XRAY XB2 adjustable ball differential

v_ball diff rozpad


XRAY introduces an adjustable ball differential for XB2 2wd buggy. It is recommended for all XB2 configurations when used on very-low to medium-traction dirt or clay surfaces to increase traction. The externally-adjustable ball differential is machined from HUDY Spring Steel™ and is additionally hardened for extra durability and long lifespan. A high-quality carbide thrustbearing and carbide balls are included for ultra-smooth operation. The ball differential comes factory pre-assembled.

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XRAY support at 2016 The DIRT race



XRAY has announced that they will support all XRAY customers attending the 2016 The DIRT race from 17th till 21st February 2016 at Fear Farm CR Raceway in Phoenix, US. XRAY chief designer Juraj Hudy & European Champion Martin Bayer along with RC America Team XRAY will be there to provide service & support. If you need any help do not hesitate and to contact anyone from the XRAY team or just stop by for a chat.

XRAY XB2 Steering block graphite extension set



XRAY introduces new graphite extensions for steering block set for XB2 2wd buggy. The steering block graphite extension is cut from 2.5mm carbon fibre and it works on either left or right side. It allows for easy Ackermann position adjustment for fine-tuning on all surfaces and track conditions.

  • 0-slot extension gives the most aggressive steering, recommended for very technical, small tracks.
  • 2-slot extension turns outside wheels less, easier to drive, makes the car less aggressive and increases cornering speed.
  • 1-slot extension gives racing characteristics between 2 & 0 slots: slightly more steering
  • 2- slot, turns outside wheel more. On high-grip this can produce a stopping in corners.

v_322291 v_322291-&-322292-Extensions-for-Steering-Blocksň

XRAY XB2 1.5mm Lexan rear wing

XB2 Lexan rear wing 1.5mm 1


XRAY introduces new optional rear wing for XB2 buggy. This wing made from thick 1.5mm Lexan material is highly reliable with less chance of breakage. It gives higher traction & stability, but reduces steering.

XB2 Lexan rear wing 1.5mm

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Nico Risser wins 2016 EIR

podium EIR


The EIR, Euro Indoor Race was held on the ” Black Country Arena ” track in Charleroi, Belgium. This was the first race for Nico Risser with the XB8E and he learned a lot during the friday practice. its XRAY buggy was better run after run and on Sunday Nico was able to win all finals and take the overall win in the 1/8 scale.

Final results:

  1. Nico Risser – XRAY XB8E
  2. Cedric Nickel Kyosho
  3. Johan Catilina TeamC t8ev3
  4. Julian André Tekno Eb48
  5. Brian Delhaye TeamC
  6. Nick Vrankks TeamC
  7. Kristof Dehert – XRAY XB8E
  8. Raphael Janssen TeamC
  9. Davide Faraci – XRAY XB8E
  10. Pilou Caprasse Kyosho

XRAY XB2 alu front & rear roll-center holders

support xray xb2 neo


XRAY introduces an optional front and rear roll-center holder for XB2 2wd buggy. They are CNC-machined from high-quality Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum. Alu holder increases strength and makes the handling more precise and more forgiving. Suitable for very-high-traction tracks. The front roll-center holder fits both Dirt & Carpet Edition while the rear roll-center holder only fits to the Carpet Edition.

v_323041 Alu Rear Roll-Center Holder v_322041-&-323041-Alu-Roll-center-Holders v_322041-&-323041-Alu-Roll-center-Holders_v02

XRAY XB2 aluminum steering arm

Steering Arm neo


XRAY introduces new aluminum steering arm for XB2 buggy. It is CNC-machined from high-quality Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum. The aluminum steering arm generates more precise steering and makes the steering characteristics more aggressive. Set of 2.

v_322510 Steering Arm

XRAY XB2 Multi-Flex battery strap

XRAY XB2 Multi-Flex battery strap neo


XRAY introduces the graphite battery strap being part of the Multi-Flex™ system for XB2 2wd buggy. The top of the graphite strap can be mounted to the rear motor mount via an adjustable linkage which allows the car to flex to its sides but reinforces the car in the longitudinal direction. This graphite battery strap is recommended to be used together with the adjustable linkage in high and very-high traction conditions.

Main Features:

  • Smart Multi-Flex adjustment
  • Side-to-side flex
  • Longitudinal reinforcement
  • For high- and very-high traction conditions
  • High-grade graphite
  • Hudy Spring Steel™ turnbuckle

Quek & Apandi win Singapore Nats Rd1

Singapore Nationals Rd11


Last weekend the first round of the Singapore Electric Buggy National Series was held at the Urban PlaySpace astro-turf offroad circuit in downtown Singapore. The big challenge for all drivers was managing the high traction surface of the tight circuit. In the 4WD Class, Dominic Quek win the first 2 rounds of qualifying to secure TQ honours. In Leg 1 of the A-Main, Dominic weathered the pressure from Scott Pettet to secure the win. In Leg 2, a misjudged jump by Dominic in the tricky double-chicane-double section of the track gave the win to Scott, setting up a showdown in Leg 3. Dominic again got off to a confident start in Leg 3, with Scott in hot pursuit. Holding back his adrenaline to avoid mistakes, Dominic was able to take a good win in Leg 3 and claim his and XRAY’s first win in the Singapore Nationals.

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XRAY Off-road Team 2016



XRAY presents the official all-star 2016 off-road factory team.