Tasos Paparegas wins at Greek Champs


A round of the Greek National Championship was held in beautifull island of Kefalonia in Greece. The club prepared a very fast track layout with some big jumps. Tasos Paparegas (XRAY) would sweep the race. The Greek Champion took the overall TQ and the win in front of Ioannis Papanikolaou (Kyosho) in second and his team mate Aris Bornovas in third.

Matthew Pyle wins at Light It Up Blue Autism Benefit race


The Light It Up Blue Autism benefit race was held at NWA R/C Raceway in Rogers, Arkansas. Matthew Pyle (XRAY) took the overall TQ in the 17.5T 2WD Buggy class by 0.250 seconds. Final was a neck-to-neck three-way battle between Pyle, Robert Reynolds, and Michael Walker. Thanks to more consistent laps Pyle managed to take the win from Walker in second and Reynolds in third.

Evan Jones double at Psycho Nitro Blast 2018


The 2018 edition of the Psycho Nitro Blast was held last weekend in White Pine, Tennessee. Evan Jones (XRAY) would sweep the Open nitro buggy and E-buggy classes. Jones took the overall TQ and the win in both classes from Ryan Pacheco and Jordan Singletary in Open Nitro Buggy while Zach Noia and Ben Pinover rounded out the top 3 in Open E-Buggy. In Open Nitro Truggy it was Jordan Singletary who took the TQ but in final it was Kayla Espinel who brought home the win from Ryan Pacheco in second and Cowboy Risser in third.

E-buggy & Nitro Truggy podiums here

Metropolitan Championship Rd1 report


The first round of the Metropolitan Championship was held at the new Speed ​​Paradise track in Argentina. The race was held in Buggy Pro, Buggy Open, Buggy Master and Truggy Pro classes. In Buggy Pro it was Nicolas Bregante (XRAY) who took the win from Alejandro Calens in second and Sebastian Recio in third. In Buggy Open Rodrigo De Cesare (XRAY) grabbed the win in front of Christisn Sebastian Corbo and Angel Choque (XRAY) in second and third respectively. The Buggy Master class saw Emilio Iaccobuchi taking the victory in front of Nicolas Weber and Marcelo Martin (XRAY). In Truggy XRAY duo of Matias Lence and Gustavo Alberdi finished in first and second repectively while Fabio Perez rounded out the top 3.

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Dimitris Fotinos wins at XRS Greece Rd3


Last weekend was held the third round of the XRS at Fanatix Racing Track, Greece. In the 2wd Buggy class it was Greek champion Dimitris Fotinos (XRAY) who TQed in front of Papagiannakopoulos (Kyosho) and Ioannidis (XRAY). In A1 it was Fotinos who took the win from an another Greek champion, Amaxas in second and Papagiannakopoulos in third. In A2 Papagiannakopoulos grabbed the win after a mistake from Fotinos while Ioannidis finished in third. In the deciding A3 final Fotinos and Ioannidis were in the heat of a battle but eventually Fotinos was acle to took the the win. Papagiannakopoulos and Ioannidis rounded out the overall podium in second and third respectively.

T-Work’s introduces new XB4 options

See: T-Work’s

Made for the XRAY XB4 is a range of new option parts from T-Work’s. First up are two screw sets, one with gold-plated steel screws and the other with titanium screws with UFO head design. Next up is a titanium turnbuckle set and a titanium ball end set. Also new are two hard coated universal central shaft joint, a hard coated central universal shaft and four 5.8mm hard coated universal balls and two hard coated 5.8mm aluminium pivot balls.

More photos here

Ty Tessmann Pro Tip: XT8 upgrade

Ty Tessmann has published a “Pro Tip” video where the forme World champ gives some information on the XT8 upgrade.

Watch the video

Under the Hood: XB8’18 Marco Baruffolo

Marco Baruffolo, 18 – Italy

  • Chassis: XRAY XB8’18
  • Engine: Picco V1 Team DLC CER
  • Fuel: Runner Time
  • Tyres: Hot Race Tyres
  • Radio & Servos: KO EX2 & KO RSX3 Power servos
  • Body & Wing: Stock & XRAY lexan wing
  • Event: The Neo Race 2018, Spain


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