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Unter der Haube: Jörn Neumann


Jörn Neumann (Germany), 23 – 4WD Euros

Chassis: Team Durango DEX410 V4
Motor: Orion VST2
ESC: Orion R10.1 Pro
Battery: Thunder Power
JConcepts Barcodes (Control)
Radio & Servos:Futaba 4PKS-R / Futaba
Body: Team Durango
Notes: No notes, but sponsors! Team Durango, Team Orion, Pro-Line, Thunder power, Arrowmax, Futaba, Muchmore, Stickit1, special thanks to Gerd Strenge

EUR_5128 EUR_5129 EUR_5131 EUR_5132EUR_5134 EUR_5136 EUR_5137 EUR_5138 EUR_5139 EUR_5140 EUR_5141 EUR_5142

Video: 2014 1/10 4WD Euros Finals


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1/10 4WD Euros – Photos


EUR_5751 EUR_5777 EUR_5814 EUR_5817

EUROS_10EUR_5823 EUR_5826 EUR_5546 EUR_5566 EUR_5516 EUR_5529 EUR_5400 EUR_5265

 Saturday 1/10 Euros – More photos


Under the Hood: Lee Martin


Lee Martin (UK), 29 – 4WD Euros

Chassis: Yokomo BMAX4 iii
Motor: Yokomo RP 6.5
ESC: Viper VTX10 BE
Battery: Protek 5500mah 100c
JConcepts (Control)
Radio & Servos:Sanwa M12 / Xpert
Body: Yokomo Heavy Duty (Released soon)
Notes: Lightweight chassis set, LMR Avior wing, steering brace, Ti Screw, Carbon Centre plate

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EUR_3855 EUR_3857 EUR_3860 EUR_3853EUR_3862 EUR_3863 EUR_3864 EUR_3865 EUR_3866 EUR_3867

Lee wins A3, crowd cheer on Joona



A nice final which saw Lee Martin claim a relatively easy win despite a few wiggles here and there, giving him a solid 2nd overall, Jorn having sat out A3 having taken the victory in A1. With the Finnish crowd blasting at full volume for their man Joona, he duly delivered as he made his way from 5th on the grid and claimed a strong 2nd infront of Hupo in 3rd.

Great sportsmanship from the drivers as they waited on David Ronnefalk to fix his broken Kyosho, a front right hub going, he started in P11 and made his way into 4/5th but would end up 6th overall.

Sad end to Robert Batlle who fought valiantly with Joona only to be marshalled badly and receive a 3 sec penalty, no fault of his own and a damp end to what has been a great euros for the Spaniard.

A3 Final result:

Pos Nr. Pilot Laps Endtime Besttime
1 2 Martin Lee 18 05:12.8 17.004
2 5 Haatanen Joona 17 05:03.7 16.894
3 3 Honigl Hubert 17 05:06.7 17.117
4 9 Cockerill Tom 17 05:08.1 17.418
5 4 Ronnefalk David 17 05:09.9 16.995
6 6 Batlle Sanchez Robert 17 05:10.0 17.022
7 7 Kobbevik Daniel 17 05:12.3 17.266
8 10 Stafford Ellis 17 05:16.1 17.309
9 8 Orlowski Michal 16 05:00.9 17.35
10 1 Neumann Jorn 0 00:00.0 0

Neumann claims A2: Wins 4WD Euros


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A2, the potential decider and another tone to flag victory for the new Double European Champion, lap 1 witnessed Finnish crowd-favourite Joona Haatanen jump into 4th after the triple but Jorn had already opened a small 1 sec gap to the chasing Lee Martin.

EUR_5588 EUR_5603 EUR_5635 EUR_5673

Ronnefalk soon had 4th back with Neumann’s lead at only 0.7 sec, he landed with a tank slapper which allowed Lee Martin to close right up to him, for a bit it looked like Lee might have the edge on Jorn however the German ace put the power down and gapped him,  a small overjump on the triple didn’t help the cause as the freight training Hupo, Ronnefalk and Joona caught up ever so slowly.

A lap later and lucky lucky boy as Jorn landed his Durango DEX 410 on the pipe and had a Champion’s role, landing chassis down, losing precious little time, however it was enough to unsettle Lee Martin who singled the double also Hupo whose different line sent him into the pipe which allowed Ronnefalk to sneak past into 3rd.

EUR_5562 EUR_5546 EUR_5559 EUR_5545

A lap later and Ronnefalk crashed off the first double allowing both Hupo and Joona through and it would go from bad to worse as yet another crash on the following lap at the same place saw Batlle move past.

Out front with 2mins to go, Jorn’s lead was 1.5 sec, trying in vain to reel him in with all the Yokomo’s pace, Lee would case the top of the first double dropping about a second as Hupo’s Team C buggy went flying into the 2nd double’s pipe allowing Joona into 3rd and Robert Batlle into 4th.


A minute and a half left and Batlle was all over the backdoor of Joona and the pressure paid off as the Flying Finn landed on the top of the jump was up on two wheels but saved it amazingly that did let Batlle through as Joona was forced to dust himself down again.

Outfront Jorn’s lead was extended and it looked beyond any doubt that he would walk off the drivers stand as 4WD European Champion.  However the action was the fight for 3rd as Joona had cruised up to Batlle’s rear, a long landing off the triple for Robert saw Joona pick his moment and claim a brilliant 3rd.

A2 4WD Result:

Pos Nr. Pilot Laps Endtime Besttime Mediumtime
1 1 Neumann Jorn 18 05:10.6 16.755 17.311
2 2 Martin Lee 18 05:15.3 16.994 17.53
3 5 Haatanen Joona 18 05:16.9 17.075 17.565
4 6 Batlle Sanchez Robert 18 05:18.2 17.099 17.607
5 3 Honigl Hubert 17 05:01.2 17.176 17.701
6 8 Orlowski Michal 17 05:09.7 17.421 18.146
7 10 Stafford Ellis 17 05:12.0 17.436 18.238
8 9 Cockerill Tom 17 05:14.6 17.261 18.428
9 4 Ronnefalk David 17 05:15.9 17.141 18.585
10 7 Kobbevik Daniel 16 05:15.0 17.072 19.489

Neumann walks away with 4WD A1


Jorn Neumann would walk away with a comfortable victory in the first 4WD A final, Hupo Honigl managed to sneak it into 2nd, after Lee Martin had a troublesome first laps with minor bobbles and mistimed landings here and there, Ronnefalk was looking racey from 4th but a bad landing on top of Joona Haatanen’s car saw him penalised with a stop and go dropping him down the order.

Neumann immediately opened up a gap as Lee fought to keep Hupo behind him however on lap 3 a poorly timed double double jump saw Lee land off track and allow Hupo to whisk past, Orlowski was up to 4th with Joona pushing hard behind him. Lee dusted himself down and chased Hupo for the rest of the final, all the while as Jorn Neumann clicked off clean laps out front without major issue.

EUR_5529 EUR_5518 EUR_5240 EUR_5392

Halfway into the final Lee fell back slightly from Hupo into the charging pair of Haatanen and Ronnefalk, it would change though as Hupo then suffered a mistake and fell back to Lee as Ronnefalk managed to slide past Joona. The battle for 2nd came down to 1 min less as Hupo, Martin and Ronnefalk tightened up which ten saw Lee make a mistake into the straight, Ronnefalk closed right up and pulled off a sweet move on the inside of the straight, only for veteran Lee to scare Ronnefalk slightly into a mistake after the sweeper. The rapid marshall flew onto the track but caught Haatanen’s car with his foot the pair were marshalled together and an almighty crowd pleasing Sweden vs. Finland fight ensued on track and in the crowd. Ronnefalk almost had it until he landed badly off the double and Haatanen swept past to take 4th.

Neumann taking a very straightforward victory, he’s one away from a Double 1/10 European Championship.

A1 4WD Result:

Pos Nr. Driver Laps Result Best Lap
1 1 Neumann Jorn 18 05:11.559 16.755
2 3 Honigl Hubert 17 05:02.247 17.279
3 2 Martin Lee 17 05:02.479 17.037
4 5 Haatanen Joona 17 05:05.844 17.085
5 4 Ronnefalk David 17 05:08.336 17.18
6 6 Batlle Sanchez Robert 17 05:09.998 17.091
7 7 Kobbevik Daniel 17 05:15.201 16.57
8 10 Stafford Ellis 17 05:17.941 17.487
9 8 Orlowski Michal 16 05:04.908 17.301
10 9 Cockerill Tom 16 05:08.942 17.479

Video: 4WD Euros Q5 & Q4


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Jorn Neumann holds onto 4WD TQ


Jorn Neumann held onto overall TQ after a very close finish in Q5 which saw Lee Martin come within 0.214 secs of unseating the 23 year-old 6x 1/10 European Champion from a double Euros TQ, on the 3rd day of 4WD, day 6 overall, it came down to 2/10ths…

In P3 we have the leading pair’s closest challenger – Hupo Honigl, who really found his feet in Q3 & Q4, Hupo has the speed to challenge in will start 3rd for the A finals and will likely fancy his chances. In 4th a mixed qualifying for David Ronnefalk, the home favourite driver’s position thanks to a decent start to quali, the latter two rounds disappointing, he’ll be looking to recapture the magic, inspired by some Yellow & Blue support.

EUR_5171 EUR_5155 EUR_5160 EUR_5165

A fantastic qualifying from Joona Haatanen in 5th, netting two 3rd places, he looks mighty racey and could well pull out a surprise guided by the great Craig Drescher. We wrote about how impressive Robert Batlle’s been at his first 1/10 Euros, performing beyond his own expectations Robert is riding high and deserves the praise considering his lack of 1/10 experience. Occupying 7th, the Norwegian wonderkid Daniel Kobbevik, racing for Sweden at the euros due to rules, he makes it two Associateds in the main after a sterling finish.

EUR_5183 EUR_5174 EUR_5176 EUR_5180

Michal Orlowski sits 8th, another new name for us, he hit the highs in Q3 and finished off the job in Q5, the young Pole showing some real Passion and Speed (see what we did there?!…) Finally 9th and 10th, the Brits showing the rest of Europe that they’re still the ‘bees knees’, both drivers out of the top heat but ensuring a Schumacher and TLR make the show.


For those that make it, alot of them don’t, massive disappointment from Martin Bayer, the outgoing 4WD Champion denied a chance to defend his title, qualifying in unlucky #13 ahead of XRAY team mate Miguel Matias in 14th. Juraj won’t be too happy with XRAY’s poor showing this year but must shift focus to 1/8th in two week’s time.

EUR_5197 EUR_5187 EUR_5191 EUR_5193

BQ to one of the Flying Finns Petri Strom and equally unlucky Christoffer ‘TQ’ Svensson coming home in 12th, again just missing out on the A final.



Qualifying Overall

Lee Martin TQ’s Q5, just misses out on overall


Lee Martin edged Q5 to give himself a ‘perfect’ zero score just like ontrack rival Jorn Neumann however the Brit who suffered a disastrous A3 final in 2WD just missed out on the overall TQ by a tenth and half, running oh so close to Neumann’s time in Q4. A perfect qualifying for the German however the real story of Q5 was that of Joona Haatanen in P3, perfectly bookending his qualifying taking another 3rd in Q5 having done the same in Q1, in 4th young Daniel Kobbevik of Norway, waiting till the last round to deliver his best, and make it two Associateds in the main.


With the reversed heats for Q5, it looked like Christoffer Svensson and Petri Strom might have made it, but they’d be knocked out by Tom Cockerill and a fast flying Ellis Stafford in 5th and 6th respectively, Q5 very much a story of those that needed the points desperately delivering. Also sneaking his way into the A final, Michal Orlowski in 7uth, the Polish Durango driver coming good in Q3 & Q5.

BQ unfortunately for Petri Strom and his golden eagle Associated.

Q5 Result:

Pos Pilot Laps Endtime Besttime Mediumtime
1 Martin Lee 18 05:12.019 16.843 17.334
2 Neumann Jorn 18 05:14.405 16.375 17.466
3 Haatanen Joona 18 05:16.870 16.898 17.603
4 Kobbevik Daniel 17 05:01.072 17.025 17.71
5 Cockerill Tom 17 05:01.682 17.37 17.746
6 Stafford Ellis 17 05:02.933 17.208 17.819
7 Orlowski Michal 17 05:03.001 17.191 17.823
8 Batlle Sanchez Robert 17 05:03.538 16.766 17.855
9 Svensson Christoffer 17 05:04.310 17.008 17.9
10 Bayer Martin 17 05:04.417 17.111 17.906
11 Strom Petri 17 05:04.994 17.156 17.94
12 Ausfelt Otto 17 05:06.545 17.452 18.032