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Sugiura & Kodera crowned JMRCA 1/10 Buggy Champions

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The JMRCA Japanese 1/10 buggy National Championships were held at the Yatabe Arena indoor track in Tsukuba. In the 4WD Modified Buggy class it was Yusuke Sugiura (Kyosho) who set the overall TQ and took the win from Kaito Kodera (Yokomo) in second. In 2WD Modified Buggy class K.Kodera would first take the overall TQ, then went onto take the overall win.

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Nemo Racing & Yokomo join forces on the UK market

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Nemo Racing have announced that they have partnered up with Yokomo for the UK market. Nemo Racing will now be distributing the full product range of high-performance, industry leading competition kits, parts and accessories. They will Bring the same enthusiasm for 10th scale as they have for 8th by providing shops and customers with a high-level service, whilst attending all major races with their unparalleled trackside support. Nemo Racing have also partnered with Yokomo’s lead star driver Lee Martin, who will bring his wealth of knowledge and expertise to guide Nemo through the products and continue to support the Yokomo team and customers around the world.

“In what we see as a match made in heaven, expect to see big things coming from our collaboration as Nemo Racing & Lee commit to growing this popular racing brand to new heights in 2019.” – Jon Hazlewood, Nemo Racing

Yokomo YZ-2T 2WD Racing Truck kit

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Yokomo have introduced the new YZ-2T 2WD Stadium Truck kit. Based on the design of the current World Champion YZ-2 platform, the YZ-2T comes with a longer hi-grade aluminum chassis adding stability, along with a wider stance designed specially for the racing truck class. The YZ-2T features longer front and rear shocks for increased jumping, landing, and handling characteristics, along with wider shock mounting locations designed and tested specifically for the YZ-2T. Yokomo have developped new graphite steering Ackerman plate was designed specially for the YZ-2T’s longer front suspension arms. New battery hold down system makes it very easy to replace batteries, while also allowing the battery to be moved forward or backward in a 40mm range. The YZ-2T features also a new electronic mounting tray to provide strength and securing the ESC and receiver, as well as easily being removed for cleaning or maintenance.

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Tanner Day wins at 2018 End of Summer Invitational Race

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Last weekend was held the 2018 End of Summer Invitational Race at the Dave’s RC tracks in Hubbard, Oregon. In the highly contested 4wd Modified Buggy class it was Tanner Day (Yokomo) who took the TQ and the win from Zachary Rogers (Kyosho) in second while Jackson Andres (Yokomo) came in third and Yokomo USA Team Manager Joe Pillars in fourth.

AVID B6.1/YZ-2 Triad direct drive & carbon parts


AVID have introduced new Triad direct drive for the Team Associated B6.1/D and the Yokomo YZ-2 and carbon fibre parts for the B6.1/D, T6.1, and SC6.1. First up is the Triad direct drive allowing stock racers to remove the entire clutch assembly for conditions where the driver feels having less rotating mass and zero slip except from the differential is beneficial.This system is the lightest direct drive unit available today for the B6.1 coming in at 8.6g (72t), just beating out the AE direct drive at 8.8g (72t). But with the AVID Triad direct drive you get to run the full-width topshaft gear (no more stripped idler gears), you don’t have to change out the topshaft, and no screws you have to worry about falling out. AVID accomplished this by replacing the 6.4g of steel weight from the long screw and spring with a minimalist design done in aluminum. There is also an included M3 aluminum flanged locknut to remove even more weight if you are using the stock steel nut.

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AVID B6.1 & YZ-2 Triad EVO slipper


AVID have introduced the new Triad EVO slipper for the 6.1 Series by Team Associated (B6.1, B6.1D, T6.1, and SC6.1) and the Yokomo YZ-2. The design allows the clutch to transmit power, yet it still maintains a degree of slip without overheating. The Triad EVO slipper provides smoother throttle/brake feel in jumps as well as turns and also consistent performance (jumps are the same every lap). It features a lLightweight and compact design and uses 3 CPD slipper pads to give more consistent settings with higher heat tolerance. The outer hub and inner plates are self-centering and vented for weight and cooling. AVID have also put together a Rebuild/Conversion set of parts that you will need if you already have a Triad EVO Slipper for another vehicle and just need the basics. The Triad EVO slipper comes in several prepackaged spur sets or customizable direct from AVID.

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T-Work’s YZ2/YZ4 5.5mm titanium ball ends

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T-Work’s have introduced new 5.5mm titanium ball ends for the Yokomo YZ2 and YZ4. Machined from 64 Grade titanium, the 5.5mm ball ends offer a lighter weight, lower the centre of gravity and improve looks. The ball ends are available in set of two in 5.5x6mm, 5.5x8mm, 5.5x10mm and 5.5x12mm sizes.

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Yokomo 4600mAh LiPo shorty battery pack

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Yokomo have expanded their range of high-performance LiPo battery packs with the new 4600mAh shorty battery pack. Made from 110C cells, the pack provides high power output. It is of standard shorty dimensions (96.0mmx47.0mmx24.8mm), weighs about 210g and features 4mm connector tubes. The 4600mAh shorty battery pack is ideal for 1/10 buggy application and will be available end of July.

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