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Atsushi Hara teams up with rcMart

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rcMart have announced the signing of the multi-time World Champion Atsushi Hara to their team. A.Hara will represent the RC megastore on the tracks and he will use Yeah Racing products, distributed by rcMart, on his rides for the 2019 and 2020 seasons.

Yeah Racing spring steel power tool tip set

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Yeah Racing have introduced a new range of power tool tips for electric screwdrivers. The tool tips are manufactured from spring steel material to increase reliability and lifespan and to minimise the chances of damage head screws due to wear. This set includes 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0mm tool tips.

Yeah Racing TT02B black aluminum conversion kit


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Yeah Racing have introduced a black aluminum conversion kit for the Tamiya TT02B. This kit consists everything you need to upgrade your TT02B to unleash its full potential as the ultimate racing buggy or backyard basher! On the stock Tamiya TT02B there are an extensive amount of plastic parts, which consists a lot of play in the suspension. This creates inconsistency in the suspension geometry and will make your car hard to drive, especially on offroad surfaces where your suspension will work twice as hard when compared to on road. By upgrading your TT02B with this upgrade it, it unleashes it’s full potential.

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Yeah Racing aluminum wire clamps

Yeah Racing aluminum wire clamps

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Yeah Racing have introduced aluminum wire clamps for keeping the wires on your car neat and tidy. These wire clamps will be able to fit wire sizes ranging from 12 to 14 gauge. Features three slots for motor wires and you can use two if you wish to use this item for organizing battery connection wires. The two halves are secured together with two cap 1.5mm Cap screws which keep this clamp secure whilst keeping a low profile. Available in black, blue, pink and red colours.

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Yeah Racing’s SC10 Belt Tensioner

Yeah Racing is proud to announce the release of their new belt tensioner with aluminium wheel for the Team Associated SC10 4×4. Manufactured from lightweight materials it increases the smoothness of the SC10 after altering to the belt to the desired running tension. Available in blue and silver.