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Prostar s353 & 8ight 4.0 option parts

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Prostar R/C have introduced Super Hybrid Kevlar shock towers for the SWORKz s353 and carbon nylon pills for the TLR 8ight 4.0. First up are the rear and front Super Hybrid Kevlar shock towers. They are made from 5mm material available in blue or black. The shock towers have been developed not only be awesome looking but be structurally stronger and more durable than any other shock tower material on the market.

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Phend & Jones win at TLR Cup

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Last weekend was held the TLR Cup West at MHOR RC Raceway in Aurora, Colorado. TLR’s Dakotah Phend took the overall TQ in both mod 2wd & 4wd buggy while TLR’s Tyler Jones took also the overall TQ in Mod 2wd Stadium Truck. In 2WD Phend won A1 and A2 to take the overall victory from his teammate Justin Evans in second and Team Associated driver Zeke Ballinger in third. The 4WD was the same story with Phend taking the victory in A2 and A3 from Evans and Ballinger. In Mod 2wd Stadium Truck Tyler brought home the win from from Kyosho’s Matt Chambers and TLR’s Jordan Davis in second and third respectively.

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Exotek 22-4 2.0 alloy front pivot mount

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Exotek have introduced an alloy front pivot mount for the TLR 22-4 2.0. It is machined from black anodised heavy duty 7075 alloy and avoid those costly and time consuming DNF’s from failures of the stock plastic pivot mount. The alloy front pivot mount is also machined out for lightness (weighs just 17.6gr) and a perfect fit onto the front gearbox. Includes two M3 set screws to lock down the hinge pins.

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Exotek 22 4.0 titanium front axles & YZ2 alloy top shaft

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Exotek have introduced the Flite front axles for the TLR 22 4.0 and the Flite top shaft for the Yokomo YZ2. First up are the 12mm front axles. Precision machined premium titanium, they weight only 3.5 grams per pair. These axles reduces the rotational mass as well as unsprung weight over the stock axles. They are almost as strong as steel but nearly half the weight and not easily bent as the aluminum axles. Rounded and angled hex profile makes wheel installation extra quick and easy.

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Phend & Mitch win at TLR Cup East Rd2

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This past weekend RC Excitement hosted the second round of TLR Cup East in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. In 2WD Modified Buggy TLR’s Dakotah Phend took the win in front of his teammates JR Mitch in second and Frank Root in third. In 4WD Modified Buggy was almost the same race as 2WD Mod with Dakotah taking the win from JR Mitch and Frank by winning in A2 and A3. JR Mitch managed to take his revenge in Modified Truck by winning in A2 and A3 in front of A1 winner, Dimitri Condax in second and Rim Blake in third. The next round of the TLR Cup West will be hosted by the MHOR RC in Aurora, Colorado. 

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TLR 22T 3.0 dirt laydown conversion

TLR have introduced the dirt laydown conversion for the 22T 3.0. The TLR Race Team have found that a laydown transmission moving the motor forward greatly improves corner speed and consistency on higher grip tracks. With carpet and Astro-turf tracks growing in popularity, and some US lay tracks running slicks, the need for forward bite is not as critical and corner speed becomes the most sought after performance trait. Moving the motor considerably forward yields more corner speed and stability. Designed as a complete conversion kit, no additional parts or modifications are needed to convert to your 22T 3.0.

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175RC TLR 22 4.0 18g brass weight

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Coming from 175RC and made for the TLR 22 4.0 is the 18g tranny weight. This optional brass ballast weight will allow you to tune the rear weight bias of your chassis to suit various track conditions and will give the car more overall rear grip while. This brass weight includes Ti-Look mounting screw. 

MIP TLR 22-4 2.0 aluminum shaft set

MIP have introduced aluminum race shaft set for the TLR 22-4 2.0.  The set is made with the highest grade 7075-T6 aluminum available and hard anodized to help increase overall hardness and improve part longevity. 60% and nearly 10 grams of rotational mass has effectively been removed. Rated for both super stock and modified classes alike this upgrade will directly increase both bottom end acceleration, shed grams off of the overall chassis weight and decrease motor fatigue.

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