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Schumacher News

Schumacher Cat L1 Evo layshaft lockout conversion

See: Schumacher Racing

Schumacher Racing have introduced the new layshaft lockout conversion for the Cat L1 Evo. The layshaft lockout conversion reduces the rotating mass and the overall weight of the Cat L1 and incorporates a slipper lock out making it great for stock racing where maximum acceleration is required. The conversion kit includes a super lightweight titanium layshaft, 71T and 76T slipper lockout spurs and fixing screw.

Klinik RC ball diff jig/camber gauge & pinion case

See: Schumacher Racing

Schumacher Racing have introduced two new options from Klinik RC in the form of a ball diff jig/camber gauge and a pinion case. Made in the USA, the ball diff jig will help to build a ball differential by putting the ball diff outdrives between the jig and turn over to check the tension. As an added feature, -1deg and -2deg camber built into each side for quick camber checks before each run. The gauge measures 3″ wide and 4″ tall making it perfect for most 1/10th and 1/8th tires.

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Schumacher sign Joni Skidmore

See: Schumacher Racing

Schumacher Racing have announced the signing of Joni Skidmore to their team. The top UK racer will be primed and ready to go, as soon as racing resumes with his Cougar Laydown and CAT L1 EVO ride’s.

I am so pleased and excited to be joining the #SchumacherFamily for the foreseeable future, the cars are super competitive at the races and the support from the team is great too. Big thanks to Robin, Muz and Trish for making all this happen, hopefully see you all at the track soon for some big air and some even bigger whips. – Joni Skidmore

Schumacher Cat L1 Evo alloy differential

See: Schumacher Racing

Schumacher Racing have introduced the new aluminium differential for the Cat L1 Evo. Machined from high-quality aluminium, the alloy case gives super precision and strength and has a larger oil volume for more consistency during a run while the main large shim also thicker for more reliability. The set includes all parts necessary to build a complete diff.

Schumacher CAT & Cougar chassis protectors

See: Schumacher Racing

Schumacher Racing have introduced new chassis protectors for the CAT L1 + EVO, the Cougar Laydown and Cougar KC/KD. These new pre-cut chassis protectors will increase the life of your chassis in those rough conditions. With a grey, white and black pattern it is sure to complement any paint design. These new versions have die cuts for the screw holes so you can gain easy access to the screws for maintenance.

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Penguin Emperor 1/10th buggy rear wing

See: Schumacher Racing

Penguin Custom Bodyshells have introduced the new Emperor rear wing for 1/10th buggy. Moulded from high-quality 1mm Lexan, the rear of the wing is sectioned, to allow it to be cut differently, for different conditions and aero effects. The Emperor wing features full trim lines for easy cutting.

Schumacher Indoor Off-road Masters Rd7 report

See: Schumacher Racing

The weekend before last was the final round of the very popular Worksop Series, there was once again a great entry of drivers in the main classes of 2wd and 4wd buggies, then some 2wd stadium trucks and vintage buggies also. As always it was round by round qualifying as the racing format, with the best 2 results from 4 rounds of qualifying counting towards the final position. The control tyre in the buggy classes is the Schumacher Yellow Honeycomb, this works superbly well at Worksop. The track was very much off road, there were lots of jumps and it was a great layout, so a huge thank you to the team for all of their hard work as always.

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Penguin Custom Bodyshells Cougar Laydown Dart body

See: Penguin Custom Bodyshells

Penguin Custom Bodyshells have introduced a new Dart body for the Schumacher Cougar Laydown. Featuring a low profile design, the Dart is made from 0.75 standard and 0.5mm lightweight Lexan both with overspray covering.