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O.S. Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition 2 nitro engine

Source: RC magazine (Facebook)

During the All Japan Hobby Show in Japan, O.S.Engines have unveiled the new O.S. Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition 2 nitro engine. No information about the Edition 2 is available but and information about the features and improvement should become available very soon.

O.S. Engines 4-shoe clutch shoe sets

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O.S.Engines have introduced two new sets of 4-shoe clutch shoes for their 4-shoe clutch system. The sets consist of four carbon clutch shoes (hard) and four yellow clutch shoes (soft) designed to help to fine–tune clutch feel according to the surface, track conditions and driving style.

O.S. Speed B2103 Type S & Type R nitro engines

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O.S. Engines have introduced two new nitro engines in the form of the Speed B2103 Type S and Speed B2103 Type R. First up is the B2103 Type S engine. This 3-port long-stroke engine offers a high torque at mid-low range with a sweet delivery and low consumption. The crankcase, the crankcase cap and the carburetor feature a new design. The new DLC-coated crankshaft has two tungsten counterweights for smooth rotation and better balancing. The B2103 Type S comes with a low–profile cooling head to provide better drivability and also vertical fins on the top to improve heat dissipation. An O-ring between the cooling head and the combustion camber insert reduces vibrations protect against dirt thanks to a better sealing. The new 22D carburetor guarantees high response and smooth acceleration.

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O.S. 1/8 buggy 4-shoe clutch system

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O.S. Engines have introduced the new 4-shoe clutch system for 1/8 Nitro Buggy. Designed for O.S. engines, it provides smooth power delivery, is easy to tune, and lasts a very long time. The 4-shoe clutch system comes as set with three different sets of springs marked for easy identification, two set of different aluminium clutch shoes also marked to differentiate them easily, shim, washers, bearings, flywheel, flywheel nut and a 13T clutch bell. The 4-shoe clutch system will be available in October.

Yusuke Sugiura takes JMRCA Nitro Buggy title

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The 2018 JMRCA Japanese Nitro Buggy Championships were held at the RC Land 23 track in Matsuzaka, Mie prefecture. Defending champion Yuusuke Sugiura (Kyosho) took the overall TQ and won easily the 60 minutes final by leading from the start to the finish line. Kenji Tsuruta (Mugen) and Juliya Kajiwara (Kyosho) rounded out the top 3.

O.S. Speed B21 Ty II nitro engine

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To commemorate Ty Tessmann winning at the 2018 ROAR NATS and to keep up with growing demand from users, O.S. have decided to release the SPEED B21 Ty Tessmann Edition. The Ty II is based on B2101 with a special 5.8mm carb restrictor, which is his favorite. The engine features also a low- profile head of Ty’s original design, with a new shape and double height vertical fins compare to the latest B2102. The O.S. Speed B21 Ty II nitro engine will be available in October and wille come in combo set including a 90mm long manifold with the T-2090SC or separately in a limited quantity of only 300 engines.

Flash Point EFRA 2146 tuned exhaust system

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Flash Point R/C have introduced their EFRA 2146 Tuned exhaust system. Designed and developed for O.S. based nitro off-road engines, it comes with a durable chrome finish and durable, forward facing welded pressure nipple. This exhaust system provides great throttle response and lots of mid to top-end power. The complete exhaust system includes EFFRA 2146 pipe, FP50 manifold, exhaust gaskets, and springs.

Riccardo Berton signs with O.S. Engines

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O.S. Engines have announced the signing of Kyosho’s Riccardo Berton to their team for the 2018 season. The former B European champion will use O.S. Speed engines in his MP9 TKI4 at all major national and international events.