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T-Work’s 22X-4 aluminium spindle bushing set

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T-Work’s have introduced a new set of aluminium spindle bushing set for the Team Losi Racing 22X-4. The parts are machined of high-quality aluminium and come black anodized while machined rings make them easy to identify. The spindle bushings come in set of 8-piece and they allow to fine-tune the roll–center adjustment position.

LIT R/C Products 8IGHT-X updated C & D blocks

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LIT R/C Products have introduced the new updated C and D blocks for the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-X. Machined of 7075-T6 Aircraft Grade aluminum and anodized in black, the blocks feature a lighter design and have been designed to use square pill inserts, this allows the end user to achieve multiple pill orientations not possible on the current TLR 8IGHT-X platforms. LIT R/C Products have created square pills inserts out of Delrin for direct fitment in the C and D blocks. In addition to allowing for multiple pill orientations is the capability to raise or lower your roll center or to widen the hinge pins with the included square pill inserts.

T-Work’s 22X-4 carbon fibre electronics mounting plate

See: T-Work’s Products

T-Work’s have introduced a new carbon fibre electronics mounting plate for the Team Losi Racing 22X-4 and 22 3.0. Machined from high-quality carbon fibre, the lightweight mounting plate allows to easily remove the speed controller and receiver from the car for maintenance and cleaning. The carbon fibre electronics mounting plate comes including two golden-plated screws, two O-rings and two low-profile nuts.

T-Work’s 22X-4 POM ring gear bushings

See: T-Work’s Products

T-Work’s Products have introduced new POM ring gear bushings for the Team Losi Racing 22X-4. Machined from Polyoxymethylene (POM), a thermoplastic material providing high stiffness and low friction, the ring gear bushings come in a set of 3-piece.

Exotek 22 series titanium hinge pin set & alloy clamping servo horn

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Exotek Racing have introduced a new set of titanium hinge pins and a new alloy clamping servo horn for the Team Losi Racing 22 series of buggies. Machined precision from lightweight premium titanium, the hinge pins weigh only 11g, almost half the weight of the stock pins. Designed to be used for the 7.5 Spec class only, the set includes the hinge pins for the front and rear inner and outer arms.

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RC Carbon Cavalieri glossy carbon fibre front scoops

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German company RC Carbon Cavalieri have introduced two new glossy carbon front scoops, one version dedicated for Mugen Seiki, Team Associated, SWORKz, Hobao, and Serpent buggies and another version designed for HB Racing, Team Losi Racing, JQRacing, XRAY and Agama buggies. Also made of high-quality carbon fibre such as the former version, the updated version features a glossy varnish offering a more attractive look as well as greater durability. The scoops include a mounting screw and a drill bit for the mounting hole.

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Exotek 22/SCT Drag aluminium rear body mounts

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Exotek Racing have introduced new aluminium rear body mounts for the Team Losi Racing 22SCT 3.0 or 22 buggies converted with Street Drag bodies. The simpler, stronger, lighter body mounting system lines up with the stock shock tower holes and attaches directly to your quick change shock posts and still allows you to select any shock tower holes for your shocks. The mounts are machined from 7075 alloy and anodized in black with silver chamfer edges and only weighs 8.6g for the set (the stock SCT body system weighs 21g).

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TLR 8ight-X overdrive diff gear set & lightweight spur gears

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Team Losi Racing have added new option parts for the TLR 8ight-X Elite in the form of the new set of overdrive diff gears and three new lightweight spur gears and a lightweight rear differential ring gear. The set of overdrive diff gears consist of 13T bevel gear and 42T conical gear. The use of the set is recommended on slippery tracks and can outfit both the TLR 8ight-X Elite and TLR 8ight-XE. The lightweight spur gears provide smooth action and offer a reduced mass for quicker engine response. The new lightweight spur gears are available in 45, 46 and 47 tooths. Also new is a lightweight rear differential ring gear for the 8ight-X Elite. Hard-coated for wear, the differential ring gear offer a lightweight design resulting increased acceleration and runtime.

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