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Team Magic E5 aluminium shock towers

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Coming from Team Magic and made for the E5 Monster Truck are new aluminium shock towers. CNC machined from high quality aluminium, they come in black or titanium colour. These option parts which can be mounted at the front and rear will improve durability and efficiency of the E5.

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Team Magic E5 front & rear skid plates

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Team Magic have introduced new front and rear skid plates for the E5 1/10 Monster Truck. These heavy duty skid plates hare machined from stainless steel material. In addition to providing greater strength and reducing wear on the main chassis, they also lower centre of gravity.

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Team Magic E5 Truck Series centre differential set

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Team Magic have introduced new centre differential set for the E5 Truck series. This optional differential provide better handling and smoother reactions and replace the main centre shaft and spur gear of the E5.

Team Magic B8ER “ARR” version


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Team Magic have introduced the B8ER “ARR” version. The B8ER comes factory assembled by Team Magic and comes with many aluminum parts like the chassis, shock towers, steering linkage plates, chassis stiffener, motor mount and shocks. it is equipped with fully adjustable turnbuckles rod, rubber sealed ball bearings and HRC BullDog tyres. Available without electronics and motor, to allow you to choose the combo of your choice.

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Team Magic E6 III “BES” RTR


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Team Magic have introduced the new E6 III “BES”, which is a full option version the popular E6 III HX Monster Truck. The E6 III HX was primarely defined to be only an ARR version for the TM fans and they didn’t expected the great success the BES obtained. Many users asked Team Magic for a RTR version of this Monster Truck and they decided to release this ultra powerful RTR version nammed E6 III “BES” RTR.

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Team Magic B8ER “HRC Version”

Team Magic B8ER HRC Version red

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Team Magic Europe and HRC Racing have introduced a “HRC Version” of the Team Magic N8ER 1/8 Brushless Buggy. This revised version features key-changes of the original Team Magic B8ER as a new waterproof 16kg High Torque servo, a new 2500kv powerful motor and new HRC Racing “BullDog” tyres. The B8ER will be available in a Red/Black and Yellow/Black body in September.

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Team Magic E6 III BES 1/8 Monster Truck

Team Magic E6 III BES Monster Truck  neo

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Team Magic unveiled at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair the E6 III BES 1/8 Monster Truck. The E6 III BES is a « full option » ARR version (no electronics and no motor) of its very popular E6 III HX RTR Monster Truck in a very nice Black/Gold look. The BES features many Gold-anodised aluminium parts, like Front and Rear Shock Towers, Sliding Motor Mount, Primary Transmission Case, Dampers Shocks, Wheel Hex Adapters and Nuts, Wing Buttons, Suspensions Arm Mount Plates; and is also equiped with a Steel Central Diff Case and Steel Shock Pivot Balls.

Team Magic E6 III BES Monster Truck 2 Team Magic E6 III BES Monster Truck 6 Team Magic E6 III BES Monster Truck 5 Team Magic E6 III BES Monster Truck 3

Team Magic M8 Brushless

Team Magic: someone we’ve not heard or seen anything from in ages, until now – at the toy fair they’re showing off their Brushless 1/8 Buggy called the M8 (‘Mate’) – whether it becomes your good friend or not depends on how you take care of it we guess. The buggy looks to be more of a rolling kit rather than their RTR model the M8ER, although no further details are available.
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