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Under the Hood: Marco Baruffolo


Marco Baruffolo (17, Italy) – EURO Contest

Chassis: RB One R
Engine: RB BXR SLS5, EFRA 2097 pipe, RB 5B Plug
Fuel: RB 2014 Fuel
Tyres: RB
Radio & Servos: KOProPo, KOProPo RSX
Battery: RB micro ultra light receiver Lipo battery < 59 grams
Notes: 2013 Euro-B Champion Marco Baruffolo is RB’s lead driver / talisman running all of their products including RB’s ‘ADS’ damping system

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New RB Distribution for US & Canada

New RB Distribution for US, Canada & Mexico

RB Products have announced that RBusa are now responsible for all sales and distribution of their products in the US, Canada and Mexico! RB Products can be purchased directly from RBusa.com or at Amain Hobbies and many local hobby shops. Dealers are also encouraged to contact them for additional information.

See: www.RBusa.com

New Spray Paint from RB Products

New Spray Paint from RB Products

RB Products introduce their new range of top quality spray paint for polycarbonate RC bodies! With almost 30 colours to choose from each can is available in 150ml with the exception of white which is sold as a larger 400ml.

Kazuya Tanaka back at RB Products


RB Products have confirmed that the twice Japanese champion; Kazuya Tanaka has returned back to run RB Engines for the 2014 season. Kazuya commented that he is ‘very happy to find back good engines that are easy to use and reliable.’

RB Air Filters for RB One, XB8 & MBX7

New RB Air Filters for RB One, XB8 & MBX7

RB Products have announced that their famous air filter foams are now available as a 12 pcs set for the RB One, XB8 and MBX7. RB go on to state that the air flow has been improved while still featuring a very high level of filtration due to its double foam layer.

New RB Energy LiPo Batteries

New RB Energy LiPo Batteries

RB Products have introduced their new RB Energy range of LiPo batteries with the release of their new 4S 14.8V 75C 7000mAh, 4S 14.8V 70C 6200mAh, 2S 7.4V 40C 3000mAh, 2S 7.4V 45C 5200mAh, 2S 7.4V 75C 7000mAh and 2S 7.4V 75C 7000mAh hard case packs. Each pack is delivered with Deans high current connectors, silicone-wrapped wires with its balance connector and an instruction manual.

New RB distributor in Malaysia

New RB distributor in Malaysia

RB Products have announced that their new Malaysian based distributor near Kuala Lumpur is RC Pitstop! They will handle the whole RB engines line, including cars, tyres and accessories as well as trackside support.

New RB Products BXR Buggy Engines

New RB Products Buggy Engines

RB Products have officially announced the release of their new range of BXR buggy engines which consists of the BXR LS5, BXR SLS3, BXR SLS5 and LSDI5. Full details for each can be found below.

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RB’s 2014 ‘BXR’ engine line up


In addition to fresh tyres & a new fuel, RB Products’ team boss Eric Aita gave us a glimpse at the 2014 ‘BXR engine’ competition range – still called ‘BXR’ but now featuring a total of four different versions of the BXR, sharing the same cooling head, but distinguishable via their crankcase engraving. One of the neat new details is engine’s right side mount, slightly filed down to make life a bit easier for installation close to center driveshafts.

First up is the 5 port longstroke BXR engine featuring 14.5mm crankshaft technology, known as the all rounder engine that’ll pretty much work anywhere. Next is the Super longstroke (SLS) 3 port engine which has the awesome low end torque that a 3port delivers, ideal for tracks which are tight & twisty. Next is the Super long stroke 5 port which shares the same philosophy as the 3 port super longstroke engine but offers a higher top speed and improved power in the medium to top end. Last of all is the Super longstroke Direct Intake 5 port, the big daddy of them all, this engine is suited for huge tracks with high grip and difficult hot conditions – an example being Pattaya. Designed and built to cope with the most brutal unforgiving conditions along with the ideal engine for truggy.

Stay tuned next week for the full presentation of the 2014 RB BXR range.

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RB ‘Snatch’ & Ultra soft tyres


Whilst at Montpellier RB Products were keen to show off some of their new products, of which they were most pleased with was their new ‘Ultra soft’ tyre compound – ideally suited for the cold conditions of indoor or winter racing where ‘super soft’ simply doesn’t quite cut it!

We were pleased to handle the new compound and impressed with it’s sticky qualities and ‘Play Doh’-likeness (see below), and after playing with that for a while we moved on to the new tyre tread that RB announced just before the event, the somewhat suggestively innuendo-named ‘Snatch’ – a small pin tyre with great forward bite and profile to maintain maximum corner speed & grip.

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