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XRAY support @ Las Vegas Worlds



The 1/8 nitro off-road World Championship 2016 is going to take place from 30th September to 8th October at RC Track of Las Vegas. XRAY factory team will be there to provide technical and set-up help and American distributor RC America to provide full support and service with a complete range of all spare parts.

Kaja Novotny takes 2wd & 4wd Czech titles



The sixth & final round of 1/10 buggy Czech nationals took place last weekend in Velke Opatovice. For the first round of qualifications the track was pretty wet. In 2wd qualifications Ales Bidovsky took overall TQ while in 4wd qualifications Kaja Novotny managed to take TQ in all three rounds.

In A1 Bidovsky and Novotny had great fight for the win and in the end Bidovsky took the win. In A2 Novotny’s transponder stopped working after 3 laps and Marek Schiller took the win. That meant A3 would have decided whole podium. In A3 Novotny took early lead and set the fastest time over 5 minutes, and so the overall win.

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Alexander Landén crowned Swedish National Champion



This weekend it was time for the fourth round in the Swedish National Cup series. The round was held at the Green Hill race track at the MHF Skarpnäck facility in Stockholm. The weather was great all weekend and both the cars were working great on the track. In 4wd Alexander Landén got an early handle on the proceedings TQing the first three rounds and in the process putting in the only 12 lap qualifying round of the event, a feat that is very rare at this track it seems.

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Maxim Laverychev takes Moscow 1/8 Buggy title



Last weekend the Moscow 1/8 Buggy Championship took place at the RCRacer racetrack in Moscow. It is an open Championship, so drivers from all the country were fighting for the title.
Due to the weather conditions the club crew had to cover the track with sawdust to dry the track. That took a long time, so the main final was finished after sundown with the lightings. XRAY driver Maxim Laverychev took the overall TQ and in the main final after 20 minutes of race Maxim took the lead and won the race in front of Dmitry Gribov in second and Nikita Pomogaev in third.

Max Götzl sweeps Off-road Party Cup Rd6



The 6th round of Off-road Party Cup was held last weekend at the Kolin track, Czech Republic. The track was nicely prepared for the race, in the morning it was a little bit wet but dried out during day. In qualifications round Max Götzl won all three rounds in both Nitro Buggy and E-Buggy and so the overall TQ. In Nitro Buggy final Max took the lead right after the start and kept it like that through the refueling stop until the finish line. In E-Buggy it was a little bit harder for Max. In the first final he had problem with steering but the last 2 finals were Max took the win. Also Max was the best Junior driver in both classes.

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DKT XB8 Series 3-shoe clutch set


See: DKT

DKT have introduced new 3-shoe clutch for XRAY XB8 Series. The flywheel is made in Ergal 7075 and coated hard to increase the durability and the shoes are available in four types: Hard, Ultra Hard and Ultra Hard with bronze insert and Carbon Composite. The clutch is supplied with the new DKT nuts that allow easy replacement of shoes and springs, in addition to allowing to change the setup of the clutch in a very easy way, in fact changing the nut can be varied the response of the clutch according to the surface with more or less grip.

2016 NSW State Titles report



Run over the weekend of 10-11th September at the Sydney RC Car Club. Near perfect weather apart from overnight rain on the Friday Night made for excellent racing conditions. The near pure clay surface proved a little slippery with the Control Tyre chosen. 2wd day was wet in the first two rounds due to the rain, but groove soon followed.

Click for 2wd & 4wd results

Malin Karlsen wins Norwegian Nats Rd4



Last weekend was held the 4th and last round of the Norwegian 1/10 National Series at the Levanger track. 2WD qualifying saw Roy Gjemble take the overall TQ ahead XRAY’s Malin Karlsen. In the first final Gjemble took the win because Malin made few small mistakes. In A2 Malin was able to stay with the leader and put more pressure on him. He made a mistake on lap 2 and Malin took the opportunity to catch the lead until the finish line. This meant it was all down to the 3rd and last final. Once again Malin put the pressure on the #1 car which lead to a small mistake by him on lap 2 and Malin could take the lead and eventually a comfortable win. Malin won the race in front of Roy Gjemble and Steffen Hjortshoj second and third respectively.