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VP-PRO releases Hot Bodies D815 air filter foam


VP-PRO have released their new air filter foam for the Hot Bodies D815 and D812. Made from quality dense foam, it has been shaped for ultimate high-flow, and comes with one outer and one inner foam element. Micro density foam helps achieve the high performance while providing maximum air filtration for extended engine life, even in dirty and dusty conditions. Sold in packs of 10.

VP-PRO unveils new lightweight HongNor X3 body

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VP-PRO has released their new HongNor X3 body, designed for the X3 1/8 buggy. The new tightened design is intended to reduce weight while maximizing stability. The lightweight body is made up of high quality 1.0mm clear Lexan polycarbonate material, and is available now.

VP-PRO balances out with new 1/10 wheel balancer


VPPRO have a new wheel balancer available for 1/10 tyres with 12mm hex-style rims. Made from black anodised aluminium the wheel balancer offers high accuracy and a clamping-type system that prevents binding. A large lower tray acts as a sturdy base and also takes small parts such as mounting hardware. The balancer is made especially for 1/10 offroad wheels but it works with other 12mm hex adapter wheels also.

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VP-PRO molds new body for the Mugen MBX7


VPPRO is proud to release their latest body shell for MBX7 1/8 offroad buggy. The new body is designed to look good and provide a good sense of balance to the car, which in turn adds stability. The body features a steep front windshield design that provides maximum airflow to the engine’s cooling head. The body is produced of high-quality Lexan polycarbonate, and is available now.

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Luigi Tridico takes VP-PRO to victory in Italy

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Round 6 of the AMSCI Regional Championship took place in Calabria, Italy recently. The event marked a successful weekend for the VPPRO Racing Team as team driver Luigi Tridico went on to take TQ and the overall win!

VP-PRO delivers new HongNor X3 body

HongNor Body

VP-PRO has released their latest body creation, this time designed for the HongNor X3 1/8 buggy. The body features a sleek and low-profile cab forward design that is intended to reduce body weight and maximize stability and speed. The body is made up of high quality 1.0mm clear Lexan. While VP-PRO has clearly put clever thought into the design, the same cannot be said for the name of the body as it has been given no catchy title, but instead simply labeled the ‘CB-HNX3-CL’ body.

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VP-Pro doubles up at Estonian Nats

Estonian Nationals

The First round in Estonian Nationals for 2015 was held at Tallinn Festival Grounds at Tallinn City Race. The annual grass race was as good as every year. The race consisted of 2 rounds of 1/8 Electric Buggy and 1/8 Nitro. VP-Pro would sweep both class wins with Hendrik Lainemäe taking the E-Buggy class win, and Rainer Ressar taking the Nitro Buggy win.

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Antrade for VP Pro in Norway


VP-PRO is back in the norweigan market with their new distributor www.Antrade.no. Antrade will head up all of VP Pro’s product lines and supply agents in Norway with product.



Tessmann chooses VP Racing Fuel

Tessmann Fuel

IFMAR 1/8 Offroad World Champion Ty Tessmann will be using VP PowerMaster Fuels “Tessmann Edition” this weekend at the 2015 Silver State race in Las Vegas and at Neo X next week at Harper Adams University in the UK.

Gord Tessmann said “Fuel mileage is very important to us without sacrificing power, with this blend we do not sacrifice anything.”

“I look forward to working with Ty and Gord Tessmann in the future,” said VP Powermaster’s Sales and Product Manager Tommy Porfirio. “When you combine the talents of World Champion Ty Tessmann and VP Racing Fuel’s legacy of winning, I’m confident for many opportunities with Ty Tessmann and VP Powermaster.”

VP Pro XB8 aftermarket body


VPPRO is proud to release the latest body shell for XRAY’s XB8 1/8 offroad buggy. This CB-XB8-CL body is designed to provide a quality fit whilst incorporating the preferred cab forward styling. The new body is made up with high quality Lexan polycarbonate material, and features a reversible rear side scoop for added airflow and downforce.

The transparent lexan body is available now. See VP-Racing.com

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