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REDS announce updated Durabell clutch bells

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REDS Racing have introduced an updated version of the Durabell clutch bell with a new special silver surface treatment which increases surface quality and wear resistance. The new long wear clutch bell is made of high quality steel and the special coating treatment allows the teeth to last longer than any other standard clutch bell on the market, transferring power from the clutch to the center spur gear and the rest of the drivetrain with consistency and reliability. A special vented design also guarantees lower temperatures and more clean shoes engagement for a longer life of both bell and clutch shoes. Durabell is available in 13 and 14 teeth version only and it is suitable for Kyosho, Mugen, Losi, Tekno, JQ, XRAY, Team Associated, HB Racing and Serpent.

REDS Racing EFRA 2143 X-One ‘Smooth’ exhaust

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REDS Racing have added the new EFRA 2143 X-One ‘Smooth’ exhaust to their range of innovative pipe-manifold all-in-one system called X-One. With the new X-One layout there is no need of using or replacing springs or gaskets for a better reliability and tuning stability.The EFRA 2143 X-One exhaust is now available in ‘Smooth’ version welded to L manifold. The combo provides high torque and top speed.

Reds Racing support at the Worlds Warm-up

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REDS Racing have announced that Mario Rossi will provide full Support to all REDS customers and drivers at the 2018 1/8th Nitro off road Worlds warm up. If you are using REDS Racing products or want to know more about them please come and see him.

Ricardo Monteiro wins at Portuguese Nats Rd1

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The first round of the Portuguese 1/8 Buggy National Championship was held at the Todo o Terreno Avanca track over the weekend. The track was super short and rough and made overtaking very difficults. In the 45-minute final it was Ricardo Monteiro (Mugen) who took the win by one lap from Carlos Durães (Serpent) while João Figueiredo (Kyosho) would take third a further lap down.

REDS Power vs Efficiency packs

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REDS Racing have introduced the new Power Pack and Efficiency Pack. Both packs come in a combo box signed by Mario Rossi. The Power Pack comes with WRX Corsa Lunga engine, the all new 2104 X-One smooth pipe and 7, 7.5, 8 mm venturis while the Efficiency Pack comes with WR5 engine or WR5 High Efficiency engine, the all new 2104 X-One smooth pipe and 6.5, 7, 7.5 mm venturis.

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Elliott Boots talks about REDS VX2 1/10 motors

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REDS Racing have released a new video where Elliott Boots talk about the VX2’s line of motors for 1/10 vehicles.

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REDS Racing TX2 1/10 ESC

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REDS Racing have introduced the new TX2 1/10 brushless speed controller. It runs on 2S LiPo batteries and has a built-in BEC with 6.0V/7.4V voltage output. The TX2 comes with external power capacitors to maintain a compact design, a reliable external power switch and high-speed cooling fan. With high grade and low resistance components utilized throughout, the TX2 takes 1/10 scale competition racing to a new level. Power, control and reliability remain the foundation of this ESC. Built with a custom high-efficiency aluminum heatsink housing and full programming, the TX2 provides the tools for the win.

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Elliott Boots sweeps BRCA Nitro Buggy Nats Rd1

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This past weekend was held the first round of the BRCA Rallycross National Championship at the Herts track, UK. Despite the rainy and cold weather, Elliott Boots (Kyosho) managed to take the overall TQ and the win in the 45-minute main final from Lewis Jones (Team Associated) in second and Simon Willetts (Mugen) in third.