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Aigoin drops ProCircuit, nVision for Pro-Line & Ultimate


In a bit of a roundabout move, veteran race-winner and 2x European Champion Yannick Aigoin announced a very low-key switch via his Facebook page – One of the original spokesmen / Champions of the Spanish ProCircuit brand, it comes as a surprise to see Yannick leave the World Champion tyre brand that has worked well for him and he helped develop.

Perhaps ‘gentle encouragement/persuasion’ from one of his main sponsors CML is the reason behind the move from ProCircuit to Pro-Line ?

Tyres isn’t the only change for Aigoin as he will embark on what must be his 20th + season of competitive racing ?(he won his first Euros in 1998, when David Ronnefalk was… 2!) now running the Novarossi-made Ultimate Engine. Perhaps a consolation deal having not been able to run ProCircuit ?

Fans might remember his spell with Novarossi, in particular during his time with Losi – a lethal combination which worked wonders. Yannick debuts his 2014 package at IBR Padova this weekend.
P.S. Never one to ‘follow the crowd’, Yannick still has a cheeky little ProCircuit decal on his car!

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All Change at Team Orion


After last week’s startling news that nitro engine guru Adrien Bertin looked to have parted ways with Team Orion we heard from the big man himself, Philippe Neidhart, founder of Team Orion in 1987. Philippe kindly allowed us to interview him on the major news, it’s fair to say the Bertin story was only scratching the surface.

To give you some background reminders, the most recent twist in the Orion saga was the change in ownership as Kyosho stepped in and bought the company in 2008 – a move that was viewed as a lateral expansion for Kyosho – picking up the high performance competition brand in fields of nitro and electric racing.

'Done Deal' - the late Masayuki Susuki fromer President of Kyosho with Philippe Neidhart of Team Orion and Joel Johnson (then of Kyosho USA)

2007: ‘Done Deal’ – Masayuki Suzuki of Kyosho with Philippe Neidhart of Team Orion and Joel Johnson (then of Kyosho USA)

Back to the Future and its all change, whilst the original article stated that Adrien Bertin was no longer employed by Team Orion, it seems he wasn’t the only one as Philippe tells us as of August 1st there were no longer any employees left at Team Orion!

After a slight suave (ok unsophisticated) raising of an eyebrow by yours truly at that news, Philippe continued to explain that a restructure has taken place, whereby former employees of Team Orion (TO) are now working directly for Neidhart S.A.– Philippe’s own company which includes RC product distribution as well as the development of in house brands (e.g. nVision).


The conclusion –
Kyosho have handed back full control to Neidhart

He went onto stress that Team Orion still exists and the brand is stronger than ever, having the “best product line-up ever and winning the Worlds and many other titles in on-road, off-road, nitro and electric classes”.

However the restructure is the result of a rather drastic rethink – the brand, intellectual property and future is now controlled in full by Neidhart.

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nVision power for Medjoubi brothers


At the weekend’s Montpellier GP we couldn’t help but notice that the two Medjoubi brothers of France – Rayan & Zacharie were running a different brand of engine than they had previously – the JQ factory drivers having been picked up by Adrien Bertin & Yannick Aigoin to drive the nVision engine whilst they race in France and internationally. The move is a step forward with the duo already running the Aigoin Racing-distributed World Champion ProCircuit tyres for a couple of seasons. Both Adrien & Yannick expressed their pleasure in the signing and looked forward to working with the Medjoubi family over the course of the year.



nVision Nitro Department Online

nVision are pleased to inform you that they have opened their nitro department on their website which now sells a selection of their nitro engines. Find out more here.

2011: the engine wars

2011 is well underway and whilst 2010 was dominated by new brands entering the ultra competitive 1/8 buggy market, their relative market entry success will be judged in 2011. Can they unseat the established marques ? Who will carve a slice of the market pie and who will fail, starve ? For some brands the latest fashion: to compliment your new buggy with an ‘own’ brand engine. For 2011 we count six possible ‘new brands’ in the .21 buggy market, ranging from being available to still being on the drawing board.

Brand #1: nVision – Manufactured in Italy by Lavorazioni Meccaniche SRL, Project with LM & CRF. Market: Worldwide
Big money backing and experience are behind this project with some serious ambitions, the founding partners include the CRF side of Neidhart & Bertin – both heavyweights in the RC industry acting as the ‘face’ of the brand utilising the patented CRF technology, the other half is ‘LM’, the factory behind Sirio and several other brands. The wealth of experience and recent distribution deal with Horizon gives nVision a huge headstart over fellow newcomers and should concern their fellow engine brands.
See: www.nvisionweb.net

Brand #2: Fusion X – Manufactured in Italy by Novarossi for Fusion Motorsports. Market: N.America
Former Novarossi distributor for the USA Jim Hottinger of Fusion Motorsports/HotMods launched his own line of Fusion X Engines at the end of February. A project several years in the making, Jim has 27 years of experience in the manufacturing and business side of RC, 20 of which have been with Novarossi. An ‘OEM’ engine to Jim’s specs with it’s market as N.America, two .21 engines have been announced, Fusion X3 & X7 with one more .21 buggy engine planned. Solid pricing and a proven product make this newcomer one to watch.
See www.novarossiusa.com

Brand #3: Bullit – Manufactured in Japan by OS Engines for Nemo Racing. Market: UK, France / Europe
The first of a few ‘OEM’ OS engines which may appear this year, the project belongs to the Anglo-French Nemo Racing, its only a day since the full reveal went online but the thinking is simple and a formula a few others have taken advantage of – take a popular proven engine, link it to a brand and sell it for a great price. At time of press, one engine, the B-218 has been announced, its a bit early to judge so lets wait and see. Hazlewood has done well with Nemo Racing thus far, building up the Agama brand in two important European markets.
See www.nemoracing.com

Brand #4: S-POWER – Manufactured in Japan by OS Engines for S-WORKz. Market: Selected markets / TBA
The folks at OS must have snapped up one good business to business salesman, the 2nd OS OEM engine will be branded for Taiwan based car company S-WORKz, the engine line will be called ‘S-POWER’, originally announced at Nuremberg, showing off a simple 3 port and a DLC coated 7 port mill. We haven’t heard much from S-WORKz about their engines since Nuremberg, so lets see.
See www.sworkz.com

Brand #5: ‘THE Engine’ ? – Manufactured in Japan by OS Engines for JQ Products ? Market: THE Car Owners club
very recent story and one that hasn’t been officially endorsed by Mr Q himself nor JQ Products.
The appearance of ‘JQ Products’ on an EFRA approved muffler list is strong evidence that email traffic between Finland and Japan has been on the rise in the last few months. JQ’s entry into the engine market would mark the 2nd car manufacturer to go that route this year – a mirror of RB’s decision to diversify from the engine market into cars. Will it work ? Maybe, rumours are that JQ has something special up his sleeves…
See www.jq-products.com

Brand #6: Answer RC ? – Manufactured in ? by ? for Answer RC ? Market: UK & further afield?
Answer-RC – UK distributor to a few brands, notably GO engines and Alpha engines. Back in late January UK Team Durango driver Kevin Brunsden won a club race at Slough, using a development engine, the project would be branded for Answer RC, but whether it goes ahead or not is unclear. Watch this space.
See www.Answer-RC.com

Last but not least, there are two further points to note, we haven’t included the Hot Bodies branded OS Hara engine as the release appears to be more of a ‘one-off’ and as its branded OS, it aint a new brand. The last point to mention in the possible ‘engine war’ is the OS 19XZ-B Engine – nicknamed ‘Baby OS’, by… us! Dismissed by some, hailed by the likes of Pavidis – who was integral in it’s development, its an engine that intrigues us. Running smaller block engines in 1/8 buggy is something we haven’t seen for quite a few years, a memorable case at 2002 Worlds in Uruguay, Marco Grandesso of Italy used a 2.5cc Novarossi – he managed to avoid pitting for fuel, but didn’t get all that far… So its been done by drivers but never on this scale by a company… We find it quite intriguing and look forward to see the results.

The puppet master in all this is undoubtedly OS, they are at the heart of this ‘engine brand boom’ – the need to sell more engines acting as the spark. But all this comes at a time when Japan – OS’s natural home market is facing massive economic struggles both now and the future. Its unlikely to think that the terrible events we’ve seen over the last weeks won’t have an impact on how 2011 pans out.

Horizon take nVision worldwide

In a quick post on Twitter, distribution giant Horizon Hobby announced the not-so-secret news, “We’re proud to announce that we are now the exclusive distributor of nVision!” With many drivers with links to Horizon (e.g. Truhe, Aigoin, Bloomfield) it appeared only to be a formality until the official news was released.

Update from nVision themselves: 17/03/2011 Plan-les-Ouates, Switzerland/Champaign, USA – The Revolutionary Power of nVision: Horizon Hobby now has global distribution rights to nVision, the next RC revolution. nVision represents the fusion of revolutionary technology and extraordinary marketing. Founded by Philippe Neidhart and developed by champion racer and developer Adrien Bertin, nVision has become the buzz at shops and tracks around the world. The new brand introduces revolutionary technology that has been embraced by champions around the world as the powerplant of choice for their vehicles and now it’s all available to you through Horizon. The NVB521 and NVB521-Race combine CRF technology with a new crankshaft that contains some of the most advanced technology available in today’s RC engine market. Each engine was designed to optimize the performance of 1/8-scale nitro buggies.

Engines feature a special alloy case designed specifically for the nVision lineup, lightened heat sink, 7mm carb restrictor and a billet piston
Crankshaft contains conical inserts and angled holes that help create mind-blowing acceleration and higher top-end speeds along with improved fuel economy
Optional venturies and tuned pipes available

A Chat with Bloomfield

Truhe ready for nVision debut

nVision announced the signing of Mike Truhe less than a weeke ago together with the first crankshaft picture. Mike posted a couple of pictures of the new engine mounted in his car, we caught up with him whilst the engines were still in the break-in phase, note that the body used (his IFMAR Worlds body) still sports Orion logos – now being used as a practice body. On the engine Mike said, “The motor through testing has been awesome with great power and better mileage” – consistent with what we’ve been hearing from other team drivers testing the engine. Truhe added he hadn’t completed break-in so the full potential of the engine hadn’t been realised.