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X Factory News

X Factory Infinity HB D413 carbon fiber shock towers

X Factory Infinity HB D413 shock towers

See: X Factory

X Factory have added new front and rear carbon fiber shock towers for the Hot Bodies D413 to the X Factory Infinity line of parts. The front tower replaces the standard HB part while the rear one replaces HB #112802, the kit-standard (B) tower. Both Infinity towers have a small but significant X Factory improvement: There is more material on top of the shock mount holes and more material outside the last hole to reduce the possibility that the shock mount bolt will rip out landing a jump. This also helps with abrasion when the car is up-side-down.

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X Factory Infinity B44 rear camber link mount


See: X Factory R/C

X Factory introduces new rear camber link mount for all Team Associated B44 models. It is machined from carbon and allows you to adjust the rear inner ball stud much more quickly, without tearing out the tower, top deck, etc. Just stick a wrench in there and move the ball stud.

DMS & X-Factory UK release new carbon fiber B44.3 chassis kit


See: X-Factory UK
DMS Partz and X-Factory UK is pleased to introduce the all-new Carbon Fibre main chassis and Balance weight set for the Associated B44.3. As used by several of the Associated team drivers at the recent EFRA Euros held in the UK, and also used by Associated’s Neil Cragg to TQ this year’s oOple race in the 4wd class.

0DWW79FKySSo7hxVxUNdGe0VstYG19f1OhZye7eHebk,HtaofOdw7CN3MXa2wleLReb4exKsxXehc63tZGMLYH8 dms223b dms223a LLoE9FnDvfmnvPsvC8iud0hk8-nZq4D0eOC2kZDDATg,KlVkPBth4XnMTl3K6ECu5MQ2XS2U_GB1pOGQ-TOBOdo h7jJwE724wsecHOZ3neSubrbqWx6CIioaAZn2UWZNeg DPz9CzPiv7EKPIbBPaoD4YxzfJAnEBCj4FnVRAZ78G4,odSI9d1YZzib6Ne03Gu17JXIjLi2oilGW6gnswGUojw mLniV-ezf3fiHm1JsAxYwSTdNV4rGXMtae-SPQzyD8s CG_E2jr7-YtFLdQLyYyOofvP0qXHVofJByhxszT-bTE,is32Q3-VTB8I3diSk23QiFwejoy7fCYW_bKM0GXlnFw

“The chassis is designed to be stronger and more rigid than the kit supplied aluminium offering, which results in a sharper and more responsive feel to the car.
The new chassis gives drivers the option of switching the steering servo to either the left or right position on the chassis with holes provided for both layouts.
In keeping with the kit options, forward or rear motor options are available and both saddle or shortly LiPo layouts can be used.”

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X Factory UK appointed as new Alpha Plus distributor

X Factory UK Alpha

See: X Factory UK
X Factory UK is proud to announce that with immediate effect, they are the new Alpha Plus distributors for the UK. Alpha Plus are world renowned for their quality products, especially their nitro engines and tuned pipes, all of which is now available to UK customers via X Factory UK.


DMS cuts new 1/10 buggy foam inserts

DMS Inserts

See: X-Factory UK
X-Factory UK is proud to introduce the all-new DMS 1/10 offroad tire inserts. Stepping away from the closed cell design, DMS offers up a full line of traditional foam inserts developed and tested over the past several months by many of the UK’s top drivers. Available in 2wd/4wd buggy rear, 4wd front, and 2wd front sizes with firmness options including soft (White), medium (Blue), and firm (Grey).


Azarashi molds new look for the Yokomo YZ-2

Azarashi 1

See: X-Factory UK
X-Factory UK announces a new body from Azarashi, designed with Azarashi distinctive cool styling for the Yokomo YZ-2. The new ‘Fascia’ body retains its smart and sharp appearance whilst maintaining controllable handling characteristics and an excellent front to rear balance, featuring a mid car style rather than concentrating on extreme cab forward styling for enhanced steering only. Made from 0.5mm lexan to be lightweight. Available August, 2015.

fascia_3 fascia_2 az0047

X Factory releases Infinity T5M carbon chassis conversion

Infinity T5M Chassis

See: X Factory
X Factory has just released their new Infinity CF (carbon fiber) chassis kit for the Team Associated T5M stadium truck. The kit includes all carbon fiber pieces, hardware, and instructions to disassemble the T5M then re-assemble. Your truck will be 75g lighter and will have more chassis flex for greater corner speed and better forward traction. Flex can be tuned by tightening or loosening bolts on the side decks and chassis brace.

Tekin announces new UK distributor

Tekin UK

X Factory UK is extremely proud to announce that with immediate effect they will be distributing the Tekin range of products in the UK. Tekin have been world renowned for their quality electronics for years, and now those world renowned products will be readily available in the UK via X Factory UK.

Source: X Factory UK