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Who will cash out Silver State champ?


The 2015 Silver State Nitro Challenge kicks off in less than 24 hours at the already famous RC Tracks Las Vegas facility (home of the 2016 IFMAR 1/8 World Championships). This event is a legendary event in America, and is known for its brutal conditions, hardcore racing, and surprises. In the past racers have been greeted with sandblasting windstorms, moon-surface track conditions, and everything in between. With such unique conditions, it is not always the ‘regular crowd’ who emerge victorious from this event, but instead the underdog’s who prevail…


NEMO Racing DNC 2015 race recap

Bloomfield Dirt

NEMO Racing USA was among the mobs of teams and racers to attend the 2015 Dirt Nitro Challenge, and they have sat down to reflect on the event in a brutally honest race recap. NEMO’s Dave Duggan discusses the highs and the lows of the team’s experience at the event as UK’s Darren Bloomfield joined his US teammates for a long week of racing.

“Practice was delayed hugely as something like 300 entries were taken on the morning of the event, which resulted in everybody competing only getting 1 practice heat with each car instead of 2. Not only does this put visiting drivers on the back foot, it is a bit of a kick in the teeth having spent untold amounts of money to get there for ‘avoidable’ issues to result in lost track time…”


2015 Jakes RC Pro Am Showdown

Showdown Main

This past weekend hosted the annual Jakes RC Pro Am Showdown at Jakes RC in Topeka, Kansas. The event is known to be one of the largest in the area, however, a record number of entries (150+) gathered from surrounding states to push this year’s event over the top. Jakes RC is a unique facility located in the back half of a popular tattoo shop (Absolute Tattoo) in the heart of downtown Topeka. Organizers provided racers with an impressive racing surface including a giant wall ride, big air supercross style catapult finish line, rhythm section, and more.  Read more…

AKA’s news at DNC ’15

AKA Chain Link

When AKA’s Mark Pavidis and Joel Johnson show up at a race with new tire treads and compounds, you can be certain that racers take notice. The DNC ’15 was AKA’s unofficial unveiling on home soil of their new “Ultra Soft” compound — a silver dot compound that’s softer than their Super Softs (red dot), intended for use in cold temperatures.

AKA tells us that the new Ultra Soft compound isn’t just a softer version of the Super Soft; it’s an entirely different rubber compound from a different supplier. Pavidis says that despite its softness, the Ultra Soft compound’s durability could allow it to last 45-minutes under the right conditions.

We also checked out AKA’s new 1/8-scale “Rasp” and “Chain Link” tires for the first time. The Rasp is a short pin tire, designed for clean hard packed tracks, and Pavidis indicated that the tread depth and grip levels help make the Rasp an ideal qualifying tire.

AKA Rasp IMG_0982 AKA Rasp IMG_0978

Designed like a scaled-up 1/10-scale Chain Link, the 1/8-scale Chain Link features a deeper tread depth (“more meat on the tire,” according to Pavidis) to increase grip in dusty and dry, hard-packed conditions. We grabbed pics of Ultra Soft Impacts and Chain Links, and AKA says they plan to release more of their current tires in the Ultra Soft compound very soon.

Thoughts On ’15 The Dirt Nitro Challenge


The Nitro Challenge 2015: A Melting Pot of Competition and Exhaustion

Article by Stephen Bess
The RC industry is better for having The Dirt Nitro Challenge in it. There’s simply nothing else like it. Several pros said that the DNC is “the RC world’s Daytona 500,” or is “the RC equivalent of Woodstock/Bonnaroo.” People come from all over the country, and all over the world, just to say they raced the Nitro Challenge. I’ve attended approximately 10 of the 16 Nitro Challenges, and this year’s was one for the ages in both good and not so good ways.

A short term memory is a racer’s best friend. It’s arguably the most important trait a racer can have. A memory span the size of a gnat helps racers forget about crashes, bad racing lines, and poor finishing results. It gives them optimism that next time will be different.

Continue reading here…

Video: DNC 1/8 Pro Buggy Final



DNC Sunday: Photo Selection


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For more, see our Sunday Photo Gallery



Under the Champion’s Hood: Maifield


Ryan Maifield (USA), 28 – DNC Buggy Champion

Chassis: TLR 8ight 3.0
Engine: Team Orion CRF 21-7 port
Tyres: JConcepts Diamond Bar (Blue)
Fuel: Sidewinder 30%
Radio & Servos: Airtronics & Hitec servos
Event: 2015 Dirt Nitro Challenge
Notes: Maifield wins first major nitro buggy title during his TLR era

_YB_8744 _YB_8747 _YB_8749 _YB_8752_YB_8743 _YB_8758 _YB_8763 _YB_8766 _YB_8736 _YB_8739 EUR_2423 EUR_2425 EUR_2427 EUR_2428 EUR_2431 EUR_2433

Ronnefalk wins DNC Pro Truck thriller


Still high on adrenaline after what will go down as one of the best races we’ve ever seen, Swede David Ronnefalk took victory at the 2015 Dirt Nitro Challenge Pro truck class after an epic thriller of a race with HB team mate Ty Tessmann.

EUR_0825 EUR_0862 EUR_0989 EUR_1011

The 45 minute final started out with Jared Tebo leading away from pole position harrowed by Ty Tessmann behind, it looked as if Ty had the pace but a wily Tebo kept him at bay, the HB of Tessmann snapping at Tebo’s rear gearbox, a huge coming together on the front side, minutes into the race allowed Ronnefalk to speed through however this proved a prelude to what would develop as a race-long fight between the two HB drivers ensued with vibes of Rosberg/Hamilton of F1 fame as the pair traded passes.


As the HB trucks opened up an unassailable lead from Ryan Maifield in 3rd, Ronnefalk was able to keep a roundabout gap of 2-3 secs, which would fluctuate during fuel stops, Tessmann would stop once less at 9 mins, whilst Ronnefalk did 7:30 stops, a big advantage over 45mins but despite crashes from both drivers – pushing each other to the limit of racing and fairness they ended up on the same piece of real estate with 5mins left – all other drivers on track pure gentleman getting out of the leaders’ way. A terrible crash on Ronnefalk’s penultimate fuel stop looked to have handed the win to Tessmann but he himself would have mistakes making it all to play for.

EUR_1109 EUR_1111 EUR_1245 EUR_1254

Saturday Photo gallery

The pair had traded a few contacts, including a few sweet passes but it looked neck and neck and a photo finish until 2mins left where Ronnefalk reeled in a slowing Tessmann, a prelude to a broken front left arm that broke on Ty’s car which cemented David’s victory with only a lap left. A simply awesome final that will go down as a must watch: a case if there ever was that RC Racing can have a place on TV, IF the top level racing is always as exciting and unpredictable as this!


Video: DNC Pro E Buggy Final