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19th Annual HRH Shootout report

19th Annual HRH Shootout 2wd

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The 2016 HRH Shootout was held this past weekend at Hot Rod Hobbies in Santa Clarita, California. Located just minutes away from World Famous Six Flags Magic Mountain, Hot Rod Hobbies has been hosting the Shootout for now its 19th year! Team Orion would also bring one of our strongest Teams to date consisting of: Ty Tessmann, Ryan Cavalieri, Ryan Maifield, Jared Tebo, Dustin Evans, Matt Chambers, Tanner Denney, & Tanner Day. With temperatures reaching into the mid 90’s, it was going to be a great weekend of racing!

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Tebo, Tessmann, Cavalieri & Maifield win at 2016 HRH Shootout

2016 HRH Shootout

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Last weekend was held the 2016 Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout in Saugus, California. The TQ was taken by Jared Tebo in the 2wd Modified buggy and Modified truck, by Ryan Maifield in the 4wd Modified buggy and by Ryan Cavalieri in the 2wd Modified SC. In 2wd Modified buggy class, despite his TQ, Tebo will be unable to maintain the advantage and it will be Ty Tessmann who took the win in front of Tebo and Cavalieri. In 4wd Modified buggy class Maifield will continue to dominate and he will win in front of Dustin Evans and Tessmann. Tebo and Cavalieri will confirm their speed in qualifying by winning the race in Modified truck for Tebo and Modified Short Course for Cavalieri. Tebo finished ahead of Cavalieri and Naoto Matsukura while Cavalieri beat Matt Chambers and Joe Pillars.

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Tanner Day doubles at Willamette Valley Classic

Willamette Valley Classic podium 2wd

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This past weekend was held the 2016 Willamette Valley Classic hosted by Dave’s RC Tracks in Hubbard, Oregon. In the 2wd Modified Buggy class, Tanner Day would go onto TQ both rounds of qualifying to secure the overall TQ. Joe Pillars would take the impressive win in A-Main #1 with Day finishing a few seconds back in 2nd. Day would then go onto take the wins in A-Main #2 & A-Main #3 just ahead of Pillars and  Tom Davies to take his 1st Championship of the weekend.

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Team Orion didn’t buy HotBodies


Despite some serious gossip and rumours of Team Orion purchasing / saving the embattled HotBodies brand, RCNews took the time to dig and can reveal it is in fact not true…

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New 6mik Optima engine?


During the second round of the French championship this past weekend, the 6MIK team were spotted running an Optima engine based on Team Orion rather than REDS. The choice of this change can have several causes: Having its own engine that will evolve according to the wishes and testing done by the team or take distance with Reds whose 6mik was the first distributor in France but also chooses one more French distributor, FDL to ensure the distribution. To be continued…

Evans sweeps Rumble in the Rockies

Evans sweeps Rumble in the Rockies podium 3

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Last weekend the 2016 Rumble in the Rockies was held at MOHR in Denver, Colorado. Dustin Evans TQ’ed and won all 3 Modified Classes he competed in with his Team Orion powered TLR rides. Team Orion’s Matt Chambers finished on the podium in 2 of the 3 classes; he raced with his Team Orion powered Kyosho rides.

Evans sweeps Rumble in the Rockies podium 2 Evans sweeps Rumble in the Rockies podium 1Evans sweeps Rumble in the Rockies


Dakota Phend wins 2016 Reedy Race

Reedy International Off-Road Race podium

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The 2016 Reedy International Off-Road Race of Champions was held this past weekend at OC R/C Raceway in beautiful Huntington Beach, California for its 3rd consecutive year. The Invitational class would again be limited to the 30 best qualified drivers from around the World. After all 6 rounds of Invitational 2wd Buggy were raced, Dustin Evans leading the way with 7 points. Dakotah Phend was just 1 point behind with 8 points. Ryan Maifield, Ryan Cavalieri, & Jared Tebo all were just 3 points out of the lead and in the hunt with 10 points.

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Team Orion Advantage Touch Duo V-Max charger

Team Orion Advantage Touch Duo V-Max

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Team Orion improves the range of the Advantage Touch chargers with the Advantage Touch Duo V-Max. For 2016 Team Orion has updated the Touch Duo by adding a LiPo HV charge mode. LiPo HV batteries, like the LiPo V-Max batteries, require a charge end voltage of 4.35V/cell (vs 4.2V/cell for regular LiPo). The 200W integrated power supply allows charge currents of up to 10A and fast charging of any type of battery. You can simultaneously charge, discharge, store, cycle or balance any combination of LiPo/LiPoHV/LiFe/NiMH/NiCd/Pb batteries.

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Team Orion Carbon Pro V-Max & V-Max HV LiPo

7.6V V-Max Rocket Packs Team Orion

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Team Orion complete their range of LiPo battery with the Carbon Pro V-Max “Outlaw“ HV Racing and the V-Max Rocket.

The Carbon Pro V-Max 110C is the latest evolution of a range of racing batteries produced for over 25 years. In the 90’s we developed the V-Max process to enhance NiMH battery performance and achieve outstanding results at competitions. Now, V-Max battery enhancement technology is back for LiPo batteries. The new Carbon Pro V-Max LiPo batteries have a higher nominal voltage (3.8V vs 3.7V) and can be charged up to 4.35V/Cell. The higher voltage allows for more performance and more capacity for the same battery size. Clic here to see all Carbon Pro V-Max 110C configurations.

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Team Orion Vortex VST2 Pro Mg

Team Orion Vortex VST2 Pro Mg neo

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Team Orion presents their new Vortex VST2 Pro Mg 540 and 690 size brushless motor, a lightweight motor with magnesium case for 1/10 and 1/8 cars.

The Vortex VST2 Pro Mg motor case is made out of magnesium! In our quest to save weight, using magnesium for our VST 2 Pro competition motors was a natural choice. Magnesium is 33% lighter than aluminum with similar or superior mechanical characteristics, it widely used in automotive racing, aircraft and spacecraft manufacturing, a true space age material. Reducing weight is beneficial to the car’s handling and the motor makes up a good part of the car’s total weight.

The Vortex VST2 Pro Mg is manufactured using the world championship winning VST2 Pro technology and features the latest developments in brushless motor technology. Clic here to see the new Team Orion catalog.

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