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Sanwa News

Sanwa RX-493 coaxial antenna receiver

See: Sanwa

Japanese company Sanwa have introduced the new RX-493 coaxial antenna receiver. Introduced as an alternative of M17’s receiver RX-491, the RX-493 receiver is compact and waterproof receiver SRX and SSL compatible and featuring a short coaxial antenna. The antenna tube can be attached directly to the housing.

RDRP M17/MT-44 aluminium steering wheel & M17 dial and nut set

See: Ruddog Distribution

Ruddog Distribution have introduced the all-new Revolution Design Racing Products aluminium steering wheel for the popular Sanwa M17 high-end and MT-44 intermediate level radios as well as an aluminium dial and nut set only for the M17. These parts are a quick and easy way to personalise the transmitter to the maximum. The steering wheel is machined from high-quality aluminium and a cool new turbine design greatly enhances the overall appearance of the transmitter while offering improved stability for more precise steering action. The dials and nuts feature a serrated design for better gripping and improved haptics. Both the aluminium steering wheel and the set of dials and nuts are available in seven different colours including black, blue, light blue, green, gold, orange and red while machined silver colour edge details and a laser-engraved logo make the parts stand out.

More photos here

Hampus Berg signs with Sanwa

See: Sanwa

Sanwa have announced the signing of Hampus Berg to their Factory team. The young and talented Swedish racer will use the M17 radio as well as the PGS-XB2 SXR on his HB Racing rides during the 2019 and 2020 seasons.

Hiro Seiko M17 screen protectors

See: Hiro-Seiko

Hiro Seiko have introduced new screen protectors for the Sanwa M17 transmitter. The material of these screen protectors was specially developed for M17 transmitter’s touch operation. Besides enhancing the original features such as anti-fingerprint and scratch-proof, Hiro Seiko have added functions like water and oil repellent. The screen protectors are available in a set of two parts.

Muchmore M17 Impact 4400mAh LiPo transmitter battery pack

See: Muchmore Racing

Muchmore Racing have introduced a new 4400mAh transmitter LiPo battery pack for the Sanwa M17 radio. Measuring 76×44.5x10mm and weighing in at 71g the battery offers a high capacity and a low weight. It features a 60mm 20AWG silicone wires and comes pre-wired with a JR style plug.

PowerStar RS472EZ Sanwa FHSS compatible mini-receiver

See: PowerStar

PowerStar have introduced the new Sanwa FHSS compatible RS472EZ mini-receiver. Its compact size makes it ideal for using in mini applications or where space is at a premium. The receiver features a hidden antenna and is suitable for Sanwa’s range of transmitters.

More photos here

Twister RC Sanwa transmitter skins

See: Twister RC

Twister RC have introduced new skin stickers for the Sanwa/Airtronics M17,M12,MT-44 and MT-4 transmitters. Designed to protect and customize your transmitter, the skin stickers are available in four metallochrome colors including green, blue, purple and yellow.

Arrowmax M17 LiPo 6000mAh 3.7V battery

See: Arrowmax

Coming from Arrowmax and made for the Sanwa M17 radio is the new 6000mAh 3.7V LiPo battery pack. The battery pack measures 78mm x 47mm x 12mm and provides more than double capacity of the original battery. The battery comes pre-wired with 60mm 20AWG silicone wire and features a JR plug.