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David Lim wins MNL season opener

David Lim

The 2015 race season in Malaysia is officially under way with Round 1 of the Malaysia National League taking place this past weekend. After some close racing throughout qualifying and the 1-hour final, it would be RB’s David Lim who would cross the line for the win. The new year brings a new race format for the series, and it appears the format suits David just fine!

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RB goes shorty with new LiPo pack

image002 (3)

RB expands his battery range with their all-new 4200mAh 100C ‘shorty’ LiPo pack. The high performance battery is designed for serious racers and provides the latest in RB battery technology. Features a black case with chrome RB labeling, and weighs in at 201 grams. Includes Dean’s high current connectors, silicone wrapped wires, balance connector, and instruction manual.

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RB Products take a Caribbean cruise

RB Puerto Rico

RB Products continues to increases it’s availability worldwide by announcing yet another new distributorship today. Droopy Hobby Shop has been appointed as the official RB distributor in Puerto Rico. This new distributorship will allow Puerto Rico and Caribbean customers easier access to the full line of RB Products.

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RB Products is back in Indonesia

RB Indonesia

RB Products is happy to announce today they once again the full range of RB engines and accessories is available in Indonesia. Mega Hobby & Toys has taken on the newest distributorship of RB in the country, and is once again offering the beloved RB lineup to racers all across Indonesia.

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XRAY XB8 ’14 Review: On The Track



XRAY XB8 ’14

Luxury Defined: Quality And Adjustability

Author/Photos:  Stephen Bess


This is a word most often associated with food, makeup or Rolls Royces.  But a “luxury” RC car?  XRAY has included the word “luxury” with its vehicle names for quite a while.  The Webster’s Dictionary defines luxury as “a state of great comfort or extravagance” and “an inessential or desirable item that is expensive or difficult to obtain.”  Should your idea of luxury include ideas of foo-foo frilly and fragile items that are more show than go, you’d be wrong about the XB8 ’14; in its first full racing season, the XB8 ’14 has impressed in the USA and holds multiple TQ’s and national championships across Europe. 

XRAY nitro buggies have always been on the expensive side, but with the new XB8 ’14 kit, the buggy’s extravagant fit, finish and quality have recalibrated my expectations of what RC luxury truly is.

“Like all XRAY kits, the parts fit together like a Patek Phillipe timepiece.”


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RB release ‘Rally V2′ Engine


RB are already looking forward to winter and have released the ‘Rally V2′ engine, aimed at the Rally Game market (1/8th buggys with track tyres, popular in southern Europe).

The new Xtrem Rally receives a 7 ports sleeve with MES and 2 extra lubrification holes, a Machining hard & light piston and a new turbo/balanced 14.5mm crankshaft with silicon paste, giving even more power to this engine. The new Rally receive a new black coated crankcase too.

Available alone #01014-RALLYV2 or as a combo #E01014-RALLYV2 delivered with 2092 in-line pipe/manifold set.

RALLYV2_presentation RALLYV2_presentation2 RALLYV2_presentation3 RALLYV2_presentation5

RB ‘ROCKET’ limited edition engine


After selling out of all their various versions of BLAST engines, RB have been quick to act introducing a Limited Edition engine named ‘The ROCKET’. Made in Europe to the highest specs and ready to blast off (see what we did there?!) the .21 Offroad engine is a long stroke 7 port with 14.55mm turbo, lightened balanced crankshaft, lightweight piston and competition conrod and turbo combustion chamber.

The engine is available now in limited quantities as Part #01014-ROCKET or as a combo #E01014-ROCKET with the EFRA 2097 In-Line pipe/manifold set.

ROCKET_presentation2 ROCKET_presentation3 ROCKET_presentation5 ROCKET1024


RB Products 100C LiPo batteries


RB Products have released two new hard case LiPo batteries both with 6400 mAh capacity and 100C discharge rate, the top 7.4V 2S is ideal for 1/10 or 1/8 buggy applications (Dimensions 137x46x25mm), whilst the 4S 14.8v below suits 1/8 E-Buggys, (Dimensions 137x46x49mm).

Made in the best factories, the new RB ENERGY batteries provide great performance and come with Deans high current connectors, silicone-wrapped wires with its balance connector and instruction manual.

#0240019 – RB ENERGY LIPO HARD CASE 2S 7.4V 100C 6400mAh
#0240020 – RB ENERGY LIPO HARD CASE 4S 14.8V 100C 6400 mAh

Under the Hood: Marco Baruffolo


Marco Baruffolo (17, Italy) – EURO Contest

Chassis: RB One R
Engine: RB BXR SLS5, EFRA 2097 pipe, RB 5B Plug
Fuel: RB 2014 Fuel
Tyres: RB
Radio & Servos: KOProPo, KOProPo RSX
Battery: RB micro ultra light receiver Lipo battery < 59 grams
Notes: 2013 Euro-B Champion Marco Baruffolo is RB’s lead driver / talisman running all of their products including RB’s ‘ADS’ damping system

EUR_8334 EUR_8322 EUR_8323 EUR_8324EUR_8325 EUR_8326 EUR_8327 EUR_8329 EUR_8330 EUR_8331 EUR_8332 EUR_8333

New RB Distribution for US & Canada

New RB Distribution for US, Canada & Mexico

RB Products have announced that RBusa are now responsible for all sales and distribution of their products in the US, Canada and Mexico! RB Products can be purchased directly from RBusa.com or at Amain Hobbies and many local hobby shops. Dealers are also encouraged to contact them for additional information.

See: www.RBusa.com