SWORKz Apollo 1/8 E-buggy RTR coming soon

Coming soon from SWORKz is the Apollo 1/8 E-buggy RTR. No information and even no image are available yet but we bring you more information as soon as they will be available.

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SWORKz S35E centre chassis reinforcements

SWORKz have introduced two chassis reinforcements for the S35E, S35-TE, Zeus and Apollo. The reinforcements are made in aluminium and brass 20 grams heavier and stand between the rear and front chassis braces. They will protect the centre driveshaft without modify the chassis flex.

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Prostar s353 & 8ight 4.0 option parts

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Prostar R/C have introduced Super Hybrid Kevlar shock towers for the SWORKz s353 and carbon nylon pills for the TLR 8ight 4.0. First up are the rear and front Super Hybrid Kevlar shock towers. They are made from 5mm material available in blue or black. The shock towers have been developed not only be awesome looking but be structurally stronger and more durable than any other shock tower material on the market.

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SWORKz S35-TE Electric Truggy kit

SWORKz have introduced their first E-Truggy called the S35-TE. Based on the latest 1/8 S35-T nitro truggy chassis design, The S35-TE use the same transmission system as the S35-3E E-buggy. The new S35-TE Truggy suspension design use stronger nylon materials and front ackerman steering system is derived from the S35-T Nitro Truggy while the new front shock tower design allow you to change the front upper angle positions easily.

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Jürgen & Marcel Trieb take Austrian E-buggy titles

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Last weekend was held the Austrian E-buggy National Championship at the MOC track in Allhartsberg. SWORKz team driver Jürgen Trieb took the victory and the 2018 Austrian title in front of his teammate and vice-champion Rene Kargl and Mugen’s Andreas Mayr in third. Also the young and talented SWORKz’s Marcel Trieb snatched the Austrian Junior title with a 5rd place overall.

SWORKz S35-T Nitro Truggy kit

SWORKz have introduced the new S35-T 1/8 Nitro Truggy kit. Based on the S35-3 Nitro Buggy, the S35-T is the evolution of the S35-T project and the result of SWORKz passion for racing and race development. The S35-T comes in standard with many SWORKz Factory Team option parts which provide strength and performance. The S35-T features a longer T-7075 aluminum L.F.C (Lower Friction Coefficient) chassis allowing to use 15-75g balance weights.


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SWORKz S35-3 Formula Lexan wing set

SWORKz have introduced the Formula wing set for the S35-3. The set is made up of three Lexan front wings; the Formula wing fits to the front bulkhead and provide lower CG and makes landing easier and faster during jumps. The towo other wings feature the same design as the composite carbon front upper down force wings now made in Lexan material. Thanks to the Lexan, you can cut the wings to ajust the down force level you need.

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Sami Soukas takes Finnish Open E-buggy title

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The Finnish Open Championship ended last weekend at the Lavanko raceway. After rainy night, the track was wet but race started on schedule. After practice rounds Ari Koski made fastest time in front of SWORKz team driver Sami Suokas. The track dried before qualification rounds and became more slippery. The finals were very tight between Joonas Hyvärinen, Aleksi Wilkman and Sami Suokas and after three finals it was Joonas who took took the win in front of Aleksi in second and Sami in third. Tis third place was just enough for Sami to take the overall Championship just one point ahead of Ari.