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T-Work’s introduce new 22X-4 optionals

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T-Work’s have added new option parts for the Team Losi Racing 22X-4 to their range. The turnbuckles are machined from high-quality titanium and come in a set of 7-piece with 4mm wrench for easy building and setup. The 14-piece set of 64-grade titanium ball ends are precision machined and offer reduced weight compared to the kit’s standard steel ball ends. The 112-piece UFO head titanium screw set offers reduced weight while the 128-piece gold-color steel screw set adds some bling to the new TLR 4WD buggy. The precision ball bearings come in a set of 26-piece. The ball bearings feature a rubber and metal-shielded in order to reduce the drivetrain drag thanks to the metal inner shielding while rubber seal offers protection against dust and dirt.

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RCLYFE TLR 22-series laydown carbon fibre motor plate V2


RCLYFE have introduced the new laydown carbon fibre motor plate V2 for Team Losi Racing 22 4.0, 22 5.0 AC\DC\SR Elite, 22-T 4.0 and 22SCT 3.0 with laydown transmission. Machined from high-quality carbon fibre, the motor plate allows for better motor cooling by allowing air to pass through the front of the motor. It also reduces weight by 50% over the stock aluminum plate.

Thomas Tran appointed as TLR Team Manager

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Team Losi Racing have announced the signing of Thomas Tran as Team Manager for the American company. Thomas was editor and photographer at JConcepts until his surprising departure at the beginning of March and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and he will lead the brand’s charge into the US soil by building and operating their race team.


1Army 8IGHT-X engine mount

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1Army have introduced a new aluminium engine mount for the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-X and 8IGHT-X Elite. Machined from high-quality aluminium, the motor mount comes lack coated for wear. A 1-piece mount plate increases the chassis rigidity in the clutch bell area, reducing the chance of a clutch bell strike on the chassis, while still maintaining the correct amount of chassis flex.

Carlos Durães joins TLR

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TLR Europe have announced the signing of Portuguese driver Carlos Durães to their team for the 2020 and 2021 seasons. The former Serpent racer have tested the 8-X platform in the last months and was surprised of the performance and how easy is to push the car to high standard of driving. C.Durães will make his TLR racing debut this weekend at the 2020 Montpellier GP.

We are happy to welcome Carlos in our team and we wish him all the best for the upcoming season. – TLR Europe

TLR welcome back Alex Zanchettin

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Team Losi Racing welcome back Alex Zanchettin to their European team for the 2020 and 2021 seasons. The former Tekno RC racer will use the new 8IGHT X Elite Nitro Buggy at the Italian Championship and also at major European events, starting with the Montpellier GP in France this weekend.

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Gregory Hardoin appointed TLR French Team Manager

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Team Losi Racing Europe have appointed Gregory Hardoin as Team Manager for their French team for the 2020 season. Gregory brings 10 years of knowledge and experience with TLR products to the team. he will be racing as well as helping racers in French races but also in major international events. If you have questions about the possibility to become a TLR driver or about the new 8X Elite, feel free to stop by and ask to Greg.

TLR 8IGHT-X Elite Race 1/8th nitro buggy kit

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Team Losi Racing have introduced the new 8IGHT-X Elite Race Kit 1/8th nitro buggy kit. The 8IGHT-X Elite buggy builds on the championship-winning heritage of its predecessors with updates to the suspension geometry and drivetrain as well as the chassis layout that make it both easier to drive and tougher to beat. This version of the popular 8IGHT-X is what avid racers and team members are looking for in a winning buggy. It includes all of the desired factory team option parts and many updates in a one-box purchase. The drivetrain as well as the chassis layout have been completely redesigned making it easier to drive on the track and work on in the pit. Additionally, the new ELITE chassis increases stability and is designed to work for all drivers and be more accepted worldwide.

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