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JQRacing visits the REDS Racing headquarters


JQRacing’s founder, Joseph Quagraine, spent some time in Italy earlier this summer. While making his Italian tour, he paid a visit to JQRacing’s sponsoring brand REDS Racing headquarters in Brescia. JQ recaps his journey through the REDS Racing headquarters, and shares an inside look at what the company has to offer.

“Earlier this summer I spent some time in Italy, and amongst other things I paid a visit to REDS Racing HQ in Brescia, in the northern part of the country. REDS is a rather young company, but the people behind it have been around RC racing for a long time. Mario Rossi is the son of Cesare Rossi, one of the founders of Rossi back in ancient times. The two founding brothers split, and Cesare and Mario started Novarossi. Then fast forward a bit, and Mario left the company. After a stint with GRP, Mario started REDS Racing, with his family, his wife Rossana, and his two children, Marco and Federica. To make things even more confusing for people on the outside, REDS made the original building Rossi started in their new home!”

Read the full story HERE — See more pictures HERE

Neil Cragg joins the UK-based TKR Graphics team


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TKR Graphics, a UK-based custom R/C decal company, has announced their newest member of their growing race team; Neil Cragg. Neil will be outfitted with his very own TKR personalized apparel, decals, and wraps. Look for Neil and his TKR decorated rides racing their way across the UK, and upcoming IFMAR World Championships!

Kim Einert stickers up with ENRICO MARGONY


The Czech design studio ENRICO MARGONY has announced their new team driver, female 1/8 buggy sensation Kim Einert. Kim’s Kyosho rides will be stickered with REDS, Merlin Fuel, and Pro-Line tires courtesy of ENRICO MARGONY at all further upcoming national and international events.


‘The Drake’ speaks out about career, cars, & more

Adam Drake 4

When we think of the Wall Street Journal we think of Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and now Adam Drake. After his recent superstar appearance in the nationwide newspaper, our sister site RCNews (RCN) decided to sit down with the legend to chat about his career, his racing, and more!

RCN: Adam Drake…always a favorite to sit down for a chat with! What’s new in the world of ‘The Drake’? We understand you are working full-time now for Mugen Seiki Racing, tell us a bit about that.

Adam: Hello and thanks for the interview. Yes, I’ve been working Mugen Seiki Racing now for about six months. It’s been an awesome experience and I’m proud to work for and represent the Mugen Seiki brand.

RCN: With your wisdom and expertise, are you playing in R&D as well?

Adam: Yes, a large portion of my time is spent on research and development, racing, and marketing for Mugen Seiki Racing.


Germany’s Kerstin Bessler signs with Leadfinger Racing

LFR Signing

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Leadfinger Racing is proud to announce the recent signing of German female racer Kerstin Bessler. Kerstin’s Mugen cars will be equipped with the recently released Leadfinger Assassin bodies specially painted by Evan Vail.  LFR says, “We’re excited about the new overseas relationship. It’s great to see interest in our products from racers all over the globe. We are glad to have Kerstin join the team. She is a great influence for the hobby of RC.”

The Wall Street Journal: ‘How the Pros Race’ with Adam Drake

Adam Drake Wall Street Journal

Every once in awhile an R/C car race or racer will work its way into the back pages of a local county newspaper, but today R/C car racing, and one racer in particular, has made its way to the pages of slightly more well-known newspaper; The Wall Street Journal. Legendary racer and fan favorite Adam Drake is featured in a special article and video in the Life/Cars section of the Wall Street Journal. The article focuses on Adam’s custom Lincoln pickup truck (paid for by his success in R/C car racing) while the video features an in-depth interview with Adam talking about his R/C career, his wife Ronda’s R/C career, and more!


CLICK HERE to read the ‘Radio-Control Cars: How the Pros Race’ article!

Schumacher unveils Orlowski’s Euros winning car, setup, and parts


After a brilliant performance at the EFRA European Championships, Schumacher has unveiled the race winning setup, parts, and up close look at Michal Orlowski’s 4wd championship winning CAT K1 Aero buggy. Orlowski was far from the only Schumacher with great success, as Joseph Quagraine (a stranger to the 1/10 scale world) would finish 7th overall, ahead of Peter Pinisch in 8th (both of which were also running the Schumacher CAT K1 Aero).

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Michal_Car_front_1000 Michal_Car_FTQ_1000 Car_trophies_2_1000 Euros_15_1_1000

Michael used a standard CAT K1 Aero with a Speed Passion 6.5T V4 motor and KO RSx2 Response servo powering him to victory.


He used the following Schumacher Speed Secret items to compliment his car:

  • U5116 – Bodyshell, Decals & Window Mask; Clear – CAT K1
  • U3404 – Alloy Yoke; 7.5deg – CAT SX (pr)
  • U3611 – Alloy Spring Seat – All shock types (pr)
  • U1573 – Titanium Turnbuckle; purple – 53mm (pr)
  • U3556 – Pivot Block M4; Front 10 degree – CAT (pr)
  • U3304 – Pivot Block; Front – CAT SX (pr)
  • U4160 – Rear Alloy Block Conversion Set – K1/KF
  • U4162 – Centre Track Rod; CNC Alloy – CAT K1
  • U4164 – Alloy Mount; Front Upper Trans – CAT K1 (pr)
  • U4133 – FAB Front Adjustable Brake Set – CAT-K1/K1 Aero
  • U4327 – Alloy Servo Mount Black – K1/Mi5
  • U4616 – Alloy Upper Rear Trans Housing V2 – KF/K1/Aero
  • U4172 – Roll Bar Set – Rear – K1/KF – Set 4

View Michal Orlowski’s 4wd Championship winning setup HERE!

Kyle Skidmore joins Motiv Pro Team


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Motiv is proud to announce the addition of long time US racer Kyle Skidmore to the Motiv Pro Team. Kyle has never been shy to race any class in RC but his skills are most recently put to use racing his Serpent 1/10 scale electric offroad vehicles. Kyle is no stranger to national level events and has been observed as a professional at tracks for many years. Motiv would like to extend a thank you to Kyle for his support moving forward.

Kyle had this to say about his new partnership with MOTIV, “I’m excited to be one of the first drivers on The Motiv Pro team. Testing the product went great and now I’m excited to showcase all my sponsors with the new addition to my racing package.”


David Ronnefalk joins HIRO SEIKO

Ronnefalk HIRO SEIKO

HIRO SEIKO is excited to announce their latest addition to the team; David Ronnefalk! David will be using the HIRO SEIKO lineup of screws, nuts, options and accessories among his rides for the remainder of 2015.

David says, “I am now officially using HIRO SEIKO products and accessories for my car. Screws, nuts, some option parts for the transmitter and other accessories to name a few. The quality have so far been very good and I’m really greatful to be representing HIRO SEIKO from now on!”

Joel Valander signs on with Highest servos

joel valander highest low res

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EuroRC and Highest have agreed on exclusive distribution in Finland and Baltics. “Signing Joel Valander to the team is a important way to move forward,” explains Axel Toivonen, the owner of EuroRC. “In today’s market a solid product is not enough you will have to show it to the consumers as Highest as a brand is still the new kid on the block. Highest have extensive knowledge and history with RC servos and are stationed in Korea where the good stuff is made, another great country is naturally Japan.”

“We have been testing these servos for over a year now in cars ranging from 1/5th to 1/10th scale with our product testing team and we are confident we have a really good product in hand. This will be a huge thing for consumers as the servos are top quality but affordable also for hobbyists, especially the 1/10 servos.”

The Team EuroRC driver Joel says, “I have been testing Highest servos during this summer in different cars and already making podiums. I am really happy with their performance and I am confident that I can do my best and grateful for this opportunity with EuroRC and Highest.”