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Sidewinder News

Sidewinder Engine?

Spotted at the Silver State race in Las Vegas this weekend; a Sidewinder branded cooling head. Our sources tell us that it may be yet another OEM engine from OS in Japan, however that is unconfirmed. Sidewinder is one of the most popular racing fuels in 1/8 Offroad, with a couple of World Championships under their belt and a strong team of current drivers that includes the likes of Maifield, Cavalieri, Quagraine, Robbers, Amezcua & Mark Pavidis…

JQ to run Sidewinder

No cliched dressed up thank you statements from the original, “we do what we want… …so should you” Joseph Quagraine, just a simple picture of him looking at some fuel. He used to run Werks fuel and for 2011 JQ will be powering his OS engine with the purple juice from Sidewinder. We’re unsure how well the added purple will mesh into the finally selected colour scheme of his black & gold buggy and green body…

Sidewinder Expert Buggy Amain Video

Link to Final Video

Sidewinder Photos

Link to Sidewinder Gallery

After some rather irritating personal computer problems we finally have some photos for you from the Sidewinder race. See the gallery link above, as well as some selections below. We hope to get the results online asap. [Podium photos: John Cary”>

Expert Truggy: 1st Ryan Maifield, 2nd Billy Fischer, 3rd Matt Schreffler

As promised!!! Two delightful Arizona racers Billy & Tanner

Sidewinder Finals Day

After a warm day yesterday which turned into a chilly evening today we have overcast skies and lower temps. The 45 min Expert Amain for truggy just finished with Ryan Maifield taking the win, with Billy Fischer 2nd and Dylan Rodriguez claiming 3rd despite a flame out, 4th Matt Schreffler after losing out on the last lap due to an errant team manager’s (Losi) car. Bad luck but a great duel between Dylan (who TQ’d) and Matt.

Expert Buggy Amain: The start and first few laps were a complete mess with mistakes healthily sprinkled with take-outs – Ryan M had the lead infront of Cavalieri, albeit for 8 laps only before pulling off with center driveshaft issues. Cavalieri looked comfortable in the lead at first with Truhe in 2nd, only for his car’s handling seeming to get worse each lap, clearly battling a with the car Cavalieri fell backwards. This promoted Truhe, also in the mix was Ty Tessmann and Cody King behind in 3rd. On the face of it the track looked a bit bumpy but nothing the cars couldn’t handle but it was clear many cars were struggling with their handling, not so for Cody King who opened up an insurmountable lead. There were a few cat n’ mouse battles behind but he had 1st place in the bag despite a late splash n dash. Ty Tessmann’s hard work and steady driving paid off as he had a gap to Truhe in 3rd, but Pavidis was closing in with a better looking car. Cue a great to and fro fight which ended the way of Pavidis – taking the final podium spot. Perhaps we are seeing a crescendo in form with Pattaya only weeks away… ? All in all a deserved win for Cody who only just made it into the ‘A’ after quali but was by some margin the best performer in the main.

Sidewinder Qualifying

Ryan Maifield stepped up his game in Q3 as he put in a comfortable TQ run. With the sun having set, temperatures falling special thanks to Upgrade-RC for the loaner jacket which stopped the onset of neumonia! Anyway Maifield in Q3 was very fast in the beginning and with a few laps remaining his lead was already great enough for him to back off and manage it until the finish. Q1 TQ Josh Wheeler ended up 2nd overall and Ty Tessmann 4th. Ryan Maifield also TQ’d the slightly less contested truggy class, infront of Dylan Rodriguez.
Latest batch of photos online Here | New video online below

Q1 down and a small surprise! Mark Pavidis initially set the pace with a 14/7:00.09 only for Ryan Maifield to better that with a 15 lapper in 7:27.23 it looked like Ryan had taken Q1 but up steps Josh Wheeler with his XRAY [d”>XB8[/d”> 808 and takes TQ by two tenths. Rankins will be determined via qual points with two qualifiers counting out of the three, top 9 go direct to the Amain and 3 bump from the B. Track is being run dry and the long sweeper is catching a few people out at the top of the hill. Link to Gallery

Q1 Expert
TQ. Josh Wheeler – XRAY/OS/Pro-Line – 15/7:26.99
2. Ryan Maifield – AE/Reedy/JConcepts – 15/7:27.23
3. Mark Pavidis – Kyosho/OS/AKA – 14/7:00.09
4. Ryan Cavalieri – AE/Reedy/Pro-Line – 14/7:01.76
5. Dylan Rodriguez – Mugen/OS/Pro-Line – 14/7:02.12
6. Adam Drake – Losi/Novarossi/Losi – 14/7:03.96
7. Ty Tessmann – Hot Bodies/OS/Pro-Line – 14/7:06.87
8. Mike Truhe – Losi/Orion/Losi – 14/7:09.93
9. Barry Baker – O’Donnell/O’Donnell – 14/7:12.20
10. Cody King – Kyosho/Orion/AKA – 14/7:14.22
11. Billy Fischer – Losi/Novarossi – 14/7:16.83
12. Matt Castellano – Losi/OS/Losi – 14/7:18.25

Sidewinder N-Explosion – Practice

Today was a pretty chilled out day of afternoon practice at the Sidewinder N-Explosion, tune in tomorrow for some more photos and hopefully some new parts. The track is being run for the event with 130 entries expected it should be a nice test to see what happens with the track, a few small areas were blowing out but nothing serious, it is offroad afterall! Video of practice coming in a bit…