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Team Durango undergoes 2wd mid-motor makeover

Team Durango Prototype

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Team Durango has unveiled a teaser shot of a little something they ‘accidentally stumbled across while passing by the R&D department’. This new car, sporting Chris Doughty’s paint job, appears to be possibly a new mid-motor rendition of the DEX210. While the photo shares very little detail, the unique body appears to completely encompass the transmission, leading us to believe perhaps it features a lay-down tranny design. We assume this new creation has been spurred on by the upcoming astro-turf covered Worlds, where mid-motor and low center of gravity designs will play a key role in performance. Stay tuned!

Pre-production ORB FWD unveiled

ORB Buggy

Do you remember the ORB Racing Front Wheel Drive Conversion for the Team Durango DEX210 buggy we shared a few short weeks ago? Today the company has released more news regarding the unique buggy by sharing a first look of the pre-production car. ORB says, “The car was a joy to build and feels very solid…stay tuned as we prepare the car to undergo final testing soon!”

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Without a doubt, the ORB Racing buggy conversion is quite a sight to look at OFF the track, we anxiously await to see it in action ON the track soon. Stay tuned!

Carlos Fonseca joins Team Durango

Carlos Fonseca 1

Team Durango is very excited to announce that Portuguese offroad racer, Carlos Fonseca, will be driving Team Durango products this coming season. Carlos will be working closely with long-serving Team Durango driver, Nuno Roque, to bring increased trackside support to racers in Portugal, whilst also providing our fans with setup tips and vehicle build advice through social media and R/C forums. Racing the DNX8 1/8 4WD Nitro Buggy, Carlos is ready for a fast-paced season of racing. He is very excited to meet Team Durango fans out at the track.

Source: Team Durango

Team Durango ships out new vehicles


Team Durango has announced today that their fresh new lineup of vehicles have officially left the warehouse, and are on their way to distributors worldwide. Despite the fact the vehicles are shipping out, Durango has yet to reveal any major details of the new vehicles. Provided in the announcement were a few teaser shots of the new vehicles, showing off a small amount of what to expect. Stay tuned for more details.

desc10-press-image dex8t-press-image dnx8-press-image2 dex8-press-image

ORB’s DEX210 FWD conversion kit


ORB Racing has shared a few early automated drawings, photos, and test runs of their latest project, the FF210 Front Wheeld Drive buggy. This buggy is based on the prototype buggy used to win the MAC Vlijmen Winter Championship, and is a Team Durango DEX210 conversion kit using 3D printed nylon components and composite plates. The car will accept shorty, saddle, and square LiPo packs for various configurations. We are told ORB Racing is currently arranging component suppliers and the production of a mold for the unique body shell this car will require.

1396935_1560474504091470_3327431518549487200_o 1796736_1560480077424246_3994089906233958428_o ORB FWD 2 ORB FWD


RDRP revises Durango shock parts

RDRP TD Shock Accessories

Revolution Design Racing Products introduce the Team Durango aluminium big bore (lower) shock cap and preload nut R2 set. The revised parts are of an updated design to allow for a more convenient ride height adjustment, and to create improved looks.

The aluminium preload nuts are now modeled after RDRP’s popular Kyosho RB6 parts to make for ever better grip when adjusting the spring preload, while the updated lower shock caps cover the machined recession that is not used when leaving the shock boots off. This makes for an overall sleeker look, and easier cleaning. All parts are made from high quality 7075-T6 aluminium, the preload nuts are gold anodized, while the shock caps are black in color. Included with the set also come suitable rubber O-rings for the preload nuts.

Source: RDRP

‘Peanut’ wins at NE Indoor Champs


The annual North East Indoor Championships was held recently at Maximus R/C in Maine. A list of New England’s top drivers, as well as several west coast heavy hitters were in attendance. In the Mod 2wd Buggy class it would be Travis Amezcua who took his Team Durango buggy to TQ in qualifying, and the overall victory in the final. Ale Miller and Damian Lamy would follow him across the line for second and third. In the Mod 4wd Buggy class it was none other than Schumacher’s Carson Wernimont who took the CAT victory over Amezcua in second, and once again Damian Lamy in third. More…

Team Durango’s major changes

Team Durango Sunset

After the surprise news of Ryan Lutz’ departure from Team Durango yesterday, the Hobbico-owned company went into a hasty damage-limitation exercise, posting a letter to their customers which announced sweeping changes to their business model and modus operandi – The company’s main focus has always been top-level racing, however judging by yesterday’s renewed mission statement, it seems those days are gone.

“Big national and international events are often becoming less relevant to our customers.  We all love to watch the Pros battle it out at the big events, but do these one off races help us make a good product for you?  Upon reflection we don’t think so; testing, analysis and hard work do.”

“With the World Championships behind us, the new season and exciting product ahead, it’s time for Team Durango to re-focus on product development and helping you win at your local track, rather than having paid Pro racers competing for national and International titles.”

Pretty much a complete reversal in strategy for Team Durango, disposing of an admittedly small, but rather effective race team – Ryan Lutz racing countless classes in the US, renowned for his brand ambassador merits, Travis Amezcua another big name, a double European Championship victory in 1/10th Offroad with Jorn Neumann, touring car project with Elliott Harper.

“over the next few months we dissolve our Pro race team and replace it with a new race team program that helps support local racing.”

One wonders whether this direct ‘grass roots’ strategy will prove effective, it’s no secret that race teams cost customers money; X percent of the cost of a kit goes to fund the race team budget – however the route of offering 50% sponsorships to everyone and their mother is a risky business grab as well, especially for a brand like Durango whose name and identity  are so intrinsically linked to fighting for major ‘Pro’ race wins, not local club races. (Click ‘More’ to read the full statement)

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