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Picco P3X nitro engine

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Italian company Picco have introduced the new Picco P3X 3.5cc 3-port nitro off-road engine. In 2019, PICCO released the Blast : this was one of the biggest step’s in Picco’s production. This engine uses a new vacuum moulded crankcase and an updated CNC machined piston sleeve. The quality and the durability has been increased by far and it is incredible how the Blast engines performed, with consistent tune, setup and long life. That was good to see all these happy faces and that is true to say we never seen such a level of quality, whatever the brand. Step by step, people get more confidence in the Blast and we saw more blue heads in the pit lane !

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Picco EFRA 2099 Performance pipe set

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Picco have introduced the new EFRA 2099 Performance pipe set. Specifically designed for Blast engines, the set comes with an updated long-type manifold featuring a new shape. It ensures a perfect junction with the Blast case and provides a power curve more linear from the lowest RPM.

Picco .21 Buggy Blast Race ceramic engine

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Kyosho Europe have introduced the new Picco .21 Buggy Blast Race ceramic engine. Based on the Spec as the Blast Team engines, the Blast Race engine comes however with a non-DLC coated crankshaft but it keeps the new generation of vacuum injected case, which offers a very high stability to the engine. The manufacturing process and materials of the piston and sleeve have been also drastically improved and in addition it offers better wear resistance and an better consistency.

Picco long life glow plugs

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Italien company Picco have introduced long life glow plugs. Available in P5TH, P6TH, P7TH, the glow plugs are made using the finest materials available. Picco have kept their race proven filament formula unchanged for many years to focus only on quality to increased performance and ensure a long life. The high quality glow plugs are supplied in a plastic case which allow you to safely store three glow plugs and easily access it.

Picco Blast .21 Team DLC Ceramic engine

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Picco have introduced the new Blast .21 Team DLC Ceramic engine. The Blast features a newly designed crankcase that improves internal gas flow and therefore higher performance at every range of RPM. The 14mm crankshaft with silicone insert is DLC coated in order to prevent wear of the pin and oxidation. The shaft works on a high quality rear ceramic Swiss-Made bearing. The 5 port “cylinder and piston” is made with special alloys to optimize life and reliability of the unit. Paired with the long stroke scheme the Blast provides an improved drivability delivering more torque than previous models. The super aligned “knife edged” aerodynamic connecting rod is also made with a special aluminum alloy. The carburetor sports the latest double bottom-end adjustment for a fine-tuning.

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Dakotah Phend teams up with Picco?

Source: Dakotah Phend (Facebook)

The 2018 Dirt Nitro Challenge just started with some surprises in store. The first is to the credit of TLR’s Dakotah Phend. Dakotah unveiled two photos of his 8ight 4.0 with a Picco engine instead of a Reds engine. The change is quite unexpected, Dakotah still using a Reds engine at the “One Race One Man” in early January in Padova, Italy. Another interesting point is that Dakotah seems to use (or at least for his photos) an 8ight 4.0 stock. In recent times it was impossible to photograph his buggy because of prototype parts being tested to determine a final configuration for the next TLR 1/8 buggy that will be released this year.

“My dialed TLR 8ight 4.0 ready for the first round of practice at the Dirt Nitro Challenge! #tlracing #picco #raceAKA #spektrumRC #lunsford #darkside #stickit1racing #8realm”

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Riccardo Rabitti teams up with Picco

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Picco Micromotori have announced the signing of Riccardo Rabitti to their racing team. The TLR driver returns to Picco after his first successful collaboration with the Italian manufacturer that brought to national and international titles and successes. Riccardo will use the V1-3518 Team DLC engine throughout his 2018 racing program.

Picco V1-3518 .21 Team DLC Ceramic nitro engine

Italian company Picco have introduced the new V1-3518 Team DLC Ceramic nitro engine. The V1-3518 is an updated version of the European Champion engine. Based on the very same engine that won the title last year in Sweden, the 3518 includes all the features of its predecessor with a new cooling head color scheme.

See: Picco Micromotori

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