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Many of our eager readers and clued up fans have noticed the subtle ascendancy of the new platform – a new venture, concept, patnership and platform between Reno Savoya and Team Orion (not dissimilar to the concept but with engines rather than tyres! offers a new way of promoting and distributing the Team Orion brand and in close association with nitro engine guru Adrien Bertin, he explains the ideas behind the new website and shop below. Which sets out to offer a complete package ‘Team Pack‘ or ‘Top Team Pack‘ to racers, whether beginners or experienced that will see them comfortably through a whole season, including a free additional engine – all pre run in and tuned by Adrien Bertin himself.

The concept stretches out to work with existing shops as well as being available worldwide within 72 hours of ordering – Have a watch of the video which explains it all below!


The CRF Concept explained

Former 1/8th and 1/10th World Champion and Team Orion CRF Project Manager Adrien Bertin explains the patented CRF engine concept.

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Factory re-tune your Orion

If like us you’re not the most skilled engine tuning specialist in the World, its handy to know how to return to those original factory settings before you began accidentally making the engine cough & splutter, thankfully Reno Savoya has heard our request and produced a useful video in association with Team Orion.

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Video: When to change piston/Sleeve

Team Orion continue to pimp out their nitro guru Adrien Bertin, in today’s short video we see Adrien explaining a very simple method of checking whether the piston/sleeve is still good. Two thumbs up!

Orion Vortex R8.1 Pro Speedo

r81 vortex

The Vortex R8.1 Pro is our new ESC designed specifically for sensor brushless 1/8 scale racing. Until today, 1/8 ESCs have not disposed of all the technologies available in high-end 1/10 ESCs, this is where the R8.1 Pro comes into play. Because it is based on our world championship winning

R10 Pro ESC, it features the same ground breaking performance, advanced programmable software, dual sensor port and machined aluminum case design.

You can now fit the latest ESC technology into your 1/8 scale car. The R8.1 Pro has been extensively tested by our R&D team to ensure that you get the same kind of performance that R10 Pro users have become accustomed to. Paired with one of our new 690 size VST2 motors, this ESC forms the ultimate 1/8 brushless power combo.

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How to disassemble your engine


Adrien Bertin shows you in this handy video how to disassemble a nitro engine the correct way, don’t forget to check out the new Orion cooling heads spotted at the Italian Job Race!

Bertin explains Orion’s ‘CRF’

Its Adrien Bertin day on NeoBuggy!

If like us, on occasion you may be a curious sole, might have wondered what the initials ‘CRF’ referred to on much of Team Orion’s gear and until recently Adrien Bertin’s racewear (according to the article below he’ll be wearing his new HB / HPI clobber which he got away with from the warehouse).

Anyway, predictably Adrien explains ‘CRF’ and what it means and what it does, sadly CRF doesn’t refer to Crazy Racing Fuel or Cats running Fast… but Concept Ramela Fabrice… Who knew!

Adrien Bertin in HB / HPI move ?


Informed sources tell us that Orion’s nitro guru looks set to sign a deal to drive for HB / HPI in both on and offroad, the deal brings to an end a partnership with former sponsors KM Racing for 2013 and before that a deal with Kyosho that lasted over a decade. Expect Bertin to be tearing up the tarmac soon, but first we hear he’s racing the Italian Job Race, so stay tuned to NeoBuggy for news…

The move if confirmed comes at a time of year where the whole driver market is seeing serious seismic activity, this one however we did not forsee, perhaps Bertin has an eye on young Ty Tessmann for Orion, or a long term view for his Kyosho protege David Ronnefalk ?

One of the more likely indicators it may well be confirmed soon is the close association between HPI and Swiss distributors Neidhart SA (Orion founder Philippe Neidhart’s company). Watch this space.

Team Orion 2014 Engine Range

Team Orion have released the above video presentation of their forthcoming 2014 range of engines, featuring Adrien Bertin.

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Team Orion tease us ever more…


About 10 days or so ago… well ok, late November time, just before Xmas fever got turned up a notch or 3 Team Orion announced their Nitrostar programme to immediate intrigue and suspense amongst the online RC racing fraternity. Not content with preparing for the winter skiing season Swiss brand Team Orion are gearing up for a serious ‘go’ at this Nitrostar contest, the aim to try and unearth their new ‘star’ or even a future World Champion.

In today’s rather Star Wars-esque themed release, Orion’s nitro guru Adrien Bertin looms alongside his signature engine line like a moody Darth Vader, although we’d say Adrien might need to work on his ‘Vader voice’ in time for next season! So what to glean from this ? Well your guess is as good as ours, new distribution, engine line? Perhaps a byline into the movie biz with George Lucas ?! We’re thinking that the Orion team drivers could play the various parts…? We’re losing ourselves a bit on this one!

Either way, you’ll probably hear it first if you sign up for ‘Jedi training’ @