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Orion CRF RS Review: On the track


After an unpredictable European spring and summer finding the perfect conditions to test an engine has been anything but easy. With much assistance from the iPhone’s weather app we found a perfect day, borrowed an Inferno MP9, and headed to the track. Twenty six degrees celsius and a clear sky: perfect conditions; a cooler temperature would be too kind to our engine, whilst everything above the 24-25° means a fair challenge for any powerplant.

“It’s a powerful mill with Championship-winning pedigree that instantly reacts to skillful inputs.”

After installing the Orion CRF RS ABI engine in the car (thanks to, we started with the break-in by performing a ‘Japanese style’ procedure for the first 5 tanks with our Runner Time fuel.

RIC_3328 copiaRIC_3373 copia RIC_3384 copia RIC_3377 copia

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Orion’s Nitrostar at Italian Job Race


As a fair few of our readers will distinctly recall, the team behind created a new concept challenge called, ”Team Orion Nitrostar“.

The aim? Discover the next David Ronnefalk! You always dreamed about racing with the fastest guys in the world like David, Reno Savoya or Jared Tebo? You want Adrian Bertin to break in and tune your engines in the best professional way? Don’t miss this opportunity and register for the Italian Job race hosted in Padova on September 12-14th 2014!

Actually for this World Championships year, the Sport class winner will sign a contract with Team Orion and Sweep to be part of the factory team and get a full sponsorship and support! Already 90 drivers registered, it’s time to hurry up! Be the first to connect and register for one of the most fun and important race of your career! Good luck everyone!

Orion goes soft with new LiPos

Team Orion has just released their new Soft Case LiPo battery packs with LED Voltage Control System. The new Soft Case batteries are equipped with the latest 50C cells and available with many different connectors and configurations. These packs are the first to feature the LED Voltage Control System, which using an integrated PCB allows you to check the status of your battery on the go!

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Maifield speaks on his TLR success


Ryan Maifield Interview

After yesterday’s ‘Maifield Mental Game’ article, poll, and viewer opinions, it became quite apparent that the only way to find the TRUE cause of Ryan Maifield’s success is to ask the man himself! Our sister site, RCNews, has caught up with Ryan for a brief interview where he discusses what he believes is the reason he is back winning, smiling, and having fun racing! Read more…

Maifield’s winning wave at Surf City

maifield wins

When Ryan Maifield made the switch from Team Associated to Team Losi Racing, many questioned how long it would take the superstar to adapt to the new team and vehicles. This past weekend hosted the annual Surf City Classic at OCRC in Huntington Beach, California. With heavy competition including the like of Ryan Cavalieri, Jared Tebo, Mike Truhe, and many others, Ryan Maifield proved that he is already feeling at home with the new team and cars by winning EVERY class that he entered. Maifield surfed his way to the top step of the podium in 2wd Mod Buggy, 4wd Mod Buggy, 1/8 E-Buggy, and 2wd Mod SC!

2wd Buggy Pro 2 1-8 scale 4wd

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‘Superstar’ Ryan Maifield joins Orion


The cat is out of the bag! Team Orion is very excited to announce today their mystery “Superstar” driver. The superstar addition to the team is in fact top US Driver Ryan Maifield! Ryan will be utilizing all of Team Orion’s 1/10 and 1/8 Electric Products including Orion ESC’s, motors, batteries, servos and chargers through 2015.

Team Orion says, “Ryan brings great knowledge & experience to Team Orion. He will have a big part in our Research & Development on all Team Orion Electric Products. Throughout Maifield’s racing career, he has racked up 2 IFMAR Worlds TQ’s in 4wd Buggy, 6 IFMAR Worlds Podiums in 2wd/4wd Buggy, 11 ROAR National Championships, and countless other victories.”

Maifield will complete the, “Strong Six” in the US for Team Orion which also includes: Ryan Cavalieri, Jared Tebo, Dakotah Phend, Dustin Evans, and Ty Tessmann.

Ryan Maifield says, “I have always thought of Team Orion as the “bench mark” of quality and performance in the R/C industry. I told myself if I ever had the opportunity to race for Team Orion, I would do it. I’m extremely excited to start working with everyone at Team Orion and looking forward to showing what I can do with all their amazing equipment.”

“I would like to thank Team Orion President Philippe Neidhart, Team Orion World Team Manager Oscar Jansen, & Team Orion USA Team Manager Joe Pillars for this great opportunity.”

Source: Team Orion

Orion CRF RS Review: First Look


The Team Orion CRF project is one of the few real innovations that has shaken up the engine market in the last decade, with the acronym “CRF” standing for “Concept Ramela Fabrice”. The CRF engines feature a unique crankshaft designed by Monsieur Ramela, and further developed by World Championship winning competitors and designers including Adrien Bertin.

The CRF RS ABI features a 3-port design, ceramic bearing, and is built to win races.

Bertin, a skillful driver in both onroad and offroad, is a Frenchman from Paris who has a rare talent to improve and refine engines. After moving to Italy, home of some of the largest engine companies in the industry, Bertin turned the Team Orion CRF concept from a “side job” at the company into one of the most successful lineups of engines to date.

With that being said, we decided it was time we get our hands on one of these race-winning engines for a product test and review of our own. We were fortunate enough to get the opportunity (thanks to to try out the new “CRF RS Edition ABI” engine. This is a limited edition buggy engine based on that of the European Championship winning engine.

RIC_3337 copia RIC_3334 copia RIC_3368 copia RIC_3384 copia

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Introducing the Orion Vortex R10.1

Introducing the Team Orion Vortex R10.1

It is to our understanding that the highly anticipated Vortex R10.1 competition 1/10th scale speed controller from Team Orion is due for release very shortly. Designed for use with 2S LiPos the follow up model to the already popular R10 features black anodizing combined with a carbon look, new generation FET for improved performance and customizable and update-able state of the art software.

It also uses a new and improved PCB design which reduces resistance and increases maximum available power, combined with a new refined software that offers even better control for the throttle and brakes. Full features can be found below.

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Many of our eager readers and clued up fans have noticed the subtle ascendancy of the new platform – a new venture, concept, patnership and platform between Reno Savoya and Team Orion (not dissimilar to the concept but with engines rather than tyres! offers a new way of promoting and distributing the Team Orion brand and in close association with nitro engine guru Adrien Bertin, he explains the ideas behind the new website and shop below. Which sets out to offer a complete package ‘Team Pack‘ or ‘Top Team Pack‘ to racers, whether beginners or experienced that will see them comfortably through a whole season, including a free additional engine – all pre run in and tuned by Adrien Bertin himself.

The concept stretches out to work with existing shops as well as being available worldwide within 72 hours of ordering – Have a watch of the video which explains it all below!


The CRF Concept explained

Former 1/8th and 1/10th World Champion and Team Orion CRF Project Manager Adrien Bertin explains the patented CRF engine concept.

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