XRAY XB8’16: Exclusive interview with Martin Bayer


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After the official launch of the 2016 edition of the XB8, we finish off our exclusive feature with an in-depth interview with Martin Bayer himself.

NeoBuggy: What was the most difficult task for you as a designer while working on the new XB8?

Martin Bayer: Before I was directly involved with R&D, I always thought that the most difficult part of the design process was to find the proper geometry of the car. Now I know that the most difficult challenge for a designer is to face resource limitations and especially The Deadline directly related to the production schedule. In high-competition racing, the customers buy cars for a new season, so missing a release date automatically means less sales which means less resources available for further development of the platform.

So my biggest challenge was to find the moment when I had to stop testing and provide the final specs of the car. If there was no deadline, development would be infinite… I would just continue with another & another last small tests here and there.

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Norwegian Nats Series Rd2 report

Norwegian Nats Series Rd2 2wd podium


Race report by Malin & Bent:

On Friday we travelled down to one of our favorite astro tracks located in Skien, Norway for round #2 of the Norwegian National Series. This would be Malin’s first National Series race in Norway. Saturday morning started with a 1.5 hour free practice session in 2WD to test tires and adjust setup. Weather was colder than our last visits to the track and the forecast said rain was coming. We got 3 qualifying rounds in the dry where she ended up 2nd behind the very fast local driver Joakim Nicolaisen.

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XRAY unveil XB8’16 Buggy


We’ve been featuring the ‘Making of the new XB8’16‘ here on Neo recently, and finally the wait is over, XRAY present the XB8’16:

Based on the ultra-successful XB8 platform, XRAY proudly presents the 2016-spec XB8 which incorporates the latest improvements and refinements gathered by the team, race-proven in the highest competition races around the world.


With my long-time experiences with 1/8 off-road racing, combined with the expertise I have gained from the R&D process at my previous projects at XRAY with XB2 and XB4 platforms, I have incorporated all the improvements & refinements to the XB8 platform to make it better, easier to work on, and more reliable.

Martin Bayer -XRAY XB8 Designer

xb8-2016-intro-04 xb8-2016-intro-03 xb8-2016-intro-05 xb8-2016-intro-02

XRAY XB’16 details

Czech Nationals Rd2 report

Czech Nationals Rd2 2wd podium


Race report by Kaja Novotny:

The 2nd round of 1/10 buggy Czech nationals took place last weekend on a beautiful track in Janovice. After more than two years organizers decided to bring 1/10 class back to its roots – clay, for which I owe them my thanks. Home club did amazing job and prepared really amazing track for us, thank you very much!

On Friday we had a free practice where I concentrated more on my driving than on setting my cars as this was my first time ever with XRAY cars on clay. At the end of the day I was quite happy with both cars and was looking forward for qualifications. In 2wd qualifications Martin Bayer was the fastest man on track as he TQed all three qualifications and so gained overall TQ with my XB2 finishing 2nd in all rounds and Zdenek Miksovsky lining up 3rd for the mains (all three with XB2)!

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XRAY Work.Shop at RC Mafia off-road series

XRAY Workshop_Poland_Novotny


XRAY driver Kaja Novotny is going to attend RC Mafia off-road series in Nowa Gadka, Poland coming weekend 28. – 29. May to teach you some tips & tricks on XRAY XB2, XB8 & XB8E. The Work.Shop is for free and everyone is welcomed. 
Be a part of Team XRAY and enjoy the premium support.

Joel Valander doubles at Finnish Nats Rd1

Finnish Nats Rd1 2wd-podium


First round of Finnish 1/10 off-road Nationals were held at Hyvinkää in Finland. Weather was pretty warm and sunny, and that made the track pretty dusty. In 2wd Joel Valander took the TQ with two first places. Joona Haatanen was starting second followed by Karri Salmela in third. Finals were thrilling between top three guys as they were lot quicker than rest of the field. Joel won first and last leg of triple A-mains.

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Hupo Hönigl doubles at Austrian Nationals Rd2

Austrian Nats Rd2 podium 4wd


The second round of the Austrian 1/10 off-road nationals were held in the very north of Austria at the wonderful track of the GMAC Litschau. The weather forecast did not look pretty for the whole weekend with a lot of rain and low temperatures predicted. Luckily the race will run without any delays, just the wind and the low temperatures made it really tough.

In 2wd Xray driver Hupo Hönigl took the TQ and won the event with a clean sweep. 4wd was a different story – 4 people had almost the same pace and it was a hard fight from Q1 to Q3. XRAY driver Roland Macho won the first qualifying round, Q2 went to Peter Pinisch and Hönigl will be able to fight back in Q3 & 4 to secure the overall TQ spot in 4wd as well. The finals saw the same fight again; this time it was Marcel Rekettye who set the pace, he just made too many little mistakes and finished 2nd overall. Hönigl wins A1 and A3 and secured the overall win in this class. Peter Pinisch finished 3rd overall with his win in A2. Overall result:

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XRAY XB8’16 – ‘Making of’ Exclusive Feature by Martin Bayer – Part 2


XRAY XB8’16  ‘Making of’  Part 2 – Exclusive story by Martin Bayer

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Task #6: Improve the flex

The flex of the chassis, braces, suspension parts – as well as overall flex of the cars – are probably the most important factors and characteristics that influence the handling and performance of an RC car.


Every single change I make to the car has to be reviewed for how it will affect the flex. All the changes I have made and described so far had all been considered and tested on their influence on the overall flex of the car, and most of the changes were all positive. The one area I was still not completely sure about was the radio box.

I had plenty of differently modified radio boxes, and every of them provided the car with a slightly different feeling because of different flex.

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XRAY support at FEMCA race



From 25th till 19th May 2016, the FEMCA race will take place in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. RC Planet Malaysia will be there to provide service & support during the race to all XRAY customers. If you need any help do not hesitate and to contact anyone from the XRAY team or just stop by for a chat.

Swedish Nats Cup Rd1 report

podium Swedish Nats Cup 2wd


Race report by Alexander’s dad and Alexander:

It is certainly like a dream come true. Being able to take the double on the first round of the Swedish National Cup is a really great start to the outdoor season! The event was held at the Borås MRK track in the small village Viskafors. It was a great event, apart from the temperature that was between 5 and 10 degrees the whole weekend…

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