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Sanwa PGS-CL low profile digital servo

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Sanwa have introduced the new PGS-CL low-profile digital servo. This high voltage servo features a coreless motor capable of pulling up to 16.6kg of torque at a speed of down to 0.08s. It is SSR compatible to fit the high speed encoding of the Sanwa radio sets and the settings can be changed from the transmitter or the program box thanks to the SSL technology. Measuring 40.5×20.5×26.5mm, the PGS-CL is waterproof and features a composite/alu case.

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T-Work’s MT44 radio skin set

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T-Work’s have introduced a radio skin set for the Sanwa/Airtronics MT44 radio. The skin is available in many colours including 3D Graphite colours such as black, White, blue, yellow, green, orange, red and gradient (purple to blue), metal chrome colours like green, blue, red and sliver, black and carbon shiny color. The set includes one radio skin, one screen protector and the instruction manual.

Sanwa appoints new distributor in Italy

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Japanese brand Sanwa have announced that their distributorship in Italy with Scorpio SRL expired in November. The distribution, sales, supports, after- services for Sanwa products are now provided by Schepis Model.

Sanwa appointed Kyosho Europe as French distributor

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Sanwa have announced that Kyosho Europe will be their new distributor for France. The fifty-time world champion brand will complete the range of leading products already distributed by Kyosho Europe with the same guarantee of quality and performance.

Jorge Flores joins Picco & Sanwa

Pit Lane Hobby have announced that his factory driver Jorge Flores joined Picco and Sanwa. The Puerto Rican frontrunner will be using Picco engines and Sanwa electronics with its XB8’17 during the Puerto Rico Championship and other events. Jorge had the following to say:

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LRP lost Sanwa distribution

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Sanwa have announced that their distribution contract with LRP expired on June 30, 2017. Based on Sanwa’s list of distributors, LRP would have been replaced by HOECO for the Germany, Austria and Switzerland distribution. Nevertheless, LRP have announced that they were able to stabilize their sales during the preliminary insolvency proceedings and in addition, they have implemented further restructuring measures, in particular personnel adjustments. This information was confirmed by LRP General Manager Jürgen E. Lautenbach who also added:

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T-Works MT44 alum. switch buttons

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T-Works have introduced aluminium switch buttons for the Sanwa MT44 transmitter. These buttons are machined from aluminum and anodised in black, red, orange and blue and come with a golden screw. In addition to offering a more refined look, the button will offer greater resistance to this very used button.

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Sanwa RX-481 waterproof receiver & HVS-702 servo

sanwa RX-481WP receiver

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Sanwa through LRP Germany have introduced the RX-481 waterproof receiver and the HVS-702 servo. First up is the RX-481 waterproof (IPX4). The Sanwa RX-481 2.4GHz receiver has 4 channels and can be operated in FH-3 or FH-4 mode. It is technically the same receiver as the Sanwa RX-481 but now in a waterproof version. The main feature of the RX-481 waterproof is his antenna already integrated into the housing to avoid that the antenna cable cannot be broken without this causing any negative influence on the range and interferences.

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