Bruno Coelho WC Interview: The Road to the top of the World

xb4 a bruno coelho TQ WCh 2015_interview

Bruno’s Road to the World Championship Title

NeoBuggy: Portuguese touring car star, man of the moment, touring car ace, XRAY’s on-road sensation, European & World electric touring vice-Champion, European nitro touring Champion, and now current electric off-road World Champion Bruno Coelho, how does it all sound Bruno?

Bruno: It sounds really great, actually. If you had asked me the same thing one year ago, I couldn’t even imagine all the things I was able to accomplish. Everything happened so fast, but there was a LOT of dedication and hard work. I couldn’t have managed it without all the support I got.

…it’s really tough to define “What is the correct amount of time to wait?”

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Larkin wins at UN Championship of Russia

v_podium 4WD

This past weekend hosted the UN Championship of Russia, held in Moscow at the Crocus Expo Exhibition Centre. The carpet track was laid out with a fresh configuration to spice up the scene for racers at this event. Over 120 racers from across Russia gathered for the event. In the competitive 4wd Buggy class, it was Roman Larkin who piloted his way to a dominating victory by taking TQ, A1, and A2 wins. Dmitriy Malyshko would finish second on the day, with Stanislav Glebov third.

XRAY XB2 1/10 2WD Buggy: Unveiled


After the overwhelming success of our exclusive ‘the Making of the XB2‘ articles in close partnership with XRAY, everyone at NeoBuggy are delighted to exclusively ‘first unveil’ XRAY’s 1/10th Offroad 2WD buggy – The XB2…

At the heart of XRAY’s philosophy is a firm commitment to perfection when it comes to engineering, design, performance and support, all made possible by state-of-the-art in-house manufacturing. The XB2 is the epitome of perfection that is typical for XRAY.


After 3 years of extensive development and testing, I am proud to present to you one of the best-performing 2WD 1/10 off-road cars in the world. Designed in virtual reality using the world’s most sophisticated CAD tools, and manufactured using the world’s best machining and molding machinery, the XB2 achieves a level of premium perfection in all details that is second to none.

The XB2 platform works at the highest competition level in any track conditions, whether it be super-low-traction dusty tracks, medium-traction, or super-high-traction carpet or astro turf; there is an XB2 for you that will handle flawlessly in any of these conditions

xb2gallery-02w xb2gallery-05w xb2gallery-08w xb2gallery-09w

There are two different XB2 kits to choose from – Carpet Edition and Dirt Edition, both built on the same platform with full compatibility and with interchangeable parts. The Carpet Edition is designed for medium to very-high traction conditions, while the Dirt Edition is designed for very-low to medium grip conditions.

The Uni-Platform™ allows either XB2 edition to be tuned or converted to suit any track conditions with only a few additional parts.

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XB2 Feature: Martin Bayer interview


XB2 Feature: Martin Bayer interview   

After a lengthy sit-down with the suited Martin Bayer – ready for business, discussing the behind the scenes and makings-of XRAY’s new XB2 gamechanger, we followed up with a few more questions of our own about how it was to work on the project and get even further details…

The off-road division now covers almost all classes, but some are still missing. As we have now finished the XB2 project, you can maybe draw your own conclusion what may be the next logical new project we will work on…

NB: Martin, thank you for taking time to speak with us about the new XB2 buggy. As you mentioned in parts 1 and 2 in ‘The Making of‘ feature, there were a lot of lessons learn’t in developing a 2WD buggy. What would you consider to be the biggest lesson of them all, and why?

Martin: The entire development procedure was a huge learning experience for me, where Juraj shared & revealed all his knowledge to me. In 3 years I have learned what he had to learn and experience by himself over the 40+ years he has been in the RC hobby. The amount of information I have absorbed and all the tests we went through in the last years brought my understanding of RC cars to another level… or another dimension it seems!  The major steps in progress we made always occurred after we realized we had done something wrong. So I learned that to do something you need more than knowledge, information, and resources… you have to work extremely hard and not to give up when all you seem to get are failures and mistakes.


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Making the XRAY XB2: Part 2


Making the XRAY XB2: Part 2 – By Martin Bayer

Following on from Part One is the second installment of Martin Bayer’s brilliant account of the ‘journey traveled’ in developing XRAY’s 2WD 1/10 buggy challenger – the XB2.

“In a last-minute decision, Juraj suggested that our touring car ace Bruno Coelho should try to race 1/10 off-road at the EOS season opener, and if he performed well we could take him to the Worlds.”

Prototype #3

Despite all the challenges we were facing and the recent disappointments, we were all fully motivated to finally break into a new direction. At this point I realized how “crazy” Juraj is when it comes to accomplishments, the more we continued to struggle the higher motivation he had and the harder he worked. Sometimes it seemed like there is nothing he cannot do. I do not know where his motivation comes from, but despite our continued struggles the increased motivation was transferred to me despite myself being completely exhausted with no time to relax. As such without taking any extra time to cry about the current situation, we were back in the R&D stage – again, delaying the project.

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Crolla & Valtier win French National finale


This past weekend hosted the final round of the French 1/10 Nationals, also known as ‘The Champions Cup’ race. The event was hed in Neuvile de Poitou, and run on carpet. The 4wd buggy class saw XRAY’s Lorenzo Crolla take TQ in qualifying. Crolla carried on his success to sweep all three A-finals for the overall win ahead of AE’s Julien Formentin and XRAY teammate Mathieu Briere. 

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Sourdos dominates Greece Cup

v_winner (1)

The same day as the Greek 1/10 Offroad Nationals, also hosted the 1/8 nitro Greece Cup. The race took place at the Hobbytech RC facility, and saw the XRAY of Margaritis Sourdos set the pace in qualifying, easily taking TQ. Sourdos would make quick work of the competition, winning the finals by 2 laps over the Agama duo of Zois Margaritis and Markos.


Paparegas brothers 1-2 at Greek Nats

Tasos Paparegos

Round 2 of the Greek 1/10 Offroad Nationals was recently held at the Zorri RC Track. The XRAY duo of Tasos and John Paparegas clearly set the pace in qualifying with brilliant 18 lap runs. Kyosho’s Argi would qualify and start third on the grid for finals. In the end, Tasos would carry on to win the overall with John second, and Floudas finishing third.

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Making the XRAY XB2: Part 1


Making the XRAY XB2: Part 1 – By Martin Bayer

Always ones to lead the way with others left trailing, XRAY kindly granted us full access to the sharpest-looking RC driver in suit; it could be none other than Martin Bayer! We sat down to discuss the makings of the hugely-anticipated new XB2 2WD 1/0 EL Buggy in X-rated detail!


Never before had I expected that designing an RC car would be such a complicated, complex, difficult, stressful, and extremely time-consuming thing to do.

Really, I could tell you nightmare stories first-hand as the soon-to-be-released XB2 is my first real-life entire project that I have worked on, and it was a challenge that gave me to a whole new level of understanding and appreciation of the RC car world.


How did I get here?


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XRAY shares Bruno Coelho’s IFMAR Worlds winning XB4 setup

v_winning setup_World Championship 2016 – kópia (2)

XRAY has undoubtedly made their mark in offroad this year, finishing off the season with an IFMAR World Championship win. The XB4’16 designer, Martin Bayer, shares his World Championship winning set-up that Bruno Coelho used to win the recent Worlds in Japan.

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“After we arrived to Yatabe Arena we started the practice rounds with our initial set-up that we have used during practice at Hudy Arena where we raced on high traction carpet. This was the same set-up we have successfully used at first round of EOS series with just very minor modifications. After few practice rounds we felt confident that this set-up will work great also on this astro track that had very high traction. And it worked great…”