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Xpert News

Tim Lime appointed Xpert USA Team Manager

See: Xpert RC USA

Xpert RC USA have appointed Tim Lime as Team Manager of their Surface and Airplane Team for the 2019 season. T.Lime has been a long time competitor in airplanes. In recent years, he has been supporting the US young talent front runner, Camden Lime, to many major races, including 2018 IFMAR Worlds.

“This father and son team has made many remarkable results. We are honor to have Tim to help Xpert USA to manage the team to be more competitive in 2019 and beyond.” – Xpert RC USA

Xpert’s ‘WR’ waterproof servos


Play in a stream? Puddle jumping? Get muddy? Spin in the Snow?

No, us neither really, we prefer playing battleships in the bathtub, but for those who do enjoy the odd nautical-related pursuit, Xpert has a new line of waterproof servos which should suit you like a custom-made Savile Row.. uhm suit!

Designed to work with everything from a 1/10 crawler to a 1/5 monster these servos have been designed to function completely submerged in water.

Features include the waterproof case design, firmware to stop buzzing sounds, slow idle to neutral, lower operating temp, high amp and high temp protection features, hardened metal gears.

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Get turned on by an Xpert

xpert switch

Xpert R/C has stormed the racing scene around the globe with their electronics and servos over the past year. Possibly one of the most “dialed” new products in their lineup is the Xpert Electronic Switch. This electronic switch is designed to be more reliable than a standard mechanical switch, and is compatible with 6.0V NiMH receiver packs, as well as 7.4V LiPo. The switch uses a series of LED sequences to indicate the type of battery and the voltage of the battery selected by the user. When the Blue L1 light is solid it is in LiPo mode, and when the light is flashing it is in NiMH mode. When the battery voltage gets low (5.3V NiMH/6.8V LiPo), the Red L2 light will flash, and when the battery reaches the low voltage point (4.8V NiMH/6.4V LiPo), the red LED will stay lit constantly so you know its time to recharge/replace the battery. Ideal for 1/8 scale offroad applications.

Source: Xpert

Travis Amezcua joins Xpert R/C


Multiple IFMAR World Finalist and National Champion Travis Amezcua has officially signed to run Xpert servos. Travis has already used Xpert servos to dominate the 2014 Chi-Town Shoot Out, where his Viper powered Durango cars won 2wd and 4wd Modified Buggy classes. Travis also won the legendary Dash for Cash for the second straight year to pocket almost $500.

LMR adds Nitrolux, Ultimate & Xpert

Having won his 2nd British nationals round in a row, Mugen team driver / entrepreneur Lee Martin let us know that his company shop LMR are now stocking Ultimate Racing accessories, Nitrolux fuel and Xpert servos – unlike many other online stores or shops, Lee only sells the equipment he runs and races with himself – thus offering an unparalleled level of current experience and service.

See www.L-M-Racing.co.uk