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VP-PRO O-ring shock grease



VP-PRO have introduced their new O-ring grease for prevent damages to the O-rings of shocks and differentials. The oil pressure is depends on the O-ring sealing status. The O-ring grease will keep silicone seals from swelling and reducing leaking issues,at the same time will enhance the smooth of the seal ring.

Vp-pro AW gold grease



Vp-pro have released the new AW Gold anti-wear grease gives superior lubrication to reduce friction and wear for gears, thrust bearings and other applications. This multi-functional high-performance grease will stick to any surface without running and provides constant and durable lubrication. The AW gold grease (15grams) comes in a small aluminum bottle.

VP Pro 1/8 Tyre Collector RS-621

VP Pro 1-8 Tyre Collector RS-621

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VP Pro have introduced the Tyre Collector RS-621 for 1/8 tyre wheels. It is made from high quality Aluminium, black anodised and laser-etched with VP Pro logo. It is designed for 17mm hex rims and it can collect 4 tyres. The Tyre Collector is very convenient to store your tyres and take up less space.

Vppro clutch set RS-620

Vppro clutch set RS-620

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Vppro is introducing new 4-shoe 1/8 offroad clutch set RS-620. Easy to assembly, you can adjust the hardness according to your feeling. It’s designed to make the engine power output more linear and smoother. The best traction, vehicle drive ability and low fuel consumption are guaranteed. The clutch set includes a steel clutch bell, aluminium flywheel, aluminium clutch shoes, steel flywheel nut, 3 kinds of springs and other associated parts. Furthermore, you can choose the steel clutch bell teeth number from 13T to 17T made of superior metal to ensure its quality.

VP Pro Electric Tool Holder tray

VP Pro Electric Tool Holder tray

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VP Pro have introduced their Electric Tool Holder tray for the use with tool tips found on electric-powered rotary tools. A common sight especially in 1/8th scale racing the rotary tools allow for swift and easy tool tip changes and this is were VP Pro’s tool holder tray steps in as it holds up to 24 different tool tips along with a glow igniter and also two quick-change handles. The tray measures 142x58x16mm and it is made from lightweight yet durable black-anodised aluminium. Laser-etched logos round out the high-quality look.

VPPRO release v2 of ‘tool base’

VPPRO new tool base V2 mod

VPPRO have released their Tool Base V2. Made from high-quality aluminum with stylish black coating and laser engraving ,it features include a stylish look and light in weight , not only does it take an assortment of VPPRO’s own tools but also the other tools. It comes anodized and laser-etched to match the (not included) tools.

VP-Pro releases new ‘RS-212’ t-shirt


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VP-Pro has just released their new t-shirt named ‘RS-212’. While the name of the shirt is less than appealing, the appearance is quite the opposite. The shirts are made of high-quality dobby fabric good for ventilation, perspiration, and moisture. It features a stylish VP-Pro logo on the front and back, combined with an eye-catching grunge style design. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.

VPPRO cuts new Lexan 1/8 buggy wing


VPPRO has just released their new 1/8 buggy Lexan wing. The new wing features a lightweight design, and is made up of 1.5mm thick high-quality Lexan material. The wing is designed to help lower the car’s center of gravity without compromising aerodynamics. The design of the wing allows for fine-tuning the amount of downforce created by adding or modifying the included gurney flap, and by using or leaving off the optional side dams. The wing pack includes clear Lexan wings, one wicker pack with hardware and a decal sheet. Set to be released mid-September, 2015.

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