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ProStar EB/T410 carbon fibre side fan mount

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ProStar R/C Products have introduced a new carbon fibre side cooling fan mount for the Tekno RC Eb410, ET410 and the ProStar SC2410T conversion chassis. Designed for the use with 25mm and 30mm fans, the mount is machined from high-quality carbon fibre and it is attached to the center differential mount.

T-Work’s introduce new EB48 2.0 option parts

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T-Work’s have introduced a new range of option parts for the Tekno RC EB48 2.0 in the form of a set of titanium turnbuckles, a set of UFO head titanium screws, titanium and aluminum shock standoffs, titanium down stop screws, a set of gold-color steel screws, aluminium anti-roll bar spacers and a set of precision ball bearings. All titanium parts are machined from high quality 64 grade titanium, stronger and lighter than the steel standard parts. The turnbuckles come in a set of 6-piece with a 5mm wrench for easy building and setup. The 130-piece UFO head titanium screw set offers reduced weight while the 138-piece gold-color steel screw set adds some bling to the Tekno RC ride.

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T-Work’s NB48 2.0 aluminium shock standoffs & diff cross pins

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T-Work’s have introduced new aluminium shock standoffs and diff cross pins for the Tekno NB48 2.0. Machined from high-quality aluminium, the parts come with a hard–coated surface treatment ensuring high durability. The shock standoffs are 5mm longer to fine-tune the shock angle which results in less stress on the shock and will create an overall smoother shock action with a reduced internal wear. The cross pins help reduce rotational mass and come in a set of 2 or 6-piece.

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T-Work’s introduce EB410.2 option parts

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T-Work’s have introduced a range of new option parts for the Tekno RC EB410.2. Machined from high-quality 64-grade titanium the shock standoffs offer a lower weight than the standard steel mounts, helping to lower the centre of gravity. The set includes four standoffs. The 64 grade titanium ball ends save some weight compared to the kit’s standard steel ball ends, the polished finish of the ball surface ensuring smooth movement over long periods of use. The titanium ball ends come in set of 16-piece. Also made from 64 grade titanium, the titanium turnbuckles help to reduce weight and durability compared to the standard steel turnbuckles. The set includes six turnbuckle and a 4mm wrench.

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AVID NB48 2.0 carbon fibre shock towers

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AVID RC have introduced the new carbon fibre shock towers for the Tekno RC NB48 2.0. The shock towers are made from 100% carbon fiber, matte finish and 2.5d cutouts for a nice look, and lightly chamfered on the front side to help avoid splitting or chipping on hard wrecks. They feature the same hole location as the standard towers while the set removes 33% of the weight from up high. The carbon fibre shock towers are available separately or as a set.

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Leadfinger NB48 2.0 Tactic A2.1 body

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Leadfinger Racing have introduced the new Tactic A2.1 body for the Tekno RC NB48 2.0. First introduced in mid 2019, the A2.1 Tactic body design form LFR has proven it self on the track with a handful of different platforms. Fitment, performance and looks are key in every design. The Tekno cars have a different lay out for the fuel tank and throttle linkages then other platforms. However this presented a challenge for making a low profile and sleek design. Fortunately, LFR was able to combat these differences by widening the cab and adding to the size of the side pod scoops for clearance. To keep performance in check, additional down force was added to the rear of the side pods and rear center of the body as well as a shark fin on top the cab to provide more stability. To finish off the design the front scoop was added.

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T-Work’s EB48 2.0 titanium shock standoff set

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T-Work’s have introduced a set of titanium shock standoffs for the Tekno RC EB48 2.0. Machined from high-quality and lightweight 64 grade titanium, the shock standoffs allow to lose some weight from the highest point of the E-buggy. he set includes four shock standoffs.

Leadfinger Racing NB48 2.0 A2.1 Tactic body

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Leadfinger Racing have introduced the new 2.0 A2.1 Tactic body for the Tekno RC NB48 2.0. The A2.1 body and front scoop is a one off design from the original Assassin body. The A2.1 not only delivers a great new look and tuning option, but is also designed to work with and fit the NB48 2.0. Three changes in total have been made to the new design. First is the addition of the cowl scoops on the side pods. Depending on the performance your looking for, these can be left alone to add to the overall down force of the car, or you can choose to drill them out for additional cooling. New for LFR is the addition of the roof fin. The advantage is more stability in high speed sections of the track, giving the NB48 2.0 a better and more precise feel throughout the car. The final upgrade is the addition of down force added to both of the rear side pods. This helps to keep the car planted and provide more level jumping. With the new A2.1 design from LFR, racers now have an option to better suit their tuning needs for a variety of track surfaces for their MBX8 nitro and electric buggies. The new A2.1 body for the Tekno RC NB48 2.0 is sold in clear, including window masks, stickers and ready for paint.

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