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RC Streamline appointed as exclusive French distributor for SWORKz

See: MW RC Cars

MW RC Cars have announced that RC Streamline has been appointed as exclusive distributor of SWORKz in France. Max Sonnleitner from SWORKz has to say: “After a long time without a distributor and a period of searching for the right one, we are happy that we finally found a perfect one, RC Streamline. I am sure that with Jérôme Chambon knowledge of the french market, our brand will grow in one of the most important RC markets in Europe.“ Jérôme Chambon from RC Streamline has to say: “I am very happy to announce this new partnership and are looking forward to develop this great brand in our market. The products will be available in the next days at our main partners Donuts-Racing.com and Wartelle-shop.com“

Race Dawg RC appointed as US distributor for Alpha

See: Alpha Plus

Alpha Plus have announced that Race Dawg RC in Fort Mill, South Carolina have been appointed as their official distributor for the USA. Any new dealers looking to add Alpha products to their inventory can contact sales@racedawgrc.com for more information or visit the website: racedawgrc.com.

XTR appointed exclusive distributor for JConcepts

See: XTR Racing S.L

XTR Racing have announced that they have been appointed as the new exclusive distributor for JConcepts in Spain and Portugal. XTR have added to his catalog all the full range of JC products and they will support all national and international races in Spain and Portugal, like the Neo Race 2018 that will be held in Redovan next month.

CML appointed as Iberian distributors for Pro-Line & PROTOform

See: CML Distribution

CML Distribution have announced that they are now official distributors for Pro-Line and PROTOform for the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Following on from the recent announcement that CML is to handle Team Associated and Reedy in Iberia, Pro-Line and PROTOform product will be a welcome addition to the available brands that Spanish and Portuguese R/C dealers can have shipped from CML.

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Modelix appoints new Malaysian distributor for Ultimate

See: Modelix Racing

Modelix Racing have announced that Iguana RC have been appointed as the new distributor for the Ultimate Racing brand in Malaysia. If you are interested in the Ultimate range of products please contact them:

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CML appointed as Spain distributor for Team Associated & Reedy

See: CML Distribution

CML Distribution have announced that they have been appointed as the new Team Associated and Reedy distributor for Spain. In addition to the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg markets the addition of Spain to CML’s territories will further strengthen and enhance support, stock holding and availability of Team Associated and Reedy products with the European marketplace. Any Spanish hobby stores looking for further information on Team Associated/Reedy product, whether they are new customers or those already with accounts with CML should send all correspondence to info@cmldistribution.es

Ruddog Distribution appointed as Team Associated & Reedy distributor

See: Ruddog Distribution

Ruddog Distribution GmbH have announced that they have been appointed as new Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and the Czech Republic distributor for Team Associated and Reedy from the 1st of February 2018 on. Both brands will be brought into the market using their established distribution network and they will become a major part of their portfolio. The aim is to allow an easier and more dependable access to these World Championship winning brands while ensuring a competitive price tag.

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Insolvency proceedings of LRP electronic GmbH

See: LRP

LRP electronic GmbH and Associated Electrics, Inc. have announced a change in distribution for the Team Associated and Reedy brands. The bidirectional collaboration between LRP electronic GmbH and Associated Electrics, Inc. stands out as one of the most successful partnerships in the R/C industry’s history. After cooperating to win countless World Championship titles, the successfully shared sales and marketing efforts will come to an end. Starting February 1st, 2018, LRP electronic GmbH will not be the exclusive distributor for Team Associated and Reedy anymore. LRP electronic GmbH will now sell off its stock of Team Associated and Reedy products. All warranty and service for Team Associated and Reedy products will be handled by the new Team Associated and Reedy distributors starting February 1st, 2018. Jürgen E. Lautenbach stated:

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