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RB Products Official Statement


We received the following statement from RB Products today announcing that the company is “to be placed under the protection of the Commercial Court of Grenoble… The goal of this action is to ensure the continuation of the activity by the intervention of a new shareholder.

The news will naturally shock a few of our readers however here at NeoBuggy we take a positive pragmatic view on the statement from RB – a period of restructuring is ahead as they are able to retain the management but operating under difficult French company law and taxation rules requiring significant administration has made it incredibly hard for the company to survive in the long term – that said it shows a great deal of respect and class to see the company put out an official statement regarding their situation prior to the rumour mill running out of control.

RB as a company and brand were one of the first to support NeoBuggy, they have moulded and shaped modern day RC Racing starting off with fuel and engines only to hit even greater heights; memorably at the 2013 Euro B Championships with their record breaking car, engine, fuel, tyres, ADS victory – a feat very difficult to repeat!

As a functioning company with staff, warehouse, departments, end-to-end support etc. We wish them all the best for the future which surely is bright with an anticipated 2015 Engine release this week!

Read the statement here

Alberto Garcia continues with RB

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RB Products has announced that 9-time Spanish Champion, Alberto Garcia, will continue with RB engines for 2015. Garcia is scheduled to run the Spain Championship, Madrid Championship, The Italian Job, 2015 Euros, and various other international events.

Source: RB

RB teases with new engine range

RB Engine

RB is always working to evolve their product line, and today they have shared a blurry teaser of just one of their latest projects. A fresh lineup of engines is in the works for 2015, and while little is known at this time about the new engines, RB says, “RB is working hard on the latest engines technology to give drivers the best performance and reliability.The new line will be the champions line! You will see it very soon…”

Under the Hood: Marco Baruffolo


Marco Baruffolo (17, Italy)

Chassis: RB One R V3
Engine: RB BXR
Fuel: RB 2014 Fuel
Tyres: RB
Radio & Servos: KOProPo, KOProPo RSX
Battery: RB micro ultra light receiver Lipo battery < 59 grams

Source: CircusRC

DSC_4828 DSC_4829 DSC_4830 DSC_4831

Garcia wins Madrid Warm-Up

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This past weekend hosted the Warm up del Regional Madrid event at Serracines RC in Spain. The event gathered many of the regions top racers, but it was RB’s Alberto Garcia who would take home to gold after an impressive performance and victory.

Source: RB

Gan BH continues with RB for 2015

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RB has announced that Malaysian driver, Gan BH, has chosen to continue with RB for 2015. With his good results in 2014, he is confident in his RB products as the 2015 season gets under way.

Source: RB

RB announces new Swiss distributor

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RB continues their distributor expansion, as they have announced today that Promodelisme will distribute the full RB product line (including fuel) in Switzerland.

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RB announces Philippine distributor

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RB continues to expand the availability of RB Products around the globe as they announce yet another new distributor. Customers in the Philippines now have access to RB Products via Maxi Hobbies, the newest RB distributor!

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Marco Baruffolo sticks with RB lineup


The Young European champion Marco Baruffolo decided to continue with the full RB package for 2015 ! 2013 has been “special” with a great memory in Sacile (Italy) with the B European title ! The 2014 season was also great with the European A Junior title in Germany ! 

And some main finals in Italian championship and international races, Marco Baruffolo says : “I’m very proud to continue with the RB French company, I will do my best to get some good results during this year. See you on the track !”

David Lim wins MNL season opener

David Lim

The 2015 race season in Malaysia is officially under way with Round 1 of the Malaysia National League taking place this past weekend. After some close racing throughout qualifying and the 1-hour final, it would be RB’s David Lim who would cross the line for the win. The new year brings a new race format for the series, and it appears the format suits David just fine!

Source: RB