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AVID RC8B3 & MBX7 FastTune camber shims

Made for both Team Associated RC8B3 and Mugen MBX7 are the AVID FastTune camber shims. The FastTune camber shims are made from Aluminum 6065-T6 anodized in black and designed to allow you to easily adjust your camber on popular pillow ball designs without having to fully unthread them. The tab feature helps you keep them in place as you tighten down the pillow ball. Don’t get caught up in all the complicated sizes AE has introduced, 0.5 and 1.0mm shims have been working for Mugen since the dawn of time. Also fits to other cars with 6mm threaded pillow balls.


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RDRP B64 brass suspension mounts


Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced four brass suspension mounts for the Team Associated B64 series of buggies. They are direct replacement for the kit’s lightweight parts and add valuable weight especially when running in high-traction conditions or when the track is getting bumpier. Machined from black-coated brass and sporting gold-colour chamfered edges the parts weigh in at 14g for the A LRC mount, 13g for the B LRC mount, 14g for the C mount and 15g for the D mount which shifts the weight bias further to the front or rear of the buggy, depending on the location of the brass hangers. Using the front A and B brass mounts will result in an easier to drive buggy while the rear C and D mounts add traction out of and rotation into corners. All mounts were designed to work with the original #92014 arm mount inserts and they are best used in pairs at the front or the rear.

RPM B6 & B6D “Flat” front A-arms

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RPM have introduced new “Flat” front A-arms for the Team Associate B6 & B6D. Thanks to the hinge-pin holes held to extremely strict tolerances, the “Flat” front A-arms are an improvement compared to stock A-arms. Also RPM use in-line screws to retain the outer hinge pins while they ditch the inside retaining screws for shoulders in the hinge pin holes. This results in a weight reduction of 1.75 grams per A-arm (or 3.5 grams per pair) less than stock. Durability is also key to staying on-track. Whether bashing or racing, RPM A-arms are the toughest A-arms on the market so a rough landing or a hit from another competitor won’t take you out of the race.

Team Associated FT ball cup wrench

Team Associated have added to the Factory team tool range a ball cup wrench. This lightweight and compact wrench is designed for use with the 6-series platform ball cups. A knurled outer diameter makes the tool easy and comfortable to use. Pair with the #1114 FT dual turnbuckle wrench and assembling turnbuckles has never been so quick and easy.

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Under the Hood: Davide Ongaro

Davide Ongaro – Italy


Team Associated aluminum servo washers

Team Associated have introduced new aluminium servo washers. Machined from aluminum and anodized in black, they are designed for flat head cap screws. They keys into servo ears for secure servo mounting while preserve the structural integrity of the servo ears.

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Team Associated & Reedy Power apparel

Hot off the presses are the new shirts and hats from AE and Reedy. The Team Associated Speed T-shirt, AE 3/4 Sleeve T-shirt and Reedy Heritage T-shirt are available in grey colour, kids, lady’s and men’s. Also Team Associated offer Reedy Power hats in grey and black colors.

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T-Work’s B64 option parts

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T-Work’s have introduced several option parts for the Team Associated B64. First up is a carbon fibre battery strap. Cut from high quality graphite carbon fibre, it sports an adjustable design that allows to fine-tune weight bias. Next up are bellcrank arms. Available in 17mm, 18mm and 19mm, they are designed to adapt the steering feeling according to the track conditions. Also new is a carbon fibre input arm with three steering link locations. Next up are four carbon fibre steering block arms with -1, 0, +1 and +2 Ackermann settings. T-Work’s offers 7075-T6 aluminium caster hat bushings set available in 0 degree and 3 degree set, a 2-piece each 1 degree and 2 degree. Next up is a 5-piece set of hard-coated 7075-T6 aluminium 6mm pivot balls for shocks. Finally is the 1/10 Lexan Rear Wing 6.5″ Wide available in a 2-piece set.

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