through in grid order, Ryan Maifield 2nd until a mistake allowed Lutz to challenge, further mistakes from Maifield dropped him towards the back, this time Tessmann with a small gap out front, Phend got past as well as Drew Moller, the pair trying their hardest to stay on pace with Tessmann but struggling to.

USA_5288 USA_4950 USA_4954 USA_4989USA_5001 USA_5007 USA_5113 USA_5189

Eventually Dakotah Phend seemed able to mount a small challenge, but the gap never really closed to less than 6-8 secs outfront, Tessmann managing it well, even a bad mistake from Tessmann didn’t spice up a pretty straightforward uneventful final, Phend managing a similar one as he clipped the twin corner pylons at speed, donuting on his roof before finally making it into pitlane.

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705Y1403 705Y1457 USA_5651 USA_5692 USA_5773 USA_5807 USA_5886 USA_5894

This mistake allowed Ryan Lutz to assume 2nd, a position he would hold until the finish, he kept Tessmann honest, but never under much serious pressure. Phend would roll in a slightly dejected 3rd – sadly not a repeat of the magic truck final we witnssed last year in Texas, however a more than deserved win for Ty Tessmann – now the buggy final awaits.

truck off

Under the Hood: Josh Wheeler


Josh Wheeler (USA), 30

Chassis: XRAY XB8 ’15
Engine: OS B2101
Fuel: VP Powermaster
Tyres: Pro-Line Electron X1
Radio & Servos: Futaba
Body & Wing: XRAY Stock
Event: 2015 ROAR Offroad 1/8 Nationals
Notes: Running gold Hot Bodies front shock springs & Kyosho blue springs in the rear.

_YB_0775 _YB_0778 _YB_0783 _YB_0785_YB_0788 _YB_0794 _YB_0796 _YB_0799 _YB_0804 _YB_0808 _YB_0813 _YB_0820

Under the Hood: Jared Tebo


Jared Tebo (USA), 28

Chassis: Kyosho STRR EVo 2 truck
Engine: MX OS B2
Tyres: AKA Impact
Fuel: MX 30%
Radio & Servos: KO EX-1 Radio, KO RSX2 Power HC
Body: Stock Kyosho body & wing
Options: KingHeadz rear chassis brace, weights in front end
Event: 2015 ROAR Offroad 1/8 Nationals
Notes: Evo 2 truck shock towers and radio tray, Lunsford Ti screws and turnbuckles for both.

_YB_9999 _YB_0001 _YB_0004 _YB_0009 _YB_0013 _YB_0014 _YB_0016 _YB_0018 _YB_0025 _YB_0027 _YB_9993 _YB_9997

Under the Hood: Ty Tessmann


Ty Tessmann (Canada), 22

Chassis: HB D8 Ty Tessmann Edition
Engine: OS B2101 Tessmann World Edition, T-2090SC Pipe
Tyres: Pro-Line Blockades
Fuel: VP Powermaster
Radio & Servos: Sanwa M12 provided by Amain.com, Savox servos
Body: Pro-Line body, Pro-Line lexan wing
Options: 110% Racing Wheel nuts, Avid wing buttons, Lunsford turnbuckles
Event: 2015 ROAR Offroad 1/8 Nationals
Notes: 4/4 TQs 

705Y1217 705Y1224 705Y1228 705Y1232 705Y1234 705Y1239 705Y1240 705Y1244 705Y1245 705Y1248 705Y1249 705Y1251 705Y1257 705Y1259 705Y1262 705Y1266