XRAY balances XB8 with brass nuts

Brass Nuts XB8

XRAY has just released their optional brass M15 adjusting nut for the XB8 capturing pivot balls in front steering blocks. The additional weight nuts are more than 3x heavier than standard aluminum adjusting nut, and provide a great way to tune and adjust weight balance on your buggy. Sold in sets of 2.

Source: XRAY

Stefe the Slovenian Electro Champion


This past weekend hosted the final round of the Slovenian Electro Challenge 2014 in Blatni Dol. XRAY’s Andraz Stefe entered the final round the points leader, and needed a fourth place finish or better to win the title. Stefe, despite have little time on his new car, set a new track record in qualifying. He didn’t slow down as he went on to win 2 of the 3 finals, taking the overall victory for the day AND the Slovenian Electro Challenge championship win!

Source: XRAY

Zagorisos travels to victory in Greece


Round 5 of the R/C River Private Championships took place this past weekend in Greece. XRAY driver Kostas Zagorisos traveled his way to the event, and with only 2 tanks of practice, managed to set TQ in qualifying. The final saw an outstanding battle between Zagorisos and Papanikolaou for the lead, but in the end Zagorisos would take the win by nearly 5 seconds!

Source: XRAY

Tasos takes Greek Championship win

XRAY Greek Win

The last round of Greek 1/8 Buggy Championship took place in Athens at Zorri Track. The weather was sunny and hot, and the track very difficult. Tasos came from North of Greece to compete against the local drivers who raced at the same track 1 weekend ago. He started with a great pace and took the win in the first qualifier, and would take TQ.

In the Final, Tasos started out front with locals Makropoulos, Tsigkos and Perogianakis behind him pushing hard. A small stone lodged in between his chassis and front arm of Tasos car, dropping him back 11 seconds out of first. With only a short time to go, the stone fell out, allowing the car to once again work properly. Tasos then charged his way back to the front, taking an impressive win over Zagorisos and Makropoulos.

Source: XRAY

Nugroho the Malaysian League champ


The Malaysia National League wrapped up this past weekend at 3 Stone Park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A total of 72 racers attended Round 5 of the series, including entries from Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Indonesia. In the highly competitive Pro Class, it would be XRAY’s Jason Nugroho who would take home the victory after taking the lead at the 10-minute mark in the Final. Nugroho was followed across the line by Wenyi and Adrian Wicaksono. The Round 5 win also clinched the overall championship title for Nugroho and his XB8.

Source: XRAY

Gosvig gallops to Dutch Nats win

v_dm7 3

The final round of the 2014 Dutch Nationals were held this past weekend in Bramming. A horse hall was transformed into an enormous track for racers to enjoy. Traction was low, and technicality was at an all-time high. Despite the tricky conditions, XRAY’s Mike Gosvig found his way to the top step of the podium, taking the Round 7 win! Magnus Frandsen and Pelle Culmsee would follow him home for second and third.

Source: XRAY

Bayer strikes twice at Czech 1/8 Nats

Martin Bayer

Last weekend hosted Round 4 of the Czech National Championship, held in Prague and organized by the RC Club Radotin. XRAY’s Martin Bayer piloted his way to a double championship victory, winning both the E-Buggy and Nitro Buggy classes with ease. Kaja Novotny and Milan Mudra would finish up the E-Buggy podium, while Jiri Mara and Stephan Silhavy finished up 2nd and 3rd in Nitro Buggy.

IMG_1580 IMG_1591 IMG_1584 IMG_1595

Source: XRAY

Nugroho wins Jakarta Champs Rd.4

Jakarta Win

The fourth round of Jakarta Buggy Championship was held last Sunday at Graha Raya Track, in Serpong, West Java. Dusty and rough track conditions proved to be quite challenging for the drivers. Despite a rough start and early flame out, XRAY’s Jason Nugroho charged his way to the front of the pack at the 30-minute mark of the final. Nugroho took the lead away from Adrian Wicaksono, and never looked back. Wicaksono finished up second, with Chopin Yusuf finishing up third.

Reno Savoya linked with HB HPI move


Three-time European Champion Reno Savoya has been heavily linked with a move away from current chassis sponsor XRAY to join recently crowned World Champions HB HPI – the rumours surfaced just after the World Championships in Sicily after a disappointing result (due to servo horn coming loose in his final), the move would make sense given Savoya’s strong backing from Team Orion & engine maestro Adrien Bertin – who himself made the switch to the HB HPI earlier this year.

Info RC initially spilled the beans on a move we believe to be signed, and almost delivered, it would bring a three-year tenure with XRAY to an early end, however as we understand it Savoya is still under contract to race for XRAY at the present time.

We caught up with the Shark himself who was coy on the subject:

“At the present time, these are just rumours, I am still happily racing under contract with the XRAY family”

AKA releases Martin Bayer from team

Martin Bayer

It’s no secret that racers will do whatever it takes to win, or at least whatever THEY think it takes to win. Often times this means running a product they feel is superior at that given time to what their sponsoring companies offer. Primarily this is seen when drivers are struggling with tires, engines, or perhaps fuel. Secretly they run a product manufactured by their sponsors competition in order to gain the edge they are looking for.

This scenario just so happened at the 2014 IFMAR World Championships in Italy, when AKA’s Martin Bayer took the track in the Final running Pro-Line tires. AKA has taken a stand today making a public announcement, releasing Bayer from the AKA race team for his decision.

“AKA is regretfully announcing the release of Martin Bayer from the AKA race team. This action was dictated by the decision of Martin and his chassis sponsor to run a tire other than AKA in the world championship final. We wish Martin all the best in 2015.”

Bayer XB8

This is not the first time we have seen a contract terminated due to similar situations, but it is the first in recent years on such a large scale. Will this change the minds of top racers choosing to run the competitors products in the future?