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Yokomo YZ-2CAL3/DTM3 carbon fibre rear shock tower

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Yokomo have introduced a new carbon fibre rear shock tower for the YZ-2 CAL3 and YZ-2 DTM3. Based on the original 3 shock mounting holes, the new tower is machined from high-quality 4mm thick carbon fibre and comes with two additional holes, i. e. five shock holes overall as well as two wing mounting positions. The shock tower offers greater rigidity and strength from crash and allows more tuning possibility.

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Leadfinger Racing YZ-2 & SRX2 Gen3 A2 Tactic bodies

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Leadfinger Racing have introduced two new A2 Tactic bodies for the Yokomo YZ-2 and the Serpent Spyder SRX2 Gen3. The A2 Tactic body has an added roof vent that allows for better cooling for today’s sensitive electronics. Running cooler has it’s advantages and feeding cool air directly over the power house is a welcomed upgrade. Behind that, LFR has designed a top fin that joins into a rear swoop for added stability and increased rear down force. The combination of the two help give Bothe the YZ-2 and SRX2 Gen3 a balanced and precise feel during mid corner rotation and on power exit.

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JP Richards sweeps 2020 Stock Showdown

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The inaugural Stock Showdown was held at the En Raceway & Elite Hobbies in Columbus, Ohio. The race attracted almost 40 entries and in the 17.5 2wd Stock Buggy class it was JP Richards (Yokomo/Muchmore Racing/Pro-Line Racing) who set the overall TQ and brought hoe the win from Austin Horne (Team Associated/Reedy/Pro-Line Racing) in second and Rashaad Marshall in third.

Willspeed YZ2 & XB2 TakeOne D arm mounts

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Willspeed have introduced new TakeOne D Arm Mount for the Yokomo YZ2 and the XRAY XB2 (2019 and 2020 versions). Considered as a must have for carpet racers in Stock and Modified classes, the The TakeOne D hanger does exactly as it says on the tin. Removing 1 degree of inboard Toe In allowing 0.5 and even 0 degrees inboard Toe. Changing the inboard Toe in range from the standard 1-4 degrees, to 0-3 degrees. Antisquat unchanged. Removing inboard toe allows the rear axle to act more efficiently, reducing tyre scrub, increasing mid corner rotation and increasing on power steering. The option parts is machined from high-quality aluminium and come anodised clear.

Ryan Maifield wins at 2020 Reedy International Race of Champions

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The 2020 Reedy International Off-Road Race of Champions were held January 23rd – 26th at World famous OC RC raceway in beautiful Huntington Beach, California. This years Invitational class was once again stacked with talent consisting of top drivers from the USA, Europe, and Japan. The unique and exciting Reedy Race format consisted of 6 rounds of heads-up racing for 4wd Buggy, then switched over to 6 rounds of heads-up racing for 2wd buggy. All heat races and starting positions were sorted to ensure a level playing field for all racers. Each driver would be allowed 1 throw-out per class to count a total of 10 races towards the overall Championship. After all 12 rounds of racing were complete, it was Ryan Maifield taking the overall Invitational Championship from Spencer Rivkin in second and Ryan Cavalieri in third.

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Yokomo introduce new YZ-2CAL3/DTM3 aluminium option parts

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Yokomo have added to the range of optionals three new aluminium parts for the YZ-2 CAL3 and YZ-2 DTM3 in the form of an aluminium rear upper arm mount, a set of aluminium steering bellcranks, and an aluminium rear hub carrier set. The parts are machined from high-quality aluminium and come hard coated for wear with machined chamfered silver edges. The aluminium rear upper arm mount matches the wide suspension of the YZ-2 DTM3. It features three inner ballstud mounting positions and can be used upside down or right side with one side featuring an increase of 2mm, and the other side flat. It optimises the camber change during suspension compression.

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XactRC YZ-2 DTM3/CAL3 aluminum steering link

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XactRC have introduced a new aluminum steering link system for the Yokomo YZ-2 DTM3 and and YZ-2 CAL3. The redesigned link will feature 4 flanged 3x7x3 ball bearings to minimize slop the steering rack assembly. This will help in low and high speed areas for both dirt and carpet racing. The aluminum link will also provide more consistency, overall performance, and less maintenance. Easy to install, using same washer setup and ball studs as the plastic link given with the YZ-2 kit. This product is the first of many racers oriented performance parts from XactRC and it was developed, tested, and made in the USA.

Maifield & Rivkin win at 2019 INS9 Finals

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The final round of the popular 2019 INS9 was held at the Beach RC & Hobbies indoor track in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. In the Pro 4WD Modified Buggy class, R.Maifield was the man to beat. The former World Champion took the overall TQ and grabbed the win from T.Tessmann and D.Evans in 2nd and 3rd respectively. S.Rivkin came in fourth and Mark Sousa (XRAY/Pro-Line Racing) in fifth. In the highly contested Pro 2WD Modified Buggy class, Spencer Rivkin (Team Associated/Hobbywing/ JConcepts) set the overall TQ and took the win in front of Ty Tessmann (XRAY/Hobbywing/Pro-Line Racing) in second and Ryan Maifield (Yokomo/Performa Racing/JConcepts) in third. The Team Associated du of Dustin Evans (Team Associated/Reedy/Pro-Line Racing) and Aydin Horne (Team Associated/Reedy/Pro-Line Racing) completed the top 5 results.