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Jérôme Treignier joins Schumacher

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Schumacher Racing has announced today their newest member of the offroad racing family. Accomplished privateer racer, Jérôme Treignier, has signed on board with the Schumacher offroad team, joining Carson Wernimont, Tom Cockerill, and others. Jérôme will be attending the 4th Annual Canadian International Championship at Sutton Aviation Raceway this weekend, where he will debut his Cat and Cougar.

Source: Schumacher Racing 

Big shoes to fill at Team Associated

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Remember when you were a kid, and you’d put on your dad’s shoes – your feet were way too small to fill such big shoes… After a choppy few months for Team Associated, they’ve been in the ‘tabloid headlines’ once again it would seem as they look to fill the gaping void left by star driver Ryan Maifield’s sudden departure for arch rivals TLR.

How does one go about filling the big shoes left behind by Maifield ? Well if anyone can, 27x World Champions Team Associated will be the ones. While there are hundreds and hundreds of drivers that could be an asset to AE, RCNews takes a speculative look at some major names that could reasonably join the team…filling those shoes. Read more…

The return of stadium truck?

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In the early 2000′s, by far one of the most popular offroad racing classes in America was 1/10 scale 2wd stadium truck (both nitro and electric). As the year’s passed, the nitro stadium truck (aka “gas truck”) was the first to lose popularity as the all-new 1/8 truck (truggy) class was introduced. Shortly after, the electric stadium truck scene began to slowly disappear as well. Factory teams pulled their top drivers in the class, and put them in the fast-growing short course truck classes instead.

Before long, stadium truck all together was exctinct at many local, regional, and national level races across the country.

Many believed that with the introduction of truggy and short course, the days of stadium truck were simply distant memories.

As it turns out, those memories may not be so distant after all.

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Is your R/C racing TV worthy?


tv show

We have received news of an exciting new project today, that could very well be the biggest thing to hit R/C racing. TV show producer, Adam Hackbarth, has reached out to us in search of R/C racers to participate in an all-new R/C racing television show currently in development!

Adam says, “We aim to have the show be a fun blend of great personalities and great racing. We are presenting the show to Coolfire Media, who has expressed interest in the show – provided we find R/C racing fanatics with great personalities or great stories. Coolfire Media is one of the companies behind the Discovery Channel show Fast N’ Loud – as well as a number of other television programs.”

Producers are looking for R/C racers like YOU, and encourage those interested in sending a “video audition”. The video does NOT need to be a professional video, as Adam says a simple smart phone video will do. Want to join the show? Now’s your chance to try-out by simply send a video introducing yourself, expressing your love for R/C, and whatever you feel best represents you as a TV worthy R/C enthusiast to!

HB delivers new D8T Tessmann Edition

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Ty Tessmann’s D8T has been setting the pace at tracks all over the world, and he’s put his own touches on what HPI likes to call the D8T Tessmann Edition!

Ty’s been racing the D8T with his D812 for years, and with the help of ‘Team Tessmann’ (dad Gord and mother Leann) Ty has steadily updated and refined the D8T to make it almost a whole new truck. With a huge number of racing tweaks to make it win at the highest level, Ty has made the D8T his own, and along the way has claimed major wins and A-main results with his D8T Tessmann Edition!

Top results for Ty and his D8T:

  • 2014, 2013, 2012 The Dirt Nitro Challenge Truggy Champion
  • 2014 Pro-Line Dual Champion
  • 2013, 2012 ROAR Nationals Champion

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Tebo launches new JTP Store

jtp store

Kyosho’s Jared Tebo has officially launched his new JTP Online Store today. JTP (Jared Tebo Products) is a lineup of apparel and accessories designed by Jared Tebo himself. The JTP product line currently offers the all-new 2014 “Forever” and “WC Striped” t-shirts, with more apparel and accessories on the way in the near future.

CLICK HERE to visit the JTP Store!

Ryan Maifield joins TLR!


Well folks, its official…Ryan Maifield has joined Team Losi Racing! TLR has made the following announcement today:

“Club RC races, ROAR Nationals and everything in between, Ryan Maifield has won them all. Ryan’s dad taught him to race in their front lawn at the age of 6. He recorded his first win at the Cactus Classic before the age of 10! Since then, Ryan has gone on to win multiple ROAR National Championships and make many a podium appearance in some of the world’s toughest competitions. In short, his list of accomplishments is nothing short of amazing. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Ryan Maifield is joining Team Losi Racing. Together, we hope to continue Ryan’s success and add the elusive World Championship to his trophy case.”

Ryan will work closely with the R&D team on the further development of the Team Losi Racing electric & nitro off-road car platforms including the 22, TEN and 8IGHT platforms.

DSC_0018 photo-4 DSC_0023 Ryan_TLR-1

Ryan Maifield will be making his Team Losi Racing debut at Race #3 of the JConcepts Indoor National Series this weekend (July 12-13) at Outback Raceway in Chico, California. Watch the interview video below as JConcepts’ Jason Ruona talks with Ryan about signing with Team Losi Racing and what the future has in store.

Flurer serpentines back to TLR


The quiet, yet very talented, offroad and oval sensation Max Flurer has parted ways with Serpent after only a few short months aboard the team. Flurer made the switch from Team Associated to Serpent in January, 2014, but has quietly departed the new team to return to his sponsor of years past, Team Losi Racing. Max is known for his 1/10 scale and 1/8 scale (Neo’14 participant) offroad racing, and it is no surprise that when looking for a new place to go he chose a company offering vehicles for all of the above. Max has already been hitting the track with his new TLR vehicles, and we look forward to seeing him and his new rides at upcoming events soon.

‘Wheels’ hits the airwaves with RIP

rip podcast

Radio Impound Podcast (RIP) is a growing radio-show style R/C podcast in the United States. The show hosts guests including legendary racers, industry icons, top professionals, and more. The latest show features RCNews and NeoBuggy’s very own Mike Garrison as he joins host Gotti Jr., and JConcepts founder Jason Ruona, to discuss the latest rumors and gossip, Ryan Maifield’s departure from AE, TLR’s predicted new SCT, Team Associated’s B44 replacement, and SO much more!

The Radio Impound Podcast “Mike ‘Break’n News’ Garrison” episode is available NOW on Stitcher Radio and PodBean!

Jerome Aigoin’ French title hat trick


Over the weekend we reported on round 3 of the French Nats where Kyosho’s ace driver Jerome Aigoin would go onto win and claim his 3rd consecutive French national Championship title. Not only that but Jerome managed another impressive feat; TQ’ing a national round astonishingly for the 10th consecutive round. Showing that sticking with your sponsors – in his case Kyosho, Novarossi & AKA does pay dividends over time!

Jerome joins a small elite club of 3x Champions which puts him on par with Jerome Sartel and the ‘Miley-tongued‘ Reno Savoya. For more see our French Champions page.
Image: Kyosho Europe &