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T-Work’s 8IGHT-X skid protectors

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T-Work’s have introduced two new skid protectors for the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-X and 8IGHT series. Made from heavy-duty stainless steel, the skid plate help protect the chassis from scratches due to highly abrasive surfaces.

AVID EB/ET410 Ti shock standoffs V2 & TLR 22 king pin screws

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AVID have introduced new titanium shock standoffs V2 for the Tekno EB410 and ET410 and titanium king pin screws for the TLR22. The shock standoffs use the keyed shock bushings and include AVID’s FastTune feature which allows you to use a common 1.5mm Allen wrench to prevent the standoff from spinning while using a 5.5mm socket wrench on the other side. The other solutions out there require you to either take the shock completely off the standoff to reach the 7.0mm nut or to use a 7.0mm open-ended socket wrench. Don’t forget, you also get to lose some weight from the highest point on the car by switching from steel to titanium.

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Exotek TLR 22 5.0 aluminium adjustable rear hub set

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Exotek Racing have introduced the new aluminium adjustable rear hub set for the TLR 22 5.0. CNC Machined from high-quality aluminium, the rear hubs come polished black and sport a silver chamfer finish and only weigh 2gr more than the hubs them replace. Tested with team driver feedback, this is a key tuning aid for matching the adjustable differential height (keeps the axle and bones level as you raise or lower the diff height inserts) and makes it easier to lower your ride height for high grip conditions. Designed to be use with 67mm bones, the default setting matches the 22 5.0 stock geometry while the full wheelbase adjustments similar to the stock hubs. Exotek Racing have deleted the 2 rearmost ball stud holes that are rarely used. The adjustable rear hubs come with precision machined Delrin hub height inserts that allow to set the hinge pin at stock level (+0) or raise the hub in 1mm increments (+1, +2, +3). Please note that the hubs also matches the same geometry as the B6.1 except the TLR ball stud height is 2mm taller.

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RC-Project introduce new 8IGHT-X Titanium & Ergal optionals

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Italian company RC-Project have introduced news parts for the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-X in the form of titanium shock standoffs as well as Ergal lower shock screws and uni balls. Machined from certified Grade 5 6Al4V titanium, the shock standoffs feature rolled threads guarantying a perfect fit with the nuts and thanks to the lower weight, they provide a lower centre of gravity and improved handling. The lower shock mounting screws are machined from 7075-T6 Ergal and they feature an optimised overall diameter to ensure a better connection between the pin, arm and lower shock ball. The screws are hard-coated and come anodized in gold and black colors to easily distinguish between those used on the right and left side of the 8IGHT-X. Also new are the suspension uni balls. Machined from high-quality 7075-T6 Ergal, the balls come hard coated for wear and also Teflon coated for reduced friction. The balls feature a “reverse” design that prevent ball cups to pull away during a crash.

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AVID introduce 1/10 CF option parts

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AVID have introduced new carbon fibre option parts for the Team Associated, TLR, Yokomo, XRAY and Tekno 2WD and 4WD buggies in the form of carbon fibre wing buttons and carbon fibre wing mount braces. First up are the wing buttons. The wing buttons are made out of 100% carbon fibre and they are available in one-piece, a cool alternative to the commonly used wing buttons and in the usual shape for the B6.1, B64, 22 5.0, YZ-2, YZ-4, XB2, XB4, and the EB410 buggies. Also new are the carbon fibre wing mount braces. This DIY (Do It Yourself) product is a fun mod to create a carbon sandwich on your B6.1 wing mounts to keep them from permanently bending after a hard crash. The setup includes everything you need except for the drill.

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MIP Bypass1 1/8 Team Associated & TLR pistons

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Following the release of the Bypass1 pistons for Mugen, MIP have a announced that they are now available for Team Associated and TLR 1/8 rides. The MIP Bypass1 pistons are fully customizable and allow you to truly control your cars rebound speed and performance. The Bypass1 pistons are also Dyno-Tuned to ensure they match the compression characteristics of the stock pistons! Featuring MIP Color Coded Valves, the Bypass1 pistons combined together with these valves allow you to control and maximize your cars performance based on which valves you use. Thicker valves generate a slower rebound and thinner valves get you quicker rebounds.

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JBRL Electric Series Rd1 report

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The first round of the JBRL Electric Series kicked off this past weekend at OCRC Raceway in Huntington Beach, California. In the 2wd 13.5 Stadium Truck class it was Brendon Larrowe (TLR) who took the TQ and win from Shawn Miller in second and Ricky Martin in third. In the Expert 13.5 4wd Buggy it was Jake Thayer (Yokomo) who set the overall TQ and took the win from the TLR duo of Sammy Moran and Matthew Williby. J.Thayer swept the Expert 17.5 2WD Buggy class taking the TQ and win. Davey Batta 5team Associated) and B.Baker rounded out the top 3. In the 40+ 2WD Buggy class, Barry Baker was the man to beat. He took the overall TQ and grabbed the win from Justin Watson and Art SanFratello in second and third respectively.

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Klinik RC 1/10 buggies battery cradle & slider ride height gauge tool

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US brand Klinik RC have introduced new carbon fibre battery cradle for the Schumacher Cougar KC, Team Associated B6.1/D and team Losi Racing 22 5.0 as well as a slider for GHEA ride height gauges. The battery cradle system is a single-piece design made from high-quality 3.0mm-thick carbon fibre making it strong and lightweight and allowing to easily install and removal standard and LCG LiPo batteries. The battery cradle comes with O-rings to fasten the battery pack and suitable mounting hardware. The slider for GHEA ride height gauges is made from 3.0mm-thick carbon fibre and comes including mounting stainless hardware. The slider makes checking ride height easy.

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