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Exotek EB410 aluminium +5mm wing mounts

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Exotek Racing have introduced the new aluminium +5mm wing mount for the Tekno RC EB410. Extra durable but machined to be lightweight (15.8gr total) and stylish, the +5mm wing mounts raises the wing 5mm higher for better tire clearance and improved downforce. The wing mounts were designed to be use with carbon fibre shock towers which uses the stock wing spacer and hardware to mount your wing. They can be mounted on the stock plastic shock tower if four 2mm tall spacers are used on the shock tower screws.

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VRP EB410 -2 carbon fibre rear shock tower

See: Vision Racing Products

New from VRP is the Tekno EB410 option carbon fiber -2 shock rear tower. The rear tower has mounting holes that are 2mm lower than the stock locations for added tuning options. Made from high quality 4mm carbon, it is stronger yet considerably lighter than the stock tower. Designed to be extra durable, the tower features also a unique ‘T’ design for added bling.

Exotek EB410 aluminium steering crank set

See: Exotek Racing

Exotek have introduced a set of aluminium steering cranks for the Tekno RC EB410. Machined from heavy duty 7075 aluminium, the steering cranks come polished and navy blue anodised. Reinforced aluminium design eliminates the problem of the hex bearing posts stripping in the plastic cranks allowing for easier maintenance and disassembly. They come with steel bearing posts that doesn’t mushroom when assembled which also makes for easier bearing removal and they are compatible with both the stock steering rack and the Exotek steering rack.

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Raceform EB410 polycarbonate part kit

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Raceform RC have introduced a kit with three polycarbonate option parts for the Tekno RC EB410. The parts are precision machined from new High Impact Modified Polycarbonate more durable and lightweigth compared to the previous version. The kit includes V2 rear and front polycarbonate shock towers, a rear sway bar holder for rear designed to be use with the shocks in front location and a rear side skirt to preventing dirt from entering and reducing the chances the spur to be damaged.

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Under the Hood: NB48.4 Alex Zanchettin

Alex Zanchettin, 21 – Italy


Exotek EB410 Edge lightweight body

See: Exotek Racing

Exotek Racing have introduced the new Edge lightweight body for the Tekno EB410. Crafted to greatly lower the looks and cg over the stock body the Edge body sits 8mm lower than the stock body. Exotek have also taken great care to still allow the mounting of the fan above the motor and still allow normal height or low profile servo use. Clean lines are used throughout for a clean ‘aero’ downforce package yet allows easy custom painting thanks to the smooth and rounded corners. The Edge body weighs in at a svelte 27gr unpainted vs the 37gr stock unpainted body. The body uses Premium lightweight thickness polycarbonate that is a proprietary custom produced polycarbonate only for Exotek that is much stronger and longer lasting than other similar thickness polycarbonate. The Edge lightweight body comes with window masks (no wing).

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Lunsford EB410 3.5mm titanium turnbuckle set

See: Lunsford Racing

Lunsford have introduced a set of titanium turnbuckles in limited edition for the Tekno EB410. These turnbuckles are machined from Grade 5 titanium, sport a Titanium Nitrate color and they are 0.5mm larger in diameter than stock adding increased strength. To use them, you need to use the included 1/8″ drill bit to enlarge the Tekno rod end to accept these 3.5mm super duty turnbuckles. The set consist four 40mm (Front Camber & Steering) and two 55mm (Rear Camber) turnbuckles.

Exotek introduce EB410 option parts

See: Exotek Racing

Exotek have added new option parts to their range for the Tekno RC EB410. First up is the steering rack, machined from heavy duty 7075 alloy it comes anodised with the Exotek’s special glossy navy blue. His reinforced design minimizes any extra cut outs to increase strength, yet only weighs 6gr.

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