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John Holmes joins Radiosistemi

John Holmes Radiosistemi

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Radiosistemi and JC Racing Products are extremely pleased to announce that top national driver John Holmes has joined us for 2016 running the new RR8v2 buggy. We here at JCR delighted that John has decided to join our growing team and know that his knowledge and dedication will benefit every driver involved. John had this to say:

“I am extremely excited for 2016 in my new venture of joining the JC Racing Team and Radiosistemi. With all the pedigree and knowledge of the team already I am sure we will have a great year. I would like to thank John and Colin at JCR for this opportunity” – John Holmes

Crompton sticks with Radiosistemi

Dave Crompton radiosistemi jc racing products

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Radiosistemi and JC Racing Products would like to confirm that 8 time UK National Champion Dave Crompton will continue to run the new Radiosistemi RR8v2 for 2016. Dave is pleased to continue the great relationship and looking forward to a busy 2016 race schedule along with the growing UK Radiosistemi/JCR team.

“The new Radiosistemi RR8v2 is a much improved buggy for 2016 and along with the growing team I am looking forward to an even more competitive season than ever. With the help and support of Radiosistemi and JC Racing Products, things are only getting better.” – Dave Crompton

All of us here at JCR would like to wish Dave a great 2016 season.

Sneak peek of LFR Radiosistemi RR8 ‘Assassin’ body

LFR Sneak Peek

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A bit of a sneak peek has been leaked, as the Radiosistemi RR8 gets a fresh new look. LFR (Leadfinger Racing) appears to be expanding their popular ‘Assassin’ body line to accompany the RR8. Stay tuned for more details to come soon!

Radiosistemi captures Italian GT Championship


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Radiosistemi has been making waves on and off-road. Radiosistemi celebrates as the SPX GT 1/8 platform has just been crowned the Expert Italian Champion for the second year in a row in the hands of Bulla Daniele. In addition, Senesi Nathanael captured the Italian Championship in the F2 category.


Fast Lap RC to distribute RR8 in USA


Fast Lap RC Hobbies is proud to announce that they are now the new exclusive North American distributor for Radiosistemi. All Radiosistemi products can now be purchased through Fast Lap RC Hobbies. For any retailers interested they should email Drivers interested in being sponsored and driving the Radiosistemi RR8 should send their race resume to

Source: Fast Lap RC

Crompton cruises to victory at NRS

Crompton Win

Round 5 of the NRS was held this past weekend at NNRC in the UK. REDS Racing team driver, David Crompton, piloted his Radiosistemi buggy to the front of the pack to take the overall victory.

Source: REDS

Under the Hood: Riccardo Rabitti


Riccardo Rabitti (31, Italy) – EURO Contest

Chassis: Radiosistemi RR8
Engine: OS Speed VZB
Fuel: Nitrolux 25%
Tyres: ProCircuit Sweetshot Blue
Radio & Servos: Futaba 4PK, Futaba S9353HV
Notes: Designer of the RR8, Riccardo Rabitti is running a few options including akermann, new front shock tower, servo saver plate, upper arm plate which may find its way to release soon.

EUR_8293 EUR_8294 EUR_8295 EUR_8296EUR_8297 EUR_8298 EUR_8299 EUR_8301EUR_8303 EUR_8304 EUR_8307 EUR_8305 EUR_8308 EUR_8309 EUR_8310 EUR_8313

Imbue releases RR8 Carbon Parts

Imbue releases RR8 Carbon Parts

Imbue have announced the release of their new carbon fibre parts for the Radiosistemi RR8. First we have a bump steer kit which has been manufactured out of a unique 2×2 carbon fiber sheet and was designed to improve the bump and droop steer of the RR8. Next we have the 4mm carbon fibre front and rear braces which increases rigidity while reducing weight.


New UK Distributor for Radiosistemi

New Exclusive UK Radiosistemi Distributor

2014 looks set to be a good year for RC distributor JC Racing Products as UK buggy drivers ‘re-tune’ to Radiosistemi and the RR8 1/8 Competition Nitro Buggy. JC Racing Products have acquired exclusive UK distribution for Radiosistemi to sit alongside an already impressive portfolio of top RC brands including Reds Racing, Werks Racing and Louise RC as well as their own brand of JC products. Dave Crompton (8 times UK National Champion) heads up the RR8 UK Racing Team alongside fellow team mate Stuart Mahon, these guys will be only too pleased to show you the RR8 if you see them trackside.


Radiosistemi unveil RR8 buggy

ric_7505 copia

We’ve covered the development of Radiosistemi’s new 1/8 competition buggy over the last few months, finally at the Euro Contest in Italy the team behind it all unveiled their new challenger – the RR8 – named after driver and designer Riccardo Rabitti – developed in collaboration with Sebastien Leonard.

The biggest change is the dropping of the ‘Crono’ name – for decades the Crono buggys had a fearsome reputation – not the easiest to build but in the right hands, blindingly fast – as proven by its national titles in Italy, Brtain and Europe. A new era begins as Radiosistemi re-brands and launches the RR8, NeoBuggy has the exclusive photos and info on the new platform.

ric_7462 copia ric_7463 copia ric_7465 copia ric_7468 copia

All the plastics are brand new except the gearboxes that have been significantly modified,the rear arms now feature a toe-in adjustment directly on the upright pin. The front end is completely new as well as all the aluminium 7075 parts that confirm new geometries and a style to the buggy, hard anodized like the chassis, narrower than the previous one seen on the old Dual platform.

A new radio tray has been studied to let the driver choose where to place the batteries – front or rear configuration is possible using the same plastic box – together with the new servo saver that allows a better steering geometry keeping the weight close to the roll center, and now uses a classic ackermann plate that features three holes to adjust the steering link.

ric_7470 copia ric_7472 copia ric_7473 copia ric_7476 copia

Brand new shocks have also been designed, and feature an inner diameter of 15mm, hard anodised and threaded bodies to adjust the spring tension. One cool feature is the braking system, where the brake bias can be easily adjusted just turning a turnbuckle. Universal CVDs serve the whole transmission, and the active chassis stiffeners can be blocked by tightening one single screw in case of high bite tracks. We also spotted some brass weights to be applied to the front steering knuckle, and that will be available as option parts.

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