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RPM B6/B6D rear bumper & skid plate

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RPM have introduced a rear bumper and skid plate for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. The rear bumper is tiny and extremely lightweight, yet will become the most valuable piece of equipment on your ride the first time that out-of-control guy slams into your backside! It weighs in at a minuscule 5.5 grams, however it offers some serious rear end protection. It is 2” (51mm) wide and extends rearward by roughly 1-1/4” (32mm) at a 45° angle. Additionally, it sits 0.095” (2.4mm) beneath the chassis. This skid area of the bumper lends extreme skid resistance to the back of that expensive aluminum chassis and helps reduce skid and impact damage to the rear of your chassis.

Team Associated B64 FT steel chassis weights & HRC arm mounts C and D

Team Associated have introduced two new optional parts for the B64 and B64D in the form of Factory Team steel chassis weights and High Roll Center arm mounts C and D. First up are the 15 gram and 27 gram steel chassis weights. They fit into the front chassis pocket and add weight to the front, giving more steering in high-grip applications. They comes with the mounting hardware.

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Team Associated RC8B3 FT rigid engine mount

Coming from Team Associated and made for the RC8B3-series of vehicles is the Factory Team rigid engine mount. It is made to reduce chassis flex and extend clutch bell and spur gear life. This extended engine mount restricts the clutch bell and spur gear area from flexing, saving tooth wear and ensuring more consistent power delivery.

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Under the Hood: Davide Ongaro

Davide Ongaro – Italy

Whilst attending the Nordic Contest in Sweden, we shot recent Neo Race winner Davide Ongaro‘s Associated car, take a look under the hood.

  • Chassis: Team Associated RC8B3.1
  • Engine: LRP ZZ.21C Ceramic Long Stroke
  • Fuel: Runner Time
  • Tyres: AKA
  • Radio & Servos: Sanwa, Futaba servos
  • Body & Wing: Bittydesign Force, stock
  • Event: 2017 Nordic Contest, Eskilstuna Sweden
  • Note: Full FastRace options.


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RDRP B6 aluminium C & D suspension mounts


Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced their new C and D aluminium arm mounts for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. The suspension hangers are direct replacements for the kit parts and they add valuable toughness especially when running in demanding track conditions or when competing in modified classes. Machined from aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminium and coming in either black or blue anodising the parts also add visual impact. With their lightweight yet sturdy construction the mounts hardly add any weight meaning the buggy’s weight bias does not change and they are a direct fit on both the B6 and B6D when using Team Associated’s #92014 suspension inserts.

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Schelle B6 67mm conversion HD axles

Coming from Schelle Racing Innovations and made for the Team Associated B6 are the 67mm conversion HD axles. The conversion HD axles are for B6 racers that want to run latest “long bone” setups. The 67mm conversion axles work with aluminum rear hub units by Schelle (B5M and B6) and Team Associated (B5M). The Schelle axles replace the kit units and keep the same overall track width. An extra set of 65mm bone cross pin holes (2mm closer to car centerline) allow for tuning back and forth between the 2 lengths of CVA. The long 67mm bones can move through the range of suspension travel with less angle mis-alignment. This translates to less bind on power and more rear grip as the suspension works under load instead of locking out due to the drivetrain.

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Team Associated RC8T3 133mm FT CVA driveshaft set

Team Associated have introduced new Factory Team CVA set for the RC8T3 and RC8T3e. The CVA driveshafts can be used as a replacement option to the universals that come standard in the kits. The CVA assemblies will provide a more aggressive steering feeling, perfect for use on smoother track surfaces. CVA sets can be rebuilt as wear occurs and requires inner 15x21x4mm bearings.

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Team Associated B6/B6D chassis protective sheet

Team Associated have introduced a chassis protective sheet for the B6 and B6D. Whether you race indoor or outdoor, protecting and adding durability to your chassis is practically a necessity. Made from highly durable 18 mil vinyl with an aggressive adhesive, it is perfectly cut to fit your B6 or B6D and includes two extra tail sections to replace as they wear. Printed in gloss black and featuring team logos for that Factory Driver look.

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