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Team Associated B6-series FT precision ground diff drive rings

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Associated Electrics have added to their range of Factory Team options parts new precision ground diff drive rings for the Team Associated B6-series of 2WD buggy, SC5M and SC6.1, RC10T4.1 to T6.1 series, and all SC10s using ball diffs. The precision ground diff drive rings are a great option part for those who want the best ball diff possible. The precision comes from a flatter, tighter tolerance diff ring that will result in smoother diff operation and longer life, therefore increasing time between rebuilds.

ProTek R/C B6.2 & universal chassis protector sheets

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ProTek R/C have introduced new chassis protector sheets for the Team Associated B6.2 as well as an uncut “USA” universal sheet. The die cut sheet for the B6.2 +3mm chassis and the universal uncut “USA” chassis protective sheet are made from 12mil laminate and backed by an aggressive adhesive vinyl. The sheet for the B6.2 is cut to exact dimensions of the model, and provides a professional look while helping to protect your chassis while the universal uncut “USA” chassis protective sheet is 12.5cm wide by 33.5cm long and designed for universal use.

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Willspeed B6.1/2 & RF2 TakeOne D arm mount

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Willspeed have introduced the new “TakeOne” D arm mount for the Team Associated B6.1 and B6.2 as well as their RF2 platform. Specially designed designed to be use on carpet tracks, the “TakeOne” D hanger does exactly as it says on the tin. Removing 1 degree of inboard Toe In allowing you now achieve 0.5 and even 0 degrees inboard Toe. Capable inboard toe in range 0-3 degrees (standard D hanger 1-4) no change to anti squat adjustment. Removing toe allows the rear axle to act more efficiently, reducing tyre scrub, increasing mid corner rotation and increased on power steering. The “TakeOne” D arm mount comes machined from high-quality aluminium and anodised clear. XB2’20 and YZ2 CAL3 versions will become available soon.

Team Associated welcomes Finland’s Max Mört

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Associated Electrics have announced the multi-year signing of up-and-coming Finnish racer, Max Mört to their Associated team. M.Mört has been one of the fast-rising European racers and is looking to continue his upward trajectory. He will be racing the full line of Team Associated vehicles, but will concentrate on 1/8th with the RC8B3.1 during the summer months and keep his driving skills sharp during the winter with his B6.2.

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Andrew Selvaggi appointed Australian AE & Reedy Team Manager

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Team Associated and Reedy Australian distributor’s Model Engines have announced the appointment of Andrew Selvaggi as Race Team Manager for 2020. Team Associated and Reedy have a strong winning pedigree Down Under, taking countless State and National Championships over the last 30+ years. Andrew brings with him a wealth of knowledge and will continue to build and coordinate the Australian race team.

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VSR Products B74 angled fan mount

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VSR Products have introduced the new angled fan mount for the Team Associated B74. It mounts onto the top of the carbon plate for the center diff/slipper and it allows clean access to the battery terminals without having to remove the battery, and making sure it limits any contact with the B74 body. The angled fan mount fits any 30mm fans.

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T-Work’s introduce new Hyspin ball bearing sets

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T-Work’s have introduced a six new sets of Hyspin ball bearings for popular 1/8th buggies, E-buggies and Truggies on the market. Featuring both rubber and metal shields, the Hyspin ball bearings offer good combination between reduced drag and great durability. The Hyspin ball bearings are available in set of 24-piece for the Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI3/TKI4, MP10 and MP10T as well as a set of 22-piece for the Inferno MP9E, a set of of 24-piece for the Mugen Seiki MBX8/T and a set of 22-piece for the MBX8 Eco. Also available for the SWORKz S35-3 and the Team Associated RC8B3.1 are two sets of 28-piece.

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Team Associated RC10B6.2/D Team 2WD buggy kits

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Associated Electrics have introduced the new Team Associated RC10B6.2 and RC10B6.2D Team 2WD buggy kits. The B6 platform introduced the use of two separate chassis configurations — the B6.2 continues this theme. The B6.2 will be the buggy of choice for high grip-carpet or turf track surfaces with its Laydown transmission assembly and anti-roll bars for optimal mass balance. The B6.2D includes both Layback and Laydown Stealth(TM) transmission assemblies to fine tune mass balance to track conditions; add to that the addition of +1 Ackermann plates and gull wing suspension arms to tune the steering for razor sharp feel and control.

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