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OS Engines News

Flash Point EFRA 2146 tuned exhaust system

See: Flash Point R/C

Flash Point R/C have introduced their EFRA 2146 Tuned exhaust system. Designed and developed for O.S. based nitro off-road engines, it comes with a durable chrome finish and durable, forward facing welded pressure nipple. This exhaust system provides great throttle response and lots of mid to top-end power. The complete exhaust system includes EFFRA 2146 pipe, FP50 manifold, exhaust gaskets, and springs.

Riccardo Berton signs with O.S. Engines

See: O.S. Engines

O.S. Engines have announced the signing of Kyosho’s Riccardo Berton to their team for the 2018 season. The former B European champion will use O.S. Speed engines in his MP9 TKI4 at all major national and international events.

Adam Drake talks about his new break-in method for nitro engines

Mugen Seiki Racing actor Adam Drake is once again under the spotlight to present us his latest short film called “break-in method” where Adam talks about his new break-in method for nitro engines. Starring Adam Drake and also starring O.S. Speed B21 Ty Tessmann II.

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Optima O.S. rear engine cover

See: 6MIK

6mik have introduced new Optima’s rear engine cover for the O.S. 21 XZ, B2101 and B2102 engines. Thanks to exclusiv internal channels, the rear cover will increased engine efficiency by feeding optimaly lateral ports. The fuel mixture is actually less melt by the conrod movement. Following the track conditions, the torque can be increased about 20% and the refuel about 30 seconds. Also allows faster idle stage return. The rear engine cover comes in red anodised aluminium.

O.S. piston pin clip plier tool & maintenance oil

See: O.S. Engines

O.S. Engines have unveiled new products at the Tokyo hobby Show in the form of a piston pin clip plier tool and maintenance oil. The piston pin clip plier is a tool specialy made to remove and set the piston pin clips. This plier is made from high quality steel and feature precision ground tips, as well as spring loaded, ergonomically designed handles for safe, comfortable operation.

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O.S. 21XR-B Version II nitro engine

O.S. have introduced their new 21XR-B Version II nitro engine. The long stroke power plant has been totally re-designed. It’s even more reliable, and the new 21J3-I carb is easy to tune. The aluminum cooling head ensures steady power even under harsh conditions. And when you’re ready to move up to top competition, you can get up to speed with the 21XR-B Version II. This engine is upgradeable with high-performance O.S. Speed parts to increase its capability in competing at the highest levels. The 21XR-B Version II is dependable, low-maintenance engine whose parts are available for updating the outer and inner heads, crankcase, crankshaft and more.

See: O.S. Engines

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Adam Drake talks about B2101’s carburetor settings

Mugen Seiki Racing’s Adam Drake have released another video tutorial showing us carburetor settings for the O.S. Speed B2101 engine.

Watch the video

OS announce new B21 Ty Tessmsnn II engine

Following news of the 110% edition, a long-stroke engine introduced a couple of weeks ago, OS Engine today announced O.S. SPED B21 Ty Tessmann II square stroke engine to be shipped in September.  

Ty II is based on B2101, the 2014 World Champion engine, with 5.8mm carb restrictor, which is his favorite.  And the new feature different from the original B2101 is that Ty II has a low- profile head of Ty’s original design, new shape and double height vertical fins compare to the latest model B2102.

The Ty II edition comes with a new 90mm long manifold + T-2090SC (combo set, code #1A20A), or engine alone (code #1A209)

See: O.S. Engines