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T-Work’s EB410 aluminium rear lower suspension mount

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T-Work’s have introduced a new aluminium rear lower suspension mount for the Tekno RC EB410. Machined from black anodised 7075-T6 aluminium for high durability, the part features silver chamfered edges and laser-engraved logo for a factory look.

Exotek EB410 aluminium wide hex sets

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Exotek Racing have introduced two new sets of front and rear wide hexes for the Tekno RC EB410 and ET410. Precision machined from 7075 aluminium, the hexes come polished, anodized in navy color and feature clamping design for extra security. The front 6.5mm wide hex is +2mm (per hex) and the rear 7.5mm wide hex is +3mm (per hex) compared to the stock hexes to allows you to fine tune the width of your buggy. The 6.5mm wide hexes can be used with the front or rear axles while the 7.5 hexes are for use the rear axles only. The wide hexes are available in set of 2 and come with M2 hardware.

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AVID EB/ET410 Ti shock standoffs V2 & TLR 22 king pin screws

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AVID have introduced new titanium shock standoffs V2 for the Tekno EB410 and ET410 and titanium king pin screws for the TLR22. The shock standoffs use the keyed shock bushings and include AVID’s FastTune feature which allows you to use a common 1.5mm Allen wrench to prevent the standoff from spinning while using a 5.5mm socket wrench on the other side. The other solutions out there require you to either take the shock completely off the standoff to reach the 7.0mm nut or to use a 7.0mm open-ended socket wrench. Don’t forget, you also get to lose some weight from the highest point on the car by switching from steel to titanium.

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Tebo & Tessmann win at 2019 Lonestar Challenge

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This past weekend was held the 2019 Lonestar Challenge at the Thornhill Racing Circuit in Hutto, Texas. Ryan Lutz (Agama) took the overall TQ in the Pro Nitro Buggy class but in the 45-minute final it was Jared Tebo (Tekno) who grabbed the win from Cole Ogden (HB Racing) in second while Joe Bornhorst (Tekno) came in third. R.Lutz took also the TQ in the Pro Nitro Truggy class but one more time J.Tebo managed to take the win from R.Lutz. J.Bornhorst rounded out the top 3. Ty Tessmann (XRAY) set the TQ and took the win in the Pro E-Buggy class from R.Lutz and Brandon Rose (Serpent) in second and third respectively.

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T-Work’s EB/ET410 captured titanium rear hinge pins

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T-Work’s have introduced new captured titanium rear outer hinge pins for the Tekno EB410 and ET410. Machined from high-quality titanium, the rear hinge pins feature a captured design and come with lock nuts for improved reliability. The titanium rear hinge pins come in set of 2.

AVID introduce 1/10 CF option parts

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AVID have introduced new carbon fibre option parts for the Team Associated, TLR, Yokomo, XRAY and Tekno 2WD and 4WD buggies in the form of carbon fibre wing buttons and carbon fibre wing mount braces. First up are the wing buttons. The wing buttons are made out of 100% carbon fibre and they are available in one-piece, a cool alternative to the commonly used wing buttons and in the usual shape for the B6.1, B64, 22 5.0, YZ-2, YZ-4, XB2, XB4, and the EB410 buggies. Also new are the carbon fibre wing mount braces. This DIY (Do It Yourself) product is a fun mod to create a carbon sandwich on your B6.1 wing mounts to keep them from permanently bending after a hard crash. The setup includes everything you need except for the drill.

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T-Work’s Tekno & XRAY high–density air filter foam sets

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T-Work’s have introduced two sets of high–density air filter foams designed for the Tekno and XRAY vehicles. The density air filter foam delivers great airflow and at the same time prevents the smallest particles of dirt from finding their way inside your engine. The white color makes it easy to see just how dirty your filter is. Both Tekno and XRAY air filter foams come in set of 10-piece.

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T-Work’s EB/ET410 stainless steel chassis protectors

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T-Work’s have introduced new stainless steel chassis protectors for the Tekno EB410 and ET410. Made from strong stainless steel, they are made to protect the chassis from becoming excessively scratched or damaged on abrasive surfaces. The stainless steel chassis protectors are available in set of two for front and rear.

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