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Racing Experience News

Racing Experience EFRA 2135 ‘Hard Black’ pipe sets

See: Racing Experience

Racing Experience have introduced the new EFRA 2135 ‘Hard Black’ pipe sets. Manufactured by Hipex, the super-strong pipe comes with a hard-anodised surface treatment easy to clean and offering great performance with both O.S and also Picco based engines. The exhaust is available in two complete setw including silicone gaskets and mounting springs with O.S. or Picco manifold.

Davide Ongaro signs with AKA

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French AKA distributor Racing Experience have announced the signing of italian young gun Davide Ongaro to their team. The 2016 World finalist will use AKA rubber in both 1/8 and 1/10 in through to the 2018 season.

Ongaro was one of the true stars at the 2016 IFMAR Worlds in Vegas, shining throughout the event including the main final, eventually technical issues robbing the young Italian of a deserved podium appearance.

Robert Batlle teams up with AKA

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AKA European distributor Racing Experience has announced the signing of the multi-time Spanish champion Robert Batlle to the AKA International Racing Team. The former Procircuit factory driver will be using AKA’ range of competition tyres from now on in his upcoming campaign that will include attendances at the Spanish National Championships as well as all big international event like Euros, Montpellier GP and Neo Race. Robert has the following to says about the deal:

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Racing Experience EFRA 2135 pipe set

Racing Experience EFRA 2135

See: Racing Experience

Racing Experience have introduced the Racing Experience pipe set EFRA 2135. The pipe is manufactured with the strongest material for more durability and has been developed as a perfect combination with O.S. based engines, but it also works very well with 5 ports Picco based engines.

Picco heads to Spain & Portugal

Racing Experience Modelcar group Spain and Portugal

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Racing Experience and Modelcar group join forces once again with a return to Spain and Portugal. It is the first step of the two companies joining their forces for the Racing Experience program distribution in the two countries. The whole line of Picco engines will be available in the Modelcar network of shops in Portugal and in Spain through its subsidiary MDL. It includes race proven Picco 3TZ as well as World Cup TQ Picco Team Spec 5 ports.

The Modelcar race team will manage the track side and team support. Some big names will join the team as well as new young talent !

Picco unveils new budget-friendly ‘3TZ’ race engine

Picco Engine

See: Team Picco / Racing Experience
Racing Experience is proud to introduce the Picco 3TZ engine throughout their European distribution network. The Picco 3TZ was developed by Picco to meet the needs and target the majority offroad racers who are looking for performance whilst maintaining affordability. With these factors in mind, the Picco 3TZ is a true 3 port engine with a 14mm long stroke crankshaft which produces large amounts of power, whilst delivering an improved smoother power band under acceleration over its predecessor.


The Picco 3TZ is one of the latest engines to leave the Italian factory line for 2015. Sporting their new design alongside bigger brothers, the Picco 5TR Turbo & 5TR Team Spec, the 3TZ not only looks the part, it has the improved power, drivability and economy to make it one of the best value engines currently available.
Don’t be fooled buy it’s low competitive price, because this engine has the specification & power to rival some of the markets leading engines currently available, and is a must for any 1/8 racer looking for a quality race engine whilst representing value for money!

DSCN4667 pic3592 IMG_0845 pic9510


Racing Experience to offer Picco support at Euro B Championship


The Euro B Championships are getting set to begin at Herts Nitro Model Club in the UK. In addition to a long list of European talent, Racing Experience will be track side offering support for all Picco users! Stop by and say hello, ask questions, and get the inside scoop on the latest from Picco!


‘Hot Fire’ Fuel arrives in Germany


Bernard Durand of Racing Experience, and The German Reckward brothers of RMV, join forces to distribute Racing Experience HOT FIRE  Fuel into the German market. This partnership has already been very successful when Daniel Reckward claimed most of his international titles including World and European Champion. The whole Racing Fuel program (including  European Champion Hot Fire and Hot Road) will be available through the RMV network of shops.

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