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RDRP B6 aluminium front bulkhead


Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced an aluminium front bulkhead for the Team Associated B6 series. The bulkhead was designed to replace the standard part with a more sturdy and durable item. The bulkhead comes machined from aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminium and its directional design allows to run 25 degree or 30 degree kick-up angle while the anodised surface and silver edge details add visual impact. The aluminium part adds rigidity and precision when the point gets tough and when racing on high-bite surfaces. The part is available in black or blue anodising.

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ProStar RC8B3 & MBX7R “Outlaw” 1/8 front wing

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ProStar have introduced new “Outlaw” front wing for Team Associated RC8B3, Mugen MBX7R and Eco buggies. ProStar have spent 5 months to test prototypes in different materials. The “Outlaw” front wing makes the airflow aerodynamically channeled smoothly over your front shock tower of your car producing more front end bite especially on larger high speed European and American type tracks. Also included is the optional skid plate that further protects your chassis and the “Outlaw” wing from damage. Available in black, blue, red, orange and white.

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Team Associated B6/B64 FT graphite ESC plate & hub inserts

Coming from Team Associated and made for the B6, B6D, B64 and B64D are the Factory Team graphite ESC plate and aluminum rear hub link inserts. First up is the graphite ESC plate. Made from high quality 1.5mm woven graphite laminate, it comes with blue anodized nut inserts ensuring a secure attachment. With only 7.5g, this ESC plate is a Factory Team lightweight option that provides for easy installation and removal of electronics for easy chassis cleanup.

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RDRP B6 electronic chassis plate


Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced an electronics chassis plate for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. The part was designed to be a drop fit for the chassis’ machined pocket behind the steering servo and using it allows to easily remove the speed controller and receiver from the car for cleaning and maintenance purposes. 0.75mm thick and weighing in at only 7g the plate hardly adds any additional weight to the car meaning the buggy’s weight bias remains pretty much the same compared to thicker alloy or brass parts. The machined pocket also keeps the electronics such as speed controller and receiver very low in the chassis for a low overall centre of gravity. The mounting plate fits both the B6 and B6D and it comes including suitable mounting hardware.

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MIP B64 aluminum Performance bundle package

MIP have introduced the aluminum performance bundle package for the Team Associated B64. In the spec class, rotational mass is killer; it reduces initial drive and loads up the motor unnecessarily adding heat throughout the run resulting in less overall power. Because of this MIP has created a performance bundle package directly attacking rotational mass in the 13.5 wheeler class. 

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DKT RC8B3 front arm mounts

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Italian company DKT have introduced new high roll centre front arm mounts for the Team Associated RC8B3. Machined in aluminium 7075 T6 and black anodised, these A and B mounts are designed to improve resistance to breakage. Davide ongaro has developed and tested the parts during the first round of Italian championship in 2017. The new front arm mounts are available individually or as pair.

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RDRP B6 aluminium wing mount set


Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced the aluminium wing mount set for the Team Associated B6 and B6D. The wing mounts are machined from high-quality 7075-T6 aluminium for improved rigidity and durability while the overall design, anodised surface and silver edge details make for an ultra-cool look. A connecting carbon fibre plate was machined at an angle, allowing to adjust the rear wing angle in order to further fine-tune aerodynamic downforce. On top of this the large surface carbon plate lets the wing rest on a more sturdy base than common wing mounts, prolonging the wing’s life while also optimising overall downforce. The wing mounts are available in black or blue anodising.

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Under the Hood: Davide Ongaro

Davide Ongaro, 15 – Italy