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MIP EB410 Ackerman plate

MIP have introduced a new Ackerman plate for the Tekno RC EB410. CNC machined from high quality aluminium in-house for highest precision quality, the part comes anodised and MIP’s logo is laser-engraved. The plate provides more accurate Ackermann geometry throughout the entire range of steering motion.

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MIP EB410 shock cartridge spacer kit

MIP have introduced a shock cartridge spacer kit for the Tekno RC EB410. The stock shock cartridge setup uses 2 X-ring seals that ride against themselves but the X-Ring seals aren’t designed to be stacked together. When you do this they will develop “roll”. As the shock shaft plunges into the shock body at high speed during compression, the two seals will act like a pump or vacuum, and pull air into the shock body. Because the shaft rebound is always slower, the seals then move to their proper shape again trapping that air in the shock body.

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RDRP EB410 brass suspension mounts & rear weight


Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced their new brass C and D suspension mounts for the Tekno RC EB410. A direct replacement for the kit’s lightweight aluminium part they add valuable weight especially when running in low-traction conditions or when the track is getting bumpier. Machined from black-coated brass and sporting gold-colour chamfered edges the parts, that can be used separately or in combination, shift the weight bias further to the rear which also helps with rotation into corners especially in low traction conditions while improving overall traction at the same time. Available are the standard geometry C and D suspension hangers and also the C-2mm and D-2mm mounts that bring the suspension geometry – and thus roll centre settings – back to standard when also utilising the RDRP0452-2mm EB410 Carbon Fibre Shock Tower Rear -2mm or any other -2mm rear shock tower.

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RDRP EB410 carbon fibre option parts


Revolution Design Racing Products have added new carbon fibre option parts to their range for the Tekno EB410. First up is the 5mm carbon fibre wing riser to resolve the original – and too low – wing position. By moving the wing 5mm up jumping will be greatly improved while the higher wing position will increase the tyre/wing clearance at the same time. The item is machined from high-quality carbon fibre and thus it hardly adds any weight while giving a more sturdy base for the wing.

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MIP EB410 Pro4mance chassis bundle kit

MIP have introduced their new Pro4mance chassis bundle kit for the Tekno RC EB410. The next generation 13.5 performance bundle rebalances the car and give a stable smooth drive. The new chassis re-configures the battery to the back of the chassis and lays the servo down. The end result is a more balanced weight between the front of the chassis and back resulting in a smoother drive and allows the car to rotate through corners better, break faster, and accelerate quicker than your typical Tekno EB410. The kit also features new carbon spine braces, new servo mounts and front and rear center bones which come standard with MIP 1.5 Pucks. The Pro4mance Chassis Bundle Kit is available in Pre-Order.

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Exotek EB410 rear brass weight set

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Exotek have introduced rear brass weight set for the Tekno EB410. Made of brass and black coated to reduce corrosion, this weight set is designed to easily bolt on to the rear of the EB410 with an extra low profile. The main weight is 40gr and included are two add on 8gr weights (16gr total add on plus the 40gr main weight) so that you can tune the rear weight of your buggy as needed. The weight set is also slightly angled off of the chassis to maintain chassis flex. Sold separately are additional 8gr weights so that you can easily add extra grams if needed.

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T-Work’s EB410 titanium hinge pin set

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T-Work’s have introduced new titanium hinge pin set for the Tekno RC EB410. The titanium hinge pin set includes eight suspension shafts made from 64 grade titanium lighter than the standard steel parts while also being highly corrosion-resistant meaning they will not rust when being exposed to the elements.

MIP EB410 13.5 Performance bundle package

MIP have introduced the Pucks 13.5 Performance Bundle package for the Tekno RC EB410. The Pucks Performance Bundle Drive system is an aluminum based drivetrain system that features an all new redesigned 2-piece aluminum bi-metal bone and alloy Steel yoke, two front 78mm bones and two Rear 69mm bones and of course the MIP’s 1.5 Pucks.


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