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Harley Yoshii doubles at Northwest Gold Cup

Source: Yokomo US (Facebook)

The 2019 Northwest Gold Cup was held at the Tacoma RC Raceway in Tacoma, Washington. Harley Yoshii (Yokomo/Muchmore Racing/JConcepts) was the man to beat. He took the overall TQ and Win both the highly contested 2wd and 4wd Modified Buggy classes. The young and talented driver Dalton Pierce (Yokomo/Muchmore Racing) finished 2nd and Tyler Miller (Team Associated) in 3rd in 4wd. In 2wd, Mikey Brown (Yokomo/Muchmore Racing) came in 2nd and D.Pierce in 3rd.

2wd podium here

Masami Hirosaka parts way with Yokomo

Source: Masami Hirosaka (Facebook)

After 30 years spent with Yokomo, Masami Hirosaka has announced today on social media that he parts way with the Japanese brand. Considered as one of the best drivers of all time, this RC stakhanovist is also the one who has won the most Worlds titles, making him a legend. His surprise departure from his “home” is linked to the retirement of Yokomo’s founder, Tom Yokobori. Until a new opportunity comes along, Masami continues to work for IFMAR on tracks around the world.

Photo: Berton Shots

Spy Shots: Yokomo prototype 4WD buggy

Source: Racewayone (Facebook)

Spy shots of a new Yokomo prototype 4WD buggy have been taken at the 2019 IFMAR 1/10th Off-road World Championships. The prototype buggy features a new layout very similar to that of the HB Racing D418, renowned for its performance on dirt and slippery tracks, exactly what the 2019 Worlds track offers. The main changes are battery placed on the left front side of the chassis, new motor mount and centre drivetrain layout. Detailed images and information about the prototype should become available soon.

Another photo here

Pilot RC Products 1/10 buggy Orbit ceramic bearings

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Pilot RC Products have expanded their range of Orbit ceramic bearings with new sets of the Team Associated B6.1/T6.1/SC6.1/B74, TLR 22 5.0/22T 4.0, Yokomo YZ-4 SF/YZ-2/YZ-2T, Kyosho RB7/ZX7 and Serpent Spyder SRX-2 MM. Orbit bearings are precision crafted and produced from highest grade materials governing them the ABEC rating grade 7. Grade 7 rated bearings provide a higher tolerance and a deviation of 5 μm. (0.000197 inch), allowing better performance at high RPM’s. Orbit bearings feature stainless steel rings, Si3N4 ceramic balls and metal shields. These bearings come pre-oiled with 1up clear bearing oil for ultra free bearings and increased drivetrain efficiency. Included with each bearing kit is a complimentary bottle of 1up clear bearing lube to ensure your Orbit bearings remain properly lubed.

Matt Gonzales doubles at Pro-Line Surf City Classic

Source: Yokomo US (Facebook)

The 12th annual Pro-Line Surf City Classic was held at the OCRC Raceway of Huntington Beach in California over the weekend. In both the 13.5T Stock buggy and 17.5T Stock buggy classes it was Matt Gonzales (Yokomo/Trinity/JConcepts) who took the overall TQ and win. Antonio Counsil (Team Associated) came in second in 13.5T Stock buggy and Matthew Willbilly (TLR) finished in third. A.Counsil came again in second in 17.5T Stock buggy while Ezra Keller (Team Associated) rounded out the top 3.

13.5T Stock buggy podium here

Ryan Maifield wins 2019 ROAR 4wd Modified Buggy Nats

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The 2019 ROAR Electric Off-Road National Championships were held this past weekend at EN Hobbies in Columbus, Ohio. EN Hobbies did a complete renovation before the Nats and was done to perfection. The facility consisted of a fully stocked hobby shop, huge pit area, and the ideal size track with a very challenging layout. With 300 total race entries, it was going to be a great weekend of racing. After all 4 rounds of qualifying in the 4wd Modified Buggy class, it was Yokomo’s Ryan Maifield taking the TQ honors.

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T-Work’s YZ-2 CAL 3 Ti turnbuckles & screw sets

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T-Work’s have introduced new option parts for the Yokomo YZ-2 CAL 3 in the form of sets of titanium turnbuckles and titanium and steel screws. The titanium turnbuckle set includes six lightweight yet durable turnbuckle made in high-quality 64 grade titanium. The set comes including a 4mm turnbuckle wrench. Also news are a 102-piece titanium UFO head set and a 129-piece gold-plated steel screw set. If the titanium screws will save some weight, the gold-plated steel screws will only add looks.

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Yokomo Racing Performer off-road springs

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Yokomo have added five new off road springs to their Racing Performer product line up. The new line of springs consists of 3 front springs and 2 rear springs. The front springs are +1mm length to provide more flexibility and elastic feels in order to increase the cornering performance even in turning sharp. The rear springs are intended to offer better performance on high grip surface tracks.

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